Hermitcraft 7 | Ep 061: THE LINK!
In this episode, the Mycelium HQ is found by the HEP forcing the resistance to regroup and cover half the shopping district with the mycelium we managed to grab as our base was infiltrated. I then reveal some of the resistance's biggest secrets before constructing a new tunnel in the nether to the hub and making more progress at the industrial farming area.
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  • K L
    K L

    Does anyone know what song does Impulse use for his timelapses not the hyperlink but when he builds his base?

  • NotNightFuryGames_YT

    Impulse on your imp and schizo channel try playing skyfactory 4

  • Cora Gibson
    Cora Gibson

    I Know what happens because I am working to watch all the hermits and I started with grian and yes not who this grain charter hehe

  • Luke Leuschke
    Luke Leuschke

    No dei

  • Random User
    Random User

    10:29 stick one of those blocks in the whole that acts like a scafold. The square ones you can use for an elevator.

  • Mark Rodriguez
    Mark Rodriguez

    I just hope that soul soil under slabs work in bedrock

  • Leandro Gamer
    Leandro Gamer

    Can I join hermitfraft

  • JediMastr80

    Since Impulse keeps forgetting to restock his shops (and this dates back to many seasons ago too), he should really plan ahead. With things like in his Guardian shop, he should try to have at LEAST 1 to 4 double chests of inventory already ready. Possibly have dedicated Shulkerboxes for specific inventory. Emeralds, for example, he could add another column in the sorter for Emeralds in the Raid farm, and it then auto-fill them up. Impulse could really plan ahead on some shops with an extra plan for additional inventory storage on site (possibly under or behind the shop). Doing this early in a season would drastically help later on as you get in the repetition to always do it. Impulse probably missed out on a lot of diamonds due to shops being out of stock for a long time and not having inventory ready. Many times I always hear him saying like "I'll need to AFK longer at the Guardian / Raid Farm so I can restock". Honestly, he should have already had full stock prepared and only need to AFK to replenish the standby/inventory stock. I know the Guardian shop it wouldn't really be possible to hide chests under it (as he wants the open water), but he might be able to fit some chests in the tail of the guardian (just have to break down the wall to lead to a secret room for inventory). I'm not sure if it touches the ground or not, but he could make a secret room under there for massive storage. If Impulse did this and got into the mindset to spend extra time to make sure he has extra inventory (at least 1 double chest), it would DRASTICALLY help him out not only now, but in future seasons. I know it's easy to forget about the stocking, so preparing yourself when you do forget by already having stock ready, will save Impulse A LOT of headache in the long run. This is the point of this comment.

  • Matthew Ziemba
    Matthew Ziemba

    I think selling the prismarine shop would be ok, so long as it's new place is easy to find.

  • Matthew Ziemba
    Matthew Ziemba

    If this is your third base, then the next base will be your home run!

  • Colonel Bossman
    Colonel Bossman

    I think way too many people came here for the ip

  • bufar

    Season six had a dedicated industrial district that nobody built in. Impulse's industrial district this season is like twice the size. Also I hope you're still taking care of yourself Impulse!

  • The Hermithood
    The Hermithood

    You know how you lost Yuppy or was it Guppy? In either case, had me thinking just build a big circular tube going up to the roof of the nether.

  • The Masters 2po
    The Masters 2po

    Become a partner with the g man. Sell the guardian goodies at the bardge and g man he 30% of the profit. I am an business person.

  • The SpicyDiamond
    The SpicyDiamond

    18:10 Impulse? Do you use the arrow keys to move instead of WASD?

  • PSR GameOver
    PSR GameOver

    Go cards!

  • Ross Cavell
    Ross Cavell

    impulse: anything that Grian is not selling impulse will sell it in the impulse corner

  • Nm GG
    Nm GG

    The coordination behind the scenes for these kinda events must be epic. You have to get each other together without revealing too much info and somehow schedule these things across multiple time zones. Hermits never cease to amaze :)

  • Mosh mosh
    Mosh mosh

    How do you get the inventory dark is it a texturpack??

  • mcfoxduv

    Oh god no! I read the title WAY TO WRONG 😂😂

  • Josh Guo
    Josh Guo

    Romans 6:23 “For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.” For our sins we deserve hell. But since Jesus came to this earth as a free gift out of God’s amazing love to pay for our sins and take the punishment we deserved we can be saved. We accept this gift with our genuine faith and not by works (Ephesians 2:8-9)-

  • Simon Fuentes
    Simon Fuentes

    Some of the hermits needs to play the building game together www.mccreations.net/content/Henzoid/The-Building-Game-for-1.16

  • Felix Fota
    Felix Fota

    I love all your nether stuff! Keep it up!🙂

  • Mido Al-ansari
    Mido Al-ansari

    you forgot to give bdubs his share of the lamp plus profits

  • Leanne P.
    Leanne P.

    Impulse guess what?! I was at the store and saw a watermelon lime AHA and because of watching all your streams I finally got one and it was amazing I loved it!

  • Hentong

    can u give me you resourcepack?

  • tehcubedude

    I'm officially caught up on the series! I found your channel and have been binge watching this season of Hermitcraft for the last week or so! Love the content!

  • nadija tajan
    nadija tajan

    i think you should sell it

  • Scott Cohen
    Scott Cohen

    You should add more stock to Lamps Plus. Things like shrromlights, lanterns, etc (might need to build some more farms but we love seeing new farms being built!)

  • Martin W
    Martin W

    Could you please make a clean up time lapse once you decide to do it? It’s so satisfying to watch and I’d love to see a glimpse of what you actually got out of the random boxes, maybe, what was the most common block and what the most valuable thing you got from it :D great content, as always, keep it up! Take care! 😉

  • Erin Lumang!
    Erin Lumang!

    I say to tell grian to match iskalls offer for the space

  • Beena Singh
    Beena Singh

    You need a zero tick sugarcane farm

  • Command 97
    Command 97

    Just join grian in hees shop

  • KaiPlayz

    They blew out the entire thing so no one but hep is to blame

  • Joseph Galletta
    Joseph Galletta

    let see if he dose

  • TheComicMaker 16
    TheComicMaker 16

    sell it to grian


    take the deal!!!

  • The Ultimate WooW
    The Ultimate WooW

    hey impulse,you should use invisible item frame mod 21:00 it ll give a nice upgrade

  • RoomLine

    Impulse:I have many shulkers boxes laing around in my storage system Also impulse: has 7shulkers laing around Grian: has millions of shulkers just like that

  • Jacob Thiel
    Jacob Thiel

    no deal i like ur shop design

  • rowinsky112

    yes go with the deal

  • Robdatrobot

    Don't Forget to give Bdubs his 3 or 4 diamonds from Lamps plus

  • fgh8522

    THE... Respawn tunnel? All people can use the respawn anchor and respawn there right. That's why i say that respawn tunnel

  • Super Nova
    Super Nova

    So if anyone is wondering he and grian were thinking about having a corner in the barge reserved for impulse so he could sell things in the barge

  • Ryan Schoenbach
    Ryan Schoenbach

    you should make a nether star farm folowing this tatorial sltoos.info/for/p3SG3bydnaFpu6w/video

  • Steven He
    Steven He

    Best beginning ever: Impulse was working on storage and - EMERGENCY MEETING!

  • meelze bub
    meelze bub

    i love how effort them all just to make us be satisfied every video they release❤️ kudos to hermits also this man impluse❤️👌

  • Zlatty doggie
    Zlatty doggie

    Gotta love this guy

  • ツLawrence

    The link??? sltoos.info/for/yYKtmtltjZ6JyIY/video

  • J. Wayne Prowant
    J. Wayne Prowant

    its mobo

  • Daniel Walton
    Daniel Walton

    Its really sad that everyone gas stopped playing decked out since tango spent ages making it

  • Daniel Walton
    Daniel Walton

    Its really sad that everyone has stopped playing decked out

    • Daniel Walton
      Daniel Walton

      @NubShiva oh yeah

    • NubShiva

      The game's over tango even delivered ethos's prize😄👍

  • Death TDM
    Death TDM

    Impulse:*sets many spawn points in nether Impulse:*dies* Impulse:it’s okay Game:ERROR 404

  • Royaleagle04

    I am a see man, I see multiple hermits in the thumbnail: I click

  • BlackOak

    Put your face in a item frame on the portal to show people who's portal it is

  • Molotov Red
    Molotov Red


  • Hey Hey
    Hey Hey

    How did they all teleport in that room when they in survival? Plz tell me

  • ZappyKyler2


  • Gravity

    I’m a bills fan... we don’t speak of that Arizona game... never

  • Your Friendly Neighborhood Lawbringer
    Your Friendly Neighborhood Lawbringer

    This is a good reason why I use obsidian in all my builds I also play on a private server by myself

  • Jared Findlay
    Jared Findlay

    Don’t sell till after hypno does then your offer will get bigger the more grain needs the space

  • Sean-key Kong
    Sean-key Kong

    You can move your shop as long as you can find a spot for it perhaps besides the mycelium HQ or closer to your base yes in the ocean if you can’t find a good spot.

  • Kimberly Davis
    Kimberly Davis

    I ordered a plushie and haven’t gotten it yet. Is there something you can do to help me find out where it is plz

  • Cooperoxide

    Did Impulse take a Bdubs cut at Lamps Plus?

  • Trig Rozelle
    Trig Rozelle

    take grian ofer

  • Kyle Hussey
    Kyle Hussey

    Please make a underwater pipe from your base to your storage for the sugarcane 😂 take the challenge

  • leaf4

    Whats the Name from the Texture Pack?

  • Nim Animations
    Nim Animations

    Sell the space that the guardian shop is at you could move it into the ocean, so please except the deal

  • Yetti Is cool
    Yetti Is cool

    Only accept Grians offer if hypno does

  • Server Priest
    Server Priest

    Why the hell didnt u just kill them if they’re aloud to blow your base up like that, you just run and leave your base behind ?? So confused. And only thing you grab is mycelium ?? What?!?

  • owen porter
    owen porter

    Accept it

  • MyGreenAsh

    I gotta say, ImpulseSV’s perspective of mycelium HQ invasions , is one of the top ones there if not the best:D

  • Paola y Miguel Flaquer
    Paola y Miguel Flaquer

    Impulse: So many shulker boxes every where Scar: Your pathetic

  • Gamer Online
    Gamer Online

    Business proposal : sell to Grian and then become a supplier to him for your products....

  • Dimpayツ


  • Terrain

    9:36 the llama tower™ is the headquarters, and the big facility is the MooPOP® factory - they also have that huge not evil doomsday laser which was powerful to find both mycelium houses in a single day

  • Jack Adam
    Jack Adam


  • Aditya Kunwar
    Aditya Kunwar

    Grian have lot of diamonds from barge increase cost

  • Marnix

    Impulse make a deal with grian that you can have a little part of the barge where you can sell your stuff.

  • Xedric playz {WR}
    Xedric playz {WR}

    What if theres proximity chat on hermitcrafts LOL

  • Rasmus Brandt Jensen
    Rasmus Brandt Jensen

    Take the deal and buy a new spot with the diamonds

  • Archie Logue
    Archie Logue

    I love how impulse just opens a shucker box and it has one stack and 13 beacons in lol😮🤣

  • KS Gaming
    KS Gaming

    Whither Rose's are out in stock

  • Alexander Rowe
    Alexander Rowe

    Grian filmed the bubble elevator that you used to get the cows up on the land

  • Aathi Sankar
    Aathi Sankar


  • Daniel Murowsky
    Daniel Murowsky

    Is it just me or does Impulse sound like he's always smiling.

  • MintCoffee

    13:20 for a voice crack

  • asanthie p, vher
    asanthie p, vher

    Accept grians offer then ask him to move your shop to his then a advertisement and a share of profits

  • Casual User
    Casual User

    Your tunnel blocks off an exit out of the central hub

  • Isely Mills
    Isely Mills

    I would sell the prismarine shop for the offer price + plot value + deconstruction fee.

  • Muneeb Muhamed
    Muneeb Muhamed

    In the hyperlink of gorgeousness, you can also run if you have soul speed. On the side there is a section for that. Also grain asked for the space because he wanted to expand the barge and yes he did make it bigger. now it has 2 floors.

  • grant valdez
    grant valdez

    You should put glass over the water streams in your farming area. It would look really cool

  • U.G.A_Jonesy

    The game you went, was it the one where Kyler Murray through a Hail Mary into the end zone and Deandrea Hopkins went up caught it to win the game against the bills?

  • james mcintosh
    james mcintosh

    I know where someone lives

  • MonkeyMan

    Wait a minute did iskall buy all his emeralds at inpulse’s shop

  • RedRuby Plays
    RedRuby Plays

    Please accept grian’s offer!

  • RedRuby Plays
    RedRuby Plays

    It’s xisuma’s ghast farm

  • headshiphero

    Oh I'm the same RE the chest of prismarine - always organise chests so slots are filled from the start!

  • 1pro Sarazin
    1pro Sarazin

    They broke in here with those boring machines

  • Jadon Yang
    Jadon Yang

    Take the deal. :)))