Making Tanjiro's Katana from [Demon Slayer]
Making Tanjiro's Katana from Demon Slayer by Ilya Alekseyev using traditional Japanese methods to bring Tanjiro's Katana to life.
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This Video is shot more as a Katana making documentary then a normal episode from us. During the making of the Tanjiro's Katana Ilya give quite a few talks about how anime relates to the art of Japanese sword making and how it effected the western culture as far back as the Renaissance and continues to do so today. In Demon Slayer this Nichirin Blade has a blackened color to it after Tanjiro wields it. So, after a hand stone polish the katana was then darkened using acid and the hamon was then finger stoned back into place. The Katana was forged from Tamahagane and made as close to tradition as possible. In this video we show every last piece of the sword being made even the Saya and the pieces that go with it. If you want to see a Katana making video that shows every single step then this is the one for you!
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    Thanks so much for these amazing videos on Anime Katana. Yato calls forth his Shiki Spirit Yuki: Sekki Regalia...... starts to be blessed before fight scene "I am the god Yato! I now lay thee waste with the Sekki Regalia and expel thy vast defilement! I cleanse thee! --- Rend!" I'd love to see Noragami's Yato's Regalia Shiki Vessel-Sword from the Anime, his sword is very unique as its created through divine spiritual esence that is based on the embodiment of who Yukine his side kick vessel-shiki's self is. How the sword becomes its shape its self very beautiful and unique especially end is no normal Katana. I named my beloved Crested Gecko Yato as his mannerisms and speed, his chasing crickets reminded me of Yato-gamai hunting down tainted spirits and cleansing blight through purification. Yato protects Hiyori a human who has part of herself on the off shores where spirits reside and kami, yet at same time in human world. Yato's Shiki Regalia is the most beautiful of Katana and so unique, I'm just dieing to see you guys forge it. Rend (斬 zan; "decapitation") is a spell that allows the caster to deal a fatal blow to a phantom, effectively annihilating it. It appears to be usable only by gods and requires a shiki capable of taking the form of a weapon to serve as the medium. So far in the series, it has only been used by Yato the sword regalia becomes or as its Yukine reaches enlightenment and the one sword turns into two know as "Blessed Vessels"

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