Top 15 Tips & Tricks in Among Us | Ultimate Guide To Become a Pro #3
Top 15 Tips & Tricks in Among Us | Ultimate Guide To Become a Pro #3
Win by completing tasks to prepare the ship or ejecting all impostors
React quickly to find the imposter
Check the admin map and security cameras to keep tabs on other Crewmates

  • Liam Short
    Liam Short

    1:55 actually there is a way to sabotage while looking like you're on cams! first you open the sabotage menu before you go into security, and then go up to the cams screen with the sabotage menu still open, and you can sabotage while looking like you're on cams! I thought that trick was pretty cool, so I just felt I should share it.




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  • Alexander Smith
    Alexander Smith

    If someone presses sabotage then he goes to cams, or vent, he can sabotage

  • masterof ANL
    masterof ANL

    clash said "if a sabotage hapened when someone is standing on a vent,t there 100% crewmate. because if someone stand on a vent, the vent button replace the sabotage button."are now crewmates can vent?

  • Amber Lee
    Amber Lee

    Tell my daddy I told my daddy that among us player is standing to the right they AnImposter

  • Chrip Sisters
    Chrip Sisters

    your are a great gamer thank you

  • Ashley Garcia
    Ashley Garcia

    bruh the tricks worked do more videos

  • Ziggy

    Why are these videos hotspots for people to advertise their own videos XD

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    Saif rami Abu yaaqub

    I subscribe

  • nouf alqutub
    nouf alqutub


  • ArnasGaming

    if u tap between hexagons in prime shields u cand do that task faster

  • Shreya Gupta
    Shreya Gupta

    i always stand little away from cams when i am impostor

  • marz 11
    marz 11

    1:51 it works!! But I think they fixed it or something it doesn't work anymore:(

  • Chinmaya Pachpande
    Chinmaya Pachpande

    how to take pets

  • Altamish Khan
    Altamish Khan

    Best Among Us Compilation Starring Hot Girls-

  • VC シ MEGMA
    VC シ MEGMA


  • celestial.exe.

    2:22 this is extremely confusing if u think about it

  • Bryan Vincent Zamora
    Bryan Vincent Zamora

    1:55 What I tried it and it didn't work!

  • diana anna
    diana anna


  • Kishore SN
    Kishore SN

    Me:i am not imposter Crewmate:Then whats your key hole slot? Me:UHHH first one Crewmate:cool Then its you

  • Pirates Club /Pro gamers only
    Pirates Club /Pro gamers only

  • Alliannah Reign Delin
    Alliannah Reign Delin

    You are super pro 😯😯😯😯


    Dude when the imposter vented the pet

  • Thomas Short
    Thomas Short

    Note the align engine task can no longer be done in one go due to a recent update

  • Suzuki-Chan!

    4:53 yellow's dead body be like :👁️👄👁️

  • Ennard_Eevee_ Girl
    Ennard_Eevee_ Girl

    Sorry but the tip at 1:56 wont work because they can open the menu before they approch the cams or vent

  • Romina Joyce
    Romina Joyce

    To find impostor but it did not work

  • Raymond Li
    Raymond Li

    very noice tips btw no stuff like please smash that like button, subscribe if you have not, turn on notifications... and all that garbage noice clash universe

  • SamSami 2.0
    SamSami 2.0

    2:18 You can sabotage with walking, so you can be in he cameras, pretending you're watching it with someone else, and sabotage

  • Ayden and George gaming
    Ayden and George gaming


  • khant khai
    khant khai

    #amongus you play among us

  • Star Platinum Y.
    Star Platinum Y.

    Another tip:when round begins as impostor dont go at admin pretending to card swipe Instead go to medbay and do the anomaly task it can help reduce sus points

  • Mylene capales
    Mylene capales

    Hey dude I already do that and then they say naruto 🍥 is not an impostor they say it 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Mylene capales
    Mylene capales

    Hey dude I already do that and then they say naruto 🍥 is not an impostor they say it 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Nico

    They can open the sabotage map before getting on cameras or vents. You said it yourself so it’s not 100% sure at all.

  • Lil Tofu
    Lil Tofu

    1:44 This tip unfortunately doesn’t work with the new update. It sucks too bc I actually rly liked it and it saved me a ton of time :/

  • Chamberlain Tamski
    Chamberlain Tamski

    1:58 - 2:32 You can click the sabotage button and move there. Only cameras will work because you can see if the player is watching cameras or not because it blinks red. But other than that, you can still sabotage with any button replacing the sabotage button if you click the sabotage button first and then move closer to it. Just wanted to point that out.

  • Athena omg
    Athena omg

    I like how he doesn't have a stupid intro or 25 minute of blah blah blah


    bro ur lucky u can play among us i cant bcz im in lebanon no credit cart :(

  • Gamer MCPE
    Gamer MCPE

    #Among us

  • Falling Night
    Falling Night

    。    •   ゚  。   .   .      .     。   。 .  .   。  ඞ 。  . • • jk i was not an Impostor.  。 .     。 1 impostors remain. ゚   .     . ,

  • Natalya Sahni
    Natalya Sahni

    A bad day when you are the imposter after long and you get disconnect 😭

  • Amelia Awsome
    Amelia Awsome

    in the empty garbage task i dont get why there is a diamond in the trash?????

  • Veluru Indrasena
    Veluru Indrasena

    Plz play with me

  • Omega Purified
    Omega Purified

    If you’re struggling to do the electrical wires just close the thing and you’ll get a different one

  • Juliana Angulo
    Juliana Angulo

    i was the impostor and i love you too

  • efa yuslin
    efa yuslin

    Woww bro your videos are amazing

  • Balmeo Balmeo
    Balmeo Balmeo

    He can sabotage in security tap the sabotage and get close in cctv

  • Geek Myth
    Geek Myth

    Well it also freezes when you do emergency meetings

  • Jingxian Lin
    Jingxian Lin

    if the vent button replaces the sabotage, doesnt mean the person is an impostor if they have a vent icon?

  • Foxy Gaming
    Foxy Gaming

    Hey clash you made me fall asleep

  • Where do I even start?
    Where do I even start?

    Me:*Doing start reactor task and pay attention on the blue light* done

  • doctor dotey
    doctor dotey

    2:20 you can hold the sabotage button open while you go over a vent wait a little and then sabotage

  • Binod OP Gaming
    Binod OP Gaming

    Me:*Gets imposter after 50 games* * now My Wi-fi device is out of balance* Me:*planning to call hulk and telling him to destroy the Wi-fi device*

  • Kristeano Small
    Kristeano Small

    It didn't work

  • Camilla B
    Camilla B

    Oohh so I thought when visuals are turn off you don't get them but you do they just do have the animation oohh

  • prishika goenka
    prishika goenka

    They fixed the knob task

  • le enter name here
    le enter name here

    So- I used a trick- from this.. Someone was trying to give me there number- telling me things but I was like.. _nope_ (I got kicked and then I came back) Called him a bad word and left. Petty revenge c:

  • Kamrun Nahar
    Kamrun Nahar

    Please watch and subscribes to my youtube channel:

  • super cool
    super cool

    But when u tap on the navigation a finish it wont they think Ur an impostor


    But how he know

  • Michelle D’Souza
    Michelle D’Souza

    Clash in October 2020: When aligning engine just tap the knob and both tasks will complete. Among us Creators in November 2020: nope! No more of that!

  • George Tulus
    George Tulus

    4:23 yeah it took me 2 weeks of practice to figure it out- lmao

  • Toby Gamer
    Toby Gamer

    1:45 It used to work I did it all the time but they got rid of it in the new update :(

  • Emma Humphrey
    Emma Humphrey

    Who watching this in 2020

  • venice chen
    venice chen

    me playing two iPads and impostor is in iPad 2:I will do a glitch

  • vihreä virtahepo
    vihreä virtahepo

    I vented and My kill cooldown didnt freeze

  • gina ballar
    gina ballar

    Can i ask how do you use admin map

  • Boba Milk UwU
    Boba Milk UwU

    There is a way to sabotage while standing next to Security cams/vents. All you have to do is open the sabotage menu before you go near it.

  • Daniel Cropp
    Daniel Cropp

    The vent and cams over sabotage is wrong. U can click on sabotage and walk over a vent/ cams

  • Daniel Cropp
    Daniel Cropp


    • Daniel Cropp
      Daniel Cropp

      The vent over sabotage is wrong

  • #Pro LIVErz
    #Pro LIVErz

    2:22 wrong because only the impostor can vent

  • Damviru SL
    Damviru SL

    Thank you

  • :ꔫ:CloudMarsx:ꔫ


  • Antonio Manaserian
    Antonio Manaserian

    I was supposed to study, but this seems important

  • Jacob_ football
    Jacob_ football

    once i done all the tasks in every map you should try too

  • Jayredd Fontanilla
    Jayredd Fontanilla

    Whoa thx for the hacks to be a pro I'm such a among us noob but now I'll be a pro soon thx

  • Hafez Khairi
    Hafez Khairi

    Thank you this trick tips it helps me alot.😊

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    Ribika Nandi

    I am speechless! Just addicted to your channel in one video! ❤

  • Nica's Play's
    Nica's Play's

    Tysm for teaching me

  • Dyesebel Barnes
    Dyesebel Barnes

    Idk why but everytime the impostor sabotages the reactor no one fixes it😅😆

  • Qinmei Liu
    Qinmei Liu

    Some tricks are not useful anymore

  • Michelle L
    Michelle L

    Seriously people always be leaving and then you win

  • Michelle L
    Michelle L

    These are good tips but even if you use them people just vote you out and say your sus

  • Khai & Icko
    Khai & Icko

    4:38 wow how did u know??

  • Triche Nail
    Triche Nail

    1:42 This trick got patched in the latest update.

  • Flural Turtle
    Flural Turtle

    0:25 Mobile players: You need to use a trick? *HAHA*

  • quan mach
    quan mach

    Who wants the update where your hat moves through the wind when your walking and one game has a crewmate imposter and detective in the game?

  • Arthur Arsekey
    Arthur Arsekey

    when he said if a sabatage happens and you see a player next to security the security button replaces the sabatage button but an imposter can press sabatage and then go up to cams causing you to not know whether the imposter is him or not.

  • Rachel Haslam
    Rachel Haslam

    Great wow just wow

  • Rachel Haslam
    Rachel Haslam


  • Anatoli

    1:44 its patched :(


    I love the start reactor task it is my favouraite task and not so hard

  • Evan Mendoza
    Evan Mendoza

    Next is if you kill the person next to them then you look at the body if the person is next to the body

  • Evan Mendoza
    Evan Mendoza

    That this one is when you kill somebody next to them then somebody saw the body then they say that they are the imposter

  • Evan Mendoza
    Evan Mendoza

    I have 2 ways

  • Evan Mendoza
    Evan Mendoza

    There is and a good idea

  • ryla romas
    ryla romas

    Hi can you please tell every security in every map?

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