Awkward Dating Show (pt. 4)
"don't cry because its over. smile because it happened." - cody ko
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  • Gapb

    10:21 Yea 300 pounds weight loss, got her narcissist ass eyyy

  • Meri

    Oh my fucking god do I hope Jane watches this video

  • Mart kenyon
    Mart kenyon

    I don't get it. So, everyone in Seattle is pansexual? I'm asking seriously.

  • Sofie Tocco
    Sofie Tocco

    poor carter man, she actually had a personality ong

  • Drone Landscape Shots
    Drone Landscape Shots

    Was trying to fall asleep to this vid, but Jane got me enticed

  • Email For yt
    Email For yt

    The lady in thumbnail looks like Eugene from the try guys .

  • 🌺 t r e v o r 🌺
    🌺 t r e v o r 🌺

    i'm angry for Jimmy

  • pete

    Not all people who have the ability to manipulate others use it for evil; it can be used for good, as well. With great power comes great responsibility, Jane. *Jane, with a look of newly dawning humility and understanding, says, "This is so true. I will carry these words with me, forever." She smiles, her eyes smile, her heart smiles, and the world smiles with her as she presses the button and half of all life in the universe crumbles to dust.*

  • Kyle Kuffner
    Kyle Kuffner

    This series was frictionless.

  • Rakoon

    I want to be on the button just to destroy everyone else

  • Rain Love
    Rain Love

    3:58 for his creepy ass to skip her is just proof that hes either super gay or this is definitely staged

  • What is Life
    What is Life

    Jane gave me trust issues

  • Kaira Campbell
    Kaira Campbell

    im 3 mins in and I already hate jessie 😐

  • Bobby Flen
    Bobby Flen

    I love the Dr.Suess quote that says "-cody ko" in the description! Lol

  • jill strickland
    jill strickland

    "Holy fudging crap!" - Cody Ko, 2020

  • just some kid
    just some kid

    yoo isn't the happy birthday guy from buzzfeed

  • In the Pines
    In the Pines

    I feel like the last one was fake and that she just went along with it regardless of her not being interested bc she didn't want to seem to be like a bitch.

  • shann.

    cody's reaction at 8:45 is so unreasonably funny

  • Tommy Simp
    Tommy Simp

    "a little piece of me dies each time I listen to this... Let's go one more"

  • Nathalie Petrova
    Nathalie Petrova

    LMAO at everyone speculating on how she's manipulative and fake when she's probably just super friendly and has good social skills

  • Mirr Harveyy
    Mirr Harveyy

    If i were on the button and the fucking button said “mirr has ADHD, 2 chronic autoimmune illnesses and a heart condition” i would just walk away dude DAMM

  • Michelle Ballinger
    Michelle Ballinger

    there is a EPISODE 5 NOW!!!!!!!!

  • Sabrina Lock
    Sabrina Lock

    Jane and tyson are fucking sociopaths I'm convinced

  • Kr!s Cartwright
    Kr!s Cartwright


  • Koolest Kid
    Koolest Kid

    Jesus loves yall

  • a l j s s a
    a l j s s a

    triggered by them calling it “add”

  • Marissa B
    Marissa B

    Jessi is me hahahaha I can’t fucking talk

  • Jeanette Jeanette
    Jeanette Jeanette

    When your ADD clashes and you break the button lol

  • jun e
    jun e

    i love the barista girl

  • Radhika chander
    Radhika chander

    Jane was relatable

  • JuliaBug

    8:45 lil jump

  • Katie Reckley
    Katie Reckley

    Cody Ko I love you 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Audrey Blythe
    Audrey Blythe

    guess i cant like since i dont believe in true love. in fact, my alternate personality is jane :)


    15:47 Button: hold hands Jane: holds the other girl's hand. she leans in and and then boom.... with her elbow, she pushes the button while she locks the other contestant's hand so that she can't move or reach for the button... F brutal Jane😂😂😂


    Are we not gonna talk about how the button didn't turn red for Jane to push it? The button basically forced he date thing. If you pay attention she looks at the button several times ( cuz she's waiting for it to turn red so that she can push it) and the button never did until they held hands... So she had every intention of pushing the button in the end, she just never got the chance and got stuck Looool food for thought

  • Ashton Salazar
    Ashton Salazar


  • Emma Dowdle
    Emma Dowdle

    I wanna see Jane destroy Tyson

  • kelly erin
    kelly erin

    Last episode? Button, where did you go? This is awkward, mean, with a happy ending between two couples

  • Lost_In_ The_Sky
    Lost_In_ The_Sky

    It’s cuz covid baby

  • Puss Inboots
    Puss Inboots

    First time I’ve cringed so hard in my LIFE IN MY LIFE

  • C B
    C B

    omg Brenna and Jane 😍😍😍😍

  • Kawthar Dashti
    Kawthar Dashti

    Cody: that hurts my soul! Also Cody: replays the clip 7 times. Something tells me our Cody is a masochist

  • gavi7280 gavi7280
    gavi7280 gavi7280

    I have never laughed hard then after the first girl lmao

  • Zed

    where is the Cut comment saying they were sanitizing the Button for Cody?

  • //Maia\\

    i'm terrified of jane because if she talked to me for 30 seconds i would probably fall in love and get my heart broken immediately

  • Got Skunked [again]
    Got Skunked [again]

    How in 10 months did you hair get so long 🤨

  • Jona Green
    Jona Green

    Carter is the first entertaining person ive seen on this show lol

  • Killa Mike
    Killa Mike

    5:36 😂😂😂

  • Yaylin Rivera
    Yaylin Rivera

    Jane is a narcissist with a sprinkle of sociopathy who was ego and power tripping the whole time lol

  • CoasterHorizons

    carter seemed like one of those people who had a "f*ck it" mentality, but was actually super nice once you got to know them

  • Dallin Pearce
    Dallin Pearce

    I’m sorry but Jane might have been a stone cold bi*** but she was way outta that chicks league. She was fuggs

  • ImDead

    This is why I don’t date, I’ve been fucked up enough why would I add fuel to the fire.

  • Effervescent Pisces
    Effervescent Pisces

    As someone who doesn’t judge by weight and prefers larger women and nbs, Carter I love you 💕 your personality was the shit

  • Emily Ferguson
    Emily Ferguson

    cody loses more control of himself with every Cut video

  • Kaitlyn Macy
    Kaitlyn Macy


  • verbose morose
    verbose morose

    Holy fuck i have never watched a more annoying SLtoosr

  • Charlie Last-Julien
    Charlie Last-Julien

    im sad he cut hes awsome hair

  • Penelope

    Don’t be fooled guys, knowing Jane she’s going to bring the button on their second date....

  • Jack Daniels
    Jack Daniels


    • Jack Daniels
      Jack Daniels

      Looks really good

  • Amanda Liu
    Amanda Liu

    Other people have gotten rejected off the bat for bait and switch before, but Jane got through everyone because she's too pretty to reject. If you feel like someone that pretty is into you, of course you're gonna try

  • Coko Martinez
    Coko Martinez

    Carter, call me

  • Stewie Pup
    Stewie Pup

    is everyone on this show bisexual?

  • ava holloway
    ava holloway

    jane gave me trust issues

  • maya schmielau
    maya schmielau

    i am in love with carter

  • California Tuji
    California Tuji

    3:58 dude I'm crying laughing, I can't 🤣😭

  • Chris T
    Chris T

    not the series finale

  • Fey __
    Fey __

    That was genuinely cute LET'S GO LESBIANS WOOO

  • Adriel P.
    Adriel P.

    There is no way Jane isn't a libra; I said what I said.

  • The Funny TV Man of the Night
    The Funny TV Man of the Night

    I wouldn’t go out with Carter but definitely would be awesome to just hang out with

  • Winter Bonnie
    Winter Bonnie

    I like carter

  • eddieregretti

    carter if ur reading this i love u please accept my hand in marriage and shit

  • Brittany Carney
    Brittany Carney

    I hate Jane

  • Bloodhounder

    is everyone bisexual on that show?

  • Sarah J
    Sarah J

    Send carter to my fucking house. I want to be best friends with them

  • Mofz TheBestE750
    Mofz TheBestE750


  • Anita Le
    Anita Le

    lmao i chocked on my rice on every second of the video

  • Ishmael Davila
    Ishmael Davila

    I like the weird death(s) noise the button did

  • Kupo Keep
    Kupo Keep

    Jesse totally stoned

  • LC

    Carter a homie

  • Leo Reese
    Leo Reese

    does anyone know Carter's insta?

  • S Na
    S Na

    Is anyone gonna talk about the fact that magician guy was in here

  • Tinker Bell
    Tinker Bell


  • need gucci, thanks
    need gucci, thanks

    jessie was AWKWARD awkward tho-

  • Harry Morgan
    Harry Morgan

    Cody gets more and more political every video i swear

    • Mr Moist II The Revenge of the Moist
      Mr Moist II The Revenge of the Moist

      Tf politics suck

  • N Jasmine B
    N Jasmine B

    why was Jessi having a complete body spasm just to say her own age.

  • Lucas Da Silva Sotozono
    Lucas Da Silva Sotozono

    Cody Ko needs to stop misgendering people plzzz

    • Mr Moist II The Revenge of the Moist
      Mr Moist II The Revenge of the Moist

      Oh you're one of those 😐 ❄️

  • marilyn

    pls why is jessi me

  • Kekked

    8:33 those eyes wtf

  • Its David Fr
    Its David Fr

    the button gave me happiness in the begining of quarantine.

  • Lucky1Four _
    Lucky1Four _

    And it burns burns burns. The ring of fire. The ring of fire.

  • Julia Maschen
    Julia Maschen

    Carter is a boss, I’m in love with her, please bring Carter back.

    • The Other Guy
      The Other Guy

      @Mr Moist II The Revenge of the Moist doing what Long-Ass-Name?

    • Mr Moist II The Revenge of the Moist
      Mr Moist II The Revenge of the Moist

      @The Other Guy no no we are not doing this go outside

  • TiredAllTheTime

    Carter is such a cutie I stan her

  • Kale

    I love carter so much dream woman

  • Charles Olding
    Charles Olding

    They should do the button with only straight men and see if it ever ends

    • Mr Moist II The Revenge of the Moist
      Mr Moist II The Revenge of the Moist

      It won't even begin cuz it's all straight men they're not gay

  • Daliah Meadow
    Daliah Meadow

    I genuinely hate Jane lol

  • Daliah Meadow
    Daliah Meadow

    Scott rules, Jane sucks

  • Gijs van der Linden
    Gijs van der Linden

    Kut hahahah

  • GlitchMitch 70
    GlitchMitch 70


  • CierraB04

    Jane was bored by the time the last girl came. She just threw in the towel. Scary how convincing she can be.

    • katie

      I was thinking that too

  • ArduinoBen

    Are they bi?