Best Electric Surfboard You Can Buy Right Now !
Electric surfboard allow you to break the mold of traditional surfing. The basic principle behind them is that they are powered by their own battery-operated engine.
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* Awake Rävik :
* Radinn Electric Jetboard :
* Onean Carver X :
* Lift eFoil :
* Lampuga Boost :
* Torque jetboard :
* Blea Electric Surfboards :
* Jetsurf Sport :
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  • Cristiano Nardes
    Cristiano Nardes


  • Rob Solo
    Rob Solo

    All of these new electric vehicles are overpriced... these electric surfboards costing more than electric bikes and motorcycles....Gtfoh

  • Stobus44

    Selling a surfboard for 5 figures sounds like a joke to me.

  • John Ron Donald Don John Ronald
    John Ron Donald Don John Ronald

    Hahahhaha kooooooooooooook board

  • Garrett Hoff
    Garrett Hoff

    Will this hurt if you hit someone while riding it

  • Perry

    I’ll prob get one before i buy a wave runner.

  • 23sasr

    Ridiculous price for these! Easily made a board, battery and motor

  • C 4
    C 4

    Buy $HEX and you'll be able to afford a new board every week. ;)

  • Kamil Titěra
    Kamil Titěra

    Where can I get Onean Carver X for $5600 ? Today in May2021 I see €10500 :(

  • TaeBE BE
    TaeBE BE

    Still too expensive but I cannot wait till one day I get my hands on it and surf it everywhere, ow wait I cannot surf hehehe

  • Christian Ma
    Christian Ma

    What happened if you fall in the water?

  • M dgeece
    M dgeece

    prices are completly out of reach

  • Vedavash Pradhan
    Vedavash Pradhan

    I’d rather buy a used boat and take my whole family in it

  • DuY NgUyEn
    DuY NgUyEn

    Can I ask you something. My jetsurf engine is hard to explode, there is no garenti, release the gas and turn off the engine. Now adjust the gas and wind to make the engine easier. Thanks.

  • Brendan White
    Brendan White

    That is ill as heck


    Very good

  • Denys Xenyev
    Denys Xenyev

    If you put the folding seat and handlebars of the bike on such a board, you get a lightweight electric water bike.

  • Daniel Hoffmann
    Daniel Hoffmann

    Rubbish ...

  • keeponpainting

    Just fake computer animation , why not show the real thing ?

  • Brohuna 1stBlackPRO
    Brohuna 1stBlackPRO

    My Good friend Bob Montgomery invented the motorized surfboard I wish he had a dollar for everyone that has ripped his design off.

    • kippadude8

      WOW!! He would have like $27

  • Cee Swolachee
    Cee Swolachee

    All of them overpriced! Really worth about 800$ at the most!

    • Kev33

      just the battery worth minimum 1000$......

  • Darren Pinnock
    Darren Pinnock

    How are these more expensive than a jetski

  • Matthijs van Emous
    Matthijs van Emous

    0.28 .....

  • tys k
    tys k

    when they said that YOU can get right now they didnt mean me😂

  • дадон дадон
    дадон дадон

    Дорогие ваше джет серфы

  • Chickennugget #2
    Chickennugget #2

    One ove them is 2,166.61 usd

  • Josh McBride
    Josh McBride

    Hahaha battery operated 'Engine' ?? Lolol

  • Anthony Siu
    Anthony Siu

    That is extremely overpriced for the electric surfboard

  • Charlie Azogthsoth
    Charlie Azogthsoth

    I need an inflatable one

  • Matilde Casqueiro
    Matilde Casqueiro

    My dad has one but it goes way to fast for me

  • chris coppola
    chris coppola

    I'll buy gas powered jet ski before that

  • Anthony Jaswinski
    Anthony Jaswinski

    All this for 20k! I'll wait for the Flat Screen TV and E Bike discount syndrome.

  • L C
    L C

    17,000 for a surfboard? no thanks, this things shouldn't cost more than 5,000 dollars, they all do the same.


    We’re can I buy them

  • Jayj B
    Jayj B

    Gotta pull out loan from bank for that thing !!!

  • Jason Atencio
    Jason Atencio

    I wouldnt buy one for 1000 could buy a jetski or a boat for that

  • Wheelnut78

    jet ski's are cheaper. Pricing seams out of whack as decent electric scooters can be had at a 1/10 of the price . . .

  • Steve Knowl
    Steve Knowl

    LOL... $17,000 USD for 20 minutes of fun, then get stranded in the middle of nowhere. Where do I sign up....

    • Randall Swanson
      Randall Swanson

      Or $12K for 1hr ride at 3:17. I think there is a version 3 of that same hydrofoil product that you can ride up to 2 hours.

  • Dalton Dudley
    Dalton Dudley

    My gosh it would be cheaper to build one myself.

  • Rico Z
    Rico Z


  • GusChiggins

    I'll grab one when they drop down to $100

    • That You'dliketoknow
      That You'dliketoknow

      500-1k for me..well, today i wouldnt buy it lol but not planning on being homeless forever😁 doing ok tho no worries. Think i got a good plan now that i can legally make good money to get some fun toys & a good life. 500-1k bucks sounds reasonable to me for a toy like this. Electric surf boards, great stuff!!!!

  • flowsowski enterprise
    flowsowski enterprise

    Rather get a boogie bord and throw a weed whacker motor on it, only for small price of $21,000.

  • Chris In Cornwall
    Chris In Cornwall

    These prices are ridiculous

  • keyser soze
    keyser soze

    Don't they make any of these for us poor folks.

  • Bamboo Training
    Bamboo Training

    wtf?! My first thought is electrocution?!

  • Chris Ghost
    Chris Ghost

    how in the world do these cost so much like wow.

    • Kev33

      I dont get it, the battery worth maby 1000$.....and i dont get the other 12 000$.....

  • DJ 80s
    DJ 80s

    I need to become as rich as Bezos.

  • Sandy Wyper
    Sandy Wyper

    Why do they keep saying 'surfboard' when they are nowhere near the surf? Stay away from the ocean kooks!

    • JetSurfing Nation jet boards & efoils
      JetSurfing Nation jet boards & efoils

      @Sandy Wyper not sure what you mean. I jetsurf in the places where regular surfers cant catch any waves. Obviously I dont go to the lineup with traditional old school surfboards

    • Sandy Wyper
      Sandy Wyper

      @JetSurfing Nation jet boards & efoils everyone else who surfs there would rather you didn't

    • JetSurfing Nation jet boards & efoils
      JetSurfing Nation jet boards & efoils

      I DO surf on the ocean waves with jetsurf so yes. it's surf. But you can also ride on the lakes and rivers.

  • jugger8787

    Too expensive and the duration of the baterry is to low. I'll have a look the next year to see the improvements and price reduction.

    • Andrey Stroganov
      Andrey Stroganov

      Next life probably

    • JetSurfing Nation jet boards & efoils
      JetSurfing Nation jet boards & efoils

      The petrol boards like jetsurf last over an hour

  • Be Safe
    Be Safe

    cOoL viDeO

  • AB

    I live in the tropics of far northern Australia. There are many estuaries feeding into the ocean as well as mangrove swamps, lakes and rivers.. We have a relatively inexpensive option that we have been using for a few years now. We hang a two week old rotten possum carcass off a 10ft barge pole, then get an air dispatch ratchet strap, (good for five tons) and fasten it securely around the nearest 18 ft crocodile. After the crocodile "adjusts" to the strap, it focuses on the suspended meat. The initial "water launch" can take a bit of getting used to, however, when in "cruise mode", the platform is quite stable and fits two standing riders in relative comfort. Range is around 30 miles or three hours. Open toed footwear is not advised for safety purposes.

  • Blades Dark
    Blades Dark

    If you spent that money on Bitcoin, you can buy Multiple boards in a matter of months

  • Doug Zembiec
    Doug Zembiec

    Jet Skis are cheaper 😂😂😂😂

  • Jayj B
    Jayj B

    Don’t go to far your battery will die !

  • reddy92umd

    Damn! These are too expensive! I don’t think it’s a very complicated mechanisms will make it cheaper 2000 max

  • KingFate20

    These prices are madness. Most people don't live in a place to use something like this which is one of the main reasons they are so ungodly expensive, they are niche as hell. RCLifeOn made one for $3000.


    that's too expensive.

  • Joe Smith
    Joe Smith

    That lampuga is a special operators toy.

  • Levi Furney
    Levi Furney

    God damn Super Rich toy apparently f*** it I'll just buy a used jet ski that's a stand-up have just as much f****** fun and guess what it'll drive all day these people can blow me do they have a gas-powered one yet

  • cliff long
    cliff long

    I see a bunch of $500 boards and the gas powered $150...... once China begins stealing the technology

  • Ste G
    Ste G

    Ill take one of each at them affordable prices 😂

  • Mark Jones
    Mark Jones

    All but the "Onean Carver X" are ridiculously priced and no doubt these businesses producing them will go under. There is no way the product can cost that much to manufacture, it is simply a case of the product creator trying to recoup far too much far too fast for their efforts in creating these toys....very stupid marketing. However I am sure there will many other 'newer' manufacturers that will take these ideas and create something very similar at a much more affordable and saleable price to become the modern "Windsurfer" brand of the powered surf board scene....I will be watching and ready to be a national distributor.

  • itsruf1

    observation: $18 grand and 35 minutes of "fun". What about a Stand-up/Sit down jet ski you can enjoy for hours. What am I missing.?

  • Johan Anuar
    Johan Anuar

    60 dislikes from fat people

  • Gu Ajah
    Gu Ajah


  • Safic

    what makes them so exspensive ????

    • Jayson Mokhwanatsi
      Jayson Mokhwanatsi

      Hard to make.. I think they are made out of carbon fibre which means handmade which means more labour.. Which means can't make that many of them.. Which means gotta charge more to make up for lack of sales..... Plus the sphere of influence is kinda small.. Not many people live close to open water

  • Brad Hill
    Brad Hill

    Wow. These guys better hope Elon doesn't make one at a reasonable price.

  • Rocko Otto
    Rocko Otto

    17000€ por una tabla de surf con una bateria??, estamos locos??

  • Simon Barr
    Simon Barr

    But I CAN'T buy right now

  • Joop

    Who noticed the little puns in this video? The part “flat, nothing surfers can’t do” hahaah I see what you did right there bro.

    • Randall Swanson
      Randall Swanson

      0:17. I suspected there would be a comment about that.

  • nusch

    all this for $14000 :)

  • colombani maruhau
    colombani maruhau

    Amazing technologie

  • Or Ozery
    Or Ozery

    yesss so cheap so affordable ill buy one now

  • Glenn Connolly
    Glenn Connolly

    Great... Yet another piece of crap rich kooks will use to add to the ridiculous amount of watercraft in the surf. 15-25 kg of death machine rolling through the line up. Can't wait.

  • James Rodrigo Nash
    James Rodrigo Nash

    I can buy a new car for 17,000



  • John Bai
    John Bai

    For that price I will just buy a speed boat

    • Justin Lee
      Justin Lee

      Right good luck with that lol

  • Owen Fisher
    Owen Fisher

    My family has 2 of the lift efoils and they are so fun

  • Will Speakman
    Will Speakman

    That simple board cost more than a car. This is never going to sell.

    • Owen Fisher
      Owen Fisher

      It’s obviously for people with more money.

  • Nitro_2009

    17k for 20 mins of fun?

  • MBAH

    I bet no one here can afford one

    • Kev33

      I can afford 1, i have 20k cash....but i wont pay 15 000$ for this.....that its

  • greenshards742

    Screw it anyone want to start a company 😆

  • Bryan Johnson
    Bryan Johnson

    Electric skateboard for around 1000 or less or electric surfboard 10,000 or more?? I know which one I'm picking the one that doesn't cost me as much as a car!!

  • Iiecniw



    These are all only worth maybe $1000-1500. There’s just nothing there besides a board and electric motor.

  • Frank Silva
    Frank Silva

    I’ll buy a great jet ski for those prices.

    • VPS Aviation
      VPS Aviation


  • Super Monte
    Super Monte

    Just wait 5 years to buy one... At the moment it's to expensive

  • Carluci Wang
    Carluci Wang

    Congratz.. Awesome

  • gary H
    gary H

    for that price id just buy a jet ski

    • q lan
      q lan

      Yes, the price is too expensive, you can order petrol surfboard and the price is 2500$ for 1 piece. please contect with me if you want it:

    • ShortStuff

      That's what I did lol and it was only 5k and its the shiiiiit. Highly recommend this option :p but if you already have one like me... its tempting to want to try out a board.

  • John Craftenworth
    John Craftenworth

    Guess what morons? If you need a leash to control and may as well buy a used jet ski and have a better machine. These are just crappy jet skis.

  • Life Ferviente
    Life Ferviente

    I will pay 2k super happy but no more then tha i already pay 4,000 for a electric scooter

  • Life Ferviente
    Life Ferviente

    Way to over price

  • Shadow Banned
    Shadow Banned

    $17000 for an electric surfboard that has a 45 minute run time?.....Stick it up your ass!!

  • Barry Simmons
    Barry Simmons

    I think I'll buy a boat for that price

    • jones jones
      jones jones

      Indeed. Think I'll wait. I remember a time not long ago when big flat screen TVs were a fortune. Now you can buy one for the same price as the old school boxes with rabbit ears on the top and that's after years of inflation.

    • JetSurfing Nation jet boards & efoils
      JetSurfing Nation jet boards & efoils

      @wade okey To each it's own... It's a luxury water toy for people who already have an "actual vehicle"... similar to jetski etc, it's a great way for fun on the water.

    • wade okey
      wade okey

      @JetSurfing Nation jet boards & efoils wtf you mean not really? You can buy any actual vehicle for that price. Jetsurf is a total rip off

    • JetSurfing Nation jet boards & efoils
      JetSurfing Nation jet boards & efoils

      Not really.

  • Arturo Tonatyu Morales-Nieto
    Arturo Tonatyu Morales-Nieto

    Very nice, very expensive, this is only for rich people or narcojuniors.

    • JetSurfing Nation jet boards & efoils
      JetSurfing Nation jet boards & efoils

      It is totally *WORTH IT!*

  • Pump Life813
    Pump Life813

    Good video 👍

  • Val z lan
    Val z lan

    the crappiest one and I mean crappy, will run you $10,000 basic

  • Phillip Lucion
    Phillip Lucion

    He says the price like everyone can afford that shit I can’t even afford a inflated kayak lol

    • Kula Productions
      Kula Productions

      Aliexpress 🌚

    • Serious Pawn
      Serious Pawn

      @JetSurfing Nation jet boards & efoils unless you cant afford it

    • JetSurfing Nation jet boards & efoils
      JetSurfing Nation jet boards & efoils

      It's not cheap true but It is totally *WORTH IT!*

  • Karl-Emil Storm
    Karl-Emil Storm

    This will probably become more popular but currently the models are too expensive in my opinion

  • MrZrazies

    Well.... electric skateboard ✅ Electric surfboard pending

    • JetSurfing Nation jet boards & efoils
      JetSurfing Nation jet boards & efoils

      Get it!

  • uowebfoot

    Another cool piece of tech that will fail because it's overpriced.

    • Kevin gorchinski
      Kevin gorchinski

      I’d be willing to bet you’re wrong