Gamers Reactions To The Absolutely EPIC Opening Sequence To Ghost of Tsushima | Mixed Reactions
Gamers reactions to incredible opening sequence to the brand new PS4 exclusive Ghost of Tsushima.
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  • Zac Oliveira
    Zac Oliveira

    Man why they gotta kill my boy hadachi so many times 😭

  • Richard Rodriguez
    Richard Rodriguez

    "You gonna fight me with the cup son" I was weak!!🤣

  • W1NGZ

    Recommend everyone to play the game

  • TheBurgerNoder

    I got a question for this game, if you play harder difficulties does it only give enemies bigger health stats and damage?

  • Flame Cyclone
    Flame Cyclone

    That dude from number 14, Every fcking games my horse die. That is so painful bro xD.

  • Last Brain Cell
    Last Brain Cell

    Dontai the best

  • codafett

    I hate when people only listened to the Japanese dub. The game is American, it was meant to be heard in English, the VAs did a fantastic job.

  • Seven Knights 게이머
    Seven Knights 게이머

    I just like Cory reaction

  • Guikoi

    The best thing about this scene is that it really tells us WHO Khotun Khan is. He is the acting Khan of the Mongol invasion of Japan. He has studied, trained and learned everything he could about his enemy, their culture, their practices, their beliefs and their people, while the people of Tsushima and the whole of Japan were in times of relative peace. He came not to respect the culture, but to conquer it and then sublimate it into the Mongol Empire. He is a ruthless, cunning and powerful figure who will use everything at his disposal to win... which is why Sakai Jin has to do the same. Khotun Khan already knows the Samurais' tricks and tactics, and knows how to combat them effectively, as shown in this scene and in a scene later on where they use explosive horses on a bridge. Being a Samurai against the Khotun Khan WILL NOT WORK. The game has shown us this from the OPENING FUCKING SCENE! Khotun Khan is a fictional character, but is utterly deserving of the name of "Khan"! Wonderful work, Sucker Punch, just from this scene alone. The rest of the game is just as good, if not better. The Last of Us 2 did not deserve ANY awards, and this game deserved many. It's too bad the public votes were only taken to be about 5% of the voting weight, while the pre-selected jury of "game journalists", which we all know are fucking terrible gamers and not at all experts, were the ones who had the most weight in the voting, and they very obviously chose the shittiest game I've ever fucking seen, The Last of the Us 2, to vote for Game of the Year... Fuck that! Ghost of Tsushima won the People's Choice award, which is in truth the only award that really matters. No matter what anyone says, Ghost of Tsushima is the Game of the Year. The Last of Us 2 can burn in fucking hell. TLOU2 has the single worst written story I've ever seen in a video game... while Ghost of Tsushima is one of the best I've ever fucking seen in a video game. I applaud Sucker Punch for all their hard work, and wait with bated breath for what they do next.

  • Hexbox256

    It’s only right that the shogun himself goes first.

  • ZSU-23-4 Shilka
    ZSU-23-4 Shilka

    Lord Adachi: “I am Haranobu Adachi, descendant of the legendary Yoshinobu Adachi!” Khotun Khan with his big ass: “Cool story, bro. (flammable alcohol at Adachi) *_GOBI WHERE’S MY TORCH”_*

  • ヒロト櫻井


  • Umair Zia
    Umair Zia

    This game is way better than overhyped shit cyberpunk

  • Tony Hancock
    Tony Hancock

    "That was it? That was worth $60" 🤣

  • Dutch Van Der Linde
    Dutch Van Der Linde

    The english dub sucks so bad. It doesn't fit in with the japanese theme.

  • Aiden Culbert
    Aiden Culbert

    This game was robbed of GOTY

  • pr0xi_Zura.

    This game got robbed of GOTY

  • kira64

    I've never played this game, but the fact that Tsushima lost to fucking Last of Us still infuriates me.

    • Samuel Rebolloza
      Samuel Rebolloza

      Story was subjective and i personally like it plus tsushima won player choice and goty is t determined by that but yeah

  • MKKing 6ixty4our
    MKKing 6ixty4our

    how Typical left the room after dood got his head cut off LOL

  • R B
    R B

    He lit him on fire because he knew Adachi would have beaten him. He knows who he can reason with, and "who to burn". Before Jin, Adachi was the best fighter on the island, and we saw how Jin handled everyone. If Khan fought him straight up, it would have been like a boss battle for Khan right out of the gate.

    • Potato management ಠ_ಠ
      Potato management ಠ_ಠ

      I think the Kahn still wouldve won but he definitely just skipped the trouble of dealing with a skilled fighter

  • Alexander Baynes
    Alexander Baynes

    "The samurai were bound by their deep-seated code of honor and chivalrous combat, and the Mongols just, you know, wanted to win." - Yahtzee Croshaw

  • Kristina Altea
    Kristina Altea

    "That's the game? I'm dead? That's worth $60 holy shit" 😂😂😂

  • Sahil Singh
    Sahil Singh

    True GOTY 2020

  • The Dog that wants to die
    The Dog that wants to die

    *COD players after getting drafted to WW3: **8:30*

  • Sun Tzu
    Sun Tzu

    *Rip my boy Harunobu.*


    Khan cut his head off That guy : spirit broken now 😂

  • Nazi Garuda
    Nazi Garuda

    Literally me playing every game except dark soul and then play Dark Souls from this first time

  • Michael Lopez
    Michael Lopez

    Goldglove "that's it? That's the game? That was worth 60 bucks holy shit 😆😆😆😆

  • dknight xs
    dknight xs

    Best game of 2020 handsdown!

  • alotofstuffyoulike

    They’re bogus for putting a burning fat ad on this video lmao

  • Shouta Magatsuchi
    Shouta Magatsuchi

    There's one true samurai among those gamers playing this, and we all know who that is, the shogun himself

  • CaveMansSHOW

    Khotum Khan used 200 IQ in this scene.. Lmao

  • Mister WiZeguy
    Mister WiZeguy

    Pewdiepie: “Don’t care, virgin.” Me: *You’d be surprised how accurate that is.*

  • RipexX

    You have no honour!

  • Kyle Miller
    Kyle Miller

    That dude gives a whole new meaning to someone getting roasted,literally 😳

  • PALATA [Игровой Канал]
    PALATA [Игровой Канал]


  • Terrence Hamilton
    Terrence Hamilton

    Xbox gamers be like "but is it multiplayer tho?" Lol multiplayer comes out months later.. Xbox gamers: salty

  • Jiyu Hong
    Jiyu Hong

    Genesis khan?

  • Mark Lucchese
    Mark Lucchese

    “Oh yes we’re going in” was basically my reaction.

  • Little Brodie
    Little Brodie

    The title of this video should be called “The disrespect” gamers reaction lol.

  • SiR- Mclarry
    SiR- Mclarry

    When Lord Shimura said "No Mercy", my blood was pumping and boiling.

  • Brenale Johnson
    Brenale Johnson

    Dontai 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Setsu_

    the part where lord shimura said "no mercy" was so hype

  • Kamado Tanjiro
    Kamado Tanjiro

    I just watch a video about guys looking at another guy who getting burn and decapitated for 15 minutes and 30 seconds

  • Master Blaster
    Master Blaster

    That first guy was hyped up!!🤣

  • Elvis Thao
    Elvis Thao

    Rewatching Lord Adachi die over and over again makes me uneasy, because the kill is so mean-spirited, but that's just how the Mongols roll, man. They will mess you up if that's the fastest way to defeat you.

  • Son Goku
    Son Goku

    Typical gamer: I’m out ✌🏻. Samurai: cowards without honor deserves no mercy.

  • EIRON Sensei
    EIRON Sensei

    12:40 To Valhalla!! Oh wait thats the wrong game 😂

  • Kryptus Year 1
    Kryptus Year 1

    This is the best game with God of war and Spiderman to date

  • Isaac Nakamura
    Isaac Nakamura

    Still shocked by the disrespect. No matter how much times I see it😂

  • OpenShores

    I really enjoyed the rally bits in this game, really felt like battle :D

  • Carlos

    06:50 *_*Transition*_*

  • Chips.

    Honestly, if he didn't use that cheaptrick, that Samurai would be able to claim Victory and annilihiate that person.

  • Sanjeev Bhattacharjee
    Sanjeev Bhattacharjee

    8:18 is the best part😂

  • Marius Boss
    Marius Boss

    1:20-1:50 Why is that such a meme cory?

  • Kyle Patrick Camasosa
    Kyle Patrick Camasosa

    1:35 dis dude an idiot

  • Gamer King52204
    Gamer King52204

    Night at the museum vibes😳

  • 33drewster

    I literally cannot stop playing this game, it is epic in every sense of the word, gorgeous graphics that u can't take your eyes off of, the details are insane


    Cory xkenshin will retired when reaching 10 mill sub.. Welll it sooner now 😥❤

  • Marco Brancorsini
    Marco Brancorsini

    This opening sequence was the reason why I unloaded every sticky bomb and explosive arrow I had while Khotun was running towards me in the ship. He taught me well.

  • rudy garza
    rudy garza

    To me the guy who got burnt got straight up disrespected it looked like the guy wanted an honorable fight and the other guy was like splash honor what is that 🔥

  • JohnKnight416

    _Mongol leader splashes his alcohol on the samurai._ Everyone: “Damn. The disrespect!” _Then throws a torch at him._ Everyone: *:o*

  • Champion Obelisk
    Champion Obelisk

    Playing this game in en voice acting is so distasteful. I mean they're missing out legendary Roronoa Zoro voicing Jin in the sub.

    • Draka Shrakenburg Productions
      Draka Shrakenburg Productions

      Cry me a river

  • Whicker Friesian
    Whicker Friesian

    I've always loved history. Seeing modern gaming dive into it (for better or worse)? Hell. Yeah! (Peter Jackson as a Mongol warrior... What's not to love?!) :: FLEES for mah life! ::

  • saeful

    Ma boy cory!!

  • Your Comrade
    Your Comrade

    literally pissed when Khan disrespected Adachi

  • YinLungTsang

    I love how it wasn't just me who reacted to that first scene like that, sooo epic.

  • Pac of Ace
    Pac of Ace

    Khotun Khan has the best looking armour Change my mind

  • butter knife 21
    butter knife 21

    The last of who ?

  • Jack S
    Jack S

    10/10 + a SILVER BULLET ❤

  • Ghost Buster
    Ghost Buster

    Absolute masterpeice game..💖💖💖👍🏻 xboxfanboys r not gonna like this dude🤣🤣🤣

  • Puma6376

    That honorless mongol intro. Funniest video game opening of all time. lmao

  • Night Fury
    Night Fury

    Khan: Do you surrender? Shimura: Yes Roll credits


    I just made it to act 3 myself this game is so bad ass

  • wolfiewinchester

    Just finished this wonderful game and loved every minute of it. The fact you can also play in samurai cinema makes the game even better in my opinion.

  • Kaybe Vang
    Kaybe Vang

    First one was funny asf because he be roasting Adachi throughout the whole walkthrough more then the mongols 😂 🔥

  • Hugo Amoros
    Hugo Amoros

    The voice acting is pretty bad in english

  • Philip Smith
    Philip Smith

    Was anyone else's first reaction to this scene: " that Attila The Hun from Night at the Museum?"

  • dximagine_ breakerxb
    dximagine_ breakerxb

    Khotun Khan: **sets Adachi on fire** Everyone (myself included): disrespect man... Khotun Khan: Oh, I'm not done yet...**decapitates Adachi** Also, who is Adachi anyway? And I know, there are no such thing as rules in a war. History is written by the victor, they say.

  • Prometheus Venom
    Prometheus Venom

    I was the same way with lord Shimaru I wanted revenge.

  • A.

    Lmao, me and almost everyone, "THE DISRESPECT!"

  • Ferko Tofalvi
    Ferko Tofalvi

    It's hilarious how everyone thought TLOU2 was gonna be the game of this generation and kinda forgot about Ghost of Tsushima. Guess what, the complete opposite happened.

  • Donblaze26

    Wait til that co op gameplay is going to be on the game.

  • Dave Hart
    Dave Hart

    When he said *"Send your finest Warrior"* .... All of the Mongols were looking like *" Ummmm, are you sure about that??"* .. *"Well, if that's your wish then here is"* And they all move out of the way with a scared look on their faces .. When you ask the invading Army to send their best and they get a scared look on their faces .......................... You might want to rethink that request ..

  • warmonger gank
    warmonger gank

    The way lord adachi died you will not be forgotten 🙏 💔 😢 😔

  • Heisenberg Pinkman
    Heisenberg Pinkman

    KHOTUN KAHN!!!!!!

  • Bonnierebelsgaming

    I finished this game and platinumed it but I want to play more because it’s so good but I have no more to play lol. And I’m not starting over. I just want to play act 3 again it was amazing

  • Andy Bonsu
    Andy Bonsu

    Best intro every

  • Eldritch Hollow
    Eldritch Hollow

    This intro gives me chills

  • Religious Otaku
    Religious Otaku

    Gotta admit as someone who has studied the Mongolian invasion of Japan I knew the Khan was going to react in a very dismissive manner but hot damn is it a great scene!

  • Jordan Campbell
    Jordan Campbell

    Jin's and shimura reaction is just heartbreaking. Like they're in complete disbelief.

  • Roondiggity Dogg
    Roondiggity Dogg

    Leader of the mongrel army haha

  • Big Steph
    Big Steph

    Now imagine if this was the second game and that guy that died was Jin. Fuck the last of us 2

  • Your FBI Agent
    Your FBI Agent

    Harunobi adachi: face me I'm the legendary blah blah Khan: Hippity hoppity, you life is now stoppity

  • 雨さらし

    間違いなく今年最高のゲーム!! 海外の方が日本文化を一所懸命勉強し このゲームを制作して下さったことに感謝しかない!! ありがとう(*´з`)💕

  • alejandro yañez
    alejandro yañez

    English languaje? Really? When the original japanese is so badass

  • GodBlessYou2008

    2:00 his reaction is like USA! USA!

  • JrocKnorth

    I really like the "Japanese" version when Kutan screamed "Samurai" much better. Just gave me chills and was much more intimating.

  • Gio A
    Gio A

    My first time seeing this I was like "yeah he's so de--- OH FATALITY!!!!"


    That beginning is one of the funniest things I have ever watched ahahhahahaha