The NEW Moss Block is overpowered.
The new Moss block is crazy. So I wrote a datapack to make it crazier.
NEW snapshot!
Moss is OP:
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#Minecraft is a game about breaking and placing blocks, developed by Mojang.
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  • Phoenix SC
    Phoenix SC

    NEW snapshot tonight with so many cave changes! Come watch!

    • THEMaNIsWOrTHit


    • Cliff Josh Vendicacion
      Cliff Josh Vendicacion

      Pheonix you said caves and drips its caves and cliffs

    • Gabriel Curtis
      Gabriel Curtis

      ah, yes. The long awaited cave update.

    • Bwen Spwinnenhever
      Bwen Spwinnenhever

      It should grow OVER blocks not bust through them

    • Tahir Sewpersadh
      Tahir Sewpersadh

      I cant delete bedrock please help me

  • ZestyKuros

    So basically its a virus

  • Stuff152

    2b2t's gonna get a lot crazier if it's able to update to 1.17

  • Consoleid9

    This is a terraria world evil but in minecraft


    I see the potential for breaking seiges

  • DarkPegasus87

    It only works on the same Y level. As such, it's nowhere near as overpowered as you say it is. The only practical use people would have for it is flattening out the bedrock on the bottom of the world. As it needs an air block above it and cannot convert DOWN, it's fairly useless otherwise.

  • juhász matyi
    juhász matyi

    I've read "boss"

  • Александар Васиљевић
    Александар Васиљевић

    no way bedrock lol

  • Dan Samolewicz
    Dan Samolewicz

    Potential griefing tool?

  • Jonathan Felix
    Jonathan Felix

    Is it bad that my first thought was how you could destroy someone's house or how to ruins peoples builds with this?

  • Rumi Kang
    Rumi Kang

    There should be a mod where this moss block is poisonous and starts spreading like a virus or fungi over the world and consumes everything.

  • Rodrigo Alves
    Rodrigo Alves

    Imagine if this gets to 2b2t xD

  • Denis Chen
    Denis Chen

    Can't delete bedrock in survival because moss only spreads horizontally.

  • Senor Potato
    Senor Potato

    people who spend hours on their base: moss blocks: I'm about to end this man's whole career

  • Some Dude
    Some Dude

    When you put the moss block it was at the same level as the bedrock, so you had to break the bedrock before actually being able to do it with moss

  • kapowchou o
    kapowchou o

    cool new griefing matereal

  • Good Guy Bjorn
    Good Guy Bjorn

    d-drip stone? *looks behind me* *supreme goku standing there*

  • Box boi
    Box boi

    I like diorite

  • SugarDawn


  • Just Sayori
    Just Sayori

    This is actually Monika's brother

  • BlackBird

    Lol, guess that will be patched

  • Louisse Marguerette Navales
    Louisse Marguerette Navales

    I'm gonna put the moss block on top of my school

  • Ant

    yes. that's what moss does

  • Coolkc456

    I'm sure this is just a bug that will be fixed in a snapshot or two. Still funny tho. ^^

  • Benj Gabriel
    Benj Gabriel

    The moss is Minecraft's version of corruption and crimson

  • James King
    James King

    I really hope they leave it like that.

  • Ilysian


  • LightBros

    Should’ve waited for the full release of 1.17 to show us this

  • Fake Father Christmas
    Fake Father Christmas

    Minecraft be like: it's wednesday - we have to breake our own game

  • Memeternet

    D E L E T E IT !

  • Chris

    if moss only replaces blocks at the same y-level, not sure how a survival player is going to be placing any at y = 0/-64 :/

  • Walter Bunn
    Walter Bunn

    destroying bedrock is the only thing i dislike.

  • Nubboi21

    Phoenix: and- oop *falls out of world*

  • LilPlagueBoi

    the corona virus simplified

  • Data Inferno
    Data Inferno

    Imagine if 2b2t got access to this in the future and they could just fucking send people into the void.

  • Kampfarsch

    Those stalactites look really bad They stick out like a sore thumb

  • Maarkaus J
    Maarkaus J

    what about using that in the nether to break the ceiling?

  • KenanThompsonKilledMyDog

    I think besides the bedrock breaking its a pretty ok thing

  • Bun Bun
    Bun Bun

    Mojang: *adds literally anything* Phoenix: alright heres how to completely break the game

  • Matthew Aal
    Matthew Aal

    So is nobody going to talk about how the bottom level of the world is always straight bedrock and he uses bone meal on a moss block which to my knowledge only replaces stuff horizontally from that block, meaning that in order to actually get rid of the bottom layer you have to have placed a moss block on the bottom layer. could be used to get rid of the other choppier layers but you basically have to break a block in creative in order to place a moss block on the bottom layer. I might be crazy but that's my thoughts on it


    What the

  • KaaruKUN 16
    KaaruKUN 16

    im about to eat some moss blocks

  • Cosmic Soul
    Cosmic Soul

    I love building with diorite

  • Tom Sai
    Tom Sai

    2:00 you : deleted

  • 16 Jacky
    16 Jacky

    Its will be op in tb2t :-:

  • FrozenMNL

    dont like your your diamond ultra-command fort? delete it me:how?

  • CheekyRobbie

    Moss block: **exist** Every block on Minecraft: **chuckles** I'm in danger

  • CheekyRobbie

    Don't like school? "delete it"

  • PugzyTheDog

    dream boutta use this

  • NameLess Nonsense
    NameLess Nonsense

    Im not sure what snapshot he is using but in snapshot 21w08a bedrock is not effected by moss at all. I also want to make the point that in his example he placed the moss at the bottom most level of bedrock which you all should know is completely flat with no holes. Which means its impossible to break out of the world in survival. It almost seems faked to push a eye catching title and thumbnail.

    • Black0ut560

      Unless they changed bedrock in the snapshots, it is definitely not flat, and there are plenty of ways to break through it in 1.16.5

  • lukipuki

    Tired of your life? Delete it. (jk)

  • UnknownYukino

    Way he presents it is like hes selling it to us

  • Oscar Sidharta
    Oscar Sidharta


  • Jaden Akal
    Jaden Akal

    You sound like elon musk

  • Eisbaer Borealis
    Eisbaer Borealis

    Welp, that feature isn't lasting til release.

  • Brad S
    Brad S

    Once you have a lvl 5 efficiency pickaxe and a pyramid setup, you can insta-mine stone. This is slower than that... Not very overpowered in comparison. You are over exaggerating in this video for views

  • Sharpixels

    He got deleted in the end

  • Wizard Graphics
    Wizard Graphics

    Now i wish u never made this video so they dont remove it xD

  • Varun Gupta
    Varun Gupta

    don't tell me you can also set fire to it for easy disposal after you've deleted something with it

  • Joshua Maurer
    Joshua Maurer

    This power needs responsibility you my good man have “A lot of that”

  • Leroy

    Oh, look, a new way to break bedrock on top of the nether.

  • Christian Lauren
    Christian Lauren

    0:27 that is the worst demonstration build ever🤢

  • Gozzard

    2b2t: Exists Moss block: I'm about to end this man's whole career

  • Azkar Ulhaqq
    Azkar Ulhaqq

    Cancel Culture in a nutshell

  • Francis ian Talusig
    Francis ian Talusig


  • Francis ian Talusig
    Francis ian Talusig

    I will help you become drip

  • TheSlicingSword

    Don't like your kids? *_Delete them_*

  • ً

    "don't like your life?" *DELETE IT*

  • ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

    Getting onto the roof of the nether has NEVER been easier! Hi there, Billy Mays here, resurrected from the dead to introduce YOU, to Moss Blocks. Are you having trouble dealing with all these different blocks Minecraft has added to the game? Think the bundle doesn't make up for all crazy stuff we are expected to find and carry in the game? Now you can just DELETE IT, with Moss Blocks! Too much stone in your area? DELETE IT! Don't like the way the igneous stones like diorite look? DELETE IT! Mob Spawners in the way? DELETE IT! You can delete anything your heart desires with Moss Blocks! You can even get onto the roof of the nether! Simply place the patented 1.17 Moss Block into direct contact with the Bedrock Ceiling of the Nether, bone meal it, then DELETE IT! Now you and all your friends can make quick and easy roads up there, or party it up on the roof of Hell. Hey maybe you'll even see me there! So don't regret it, DELETE IT, with 1.17 Moss Blocks!

  • Sam Smith, Crying Edition
    Sam Smith, Crying Edition

    you're telling me we could've just deleted COVID by fertilizing moss????

  • Braeden Dale
    Braeden Dale

    shhh dont tell them

  • Cooper Chang
    Cooper Chang

    You can do it to diorite for diorite haters like Mumbo Jumbo

  • TheNamesPao

    bruh i think minecraft will patch it

  • Radiovery Canal de animación
    Radiovery Canal de animación

    Enjoy before mojang fix it

  • Rocket

    I really hope they don't patch it because I wanna make a death pit for my friends to fall into

  • NateRoblox

    Wow drip has some drip

  • Destroyer Baz
    Destroyer Baz

    Don't like mob spawner BREAK IT!

  • Lucky Sparkles
    Lucky Sparkles

    If only we could delete covid this easily. xD

  • Nightmare

    Just imagine doing this while playing death swap

  • Ritika Kilaru
    Ritika Kilaru


  • Cowboy

    Drip. Stone *among drip song*

  • K A
    K A

    I like it

  • SpennyPVP

    Don't like Coronavirus? "Delete it."

  • Mohan Mishra
    Mohan Mishra

    Are you all idiots Moss will only spread in the layer it has been placed Like if you put it on y - 7 then some blocks in y7 will change How will you hole in a bedrock to delete it's layer?? Am I wrong or something

  • DSB

    can moss block spread down ? cuz otherwise you wont be able to destroy bedrock

  • Lord Lazza
    Lord Lazza

    Btw, guys, these are not bugs, check the description, its a datapack. Its still really funny though

  • hairy pairy
    hairy pairy

    "New quest: purify the world"

  • Alex h
    Alex h

    drip stone. drip stone? DRIP STONE

  • Omar Qataberi
    Omar Qataberi

    I really hope they keep it this way

  • LouisArtGamer09

    i misheard it as drip stones

  • shmangi

    Yeah but now it’s gonna get fixed...

  • Justine Falconitin
    Justine Falconitin

    bedrock:Im the most strongest block im unbreakable na-nani why do i hear vento d'oro music! mossblock: *Korega mossblock da!*

  • Zinxiea

    Bedrock: i am unbreakable. Moss block: Hello there.

  • Johren Gapasen
    Johren Gapasen

    U just gave me the idea to prank my mc friends by have them falling into the void. thx

  • Aidan Alls
    Aidan Alls

    wait but how do you get a moss block next to the bottom layer of bedrock, wouldn't there already need to be a hole?

    • Aidan Alls
      Aidan Alls

      in the vid, the clip already has a moss block on the bottom level, I don't think you can do that in survival

  • TY'carter Tracks
    TY'carter Tracks

    new strat for online play. step one :gather one moss block & one bone meal step two : WIN

  • Robloxington7654

    Don't like covid-19? delete it

  • Nik Sta
    Nik Sta

    1:54 thats not possible since the moss would have to be on the lowest bedrock level

  • Kira

    Dream: ✍️Moss block destroys anything✍️

  • The Real Zerkia
    The Real Zerkia

    Minecraft Fall out of the World Percent when?

102 tis.