How to deal with an ANNOYING roommate... (EPISODE 11)
How to deal with an ANNOYING roommate... (EPISODE 11)
things are getting worse and worse...
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  • Codfish

    Jake why are u in your box’s

  • Pam Kigham
    Pam Kigham

    Jaek was your day and you were the day you like Joel

  • Chini

    Team ten.......... havent heard that a while

  • Cassie Pace
    Cassie Pace

    this is my first time back since 2016 and i am so confused 🧍‍♀️

  • Lady Green sleeves
    Lady Green sleeves

    Jake is raising his voice the whole time and I can’t stand him

  • Lady Green sleeves
    Lady Green sleeves

    Less talk more action or maybe this show is supposed to be boring

  • Joe Rooney
    Joe Rooney

    Bring back team 10 uncut

  • Shanecia Clarke
    Shanecia Clarke

    Cole.... Hunnny. How ungrateful were you. If got that oppurtunity I would sleep in the fking grass and film there too. geezzzzzzz

  • Carl Haberberger
    Carl Haberberger

    Cole is a baby

    • Carl Haberberger
      Carl Haberberger


  • Young_ guru
    Young_ guru

    Cole is so ungrateful

  • Super Rhino Bros
    Super Rhino Bros

    I think Jake Paul’s Old team is kind of mad at him for what he did all the time with the old members at the old team 10 house

  • Claire Decoteau
    Claire Decoteau

    Cole stop having an ego and stop arguing. Over an room and lesson to jack it is anyoning

  • Nalyssa Gomes
    Nalyssa Gomes

    am I the only one who wishes he saw potential in me? like what he did for those twins were dope. &' I just can't imagine the amount of shit he did for them. I'd be so grateful. Jake if you need a girl with some melanin on your team im down 😂 really tho!

  • Some Random Kid On The Internet
    Some Random Kid On The Internet

    Like u

  • AizlePlayz

    waiting for season 2

  • [TehSaviorRemixer 2]
    [TehSaviorRemixer 2]

    Next Video How to deal with an ANNOYING comments. (EPISODE 11)

  • lavis dizzi3
    lavis dizzi3

    Im so confused about the teeth thing. So they have like those teeth retainers right? Or did they paint their teeth back?

  • captain checkdown
    captain checkdown

    I can't believe I used to watch this

  • John DeRocher
    John DeRocher

    i went to join team 10 with you guy my name is john

  • i am the best 08 LoL
    i am the best 08 LoL

    ok i know this is six months later but these comments a harsh

  • Andrew Creighton
    Andrew Creighton

    That gay dude is the most ungrateful person I’ve ever seen lol

  • Samantha Morales
    Samantha Morales

    nah y’all haters jake taken charge of cole rn like it’s jakes house and he started team 10 like jake could of gotten to a point where cole would’ve been out the house but all they did was just argue about the whole thing like it could of been taken to another level but jake was deadass so calm!!!

  • travseaglestakes

    Cole should be cooked

    • travseaglestakes

      Cole should be kicked

  • travseaglestakes

    Cole is so annoying

  • Anthony Baker Thompson
    Anthony Baker Thompson

    I think we need to take time to fucking realize Jake has no pants on wtf he in a house full of people

  • Collin Crow
    Collin Crow

    Jake makes sense bc they have tons of crap going on and he just tryna work out kinks with tons and tons of ppl moving in literally be thankful

  • Daisy Ruelas Sanchez
    Daisy Ruelas Sanchez

    It’s so annoying that jake always wants to take a video of anything he thinks is gonna be “good content”

  • Jon Alvarez10
    Jon Alvarez10

    Hahahahaha “ turn it down “ 😂😂😂

  • Taylor Lopez
    Taylor Lopez

    Cole how many times can u say like

  • Elizabeth Roufs
    Elizabeth Roufs

    Quit being mean to jake

  • bnl 51
    bnl 51

    love the intro😄

  • Natalie situmorang
    Natalie situmorang

    Jake: today on team 10 uncut Me : today on bratayley

  • Elisabeth R
    Elisabeth R

    Im glad that cole os gone to be honest he was kind of dramatic

  • Eko Ross
    Eko Ross

    Or in my future car XD

  • Eko Ross
    Eko Ross

    I can sleep outside if I have to

  • Eko Ross
    Eko Ross

    Bra I just want to join so bad I just can't cuz I am a teenager but the first step of becoming one

  • Juno Yul
    Juno Yul

    Dude, wear pants or something

  • Isabella Sofia Passig
    Isabella Sofia Passig

    wheres season 2 of Team 10 uncut?!

  • Walter Johnson
    Walter Johnson

    Honestly this is like dealing with a college dorm. How u expect the room to be.

  • Kendall Deckard
    Kendall Deckard

    Aye yo jake i can take cole spot bro bro if you want


    how is team 10 going ???


      my friends are big fan of yours

  • Sameer Khan
    Sameer Khan

    Why does jake have no pants on

  • Silva Sends
    Silva Sends

    I prefer dope vlogs than team 10 uncut

  • Lisa Terpstra
    Lisa Terpstra

    Good luck jake

  • Gillian M
    Gillian M

    Is he aware that team 10 became irrelevant multiple years ago

  • Gillian M
    Gillian M

    I didn’t know someone’s ego go grow so fucking large in like 8 months.

    • Sad Dog
      Sad Dog

      Never done before

  • Constantly hungry
    Constantly hungry

    that twins teeth 😂😂😭😭😭😭

  • Noel

    You are a disease in person

  • Sarah Is cool
    Sarah Is cool

    1M veiws

  • Rylie Leffler
    Rylie Leffler

    Adam vapes

  • Rylie Leffler
    Rylie Leffler

    3:36 is jake wearing underwear

  • Zhef

    Of course he"s annoying. He's gay

  • Art E Botastic
    Art E Botastic

    Jake is a big bully, all I'm gonna say.

  • Jacie kayy Crensh
    Jacie kayy Crensh

    I miss team 10, 4 years ago when it was a family friendly channel

  • annette roccon
    annette roccon


  • Christian Pedroza
    Christian Pedroza


  • Elian Oliveros
    Elian Oliveros

    Who misses team 10 from summer of 2018

  • Roman Gavrilyak
    Roman Gavrilyak

    Hey did you guys notice Charles? Like if you did

  • Epic pro Roblox
    Epic pro Roblox

    Where is his robotic arm he had 8 months ago

  • Yousif Alsafi
    Yousif Alsafi

    Why are you friends with a gay person

  • Moon Light
    Moon Light

    Bro I love Jake sleep in the grass

  • Adam Bourke
    Adam Bourke

    10: 37 ADAM SANDLER

  • iamemani

    I always wanted to hang out with the team 10 squadddddd

  • Tylvieta Lee
    Tylvieta Lee

    Jake Paul isn't a good boss so how can he expect to run a company or anything when he's very immature. He needs to know how to listen to his employers or team when they aren't uncomfortable.

  • Ashley Roopnarine
    Ashley Roopnarine


  • Kirishima

    Hold up team 10 is still a thing? Didn’t you all like split up!

  • InTheClouds10121

    Jake Paul the most delusional idiotic nutcase to ever walk the earth!

  • Anirudh Banerjee
    Anirudh Banerjee

    Can't get over million views🤣

  • yusuf mifsud
    yusuf mifsud

    Sorry, Jake is right. Cole needs to lower it DOWN

  • IslandChocolate

    Boii "Humble yourself" jake got alot on his hands, 3 weeks and want to call shots nahhhh!!! Humble until things are sorted!!

  • Geico Car insurance
    Geico Car insurance

    2 :19 wasnt this a “pg 13 channel “

  • Geico Car insurance
    Geico Car insurance


  • What?

    i just wanna see the damn party

  • Bobby Brown
    Bobby Brown


  • CodZera


  • Floyd1504

    Definitely a dying channel now. Lucky if you get an average on 2m views a vid now. 😂😂😂 Prick!

  • Kristal Lafountain
    Kristal Lafountain

    cole is complaining about living in a manchin while i'm living in a camper

  • wcraca5


  • Xeno

    always quality content 👌

  • nordz Tv
    nordz Tv


  • Ad Gamer
    Ad Gamer

    Did anyone noticed Jake wearing the old “Ohio fried chicken “ merch on ?

  • Myles Hodges
    Myles Hodges

    Lauren is sooooooooooooooooooooooooo ugly

  • Toby Muchmore
    Toby Muchmore

    Go and subscribe to Toby vlog for the best content ever

  • Suleiman Malabeh
    Suleiman Malabeh

    Am I the only who’s losing brain cells just by watching this? 😂

  • Best of Best Studio
    Best of Best Studio

    Jake Paul is cancer

  • Libby Jones
    Libby Jones

    I would totally slap Cole in the face

  • andrew junk
    andrew junk

    Ha, gay

  • Daniel Chambers
    Daniel Chambers

    Adam is so mature I know

  • Daniel Chambers
    Daniel Chambers

    Cole is so much different

  • Sadly TikTok
    Sadly TikTok

    I’m from Canada 🇨🇦

  • Tessa Spicer
    Tessa Spicer

    My opinion don’t attack me: Cole needs to shut the fuck up and be grateful because people are literally homeless and remember when justin was living there he was literally living in a shed that he built in the backyard 💀🙄

  • Yo 123456
    Yo 123456

    3:35 why does jake have no pants on

  • SVTRacing SVTRacing
    SVTRacing SVTRacing

    So if cole leaves. I’ll take that spot 🤷‍♂️

  • Brooklyn Rowe
    Brooklyn Rowe

    I’ miss them 😭

  • Brooklyn Rowe
    Brooklyn Rowe

    I wish it was the old team ten at the start

  • Morgan Michelle
    Morgan Michelle

    Jake has brought so much misery upon SO many people....hundreds, maybe even more. I genuinely hope he experiences nothing but misery himself for the rest of his life. such a gross, evil, malicious human

  • H4LIL

    ew why was this on my recommended

  • Uncle

    You people are a prime example of what went wrong with evolution...

  • Maritza Roman
    Maritza Roman

    Love it❤❤❤❤❤

  • imvu.alixxia x
    imvu.alixxia x

    dude this was on may 7th 2 days after my b-day lol i support you my dude