our wedding day is ruined..
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our wedding day is ruined..
This changes everything
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  • Mason Kobers life
    Mason Kobers life

    You fucking Broke your ankle I rolled my ankle one time and I couldn’t walk for a week and I couldn’t run for three

  • Seth Sherman
    Seth Sherman


  • Lindy Coetzee
    Lindy Coetzee

    I love you so much

  • Daisy Mills
    Daisy Mills

    “Professional mavedick” LMFAOOO

  • PlasmaticRacer


  • Pam Kigham
    Pam Kigham

    Jake is the day you can come Lamamn Joel

  • Scott Minnig
    Scott Minnig

    This has more ads than morgz

  • Rodrigo Rodriguez
    Rodrigo Rodriguez


  • Reuben Gamer
    Reuben Gamer

    Jake changed

  • Yanecsi Lara
    Yanecsi Lara

    Im like fu*ked up i just broke my freaking leg my left one

  • Kaycee Marshe
    Kaycee Marshe

    that woman if she is watching she needs to shut up she is a 3 year old

  • Ariana Ebanks
    Ariana Ebanks

    I snaped my ankle once it hurt sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo badddddddddddddddddd

  • We_need_2talk -
    We_need_2talk -

    Usaine bolt rn 👁👄

  • Flip Toss
    Flip Toss

    Why is he wearing a mask it was July 2019

  • Mart& Moreno
    Mart& Moreno


  • Cob Qhia Hmoob
    Cob Qhia Hmoob

    Haha so funny

  • Nate Bentley
    Nate Bentley

    Jake Paul -Can we get a big freaking wedding cake ,I wanna cut it with a sord 💀😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Hoppsi deisi Barne-TV
    Hoppsi deisi Barne-TV

    I love armane at 19:55

  • Grace Hehr
    Grace Hehr

    yo the twies need to stop smoking

  • Camryn Terrell
    Camryn Terrell

    why are they wearing masks?

  • JJ Dee
    JJ Dee

    its everyday bro, its okay bro , can 't figure out how to walk though punch me in the head bro. might make me smarter bro....

  • ToobyJamGamer


  • Emma Key
    Emma Key


  • Ben Chen
    Ben Chen

    Me: Why does jake always get heart? Jake: Because im crazy!

  • • c h e r r y _ b e e •
    • c h e r r y _ b e e •

    Me watching this loving he’s in pain-

  • • c h e r r y _ b e e •
    • c h e r r y _ b e e •

    Doctor; I’ll have to cut it off Jake: what- Me: Yes

  • Elias Medina
    Elias Medina



    Our wedding day is ruined Me:When was it even a success

  • Xiipur

    Good, you deserve it

  • Allie .C
    Allie .C


  • Lillian Czenkus
    Lillian Czenkus


  • Michelle Callioux
    Michelle Callioux

    Hey jake pul I start my first SLtoos channel name Michelle mossfl

  • Chris Welham
    Chris Welham

    I'm concerned

  • [:]xx_millxx[:]

    Jake got married on my bday!

  • Natya Williams
    Natya Williams

    My future husband

  • Natya Williams
    Natya Williams

    Jake you're stupid for messing with him

  • Amir Unstoppable
    Amir Unstoppable

    It’s everyday bro Jake breaks his ankle 5 mil breaks on SLtoos is six months never done before past all the competion 200 mil breaks are next

  • • A̷t̷h̷e̷n̷a̷ •
    • A̷t̷h̷e̷n̷a̷ •

    Jake: Oh no, I was in. Excruciating. Pain. Me: Are you sure about that 🤔 You said that very calmly.

  • coconut playz
    coconut playz

    This was soo funny when jake said sir sir Sir

  • Arsenic catnip
    Arsenic catnip

    Quarantine got be bad... I started bingeing Jake Paul out of boredom...

  • Parker the wannabe Spiderman
    Parker the wannabe Spiderman


  • Galactic Mii
    Galactic Mii

    He and his doctor exaggerated things

  • Travis Frick
    Travis Frick

    Jake pls can u please get back together with Erika costell

  • Kholoud Masaad
    Kholoud Masaad

    Öh ñð h-h-h-hê§ wêÐÐïñg👩💍👨🎩👑💏

  • graham pasloski
    graham pasloski

    Better off buying your lefty a whip

  • Nick Martin
    Nick Martin

    wish i could only 6 yeaars old i cant sorry 1:09

  • Petrit- Blob
    Petrit- Blob

    Who tf cares

  • kimberly mcclelland
    kimberly mcclelland

    I love you so much Dirk

  • rip max I wish i could go back
    rip max I wish i could go back

    ayyy is LeBron playing ik he will win if he is playing

  • rip max I wish i could go back
    rip max I wish i could go back

    Lol wow mavedick

  • Dominic ash YT
    Dominic ash YT

    Poor Jake his ancole

  • wAsTeD gRaViTyyy
    wAsTeD gRaViTyyy

    Bride: OuR wEdDiNg DaY iS rUiNeD what every white bride says

  • -Miushii-

    *_-Y‘know in the thumbnail he’s wearing a make for a reasonnn-_*

  • Supercharge. Sayuran
    Supercharge. Sayuran

    Who misses this Jake Paul

  • J'nae Alexis
    J'nae Alexis


  • Jack Clark
    Jack Clark

    23:30 it looks like now

  • Laron Nicholson
    Laron Nicholson


  • Johnny Figueroa
    Johnny Figueroa

    Who cares about the money what about you ankel

  • Joginder Singh
    Joginder Singh

    Hi. Minames. Manjot

  • Kyndall’s Fun life
    Kyndall’s Fun life

    My mom name is Aspen

  • Jennifer Nielsen
    Jennifer Nielsen

    I am married

  • Liam Hinman
    Liam Hinman

    "our wedding day is ruined" good

  • it's brittany b*tch
    it's brittany b*tch

    I read that tattoo on his arm in another video and its funny I took a mental note of it because that is so true. Karma gets you everytime.

  • Jania Janea
    Jania Janea

    You are the Best blogger and SLtoos

  • Superior 68 Gaming
    Superior 68 Gaming

    Get hurt what a great brother

  • stella morganti
    stella morganti


  • Erika Chiappone
    Erika Chiappone

    What is up jake Paul

  • Turbo

    "our wedding day is ruined.." yeah now YOU know how it feels

  • Spence A
    Spence A

    Ive just started watching his clown series and sherlock paul and shit in quarantine like pls help

  • Joshua blues
    Joshua blues

    This is like a David doc

  • Connar Hummel
    Connar Hummel

    this is happen on my birthday last year on 2019 July 23

  • Sara Ali
    Sara Ali

    Jake you look like having fun and spending time with your friends

  • tia everett
    tia everett

    as i was watching this my mom was yelling at me and i said mom shut up im watching jake paul and aint got time for u crap she looked at me and said oh i didnt know u were watching him u can go back to watching him

  • Shaggy Rogers
    Shaggy Rogers

    A moose can run 35 mph. Fastest human can run 40 mph.

  • Timothy Mavis
    Timothy Mavis


  • Timothy Mavis
    Timothy Mavis


  • dylan Helles
    dylan Helles

    same here dude same here

  • Phillip Cain
    Phillip Cain

    U got married on my birthday july 28th

  • JamesGard

    Anyone else realise there is 11 ads 😂😂

  • Firebird 19
    Firebird 19

    Eric Kendricks in the background.

  • Rushane Duncan
    Rushane Duncan


  • Mary Mcknight
    Mary Mcknight

    I'm sad

  • Luke Amuso
    Luke Amuso


  • plz get me to 50k subs with 2 videos challenge
    plz get me to 50k subs with 2 videos challenge

    8,358th comment

  • Lexie's Luttrell
    Lexie's Luttrell

    You are deku

  • Some Random Kid On The Internet
    Some Random Kid On The Internet

    The reason their wedding day is ruined is because of u That’s what I was thinking when I saw the thumbnail

  • Myley Sazama
    Myley Sazama

    Really on my birthday July 27

  • fake goat
    fake goat

    Hey ace familyyyyyyyyyyyy aka Austin from the ace familyyyyyyyy

  • King Posh
    King Posh

    22:31 “i didn’t know this was a f’ing library” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Haley Davis
    Haley Davis

    Hi jake

  • I faze sway Fan
    I faze sway Fan

    Hey I love you mom mom love mom mom dad mom and love mom mom dad mom and love mom mom dad mom and love mom mom dad mom and love mom mom dad mom and love mom mom dad mom and love mom mom dad mom and love mom dad and mom love dad and mom dad and dad love mom mom dad mom and love mom mom dad mom and love mom mom dad mom and love mom mom dad mom and love mom mom dad mom and love

  • chris blyth
    chris blyth

    wow that must hort Jake paul.

  • Fam Account
    Fam Account

    Hi there

  • Vanessa Alvarez
    Vanessa Alvarez

    Give me Erika costell's number

  • Unspecified X
    Unspecified X

    His wedding should get ruined after that wedding crash video he did

  • Ash Moorehead
    Ash Moorehead

    are you okay

  • Diane

    I am part of team Paul

  • Ruby Brailsford
    Ruby Brailsford

    Sorry Jake about your ankle 😢😓

  • LEGO Friend,s
    LEGO Friend,s

    There’s a baby in his ankle

  • Yeboijack

    Jake:get out the room Pam: what’s up pampas