I BROKE MY RIB CAGE *we called an ambulance*
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    PayToW1n on TikTok

    10:59 the part we came for

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    ollie pearce

    U should where a mask !!!

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    Bethany Blessing

    That wa-

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    Your the best blog in the itire would.💝

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    Jessica Rollins

    I want to be your roommate because I'm I love SLtoos channel and exit describe to you and watch you all day long I love you I love your videos and I love you too

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    Erick Aldaco

    Jake you pranked me

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    shinblob mctutusnazzle

    To be honest good

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    Bunny Cloud gamer☾♥︎

    Seriously read the description you can’t always be sure .-.

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    Finley Taylor

    Really sorry jake 😔 😢 😞 😕 😪 💔

  • Aubrey Focht
    Aubrey Focht

    I’m surprise this isn’t makes vlogs everyday with all the dumbshit he does 🤦‍♀️🤣❤️ But it’s a prank WTH how the heck is it a prank when 24/7 he be doing the dumbest sh*t

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    Xystreem setharron22

    Treat them like Martinez twins


    Hi jake Paul can I have your number

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    Alf Williams

    should i dislike since its jake paul or like bc he brokr his rib cage

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    Shedded duck

    You get what ya facking deserve!

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    Onthatile Magakwe

    We waiting

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    Onthatile Magakwe

    Just do the fight

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    Onthatile Magakwe


  • Onthatile Magakwe
    Onthatile Magakwe

    Now y'all are beefing

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    Onthatile Magakwe


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    Robbie Larkins

    "I STEPPED ON A TREE BRANCH* we called an ambulance" jake paul

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    Marinn Productions

    -_- stooped doode

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    Who's here after Jake Paul Vs Ryan Garcia beef?

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    Mukhtar Bin mahmod khairi

    Jake sounds like he's trying to learn how to read

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    Hey Jake paul I would love a shout out I linked and subscribed. I'm 7years old and my name is Ashton. Thanks bro

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    How can I get to your web site

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    *Everyone liked that*

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    Fucking deserve it mate

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    You're the best and I want to be when I grow up I want to give you $1,000 and if I know where's your address I'll come and buy you a Bugatti Bugattis are more faster than

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    Jake Paul you the best better than KSI

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    OH NO! anyways

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    cool_7 000

    it's Simon Cowell jake

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    Fatema Jannati

    Jake: I BROKE MY RIB Jakes mom: *calls Dad*


    he is cute

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    The Axolotl

    when i read te title THIS IS CLICBAIT when i watchs da video CLIKBAT

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    Fishing Buddies

    Call me

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    Holy sh*t he broke his rib cage Christmas must have came early!

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    Dipan Katuwal

    Jake made ryans SLtoos career but got backstabed

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    Jinalee Fdo

    This time it wont be a prank lol

  • Posh

    who’s here after Jake’s instagram story w ryan Garcia coming to his house and confronting him

    • Posh

      Tian47 ye people said it might be staged though

    • Tian47


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    Zaniyah Marsh

    can you buy me a lambo

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    What’s up jake pall this is Curtis I’m your biggest fan

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    Just shutup

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    Alicia Baxter

    Play Roblox Jake poll download on your phone and play bear

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    Asokan Ck

    Is tydys# mini jake is in the team 10 house I miss him

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    TwiSSted WøLF


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    Brogen Holtz

    im going to wright somthing with my head gyuikugfrgthyyfrgthjkhghjkhyjngthj

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      • • Stitch’s Fan •

      Tv t gf hug try Y t it tyyy

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    Chris APFit

    why are you recording this when a pandemic is happing also treat this more seriusly sorry for the bad spelling i cant spell well

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    Trevor Thompson


  • princey daddah
    princey daddah

    What I'm worried about is the guy in the pool.he had bricks tied to his feet

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    Michael Hughett

    what happend to the sound

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    i only subbed cause he got slapped

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    Just came here to dislike, bye

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    Total waste of my time. Clickbait x 10000

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    Can iben

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    Code 1821

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    Important thing for the week to go get some rest and I’ll be home soon and I’ll be home in about a half hour or so then I can go to bed early tomorrow night and I’ll see if you want me and I’ll come get it tomorrow morning and then I can come get your car then I can get it done tomorrow morning I’ll let

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    Alexarae Casas

    would you get back with tana???

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    That is the worst prank ever Jake Paul

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    Yes thank the gods your trash goodbye trash can

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    Haha L

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    Elizabeth Elizabeth

    Was I the only person that spotted a Karen.

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    Lorenzo Chavez

    They way he fell💀😭😂

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    Eve Chapman

    That guy at the begining in the pool really stressed me out like 😤😳😭😑😱 like was he ok lmaooo

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    Vignesh Aaditya

    Everyone loved this video

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    MrBreezy 8

    He is pulling a American Morgz

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    Arnulfo Lucio

    Jake you have changed

  • atleast 1 subscriber before 2020 end
    atleast 1 subscriber before 2020 end

    what a waste

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    Even you

  • Rahel Dubale
    Rahel Dubale

    He created everything

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    Rahel Dubale

    Please jake trust me please be a jehova wittiness it's a religion from God gods real name is jehova

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    Lil Paneer

    Jake Paul: I broke my ribcage *Everyone liked that*

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    AAndrew AAHeuton

    Bro where’s ur mask COVID safety come on Man

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    :/ god I feel bad for your mother like- and for everyone who cares about you like- and yourself like- and also one last thing *this is damn clickbait*

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    Jake Paul Jake Paul I want to be your new partner meet me at my house

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    Wallie and Natalie blogs


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    Guys stop insulting Jake Paul!! I can’t go through all the comments and like them.

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    • D A Z Z L I N G D O L L
      D A Z Z L I N G D O L L


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      What a waste of life lol😂

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      white ain't sus

      Good one

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    Wow click bate af

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    Andy Lienhard

    roses are red logan’s content is dying, jake is taking over and there is no denying

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    If only he broke is jaw

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    Why do you have to clickbait ugh

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    Yo I'm a little kid that love is watching you

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    You would obviously call the ambulance is you broke your rib cage

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    Jake is the type of person who would stand under the sun to dry his sweat