Trisha Was Bullied & It's Not OK - Frenemies #17
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  • 菅原優里

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  • Billy Coles
    Billy Coles

    Ethans breathing and lip slapping TRIGGERED me like so much for some reason

  • Christopher Russell
    Christopher Russell

    It's so nice that she has him now. I've always loved her and people just don't understand her sometimes and he sees everything good about her and can help her show it somehow. ❤ This is honestly the best show I've seen in so long.

  • BigFootImposter

    It’s hilarious watching these two defend Grindhouse and be completely wrong

  • Angelica Yeleshwarapu
    Angelica Yeleshwarapu


  • Alex Normore
    Alex Normore

    And the fact Trisha isn’t even COMING FOR JEFFREES NECK, and is trying to say it in THE NICEST way possible says so much. So much. Most people who don’t like Trisha 100% Would not have the respect to talk about someone that’s done them this horribly, the way she is. If she rlly was a shit person she would’ve made a whole 1h long video bashing Jeffree

  • Alex Normore
    Alex Normore

    U deserve none of the hardships ppl force upon u, I hope your experience with friendships and love rlly do keep going on the up n coming path they r right now

  • Alex Normore
    Alex Normore

    We love u Trisha

  • Petrichor Weather
    Petrichor Weather

    i want someone like moses girl u lucky

  • kerry p
    kerry p

    i love that ethan listened to trisha and her emo music without making her feel bad because he didn’t get the references

  • Jenny Love
    Jenny Love

    He doesn’t know who my chemical romance is: unsubscribe 🤯

  • ShanWow

    Isn't Natural Born Killers a Tarantino movie too?

  • Celia Flores
    Celia Flores

    I really love their friendship

  • Jillian T
    Jillian T

    *trying to skip to a part where Ethan is not chewing into the mic and failing*

  • Mia Fuertes
    Mia Fuertes

    trisha we love you. you have found your people and we couldn’t be more happier for you ♥︎

  • JoeRyMi

    I really hope she doesn’t pull what she’s pulled with everyone else on Ethan’s family, because he’s really done hurdles to suspend reality to not realize when someone has drama with everyone they’re associated with, they might be the problem. And as someone with mental health issues that interfere with my life regularly, I am sympathetic. I’m just concerned H3H3 is going to get a kick in the face down the line and members of their family that didn’t sign up for public scrutiny will be pulled in. I was once a fan, but unfortunately I just have no interest in this recent obsession with all things Trisha beefs. I’m sure they have brought in many of her fans, but I doubt I’m the only one they’ve lost. Obviously, it’s their thing, and I admire their success. I just don’t think I’ll really be coming back. Use to really look forward to their podcast. But it’s not their job to please everyone. I’ll still peak in occasionally, and I hope they continue to expand.

    • jess hates you
      jess hates you

      you sound like a hater lol

  • ELementEL

    Her look in this episode is my favorite.

  • Rachel Darlington
    Rachel Darlington

    Does h3 have a twitch

  • Johnson Anemone
    Johnson Anemone

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  • HBK’s Lazy Eye
    HBK’s Lazy Eye

    My chemical romance is asssssssssss

  • Kelsey Copeland
    Kelsey Copeland

    Trisha talking about MCR and Gerard Way is me for the past 14 years 🖤

  • jenjen darkness
    jenjen darkness

    David Stan miss the point.... because they are dumb af

  • jenjen darkness
    jenjen darkness

    Love how they care so much for trish this is best ever.. she is equal to them in this show.... im here for it... I only watch rich lux and Fremines...

  • Montse Mendoza
    Montse Mendoza

    Yeah Ethan wtf don’t come for My Chemical Romance 🔫🔫🔫

  • Elizabeth Rodriguez
    Elizabeth Rodriguez

    Aww I love Trisha now. I feel evil i didn't like her in the beginning. Now I see her in pain over evil people who did her wrong. Ugh! So sorry Trisha! You 2 are so my favorite now! Poor Trisha she really seems down to earth and fucked up people are trying to bring her down. Im so glad h3 saved Trisha from evil. She deserves good people like h3

  • Izzy P.
    Izzy P.

    He did make nine films.

  • Valley of the Lilacs
    Valley of the Lilacs

    you can see how hurt she is by all this.

  • Watson45// T. maxwell21
    Watson45// T. maxwell21

    Episodes with food at the ready: BEST FRIENDS Episodes without food or when food is late: WORST ENEMIES I'm really starting to understand the dynamics of the show.

  • J J
    J J

    Ethan picking up on her tweet food requests 🥺 so cute

  • unpopular.

    we stan comrades ethan and trish ☭

  • sisifromthefuture

    lol, where is the Grindhouse discourse in the comments?? 😂

    • unpopular.

      what’s grindhouse?

  • Buffy Summers
    Buffy Summers

    They should’ve used their phone a friend lifeline on that second trivia question to call Jacksfilms 😂

  • Steari Franesden
    Steari Franesden

    Trisha I’m sure you know this, but Gerard Way (my chemical romance) is Joe Rogans cousin. Fun fact

  • Keira Devenne
    Keira Devenne

    dan makes me mad

  • Hannah Dirks/kharovna
    Hannah Dirks/kharovna

    I have that same eye tic I’ve had text all my life and never met anybody with that same tic ❤️❤️

  • Madeline Kerlin
    Madeline Kerlin

    i absolutely love this podcast but as someone with misophonia i have to skip through almost all of it because they're constantly chewing and talking with food in their mouths :/

  • mpenguin16

    i just want trisha to thrive and i love ethan for being a good friend to her. he feels so stable and she needs to realize the right people exist and won’t leave just because you show them the imperfect parts.

  • Wendy Arenas
    Wendy Arenas

    Just hearing everything she went through makes me so upset.

  • kathleen cleary
    kathleen cleary

    Please chew with your mouth closed ethan u are nasty

  • kathleen cleary
    kathleen cleary

    Your chewing is disgusting

  • PJ

    Never stop making this podcast 😭✊💜


    Ew I couldn’t handle them chewing into the microphone.

  • FinneHasAChannel

    but it is ok

  • Victoria Tran
    Victoria Tran

    Ethan is such a good friend and has really impacted Trisha's mental health in such a positive way.

  • Alex Murphy
    Alex Murphy

    I love you guys so much seriously this is my favorite podcast ever ever ever

  • Kalinda Strome
    Kalinda Strome

    I truly feel so bad for Trisha. Trisha has defended Shane and stuck by him through so much and it’s clear he’s been totally willing to publicly avoid her and privately talk shit about her the whole time. I hope she’s finding better friends who will actually believe her and publicly defend her, which she deserves

  • Mary Gershwin
    Mary Gershwin

    What is happening here, this Podcast makes me love Trisha and I truly hated her and her videos.

  • Victoria .G
    Victoria .G


  • nice boy
    nice boy

    wait i didnt know eating one meal a day was a eating disorder

  • SAM Mendoza
    SAM Mendoza

    Literally trisha answered the Phantom of the opera trivia question on their first trivia episode. How did she get it wrong this time lol

  • maddie


  • Reagan

    “You can play all the My Chemical Romance songs you want.” Im gonna be really sad if I have to wait until I’m 32 to meet my Moses.

  • Julien Cloud
    Julien Cloud

    Trisha, I would love hand delivered sadboy merch 🥺🥺🥺 but I live in Asbury Park, NJ

  • Jaymie Bell
    Jaymie Bell

    They’re such disgusting people it broke my heart seeing Trish cry about the unnecessary mean shit they said and did

  • wishonbish

    We gotta get Gerard on this podcast.

  • David Kelley
    David Kelley

    When I purchased the grind house movies the only way to purchase them was separately. I would think that would mean they are there own feature films

  • Amy Berg Art
    Amy Berg Art

    When she's talking alot she gets short if breath

  • Melek Melek
    Melek Melek

    I love how Trisha pronounces “cheesuz” instead of “Jesus” 😂

  • sky f
    sky f

    Trisha might have iron deficiency. I struggled with the same things she’s describing for a while and I found out I have really low hemoglobin

  • lana gaga
    lana gaga

    this is the most watchable 2hour long podcast sit down raw youtube content EVER!!! WTF!! THIS PODCAST IS GOD TIER IM GONNA FUCKING CRY. PLEASE BE FOREVER THESE TWO.

  • ronald raegan
    ronald raegan

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  • Raheem Mezier
    Raheem Mezier

    Kill bill was shot as one film and divided to shorten run times. 9 films. Go suck an egg, Dan- with peace and love

  • fat cat
    fat cat

    50:06 "here he is trying to be Sigmund Freud" this fucking sent me omg

  • Lavender Queer
    Lavender Queer

    I hate hate hate how through everything trisha has defended shane for 12 years through all the controversy and yet when her "best friend" was needed the most, he ditched her for his little cash cow

  • HunterB

    trisha paytas, the woman that has lived 1000 lives

  • karen o'connor
    karen o'connor

    Hair by Jay is an absolute nut job!!! What a weirdo.Trisha didn't deserve that crap

  • Quailene Shmadams
    Quailene Shmadams

    Deathproof and planet terror are both full movies and I can’t 😂

  • Natalia garzon
    Natalia garzon

    Does Trisha have a book?

  • 송민준

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  • Collin Grant
    Collin Grant

    Jeffrey will never win cause he'll never be happy. He'll always be surrounded by horrible people and fake friendships. All his relationships will either be fake or awful and all he really has is money, which is not worth anything when you're a lonely shell of a human being that will never get to experience anything genuine in his life. He'll never be at peace, he'll never be loved and he'll always hold a deep rooted fear of loosing it all which I'm sure (even now) makes every single day a living hell

    • Anna Gusto
      Anna Gusto

      Very true. And also what you wrote made me feel better about my life and situation. I have no money, but I have the best friends.

  • Jasper Low
    Jasper Low

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  • Cybelle Burgess
    Cybelle Burgess


  • All by my shelf
    All by my shelf

    Ethan and Trisha getting so heated at the Tarantino question was hilarious hahah

  • morgan mc
    morgan mc

    i just wanna give trisha a hug

  • Payton Murdock
    Payton Murdock

    It’s insane how she’s fat but doesn’t look fat at all with the music video when she was the girl

  • Vim Evan
    Vim Evan

    I 100% believe Trisha about Shane. 💯

  • Kate Wong
    Kate Wong

    Dan was right tho. 'Death-proof' is a full length film part of a double feature called Grindhouse. The other full length film is a different movie, directed by a different person, so technically Quentin had 10 films!

  • darla schmitt
    darla schmitt

    The way she says Ralph Fiennes 💀

  • SnowdropMoth

    I love it so much when ethan reassures her and tells her she doesn't have to apologize and justify herself for everything, its so important that Trishas feelings are validated more often.

  • Albeit_Jordan

    Tarantino's Death Proof and Rodriguez's Planet Terror are two separate feature length films, the 'double-feature' refers to the screening event in which they were played back-to-back in theatres with fake trailers by Roth and Zombie and whoever else in between. The screening event was something Rodriguez and Tarantino collaborated on together as homage to old Grindhouse movie nights, but the films themselves are two separate feature length films. Tarantino himself may say Death Proof doesn't count in the same way he considers Kill Bill Vol. 1 and 2 as two separate films in his filmography while the fans insist the two count as one whole film. Chill out Ethan.

  • kingdomhearts351

    I got all the references because i was an angsty boi in 2005. I am unashamed to say that i know all lyrics to all mcr songs and now to all sad boy 2005 songs lmao thank you for the nostalgia trish!

  • Mandi Mills
    Mandi Mills

    I haven’t been a fan of Trisha, I am now. She is adorable and her!

  • Alejandra Lopez
    Alejandra Lopez

    Unsubscribing to Jeffree bc what the actual hell. Disgusting human-being

  • bag of bones
    bag of bones

    The part where Trish points out various 2000s bands to ethan is so endearing. I have so much hope for her lol

  • Stephanie Forrester
    Stephanie Forrester

    My Chemical Romance is still my whole 🖤

  • Felixha Lee
    Felixha Lee

    its wholesome to see Trisha getting better and better every episode

  • Monèt

    His braids too tight he’s losing brain cells

  • TroubleHQJ TheBlackHarleyQuinn
    TroubleHQJ TheBlackHarleyQuinn

    😭🤣🤣🤣🤣 Trisha pretending to be a domino's employee omg you have the black shirt i can't

  • Rachel L
    Rachel L

    just came from watching the 22nd one and they have such a healthier dynamic compared to this one and the previous ones

  • Angelica Gonzalez
    Angelica Gonzalez

    I been watching H3 podcast for a month now and the name for the fans isnt cute but i wanna become a foot soldier 🥺 i wish i was able to send clown emoji to Jay lol.

  • Laura


  • Gabriella Lindsay
    Gabriella Lindsay

    this podcast already made me start to fall in love with Trish but the fact that MCR had helped her though her toughest times and she admires Gerard Way this much... it's over i stan Trish ALL THE WAY now 🖤


    Was she still friends with shane in this episode?

  • Alexandra Menter
    Alexandra Menter

    "I feel like i'm a full blown socialist." YAS ETHAN!!!!

  • Emma Anne
    Emma Anne

    When she was talking about going to the doctor and Ethan was being so genuine and being concerned 🥺 my heart...I’m so glad that she has found her true friends

  • EstaNoEs LaDerrota
    EstaNoEs LaDerrota

    i like trisha, i like a lot that she realises what she does and tries to change and also i love this friendship, i hope it becomes much more healthy

  • Erin Armour
    Erin Armour

    For me college was so expensive, my parents, grandparents, and scholarships paid for mine. I was lucky they saved for it ahead of time, or I couldn't have gone.

  • Andrew Dives
    Andrew Dives

    I never really liked either of them on their own. Not to say that I hated them I just didn’t really enjoy their content. I’m not really interested in Trishas content and ethan has definitely changed up his content to something I don’t enjoy as much, but for some reason the both of them together makes a weird dynamic that’s interesting to watch.

  • Sabrina Contreras
    Sabrina Contreras

    It’s great to see Trish grow and meet people who care for her. She has been through so much and they see and hear her. H3 is my new obsession. Love you guys!!!!