I asked an AI for video ideas, and they were actually good
Tom Scott
I didn't expect this to work so well. • Includes text generated by OpenAI's GPT-3 at my request: openai.com • Art by Chris Quay: www.chrisquay.com/ • Got an idea for a video? www.tomscott.com/contact/
Filmed safely: www.tomscott.com/safe/
OpenAI had no control or sign-off on this video, although I agreed to abide by their ethical guidelines and social media policy.
Thanks to Eddie the corgi's owner for introducing me to the folks at OpenAI: instagram.com/eddie_corg
Articles referenced:
New River in Bowes Park image by Nick Cooper on Wikimedia Commons: commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:New_River_Bowes_Park.jpg
Licensed under CC-by 3.0, creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/deed.en
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  • Tom Scott
    Tom Scott

    I should clarify that by "out of ideas", I mean that I've only got enough to last me until the end of March, or maybe the middle of April if lockdown eases. The way I work, that's close enough that I start to get worried.

    • Captain Zork
      Captain Zork

      @4:46: The Netherlands has a town called Groningen which has synchronized bicycle traffic lights. It was part of a major overhaul of the city, turning it into an anti-car and pro-bicycle town. I guess you could argue synchronized traffic lights saved Groningen?

    • shireen singhal
      shireen singhal

      might i suggest “fiction friday” or perhaps “fiction fortnight” where you upload an AI generated video which isn’t true but is still in your style and is fun to watch? i would, at least, love to watch them !!

    • Rick Astley
      Rick Astley

      Hi daddy

    • Sam Gerendasy
      Sam Gerendasy

      drink more diesel Tom you'll get there

    • Alex West
      Alex West

      If you ever come Wigan I’ll teach the history and show you round

  • Noobo

    good to know lofthouse hasn't disappeared yet.

  • Kevin Smith
    Kevin Smith

    I for one would gladly watch videos of made up alternate universe facts generated by a robot

  • Aecius the Philosopher
    Aecius the Philosopher

    "The strange light over Oxfordshire." You mean that thing that's visible during cloudless days?

  • Vithar

    After this video I played around with the older GPT-2 that is available to the public, not really replicating your experiment, but just prompting it with some titles of the videos of yours... The results were really interesting nonetheless, some of my favourites: "What the Hell is a Random Number?" "Why I Don't Trust Humans" "How I Made a New Emoji" "Why Robots Shouldn't Be Trying To Kill You" "Why I'm Not A Very Happy Robot"

  • Fine Gentleman in Crocs
    Fine Gentleman in Crocs

    "Essential" travel, huh?

  • Olaf van Rijnsbergen
    Olaf van Rijnsbergen

    You could still use all those video ideas that aren't real. Just create another channel that's a satire on infotainment.

  • Jim Atkins
    Jim Atkins

    I recommend you do some sort of piece on Wigan pier as its part of heritage of the inland waterways. Though it would be interesting to know what the houses the AI was talking about.

  • Zappa Wench
    Zappa Wench

    The cliff that refuses to be a cliff wrote that message in chalk.

  • Adam Wolfy
    Adam Wolfy

    Please do the welsh mining accident or look into tryweryn

  • Jannis Adamek
    Jannis Adamek

    I want a video on the post office railway! That looks really interesting.

  • Hugo Desrosiers-Plaisance
    Hugo Desrosiers-Plaisance

    OMG send those suggestions to the folks at Nightvale, so many of them are **exactly** their style! 😍

  • R Jones
    R Jones

    Why not do an article on the rock salt mines of Winsford?

  • Dovias

    Plot twist: this video idea was generated by AI

  • Joshua Morgan
    Joshua Morgan

    Fantastic video, Tom!

  • R Jones
    R Jones

    I don't think Wigan would like being referred to as 'West Midlands'

  • nick klaus
    nick klaus

    The green creeping death is what engineers call copper corrosion.

  • Roland Fischer
    Roland Fischer

    Hireath is that word! Welsh.

  • Raphael Azu
    Raphael Azu

    I need to get a hold of that ai to do my essays.

  • Steve Richmond
    Steve Richmond

    Wigan is in Greater Manchester. The pier is on a canal

  • xtreemgamer129

    7:20 the sound of that car passing by lined up so perfectly with the graph animation it feels like it had to have been planned

  • Rowan Patrick
    Rowan Patrick

    Is the cycle/wave you are talking about not called the Gartner Hype Cycle of Emerging Technologies?

  • George HW Bush
    George HW Bush

    all of my "interet freinds" will be robots and i thought i couldn't get any more lonely

  • Ruben Veendorp
    Ruben Veendorp

    who else thinks this tech will in some way destroy a part of being human?

  • C B Newham
    C B Newham

    GPT-3. Over-hyped rubbish.

  • Abigail Daley
    Abigail Daley

    Since when is Wigan in the West Midlands lmao

  • silverywingsagain

    So AI seems to be able to see relationships between data sets that we probably can't even quantify. Buckle up, its gonna be a wild ride.

  • hyuubes

    7:17 that car had impeccable timing

  • Damian Qualshy
    Damian Qualshy

    The cliff that refuses to be a cliff sounds a lot like your video about Torpenhow Hill

  • Hussein Musse
    Hussein Musse

    That car at 7:15 passes at a perfectly appropriate time

  • john john
    john john

    I know a white cliff it movedover

  • raul maximo
    raul maximo

    these was absolutely genius!

  • Azr

    Me in 2050: Memes are kinda stale these days what shall we do AI? AI: *Revive Francis of the Filth?* Me: *OREWA OCHINCHIN GA DAISUKI NANDAYO*

  • theuncalledfor

    "Nostalgia for a thing that never existed"? Isn't that just vaporwave?

  • David Gallardo
    David Gallardo


  • Michael Vogl
    Michael Vogl

    So thats a good AI for Kurzgesagt

  • JMUDoc

    Did the AI suggest the title of _this_ video? Because I think my brain would melt...

  • J F
    J F

    "Nostalgia for a thing that never existed" is quite close to Hauntology!

  • explogeek

    Anyone else noticed how the passing car was synced to S-curve?

  • Christopher Molitor
    Christopher Molitor

    Kirby’s Dream Land. Seems like it pulled from the Nintendo playbook there.

  • Mitchell Walker
    Mitchell Walker

    The pirate who wasn’t a pirate.

  • Mr. Friedonia
    Mr. Friedonia

    Make a video about BrainFuck

  • Mike Hunt
    Mike Hunt

    ‘Nostalgia for a thing that never existed’ sorta like déjà vu? The feeling of doing something before or being in that same position when it never happened.

  • Teenage Gamer
    Teenage Gamer

    I think you're looking for the word Liminal.

  • Captain Zork
    Captain Zork

    @1:42: Why does something like OpenAI not allow you to give us the full list? What’s open about that????

  • Dean Gully
    Dean Gully

    2:10 My guy just heard the sea 😮

  • StarOwen

    Low-key wish I lived with Tom... like imagine coming home with shopping and hearing him talk about bit rate non stop? Maybe I’m just weird

  • John Peat
    John Peat

    The AI missed one "The terrible kerning of the sign outside the village of Lofthouse" - you can have that one Tom ;0

  • Alex Chow
    Alex Chow

    The Forgotten History of the British Moon Landing.... Hey, Lord Blackwood, iirc you've been to space, right?

  • Pookage Hayes
    Pookage Hayes

    Isn't GPT-3 the thing that Google fired it's AI Ethics researchers over because they raised a bunch of ethical concerns over how biased it was?

  • Pedro Jesus Carrasco Villa
    Pedro Jesus Carrasco Villa

    An industrial warehouse in the middle of nowhere could perfectly be a video

  • V_Parker 123
    V_Parker 123

    7:17 haha perfect timing

  • Edward Ramos
    Edward Ramos

    2:26 "The Green Death and The Industrial Revolution" Ted Kaczynski might be amused that a computer came up with that

  • Quakkahs of Morpork
    Quakkahs of Morpork

    The white cube at the end of the world... Sounds like a museum about 4 miles from the Greenwich meridian...

  • Henge

    Nostalgia for something that doesn’t exist? How about nonstalgia?

  • Conker King
    Conker King

    Did it suggest 'Use AI to suggest video titles' ?

  • FuZzy CurVe
    FuZzy CurVe

    Video idea , How was Wigan Pier moved from Lancashire to the West midlands?

  • qaisjp

    Please could include a link to your prompt, so that we could try the prompt ourselves? (if you can share it?)

  • Bald Gamer
    Bald Gamer

    Wigan Pier is in Greater Manchester not the west midlands

  • G R A I T H K I N G G
    G R A I T H K I N G G

    "If I turn the temperature down too low, it just suggesting prank videos"

  • Elijah Genet
    Elijah Genet

    i'm actually hyped to see industrial warehouse in the middle of nowhere

  • Epic Gamer
    Epic Gamer

    7:14 is it just me or the car driving by at the sime time as youre raising the energy in your voice to convey what youre talking about is so cool.

  • Biosquid239

    The car at 7:12 was in synch with you and the graph, freaky


    So it doesn't know why people like what they like it seems


    This video was posted by gpt3

  • Ben

    It would be more incredible if the AI wrote THIS script

  • Ben

    But what if he'd asked for a script for this video about the AI himself?

  • ryan kearney
    ryan kearney

    Brilliant job, this is fantastic

  • Mistry Man
    Mistry Man

    If there's a quantum universe, then every single event happened.

  • Pyromaniac

    I’d love to see Jeremy Clarkson’s Lottery of Death as an actual show

  • K K
    K K

    I love toms face in the thumbnail!

  • WorldNews92

    The Russian Utopia in Holderness should be our equivalent of the Bielerfield conspiracy in Germany.

  • WorldNews92

    Fantazomalgia = from "φαντάζομαι, fantázomai" ("imagine") + "ἄλγος, álgos" ("pain") - "the feeling of not being able to return to something one imagined".

  • charles UK
    charles UK

    Hmm, that script/storyline creator would do a far better job than anything coming out of the Dr Who dept in the last 3 years

  • Ehm Tea
    Ehm Tea

    AI is perfect for conspiracy theorists to create a conspiracy theory by using something they are afraid of.

  • Garrett Biek
    Garrett Biek

    Kirby's Dreamland for the win.

  • Goblin

    You look young and old at the same time It’s confusing the part of my brain the processes faces

  • Guido Haverkort
    Guido Haverkort

    AI secretly said: "make a video about me🙄"

  • HindSight

    I don't know if the money from your own endeavours makes it not worthwhile, but you really deserve your own television show.

  • polly klim
    polly klim

    you know what? I'd LOVE to see some kind of badge or disclaimer for the titles predicted by GPT-3 for the upcoming videos!

  • FlourishWitherDie

    Working towards obselecense

  • Joel

    Should have totally done a full fictional video (like it was serious) and then the next video is the AI reveal.

  • VainE9

    What if the AI wasn't actually making up scenario's like the British landing on the moon or The Russian Utopia. What if the AI is telling the truth and this really happend, but in an alternative Earth.

  • Sasuke Sarutobi
    Sasuke Sarutobi

    Is Lofthouse twinned with Westview?

  • CringeWorthy

    7:13 dramatic

  • GreySlasher63

    SCP plot device machine

    • dolimi jotoo
      dolimi jotoo

      Tell all the trump supporter why they should wear mask

  • MaxMckayful

    Imagine getting to be a researcher for Tom Scott. What a dream job!

  • Rahul Ravishankar
    Rahul Ravishankar

    "I generated more than a thousand of them" Is stealing just baked into British DNA ?

    • dolimi jotoo
      dolimi jotoo

      Do a video about enunciation.

  • Wooly Cow
    Wooly Cow

    AI will truly be scary the day it tells a funny joke...

  • xXfzmusicXx

    This is by far my favourite video of yours so far, this is amazing

  • DanNB1987

    Tom Scott & GPT3 presents - Would I Lie To You? 😂

  • cDayz

    You could've asked the A.I what components would I need to build a working time machine?

  • Beridot

    Ah, so A.I Dungeon

  • Carl Everson
    Carl Everson

    Im curious why the company made their terms and conditions like that. Maybe some of the titles were bad, or they were worried about the possibility

  • Benthicc Biomancer
    Benthicc Biomancer

    4:12 so... um... is that in the database because the CIA been consulting GPT-3 for creative new ways to assassinate people?

  • Volt64bolt

    Make a second channel where you upload the less interesting ones, don’t fully edit it like this though, just a voice over of pictures

  • World Peace
    World Peace

    "Why planes are technically buffalo"

  • EFDB Jon
    EFDB Jon

    Wtf, is this real, what was the ai given as input

  • Great White Games
    Great White Games

    Sounds like a phenomenal tool for writing homebrew DnD campaigns...

  • Scally

    Anyone else can't hear the video?