Boban Marjanovic Ejected After Murders Jordan Poole Mid-Air&Shows Best Sportsmanship!
GOAT Of NBA Parodies !
GOAT Of NBA Parodies !
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  • Dax Aldaba
    Dax Aldaba

    we love boban 🇵🇭

  • Gaming With Cyph3r Ghost
    Gaming With Cyph3r Ghost

    That is so wrong it should of been a flagrant 1 don't toss him for it he was making sure he was ok as well

  • JHaz

    Isn't the point of a flagrant there having to be malicious intentions causing one to use excessive force in fouling someone? This was completely accidental. He just missed the ball. This shouldn't have even been a flagrant at all. Like what the hell...

  • Marjan986

    Otrese ga Bobi ka slinu 🤣🤣

  • D J
    D J

    I miss Ron artest elbowing guys like James harden in the face

  • Aubrey Wallace
    Aubrey Wallace

    Wen u get Ball first then there's contact No Foul.he got tickited for aggresive (over) DRIVIn.His follow-thru.Excessive.🤗

  • JediEdin

    nba is fucking soft.

  • svarogbg

    Pool was just fine, he was only missing his head 🤣🤣🤣

  • 006ahenry

    At the end of every practice, we played a game called battle ball. Taught us to take hard fouls. That was a hard foul only because Boban is much bigger than Poole. Wasn't worthy of ejection.

  • Isaac Henry
    Isaac Henry

    That was soft.

  • djfunkychicken

    When Boban put his hand on his back I couldn’t help but laugh that it covered the entire number and name on the jersey 🤣🤣

  • TheMrUsername111

    He’s going home to eat 1 goldfish 2 goldfish

  • ScxrZ

    They need to start putting padding there too many get dropped there

  • lamengheir26 alpha
    lamengheir26 alpha

    When draymond arm lock kawhi in mid air they give flagrant foul 1 and it was intentionally, he doesnt let go, but this one? Going for the ball and no intention to do that flagrant foul 2? Cmmon nba? You were better than this crappy call.


    They were holding hands at the end. Lol.

  • CQuinte Chika
    CQuinte Chika

    How did he not block that lol

  • Why I Follow God
    Why I Follow God

    refs are killing the game

  • merlin michael
    merlin michael

    nice guy 😇

  • Bob Boob
    Bob Boob

    The reason why his arm hit poole head because the dude so fcking tall, poole jumping is like bojan standing

  • Douglas Strong
    Douglas Strong

    Az vs color

  • aka po
    aka po

    The Gentle Giant

  • Konstantinos

    Boban the nicest guy in the NBA

  • Jamis Mirs
    Jamis Mirs

    A true gentleman.

  • Leaf Anew
    Leaf Anew

    NBA isn't getting softer. *It's already at its softest*

  • Seek Truth
    Seek Truth

    These Reffs are a fking joke lol


    These refs be like an underage girl going through a relationship.

  • Abundio Noel Libot
    Abundio Noel Libot

    Should be F1, not F2!

  • TheRealDevin


  • Burden82

    you miss the block and get tossed out of the game?

  • strikehair55

    Cant believe they tossed him .NBA doesnt even look recognizable anymore... my, how things have changed. What a shame.

  • Michaelson Sarmiento
    Michaelson Sarmiento

    No blood no foul. This is unbelievable. This is too much pussification already.

  • Bojan Sekulic
    Bojan Sekulic

    refre idiot

  • DaytonaPrototypes

    They ejected him? I've seen worse plays than that and a common foul isn't called. Come on man.

  • John Iglesias
    John Iglesias

    That's the most respectful ejection ever 😂

  • mile lojpur
    mile lojpur

    so you said Bobi yelled where the fck is that wick john wick?

  • W J
    W J

    It’s the stupid flagrant foul rules. The idea is supposed to be if the player is going for the ball and making a legit basketball play or just trying to hurt someone. Getting thrown out for this is stupid it literally shouldn’t even be a flagrant foul.

  • RC Noob23
    RC Noob23

    The NBA has become a total JOKE.

  • n0sleep

    if its Harden that would be 30 free throws

  • Curtis Herron
    Curtis Herron

    Huh??? Can't be that big cause you will never get the regular foul. Boban could sneeze a flagrant . No flagrant on this play.

  • skinnygoat

    That was a regular hard foul, not a flagrant.He went for the ball and missed and could not retract his hand in time.

  • skinnygoat

    Boban is the most loved player in the NBA

  • john_blaze39

    Definition of a gentle giant. But he is a giant, so he needs to be more careful...he can decapitate most humans with that swipe!

  • shane shane
    shane shane

    He went for the ball and missed, there was nothing wrong with the play..This is one of MANY rEAsons the NBA sucks now

  • Simplysie Celebrhaiti
    Simplysie Celebrhaiti

    Ejection was unnecessary

  • Lorcan Samonte
    Lorcan Samonte

    Thats why I hate this Nba rules today. Toooooo Jelly

  • InfraaVerdaggens

    In the 90's that would be a plain foul, then the defender would 'accidentally' kick the head of the guy laying down as he would land, he would have stepped away from the play, there would be no female ref and the refs would call nothing beyond the foul. Welcome to the WNBA of the 20's...

  • Eisen Rulla
    Eisen Rulla

    Boban: okay I'll show some respect but not for John wick.

  • Yandi Morffi
    Yandi Morffi

    Boban is a great person and shows what NBA players should act like on the court.

  • Michael Buminaang
    Michael Buminaang

    Its a hard foul. But its not excessive and its not unnecessary and unintentional. Boban went after the ball.

  • Nick jerome Jimenez
    Nick jerome Jimenez

    Big man, with a big heart.

  • Imayn TV
    Imayn TV

    My man, Boban!

  • Elvis Petrovic89
    Elvis Petrovic89

    I love my Serbian people !!!!! Big heart brother 👍👍👍

  • NecroSeer

    real life titan eren

  • Shank Montgomery
    Shank Montgomery

    This better be overturned. No one ejects bobi

  • Sayed Ali
    Sayed Ali

    Remember when Carmelo got ejected for scoring an and 1?

  • Sayed Ali
    Sayed Ali

    I wanna be flagrant 2 fouled by Boba

  • Oliver Salcedo
    Oliver Salcedo


  • T.K Jenkins
    T.K Jenkins

    Should've been #1 on nba top 10!!! Sportsmanship

  • Renegade8652

    He was trying to swat the ball, it wasn't a dirty foul. They act like he was using the Jordan rules on him or something. Softest cupcake bullshit ejection I've seen in a while. Not quite as harsh as ejecting Tim Duncan for laughing on the bench.

  • Luis Heran
    Luis Heran

    What the Hell is going on with Basketball!!! Seriously...

  • erick aranguren
    erick aranguren

    Smh....what happened to NBA nowadays, Boban tossed out for that soooo regular D.🤦🏻‍♂️

  • jobo fernandez
    jobo fernandez

    The refs again is overreacting to that foul. Marjanovich didn't deserve ejection lol

  • Jacob Watson
    Jacob Watson


  • Matthew Fournier
    Matthew Fournier

    Ref” um boban um ya so I um reviewed that play and I must say you are scary like the Giant in the Princess Bride and I, um, ya could you PLEASEEE leave. Um thanks “ end quote.



  • Jonathan Laurel
    Jonathan Laurel

    Came here after blake griffin injured a player.

  • boofogle

    The nba soft af. Clearly he was tryna block the shot. Damn even the commentators support that fuckery

  • DubconsciousYT

    Yup we desperately need some more Bobans in This country 😂

  • UrbanLovesDaLakers

    I swear this league is so freaking soft....get ejected..come

  • ayyMello

    You can literally see his eyes tracking the ball... there’s was zero intention of him hitting him on the head but we all know that already😂

  • Gian

    Tf these guys are giants

  • Jerm C.
    Jerm C.

    Murdered!?! TF Wrong Witt You Man! 🤡

  • The Trickshooting Kids
    The Trickshooting Kids

    Even the ref helped him up wow, respect.

  • goo bazam
    goo bazam

    The BFG

  • T No
    T No

    That was a messed up play...being 8 foot tall there is no reason to hack downwards to 5 on big man! Build back better😂😂Dumbest slogan ever.

  • Virru112

    Why are american sports so soft... such a joke.. or is it just the NBA that's soft.

  • William MacDonald
    William MacDonald

    Big and bit clumsy, did not look deliberate

  • Robert Thomas
    Robert Thomas

    Steve Adams, you're next.

  • Toxic Lotus
    Toxic Lotus

    People are bicthes now

  • Alan Chiu
    Alan Chiu

    Why was it an ejection? It was maybe a flagrant 1 by the rule book. NBA getting too soft.

  • Felix Cariaga
    Felix Cariaga

    Gentle giant.. luv u Boban

  • Yvan FLASH
    Yvan FLASH

    Boban and Adams. Big guys, good heart

  • Binolirao Djanrell Z.
    Binolirao Djanrell Z.

    Ejected? Dafuq nba nowadays has changed

  • James Wallace
    James Wallace

    Not worth the ejection poor reffing call all day

  • Damian B
    Damian B

    Ejection? NBA is such a pussy ass league now.

  • Tavernum

    Was it a flagrant foul?

  • Jerky Jones
    Jerky Jones

    Wtf that is not ejection worthy. Nba so soft

  • jacked

    These refs are getting EVERYTHING personal even if the chart and numbers say that everything is fine but it is because of how nba players disrespect the rules but i believe it will get worse soon

  • Cxlvin Capalotz
    Cxlvin Capalotz

    Why did they eject him

  • 602DailyTV

    Boban is the real MVP

  • PatheticTeen

    Boban is a gentleman Black Griffin is dogshit.

  • V P
    V P

    That's the kind of contact Zion takes four or five times per game no call....LOL

  • Tyrone Poole
    Tyrone Poole

    Terrible call refs. He clearly was going for the ball. It was a hard foul, that’s all.

  • Petar Kobra
    Petar Kobra

    When Boban gets ejected, John Wick has to come to take him out

  • Troy Hunter
    Troy Hunter

    Dumb. No reason to toss him.

  • Jason Heilman - Musical Remedies
    Jason Heilman - Musical Remedies


  • Mark Anthony Ramoran
    Mark Anthony Ramoran

    Can somebody explain why boban got ejected? What rules he violated?

  • Palahume

    These refs are becoming dumb AF. 🤦

  • Ride Far
    Ride Far

    Then Boban whispered, “I’ll tear your head apart” to Poole.

  • DAMO

    What the ..... ejected for what. This game makes me sick sometimes.