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    ZHC Crafts

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    • Jo Ann Mobley
      Jo Ann Mobley

      Can I have a iphon I have never had one i have a slow Samsung

    • Larry Bottorff
      Larry Bottorff

      I really want to be in one of your videos cuz I am a great artist

    • Dlanzer Otivrec
      Dlanzer Otivrec

      Notice me please 🎉😅👍

    • Aaisha lesa
      Aaisha lesa

      I'm subscribed

    • Angel Veliz
      Angel Veliz

      Ok 👍

  • 0havocado


  • Rylan wesley
    Rylan wesley

    I can’t have insta😔

  • Dy Lee
    Dy Lee

    Why didn’t they draw some food? Everyone loves food

  • Kevin Mayes
    Kevin Mayes

    Viv is amazing

  • RazorBlade 64
    RazorBlade 64

    ewwww what is wrong with vivs teeth🤢🤢🤢🤢

  • Modjadji Mphambela
    Modjadji Mphambela

    I pick Jaz

  • Deepak C
    Deepak C

    Jaz won 😀🥳

  • Gamer Pugz
    Gamer Pugz

    When ZHC asked Jonny’s subscriber if he had any words of wisdom he simply said mmm nope

  • Natalie Brooks
    Natalie Brooks

    Do you have any wisdom for Johnny to win? “Om no”


    Interesting indeed outstanding!

  • ali safar
    ali safar

    VIV says you got this jony


    The sweatshirt that has is wearing in the end 👌

  • Steagle2

    Viv should have won. End of.

  • Tyrell Heta
    Tyrell Heta

    My mum sees that were poor 😪😭😭😭😭☹️☹️☹️😔😨😨😨

  • Tyrell Heta
    Tyrell Heta

    Hay zhc do you mind if I ask a question with don't you do a caleng for the commenters

  • SpiritFlyer the NightWing
    SpiritFlyer the NightWing

    How do you know the names of the subscribers?

  • Maahi

    you kidding me, the shoe wasnt the best, it was either viv or johnny who shouldve won

  • Maahi

    excuse me? viv's was the best along with johnny's, how and why did he illuminate viv

  • raihana shamsuddeen
    raihana shamsuddeen

    Really jhony should win beacuse look the lays

  • Yuval Tzairi
    Yuval Tzairi

    This is bs Viv should have won

  • Ella Wd
    Ella Wd

    I had and idea for a video.... can you customize bicycles?

  • Cloudy Tears
    Cloudy Tears

    Ok but just look at Vivs makeup it’s stunning

  • Prince Justine Cesar Cabanlit
    Prince Justine Cesar Cabanlit

    YOURE awsome ZHC

  • Op Sharma
    Op Sharma

    I am from India please take me the next subscriber

  • Daily life
    Daily life

    I like how it says my name on the phone but it is not me lol :)

  • NHKD

    How the worst drawing won

  • V1bes Dion W.E.T.
    V1bes Dion W.E.T.

    /give @p Minecraft :Diamond_pickaxe(enchantments:[(:fortune,lvl:1000)])

  • Ahmad Alhajqasem
    Ahmad Alhajqasem

    Viv and the makeup that's on her nose looks like a clown like Viv are you trynna look like a clown

  • smiley crazy
    smiley crazy


  • smiley crazy
    smiley crazy

    Yes ssssssssssssssssssss ssssssssssssssssssss. I like. You. Zhc

  • smiley crazy
    smiley crazy

    You on

  • smiley crazy
    smiley crazy

    I love it

  • smiley crazy
    smiley crazy


  • Benjen 1211
    Benjen 1211

    I hope Viv wins

  • GMD DiBo
    GMD DiBo

    What if they draw you...🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Nathan Jacob
    Nathan Jacob

    Wish you all the luck?😂

  • swasthikaa shri
    swasthikaa shri


  • José Maria Castilloe
    José Maria Castilloe

    4,198,460 people are watching and just 4 people get chosen bruh

  • Mohammad Farhat
    Mohammad Farhat

    If i was there i will draw a ♾😂

  • Kobe & Havana Banana
    Kobe & Havana Banana

    You are so nice

  • Anand Mygapu
    Anand Mygapu

    You are my favourite

  • Bittoot Kumar
    Bittoot Kumar

    Zac choose sneakers because it's cheap

  • Aashi & Aanya's World
    Aashi & Aanya's World

    Viv has the best one

  • Renei Rika
    Renei Rika

    I hope Jaz wins😜

  • Sancheet


  • Annabelle Calihan
    Annabelle Calihan


  • rishab

    I phone is good

  • Rahul GS
    Rahul GS


  • gaming master
    gaming master

    I like viv drawing mor because its more detail

  • Rezowana Hader
    Rezowana Hader

    Why does viv win a single baby

  • Ali Asghar
    Ali Asghar

    No one legit here cares about Johnny when he got out but everyone’s talkin bout viv I mean like her drawing was good but johnnys was also good

  • Life of Nylah
    Life of Nylah

    i fell like he just goes for the cheapest item

  • Vivekananda Bharupati
    Vivekananda Bharupati

    Congratulations Jazz want to see McKenzie🥺

  • PinkyPukhraj Jaroli
    PinkyPukhraj Jaroli

    You all are the best

  • Joanne Smith
    Joanne Smith

    But viv is always the best xx

  • Sumaiya Blink
    Sumaiya Blink


  • Milind Zarekar
    Milind Zarekar

    I am really glad that a Indian guy has won i loved all but when i saw jaz is partner from India i was just voting for jaz

  • Fatima Almasri [Student]
    Fatima Almasri [Student]

    viv have lost one of her NAILS OMG that is soooooo funny 2:16 lol!!!!

  • Gachabean321

    Why do people have apple they die in 3 hour

  • 日本の恋人آوۣتۣۗہآكۣۗہوۣ

    4:15 Barry tueb voice

  • Mayra Olivas
    Mayra Olivas


  • amanda landa
    amanda landa

    his reaction :)

  • Kushal Aaryan
    Kushal Aaryan

    If you notice in his videos he purposely choses the one which costs less money ..! Trying to copy mrbeast but cheaper !huh

  • SY the king
    SY the king


  • Ishaan Sharma
    Ishaan Sharma

    I have subscribed I wish I could get a custom gift too

  • Kanister

    and 8000 hear you get it

  • Epic Gamer802
    Epic Gamer802

    Did anyone else notice the @Danny Duncan hoodie that Jazz is wearing

  • Logan C
    Logan C


  • Sisters World
    Sisters World


  • Commedian Gamer
    Commedian Gamer

    I cant get any i phone 11

  • Happy Master
    Happy Master

    Viv actually looks AMAZING ❤️

  • Gusten Palm
    Gusten Palm

    OMG your the best at droing

  • Gusten Palm
    Gusten Palm

    awww i realy want new phone

  • Kids fun with Pari
    Kids fun with Pari

    I thought it was so bad I did not I just metres

  • Girl go to
    Girl go to

    Can you call me please

  • Sania Linda
    Sania Linda

    I really wanted jazz to win❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Lydia Carrico
    Lydia Carrico

    I feel like Viv should have won she put so much detail in her drawing. But they all did great!

  • Eldon Joseph
    Eldon Joseph

    I want one if big win

    • Eldon Joseph
      Eldon Joseph

      I want one if viv win

  • Lily Allen
    Lily Allen

    I am 8

  • Lily Allen
    Lily Allen

    I am subscribed can I compete in one of the challenges?!?!

  • Lil MrBeast.
    Lil MrBeast.

    Awwww I really wanted Viv :( like if you agree

  • Eila


  • DisneyLover Nerd
    DisneyLover Nerd

    I love Jaz’s hair and I love jaz!!!!She is so kind and loving!!!!!

  • Caitlin Potts
    Caitlin Potts

    I kinda feel like Johnny cheated by bribing with the zucchini video to promote to watch it. In. My opinion viva was best but after all they were all amazing

  • Mahbub Hussan
    Mahbub Hussan


  • May

    I've been subscribed for a year or two now

  • Little boogaloo
    Little boogaloo

    Why did no one draw a house

  • CarrotFromParis 457
    CarrotFromParis 457

    This wasn't judged fairly....

  • CarrotFromParis 457
    CarrotFromParis 457

    Why does it always have to be apple products or expensive shoes why not weird random stuff sometimes

  • Kaleb Oakley-Thomas
    Kaleb Oakley-Thomas

    Ruby Ruby Ruby Ruby

  • Gaming Princess
    Gaming Princess

    How old is Viv? Just asking no hate!!

  • Marjana Faj
    Marjana Faj

    Ooooooooooo marjana.fa

  • Makenzi Cooper
    Makenzi Cooper

    U r so nice

  • Makenzi Cooper
    Makenzi Cooper

    Wow u r so good

  • Rice

    Johnny: If I win your gonna get an IPad Pro! Subscriber: Ok Zach: Do you have any words of wisdom for Johnny? Subscriber: No

  • Gargee Dancer
    Gargee Dancer

    I am from India too

  • Collins Muller
    Collins Muller

    Can I do a challenge with you

  • kinzley Graham
    kinzley Graham

    wow so cool nice art

  • Rakshana Shoban
    Rakshana Shoban

    Done and I loveeeee ur videos ur actually an inspiration to me

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