Testing 5 CRAZY Among Us MODS!
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  • Infinite

    if you like the video, the new map will come out tomorrow 👁👄👁

    • シBruhBarakaN

      I hope

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      prakith magljhi


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      Will C


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      David Smith

      *rips tru wall* are you sure about that

    • Cesar Ramos
      Cesar Ramos

      My firend played it before

  • what if book 100
    what if book 100

    Wa pop

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    Pricilla Garcia


  • Style Radiant
    Style Radiant

    Wow infinite is caylus

    • Style Radiant
      Style Radiant


  • LogicalApple

    also the people on the mixed map are npcs

  • reb1302 The Noob
    reb1302 The Noob

    Wow you know Caylus?

  • The Taylor Tots
    The Taylor Tots

    It sucks

  • The Taylor Tots
    The Taylor Tots

    I have growing pain

  • Alexandra

    Caylus geting scared in the horror one and almost saying the sh word

  • Jay. Playz
    Jay. Playz

    What game r u playing at the first one

  • {Løli Dãydrëãm}
    {Løli Dãydrëãm}

    You look a little like my cousin

  • L. Bleeker
    L. Bleeker

    Bruh click bait

  • Ben Sometimes
    Ben Sometimes

    Please tell me how to make a merch

  • Mr Sticky And Draw Mcdonald
    Mr Sticky And Draw Mcdonald

    There's a wierd and scary thing IN THE ORIGINAL AMONG US when the imposter doesn't kill and the crewmates don't do tasks in ten minutes a kid will cry "I just wanted to go home!!!!!"

  • AJ Plays
    AJ Plays

    You have about 17million subs

  • Tim Van popering
    Tim Van popering

    What game is this called

  • Kelly Fitton
    Kelly Fitton

    How do you get the mods



  • Kelly Fitton
    Kelly Fitton

    How do you get the money out

  • Ryan Jagpal
    Ryan Jagpal

    Skeld + Polus + Mira Hq Airship: *hey*

  • Nasir Winfrey
    Nasir Winfrey

    It so easy I did no kill cool down

  • Nasir Winfrey
    Nasir Winfrey

    I played this

  • Guillermo Rivera
    Guillermo Rivera

    You're right I know you're to be all the imposters Got it away after you load in don't like green

  • lisa thiel
    lisa thiel


  • David Valdez
    David Valdez

    How did you do that

  • Imposter Red
    Imposter Red

    But whats the name game

  • Steve Jeney
    Steve Jeney

    I played that before on my chromebook

  • Roblox kingen burman
    Roblox kingen burman

    what name on game

  • Rose Espartero
    Rose Espartero

    I maen how did you get the fan game

  • Rose Espartero
    Rose Espartero

    how did you get the game

  • Nice big cup of Shut the fuck up
    Nice big cup of Shut the fuck up

    Stop posting among us it’s getting old

  • Jane Akirun
    Jane Akirun

    Is there a pc download link?

  • MsBennett2013

    After you said you wining this

  • Damir Rastogi
    Damir Rastogi

    The 1st mod was fake.

  • [Lynxy minzy]
    [Lynxy minzy]

    Omg how do u put MODS



  • Eli Hall
    Eli Hall

    I love you videos you are the best youtuber ever

  • Yehya Alsaadi
    Yehya Alsaadi

    I've already played that game on my school chromebook

  • Crazy AMONG US
    Crazy AMONG US

    Come and enjoy my channel "Crazy AMONG US"

  • kalimuthu achapan
    kalimuthu achapan

    How name that's game dude at one mods

  • Gabriel Costa
    Gabriel Costa


  • Min Tar Kha
    Min Tar Kha

    what is the games name man

  • Tiko


  • Katie Nelson
    Katie Nelson

    where do you get this game?

  • shaima shameem
    shaima shameem

    Hi 👋

  • Thea Sårheim Brakestad
    Thea Sårheim Brakestad

    This is how many times he said we are finne make it XD

    • Thea Sårheim Brakestad
      Thea Sårheim Brakestad


  • Amber Mcshane
    Amber Mcshane

    Is it on the among us

  • Amber Mcshane
    Amber Mcshane

    How did you get among us fan game

  • Zac White
    Zac White

    The horror mod is freaking terrifying!

  • Sallar Nasser
    Sallar Nasser

    Subscribe to infinite

  • Louis Tan
    Louis Tan

    Dude infinite why did u ask whats my biggest fear and there was a sellection called dorito chips

  • xd noah3
    xd noah3

    where do I find these games

  • Naval YT
    Naval YT

    What is that playing in first pls

  • Tiarna Mileham
    Tiarna Mileham

    What new map

  • aysar aileen
    aysar aileen

    What's this apps

  • Michelle Hancock
    Michelle Hancock

    Omg i am a big fan omg 😭😭😭😭😭😭

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    glendec interiors

    I WAS BL

  • 『ЯYshtøツ』

    Me as a car guy THERE BETTER BE A CAR REEE

  • Lhadee Tumbali
    Lhadee Tumbali

    Lauren played that game named horror among us red is the imposter

  • Kiran Tamang
    Kiran Tamang

    0 IQ inoster lol


    Oh sheep I will sleep and that jump scare scare me

  • Richard Hill
    Richard Hill


  • Billaina Wilson
    Billaina Wilson

    20M like

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    Aparajita Agrawal


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    Mayra Rodarte


  • Mayra Rodarte
    Mayra Rodarte

    How do you find that game because I can’t find it😕

    • kathryn apps
      kathryn apps

      which one? cuz' i know how one of them

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    Nilima Dutta

    How Download

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    Jase Donald

    Plays fortnight anymore or among us😡

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    Drake Mcmilin

    whats up with his hair

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    Eugenie Moussas

    I havent watched u in long time. My channel XxCommandoCorn

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    Earle Forbes


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      kathryn apps

      meep 2

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    Nathan Gamit

    See your sus

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    The man In the fog

    dude almost said "OH SH-"

  • thi thu ngan
    thi thu ngan


  • Klopity

    Thanks for playing!

  • malaki

    u kno u can make kill cooldown zero on the fan made one

  • Isaac animates
    Isaac animates

    Yub played 2 of these games

  • VideoWatcherOfJustice 1
    VideoWatcherOfJustice 1

    Black: *Get Nae Naed*

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    Rich Rainforth


  • xX_juicewrld_Xx :3
    xX_juicewrld_Xx :3



    This map is the the polus hq

    • kathryn apps
      kathryn apps

      what about the skield somewhere in

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    Florida Ivy


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    stop tocking

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    I saw a door

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    Zidan :日心廿

    What games 8:52

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    renalin rabino

    What that game

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    emile gamache


  • Dr. Well Round
    Dr. Well Round

    Among us rip off

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    Derek Cernada Dominguez

    the first game he played is on io games

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      kathryn apps

      and unblocked games 66 ez

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    Martin Ishler

    What is this called

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    I ply the game but you can not report

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    One thing I know that is crazy is caylus’ clickbates😄

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      Constitutional Movement

      Shut up he used to Keyword:USED TO

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      Dominic Kong oh no Productions

      @Blake Tunley 🅛🅞🅛 🅣🅡🅤🅔

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      Blakey Snake

      @Blake Tunley shat up

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    there botts GG

    Yo whatup

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    Wenn Among us Drogen süchtig wäre

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