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  • Brayden Held
    Brayden Held

    Bad call bro

  • Zack Winston
    Zack Winston

    I want to be jakePaul’s friend. Like if you do to

  • jammy jam
    jammy jam

    10:51 u still are

  • mary lucas
    mary lucas

    good job Jake i watched it on the tv

  • Tyce Pan
    Tyce Pan

    This is irrelevant but look at jakes PC chillin in the back

  • Abimael Mangual
    Abimael Mangual

    His pc needs work

  • Breydon Remley
    Breydon Remley

    you a legend bro.

  • fawaaz mohamed
    fawaaz mohamed

    thats what you get gib

  • BlueYT

    Im srry KSI but i think Jake is gonna destroy you.....

  • Lewis mills
    Lewis mills

    Is any1 wondering why he has 2 pinkey nails blue ?

  • YoBoi Drippy
    YoBoi Drippy

    Imagine going to just put popcorn in the microwave wwaiting there for 2 min then you come back to see the fight and you all see that jake wins lmaoo

  • Donna Lee
    Donna Lee

    Tydus with all the girls

  • DarthNick

    0:32 What you have done to work for the Gulag.

  • Iván Eduardo Camacho
    Iván Eduardo Camacho

    Did anyone else notice how bad cable managed his pc was

  • Eashaan Jeer
    Eashaan Jeer

    Jake looks like he's trying to win Gib looks my first time playing GTA San Andreas

  • israel abay
    israel abay


  • peterman spidergu
    peterman spidergu


  • Mathew Van Zyl
    Mathew Van Zyl

    Assenine gib

  • mason young
    mason young

    gib about to get knockout

  • mason young
    mason young

    jake paul jake paul

  • Chris Breen
    Chris Breen

    Jakes the best

  • Alvin’s Life vlogs.
    Alvin’s Life vlogs.

    During the fight.

  • Alvin’s Life vlogs.
    Alvin’s Life vlogs.

    Why is Tydus like a row across his parents.

    • Jareth Hernandez
      Jareth Hernandez

      He probaly wanted see jake paul fight closer or jake wanter him in front

  • Jackie UwU
    Jackie UwU

    All i wanna see Now , is "Jake vs kSI"

  • Cayden Warhop
    Cayden Warhop

    Your flight was in sane love you Jake Paul

  • learsl

    gg jake what a fight you need to be a boxer bot a youtuber i think you can beat mayweather

  • Ali Alomar
    Ali Alomar

    I love you but sorry ksi more

  • Mo Twins
    Mo Twins

    LOL their is a such thing as Jake Paul Fans?

  • Shareef Jacobs
    Shareef Jacobs

    Love Jake man. Macho nature, music, mentality. Keep doing what you do🙌🏾

  • Zachary Pierce
    Zachary Pierce

    Dang he's still ducking bro? I was here the day he acted like he was the "nightmare", beat Nate and he'll seriously refuse - keep hustling bro!

  • Killian Ryan
    Killian Ryan

    More of this content man I love the boxing and y’all are normal dudes you and lp

    • Mo Twins
      Mo Twins

      No they aren’t 😆

  • Jerry Dale
    Jerry Dale

    Jaek paul 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪. First time today bro

  • Billi Hawk
    Billi Hawk

    Youre so good human being 😁

  • LittleOreo

    The Paul’s are back

  • Hector Martinez
    Hector Martinez

    I love your vids jake

  • Jack boy Nike
    Jack boy Nike


  • Jordan Ricketts
    Jordan Ricketts

    ANYBODY know the name of the song he’s playing in the background of the vid ?????

  • Damian Vazquez
    Damian Vazquez

    Did you see KSI in the background

  • Suzette wolff
    Suzette wolff

    So proud of you Jake

  • Andy Rivera
    Andy Rivera

    Jake:we did the same thing we’re brothers. Me:🤦🏾💀

  • Sarah Owen
    Sarah Owen

    Is titus your son

  • TwoCan Gaming
    TwoCan Gaming

    Gibs Xbox controller is destroyed now because he spammed the crouch button

  • Thenew Man
    Thenew Man

    Team paul👍

  • Dominator 7399
    Dominator 7399

    Should Deji and Jake do a rematch or should he do KSI next

  • Lionel Kruger
    Lionel Kruger

    You wil kill KSI

  • Jeriel Díaz
    Jeriel Díaz

    ugh i can't listen to this guy with a straight face. i wonder if he'll ever be likeable

  • TFL ttvblobfish
    TFL ttvblobfish

    Your are going to get hamerd by ksi

    • Ivan Pavičić
      Ivan Pavičić

      You are right, just the opposite

  • Florian Munyao
    Florian Munyao


  • Shajahan Qazi
    Shajahan Qazi

    I think ksi will lose

  • marleys ur dad
    marleys ur dad

    i jus wanna see ksi get knocked out already🕳👩‍🦽💨💨

  • Khawsy

    whoever likes this will become successful

  • Stacie Richmond
    Stacie Richmond

    Good job Jake you are the best

  • super ninja
    super ninja

    This is the only good jake paul vid

  • super ninja
    super ninja

    Didn't even need to work 😂

  • Astrx_kaden 1298
    Astrx_kaden 1298

    Juju Smith was there

  • MR sweaty
    MR sweaty

    Thats when nle choppa sang camelot on stage

  • Team Hackers
    Team Hackers

    ksi got hit by deji

  • Nityum Narine
    Nityum Narine

    love the fight

  • Utkarsh Bhagat
    Utkarsh Bhagat

    Who's here after Jake beat KSI?

  • Utkarsh Bhagat
    Utkarsh Bhagat

    Who's here after KSI beat Jake?

    • super ninja
      super ninja



      iwill never happen

  • REFLEXGOD Gaming
    REFLEXGOD Gaming

    Who likes the old jake Paul without beard🤗🤗

  • Jay Chadwick Rugby
    Jay Chadwick Rugby

    Jake was toying with him!

  • Felipe Martinez
    Felipe Martinez


  • itsEnchanted

    REKT_99 4 months ago Anson gib in the ring was crouching like he wanted to be friend's

  • itsEnchanted


  • Ian Allam
    Ian Allam

    Jake is gonna kill nate Robinson

    • super ninja
      super ninja

      When they fight


      and ksi is next

  • Khaleel Sparrow
    Khaleel Sparrow

    Yo login channel he said he was going to swing

  • Thxmas Fn
    Thxmas Fn

    Bruh please fight ksi

  • Battle Born Flix
    Battle Born Flix

    Jake destroyed him

  • Brylan Sheehan
    Brylan Sheehan

    you have so good of videos i realy want sum merch

  • Eclipse shark studio
    Eclipse shark studio

    Jake: it looks like a movie Me: looks like the crab rave dance

  • raven burrow
    raven burrow


  • Tori Contreras
    Tori Contreras

    JAKE PAUL VS. KSI ... now that will be the fight to end all fights.

  • AnDSTiLL

    Both garbage stick to wt ever y'all do.

  • AtGblox

    Do Mini-Jake paul Vs Dedji and AnesonGIB Mini-Jake paul would fight as good as Jake

  • Baron Hall
    Baron Hall

    Dude I been watching you since 2017 and never hated you

  • Ninjapro


  • Ninjapro

    Iu Jake vs ksi

  • bad boy Richards
    bad boy Richards

    I love you jake

  • Fierce ツ
    Fierce ツ

    I tried to watch this fight and when I finally got in it was already over

  • Jamal Niazi
    Jamal Niazi

    For my boxing fight I wore 16 owz gluves

  • Tyler Beshears
    Tyler Beshears

    Has anyone forgot that KSU killed his own children

    • Psd Coak
      Psd Coak

      Tyler Beshears ReAlly?


    Ksi is going to clap ur cheeks and so is Nate

    • Psd Coak
      Psd Coak

      DADDY BONZ R u good Jake is going to destroy Jake and if u a big ksi fan so even ksi said Jake is gonna win

  • Wendy Klynsmith
    Wendy Klynsmith

    I love you

  • its me veeto
    its me veeto

    3 knock downs in 1 round la a automatic Tko

  • pubg sniper416
    pubg sniper416

    Jake 4 life

  • KYS [AMV]
    KYS [AMV]

    gib is like a smurf he crouch so much

  • Memes

    Tbh jake should have pissed on the floor to mark his territory and his outfit was better than the deji one 👀

  • Atif King
    Atif King

    Jake donts know what is boxing but he is undeafeatable

  • Y tho?
    Y tho?

    Gib is on that mui stuff

  • Marcos Santander
    Marcos Santander


  • Mathew Miller
    Mathew Miller

    I love the old Jake Paul and this is comping from a 10 year old

    • Mo Twins
      Mo Twins

      LOL their is a such thing as Jake Paul Fans?

  • Blue Gaming
    Blue Gaming

    "He spammed the crouch button so much" Jake funny af

  • Yariel Fabian
    Yariel Fabian

    Let’s go jake let’s fucking go

  • Bestie’s_Gacha

    Jake,I wish u wouldn’t cuss

  • Soda Can
    Soda Can

    Who else saw the rock behind ksi

  • Flxcks

    only jake paul can make a 2 minute fight 15 min

  • Anthony Gonzalez
    Anthony Gonzalez

    Ksi is better

    • Jose Rodriguez
      Jose Rodriguez

      No technique vs technique ksi randomly swings and can’t really box vs jake who really looks like he can box grow up and learn what it takes to be a better boxer

  • kgothatso phasha
    kgothatso phasha

    Imagine if Jake paul wins ksi what will happen

  • RavyBr Gamer
    RavyBr Gamer

    Noob please banned you channel please youtuber