I Arrested a Teenage DRUG Dealer
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I Arrested a Teenage DRUG Dealer
don't do drugs...
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  • johnny and the Addison Michigan siren
    johnny and the Addison Michigan siren

    Viginty rocks is Danny Duncan merch

  • Chocolate Cookie
    Chocolate Cookie

    Mans fr tryna act like a good person when he swears and does drugs

  • LivingAtoZ

    Jakes number one tazing spot the butt

  • Justice Justice
    Justice Justice

    You’re my family you’re poor you have enough money to buy stuff with the screen to the park and they made a SLtoos channel on the video so can you please just👉🏻👈🏻 👇🏻

  • DavonPlayz _YT
    DavonPlayz _YT

    I am in a police training camp aka school

  • R4J K0
    R4J K0

    This is likr red dead redemption 2

  • PS4 God Yt
    PS4 God Yt

    I love this

  • moon.


  • moon.


  • moon.


  • moon.


  • Iram Rg
    Iram Rg

    At 6.44 that's how you start co-vid

  • Kian the devourer of coffee
    Kian the devourer of coffee

    Press X to doubt

  • nopody nobody
    nopody nobody

    Like litle Boys

  • Nasir1234 Blueface
    Nasir1234 Blueface

    That is crazy 🤨

  • Kevin Holder
    Kevin Holder

    Hey how are you doing today I just got home a new phone

  • Ibrahim .A
    Ibrahim .A

    Only reson I liked this was bcs no other youtuber that I know could be arrested to do it

  • Rob Lox
    Rob Lox

    if that was 2020` then yall have corona now` LOL

  • ulysses gamer
    ulysses gamer

    Is this real

  • Henry Martinez
    Henry Martinez


  • Lindsey Mayo
    Lindsey Mayo

    This is weird my last name is Mayo to are we related??

  • GreenDinoBoy YT
    GreenDinoBoy YT

    Now look who got swatted

  • H&C

    The cameraman be like 👁👄👁

  • noah turner
    noah turner

    Jake were here to play fortinte lmao

  • Elkachi Elkachi
    Elkachi Elkachi

    how much times do you have to blerm the word f**k ahahahaha

  • DELTA sans
    DELTA sans


  • Darrin Do
    Darrin Do

    he looks like f#$%ing Rudolph

  • Eryka Hill
    Eryka Hill

    Do more pls

  • Tara Hansen
    Tara Hansen

    He going to jail for real real like 40,000 years

  • fracylynnelbelau


  • Sandip Mandal
    Sandip Mandal

    Nobody Literally know one Jake Paul arrested a criminal and after that he gets arrested himself Most epic fails

  • oof_itsdiego

    were here to play fortnite4:44

  • Rosa Jaimes
    Rosa Jaimes

    Jake paul is the man

  • DiyaBoi

    Drug Dealer gets arrested by his own kind

  • Leos World
    Leos World

    It’s like COD but hide and seek version

  • Claire Stevens
    Claire Stevens

    I said Logging

  • Christian R
    Christian R

    Dumbass 2 and Dumbass 1

  • Shana Gay
    Shana Gay

    It is great seeing three SLtoosrs at once


    I love how the man with the broom has a vig

  • ieatshmeats

    the best

  • kim close
    kim close

    You did good

  • Jan Carlo
    Jan Carlo


  • Adan Pelcha911
    Adan Pelcha911

    Well, the kid's face on the thumbnail look's like a F I N G lon mower ran his face over!

  • sepehr

    Amazing human rights👏 dominating a dealer by rich youtubers to promote your operation👏👏. And they are proud of this collaborating👏👏. Americans are proud of dominating themselves just for view! Imagine what they do abroad and call themselves heroes for rest of the world👏👏🤦🏻‍♂️

  • ivon badillo
    ivon badillo

    Poor gramdama tbh lol

  • gaming withTony
    gaming withTony

    17:57 tats wat I did to my brother at the bed

  • Abigail Martinez
    Abigail Martinez

    The kid is a fan of danny dunkin

  • Jay B
    Jay B

    Neve new he was a cop

  • J A G
    J A G

    Your so fun y jake 🤟🤘👍

  • Yaboiiiahsan Beast
    Yaboiiiahsan Beast

    Doesn’t Jake get arrested too

  • Moto Hayden 99 123
    Moto Hayden 99 123


  • The Awkward Guy
    The Awkward Guy

    He is brain dead

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    Daniel Bahta


  • cristian aguilar
    cristian aguilar

    WeliasHi guys how are you girl I was watching your next video your name is Patty Mills and with the other girl name do you have before with the PB

  • Vorphex

    We know that was your plug

  • SxdBoyLixefxr

    Who misses old jake Paul Like if u do

  • I’m Aiden and i slap Jello
    I’m Aiden and i slap Jello

    Ya like jazz?

  • Gabriel Keeton
    Gabriel Keeton

    nobody: jake paul:we need a bomb

  • Tyler Vanwyk7
    Tyler Vanwyk7

    Awsom arest

  • Pryia .R
    Pryia .R

    Make more videos like thissss

  • Tylor Barnett
    Tylor Barnett

    How gpddamn irresponsible

  • NTFunitE6

    Patty mayo channel.

  • Darnell Houser
    Darnell Houser

    6:11 that Danny Duncan merchandise

  • Carter Mullenax
    Carter Mullenax

    The fuck did I do?

  • Eloise Woods
    Eloise Woods

    oh look how the turn tables turned 😃

  • Mike robert
    Mike robert

    Is it just me or does jake Paul seem like he’s got mental health issues he seems kinda handicapped and slow or something

  • •Aerielplayz• •Roblox player•
    •Aerielplayz• •Roblox player•

    Theirs nothing you can do about it! *Me thinking and me remebers from tiktok* The nothing you can do about it little boy me:oh ma gawd me: 10s later me:again *faints while recording* tablet clicks saves to photos* me: after i wake up from faint* me:ahhhhhhhh

  • Hønëy Lëmøn _YT
    Hønëy Lëmøn _YT

    Jake Paul duh best

  • Noah Praeger
    Noah Praeger

    Lamo I love how He says I got a taser I know how to use it

  • Ben Siliezar
    Ben Siliezar

    Haha jake said he’s here to play for night haha

  • Kieran Seth Paraiso
    Kieran Seth Paraiso

    I felt bad for the old lady

  • Amartya Chakravorty
    Amartya Chakravorty

    Wah! Jake is damn selfless. He let the others go to jail before he went there himself.

  • Soggy Pizza roll
    Soggy Pizza roll

    18:11 JAKE 😂😭😥

  • S2 DREAMS sub please
    S2 DREAMS sub please

    know late but, welcome to the gluag

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    Kathy Henderson

    I’m a GUY!!!!!!!

  • Kathy Henderson
    Kathy Henderson

    And I like turtles

  • Kathy Henderson
    Kathy Henderson

    My name jeff😉

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    Xiety4 Life


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    angel the wolf pack

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    Harry Potter

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    Harry Potter

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  • Mikayla Cervantez
    Mikayla Cervantez

    He jumped right out of that hot tub with that broom like it was nothing.

  • Ewenenzo Ewenenzo
    Ewenenzo Ewenenzo

    Dirk my finger

  • Ewenenzo Ewenenzo
    Ewenenzo Ewenenzo


  • swaggygirl

    " you literally ordered a whopper i heard it" i love that man

  • Yolanda Chen
    Yolanda Chen

    wow dang jake paul

  • D_ Pace
    D_ Pace

    U knwo who is the bravest right the cameraman

  • 《Bëłłä_YT_Gacha》

    JAke good job u arrested the bad ones

  • Aiden Miller
    Aiden Miller

    is this real stuff im seeing?

  • Robin Eligado
    Robin Eligado

    Good job Jake 👍👍

  • Lauren Houck
    Lauren Houck

    The bad guys have to be 10 feet close to you for you to taser them

  • Egirl26 44
    Egirl26 44

    i like how jake is calling the police ofiser a kid when the only thing he uses is a taser

  • 3,000 Subscribers without a video challenge
    3,000 Subscribers without a video challenge

    Them: Have tazers,F-CKING GLOCKS,Pepper Spray,Rubber Guns,Handcuffs and probably more. S C A R E D O F A B R O O M .

  • OllieMTB

    I arrested a teenage drug dealer is the title but if you look at the clip right here 0:34 his shirt says cocaine on the back

  • Ethan John Reola
    Ethan John Reola


  • Logan Allen
    Logan Allen

    Your weak.

  • Kings And queens
    Kings And queens

    I like jack is all about the Tayser

  • skinner

    Red sus

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    Faith Crabtree

    i miss the old days

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    Angela Turner

    This is how many Time Jake said I will tase you

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The Bachelor - SNL
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