I Survived 500 Days in HARDCORE Minecraft...
Surviving Hardcore Minecraft from 100 days all the way up to 400 days was a difficult challenge! But now its time to try and survive 500 days in the hardest difficulty in Minecraft, hardcore mode. I survived 500 days in Minecraft Hardcore and this is what happened!
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  • NH cubing
    NH cubing

    I love how he says “In this video we’re going to attempt to survive...”

  • Finlay Byrne
    Finlay Byrne

    You are my favourite SLtoos are

  • YesiTheLazyDerP -Frost the wolf hog
    YesiTheLazyDerP -Frost the wolf hog

    He should collab with LTN in a hard core world :)

  • Xworldplay Minecraft
    Xworldplay Minecraft

    Do we have a face revil

  • Xworldplay Minecraft
    Xworldplay Minecraft

    I have 1000 days in hardcore minecraft

  • minecraft_boss_pvp_hacker bro
    minecraft_boss_pvp_hacker bro


  • minecraft_boss_pvp_hacker bro
    minecraft_boss_pvp_hacker bro

    People ar mene to me be cus hawe good i am on minecraft bedrock edition

  • Walid Khairy
    Walid Khairy

    Allot of support bro. Ur commitment and dedication is super so I subbed with notis right away. Hope u have a good time. I’LL BE WAITING FOR 600 days.

  • Theo Sparky
    Theo Sparky

    Please get a riptide trident next vid :)))

  • SpazixFn

    Lmao u cheated. While u were crafting the diamond beacon, u ended up with 88 diamonds blocks. U see now, it normally costs 164 diamond blocks. After the first layer had been constructed, you had 2 extra stacks of diamond blocks. The first layer costs 81 diamond blocks, and you had an extra 2 stacks. That adds up to 209 diamond blocks. Super slick man. (Comment down below to prove me wrong and like so he sees)

  • Paul Eddy
    Paul Eddy

    Wow coooooooooollllllllllllll sooooooo cooooooooollll hardcore

    • Paul Eddy
      Paul Eddy


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    Jason Wingett


  • Maximus Perez
    Maximus Perez

    do 600 days plz

  • Oliver Welburn
    Oliver Welburn

    Is it me or is fru the best ever youtuber

  • Charlie Hemingbrough
    Charlie Hemingbrough

    You are the best builder and I want you to make a castle for me And you are the best utuber ever

  • Yeet Girl
    Yeet Girl

    can you do 600 days

  • I_like_cake 01
    I_like_cake 01

    Fru: I made a full diamond. beacon. Wadzee: that’s cute

    • The other Perm
      The other Perm

      LoL true


    Please me join your channel

  • Alexixi23 264
    Alexixi23 264

    I want like in the 600 survive days you have to beat 2 DRAGON END if we can do this

  • Penguin Fire
    Penguin Fire

    Yes 600 days

  • Ghufran Rubbani
    Ghufran Rubbani

    It make us do its so cool

  • JustEvil_

    is 9:43 a pokemon fighting arena? xD

  • Lewis 753
    Lewis 753

    Who else thinks Fru is a PRO builder

  • Game Lion
    Game Lion

    I will probably die in a cave

  • xB Gamingx
    xB Gamingx

    Can't wait for 600 days!

  • jason brown
    jason brown

    Please 600 days

  • Demli Redeemer Valmores
    Demli Redeemer Valmores


  • Dontae Hunnings
    Dontae Hunnings

    Me wondering why he did not say he did almost every achievement even the all position achievement

  • Salman Siran
    Salman Siran

    And I subscribed more fru

  • Salman Siran
    Salman Siran

    I subscribed your video so please make 600 days again

  • Jemmy Lontaan
    Jemmy Lontaan

    Yes, I want to see surviving 600 days to see the secret advancements The last advancements its kinda really difficult

  • B-6 Franz David Cumad
    B-6 Franz David Cumad

    We would like to see 1000 days pls

  • Affan Siddiqui
    Affan Siddiqui

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  • top killer
    top killer

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  • Owen Tamalone
    Owen Tamalone

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  • Daniel Pro
    Daniel Pro

    Pls 1000 days

  • Rico Lin
    Rico Lin

    I dare you to make a netherite Beacon for the second nether star Please read my comment

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    mobeen Ali

    Make 600 days

  • Duckity

    11:16 wrong day good sir

  • Suman Kanwar
    Suman Kanwar

    now it's a normal thing for you to kill the ender dragon🤣🤣🤣🤣 leave like if you liked this joke

  • Maciej Kobiela
    Maciej Kobiela

    Its 10:28 and i from. Poland iam in pigamas and where my cookies

  • nicole jan atilano
    nicole jan atilano

    you survived on your own

  • Katie Juhas
    Katie Juhas

    Also there’s another Guy that did 700 days six days ago

  • Katie Juhas
    Katie Juhas

    You’re halfway there until 1000 days

  • kenneth ethan
    kenneth ethan

    Fru what is taking you soooooo long to make 600 days and there are no trackers on which day you are in right now

  • The HS Team 👍
    The HS Team 👍

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  • Mona Darazi
    Mona Darazi

    Hi Fru . My name is Sam .I am 6 years old and YES I want to see a 600 days video.

  • Naila Rehman
    Naila Rehman

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  • diana tan
    diana tan

    Hi cone tall

  • Ch JL Official
    Ch JL Official

    Hi @Fru just saying that im a new member of this channel andim subbed,and just to ask can i record a multiplayer series with you? and i want to add your discord if you can record a series with me i want to join your discord server ( but the link is expired )

  • B Adilakshmi
    B Adilakshmi

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    Chars B

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    Caleb Singletary

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    Rinku Diigpati

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      Rinku Diigpati

      Share your opinion

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    Johnpaul Remedios

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    Owen Tamalone

    Popcorn 🍿

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    Dustin Polis

    Idk who’s a better narrator. Fru or LukTheNotable.

    • Dustin Polis
      Dustin Polis

      Ik I spelled it wrong it was a typo

    • Thijs van der Veen
      Thijs van der Veen


  • carlos LUNA
    carlos LUNA

    I love your vids

  • Blue Ninja
    Blue Ninja

    If you make a 600 days then make a dog or get a dog

  • Sammy Swiderski
    Sammy Swiderski

    theres no way he got that many diamonds

  • Kristian Templeman
    Kristian Templeman

    Why do you always say “I do say so myself”

    • David Ladin
      David Ladin

      It's so annoying 😑

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    Matthew William

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    James Bruce

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    Rion Jahaj

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    David Clack

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  • David Clack
    David Clack

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    Jake Albon-Massey

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    Randall Cadiente

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    Silvana Broadhead

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    Lola Spinale

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    Jessica Owens

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    Pulsegaming 11

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    ARK skits Time travel

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    Madiha Vazir

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    Bthe gamer Blas

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    Bthe gamer Blas

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    Hadi Haidar

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    Heaven gaming

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    Kurly Da_weeb

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    HAMID joker

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    Vasile Claudiu Chindris

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  • A Owen
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    MR. Tutorial

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