Is the Rimac C_Two the fastest accelerating production car?
Straight line performance is by far not everything, but still quite important for a hypercar. We have designed the C_Two to impress with technology, usability, design, features, road manners and track performance. Lateral dynamics and driving fun was always super important for us. Today, we have focus on straight line performance but soon we’ll cover the other interesting aspects as well - like our new generation Torque Vectoring and drift mode.

  • Eni Bub
    Eni Bub

    I know, that it's just the dust on the road, but at 6:40 it looks like condensation trails behind the C2. I would not wonder, as fast as this thing shoots away... :-) Mate Rimac seems to be such a nice guy, both feet on the ground and I have so much respect what his small company already achieved. Thumbs up!!

  • Hmmm mmm
    Hmmm mmm

    How many Kilometres/miles before recharge? How long to recharge?

  • Driver Lexus
    Driver Lexus

    The build quality for the borsch is better. no cracking sound.

  • Anuranjan Mondal
    Anuranjan Mondal

    Go on...let Hammond have a go at the prototype!

  • clarkbar

    I liked when it was roasting all it's tires

  • Marcus Fistarol
    Marcus Fistarol

    Hope i will see one in real some day

  • Jonny Walker
    Jonny Walker

    And my supra would dust it!

  • Andrei M
    Andrei M

    It needs hamster repellent as standard...

  • oliver24x

    This is going to be great once EVs are the only thing on the market, but man while we can still get that amazing ICE sound I'll take it. But great freaking job, it's absolutely a monster of a car.

  • redfirekla

    Please, please, please 🙏invite @dragtimes channel from Florida for testing he is the ultimate guru.

  • Sajan Matharu
    Sajan Matharu

    How much HP this have?

  • TheRealLink

    What an insane car! Great that not only can you show us the pre-production but the amazing software too, and of course admit room for improvement!

  • Kushagra Tiwari
    Kushagra Tiwari

    This Rimac just f***s off!

  • Raffaele Pagano
    Raffaele Pagano

    I love it has drift mode

  • JEBALI HoussemEddine
    JEBALI HoussemEddine

    Let Hammond test it next !

  • ezcatch77

    Fascinating. Impressive. Educational. You raise the bar BIG TIME for all players. I’m still loyal to ICE motors but it is Rimac that may first tip me over in the years to come. Bravo!!

  • MThef

    This is incredible!

  • Joseph Stalin Jr
    Joseph Stalin Jr

    Bije ko nebesko vreme.

  • Julio Huang
    Julio Huang

    Isn’t Tesla plaid 0-100 1.9?

  • VictoryGuardian -
    VictoryGuardian -

    Got one in horizon 4, Almost as awesome as the real thing!

  • Kosta Perovic
    Kosta Perovic


  • Bulent Ali
    Bulent Ali

    Very nice but I hope the switches are more modern . Those dials are too big

  • Vlad Stanciu
    Vlad Stanciu

    Absolutely brilliant engineering! Thank you for the inspiration, Mate!

  • ılılıllılı Ever ılılıllılı
    ılılıllılı Ever ılılıllılı

    Why does the Porsche stand still? what a bad pilot ...

  • Techpunk

    No, it’s the fastest car on this planet . Started this SLtoos channel with a wish to buy it one day! By the way I’m Croatian too! 😁 Go Rimac! 💪🇭🇷

  • Dalto

    So... Will Hammond be driving one anytime soon?

  • Alex V
    Alex V

    Nas mate🇷🇸🇷🇸

  • Joshua Harrold
    Joshua Harrold

    still prefer sound

  • Vilim Latin
    Vilim Latin

    is that actually "production car"?

  • TurboTV

    Sub-9’s.... impressive, but lack of gears certainly helps.

  • Owen Roberts
    Owen Roberts

    *jaw hits floor* damn

  • Manuel GenomIX
    Manuel GenomIX

    Please make an official time record before Tesla does it with Plaid Model S. You deserve to be in the news as the first EV to beat the gas car record.

  • adnan arnaut
    adnan arnaut


  • Kyle DiPeppe
    Kyle DiPeppe


  • Blaž Bohinc
    Blaž Bohinc

    Even with a 120kWh pack, they're still pushing the batteries way too hard. At full power, you can kill the battery in what. 10 minutes? That kind of discharge rate will kill the battery in 100 cycles.. They're probably counting on people on not floring this car all the time. It's why tesla doesn't offer a stronger motor, even though they could have.

  • Dogpound819

    Great work !

  • Potato Avacadonion
    Potato Avacadonion

    I like how they did it on an unprepped surface with normal tires because lets be real you aren't gonna drive around with slicks on all the time and you aren't gonna go to a drag strip every single day just to go fast, even then if you want a fast car you should still be able to get its factory numbers on a normal road. Doing it on a normal road just shows you the insanity of the car.

  • Michael Barlin
    Michael Barlin

    Nothing professional here, true story.

  • Marko Jagar
    Marko Jagar

    Svaka cast 👌🔝🔝🔝

  • seered27

    Respect. Showing the development (pre-launch) for this hypercar is a good sign that it will be an incredible machine.

  • Pete

    How much faster can we make cars before they’re just flying off the road

  • Jelle van Dun - Animate the World
    Jelle van Dun - Animate the World

    Impressive! And I like how open this video was. Good luck finalizing it!

  • SNK Corp.
    SNK Corp.

    I heard that rimac will take over bugatti and become VW's exclusive E brand?

  • Rocinante1980 Rocinante1980
    Rocinante1980 Rocinante1980

    I feel so sorry for Tesla, no I actually don’t 😂. It’s gona devour any Tesla car that comes out.

  • lenso010

    do you sell this model now?

  • ttization

    Is it a production car?

  • Casa Motors
    Casa Motors

    Still silent i would buy a ferrari or lambo for less money if electric is a thing i will get a tesla not worth the price

  • Aditya Mehta
    Aditya Mehta

    I have driven it in forza and its really fast

  • Chriss 144
    Chriss 144

    Mate ti si uzor,ja se kao hrvat iz bih neizmjerno osjecam ponosno da je konacno neko ostavio footprint na auto industriji,a i puno vise,nadam se da cu te u bliskoj buducnosti i upoznati,pozdrav iz sarenog Mostara...

  • Petar Soldo
    Petar Soldo

    Kako si mate brateeeee uživaj u noci

  • Kshitij Singh
    Kshitij Singh

    This is so damn poggers, good job

  • Elias Simpson
    Elias Simpson

    and this is just the tip of the iceberg. Not even full power. Insane.

  • Francesco Toldo
    Francesco Toldo

    Mate Cro King!

  • Adrian Lunko
    Adrian Lunko

    7:02 AdBlock radi svoje

  • Dane Du Plessis
    Dane Du Plessis

    Rest in peace, internal combustion engine.

  • randomnik

    This is 001 of 150. You can see it in the lower left corner at 5:29 (between the seats). I'm guessing the first customer car will be 006?

  • popsmaldar

    Electric Koenigsegg cool is that ;)

  • Nick Clark
    Nick Clark

    The below 1.99s 0-60 of the Tesla plaid is not real. They don’t include the 1st foot of acceleration . The time of 2.33 to 60 is incredible . For reference see the engineering explained channel .

  • Davis Lee
    Davis Lee

    Great job!

  • Glenn_bfst

    Internet is on all the time 🤔 im sure the police will be happy to know that lol

  • pajser stangla
    pajser stangla

    probaj na stator mjesto međusobno izolovanih limova staviti metal u prahu kao na novijim transformatorima,smjesu staviti u kalup od cistog ne hrđajuceg metala koji nema magnetna svojstva (testiraj ga brzim prevlacenjem neo magneta,ne smije imat ni najmanji otpor) tako ces eliminisati grjijanje statora tj ustedit na energiji. zasto ne radite visokonaponske motore od 1KV i preko jer se tada mnogo manje trosi energije. ako bi napravio transformator od takve smjese i doveo na primar napon od 2KV i namotaj za takav napon presjeka 0.13 mm koji trosi struju reda mA a na sekundar isto tako namotaj za 2 KV presjeka npr 1 mm dobio bi struju reda Ampera,imao bi slobodnu energiju.mozes tako puniti baterije ili napraviti direktni izvor el en malo slozenijom manipulacijom

  • Nemam Ime
    Nemam Ime

    Mate legendoooo

  • LM Gaming
    LM Gaming

    Man hört den deutschen akzent😂😂

  • Sidhant Megh9
    Sidhant Megh9

    Really want to see Lotus Evija 🆚 Rimac C2 Drag Race 🏁

  • Leko

    " we still need to improve power of the car but we are close" :-) Proud to be a Croatian..Pozdrav Mate....

  • TheAbceasyas12345

    There are like ten thousands of engineers working in the automotive industry worldwide for decades to produce the fastest performance car and then there comes this guy and beats them all 😆 svaka ti ćast 😎

  • West Coast surfer
    West Coast surfer

    They obviously have sold these cars prior to production? Great looking car and good luck to em great to see a young enthusiastic company be successful

  • Oliver Jovev
    Oliver Jovev

    Bravo :)

  • Abdulai Abdurahmani
    Abdulai Abdurahmani

    Cekamo da uradis ELEKTRICNI KAMION !!!!!! Strasno dobro je ovo

  • Michael Jandavs
    Michael Jandavs

    Spectacular. I wish I could buy one just to support you. Wow

  • Bruce W
    Bruce W

    Respect. I cannot leave just one word but it starts with respect. Yours is a wonderful story Mate. I like your story because you demonstrate remarkable vision making you unique in this mad world. In my eighty years I have seen few with your drive for excellence and will to help. May fame broaden your loves and still allow you to keep your humility.

  • BigBaseBuilder

    We have to improve more power... yeah sure, you just already destroyed all other manufactures but ok, go ahead :D

  • Alexis Burdet
    Alexis Burdet

    I super you guys all the way in this project. Stay strong and keep moving forward!!!

  • motorsport islife95
    motorsport islife95

    0-60 in 2.3 seconds "0 to 60 il a pretty bad time".. yeah... Insane

  • ken dalton
    ken dalton

    Great job man on your creation, love that u went green and are pushing the limits.. I can safely say i will probably never ever get to drive one, let alone own one🙁.. But i still love it 🤙🏼.. Dont let Hammond in this one 🙈😂

  • Manuel Zi
    Manuel Zi


  • zippodk

    All these tech geeks commenting on something they do not understand. Tycan is faster than Tesla and C2 leaves the Porsche in the dust. Cornering abilities of an Tesla is comparable to a brick so this makes Tesla irrelevant for use as a track/performance car. This test is done on road tyres, dust on the track and preproduction car shown that still beats Bugatti... Clap Clap Mate svaka cast. Sad napravi auto za 400-600.000kn sa sličnim performance za nas normalne ljude 👌👌🚗😀.

  • FilanaPaprika

    3. Dan komentiranja na RIMAC AUTOMOBILI youtube kanalu, na Hrvatskom jeziku, dok mi Mate Rimac ne pruži šansu u razvijanju karijere u njegovoj firmi.

  • Gabriel Navarro
    Gabriel Navarro

    Would love to see Drag Times take the C2 & the Tesla Roadster to the track.

  • John mirasol
    John mirasol

    An electric car should have no boundaries to the experience of flooring it. PUT An optional ROCKET LAUNCH SOUND EFFECT WHEN DOING This and you will change everything

  • John mirasol
    John mirasol

    Put a rocket launch sound effect that go through the speakers

  • Kerem ARSAN
    Kerem ARSAN

    Congratulations !!!! you make incredible cars , hypercars of the futur !!! love them !

  • solengasol

    Wow bravo

  • Francesca Fancelli
    Francesca Fancelli


  • PolarVanny

    take notes tesla

  • Mauro Brisola
    Mauro Brisola

    Zillion dollar gas, hybrid or electric hypercars on dragstrip. $ 120 k Tesla S: "hold my charging cable".

  • Ata Emiroglu
    Ata Emiroglu

    could you give me one for free ?

  • adam lebednik
    adam lebednik


  • Vincent Finkel
    Vincent Finkel

    Awesome! I really like Rimac.

  • slagpharter

    Ban this useless and dangerous piece of junk. This has no place on modern roads.

  • Željko Senzel
    Željko Senzel

    Sve pet,ali gdje tu raketu voziti?

  • Ravindu Gayan
    Ravindu Gayan

    Records to be broken by C_two in upcoming months 1.Fastest acceleration car 2.Fastest 1/4 mile 3.Fastet 100mph 3. Fastest 200mph And list keep goes

  • Andy Randee
    Andy Randee

    hey mate

  • FilanaPaprika

    2. Dan komentiranja na RIMAC AUTOMOBILI youtube kanalu, na Hrvatskom jeziku, dok mi Mate Rimac ne pruži šansu u razvijanju karijere u njegovoj firmi.

  • John S.Wilson
    John S.Wilson

    6:45 That is NOT COOL That is shit, utter garbage. Cars should not be constantly connected to the interent and there should be constant communication of all car systems with each other. This is extremely dangerous as it opens up the: #1 violations of privacy for the owners #2 increased risks of malicious attempts #3 potential death of owners from sabotage of hackers You should make the car hardwired to be standard OFF the grid and all components be separated from each other, not a common computer / software. And with a physical hard switch (not software or digital) to be turned ON for various functionality. So for example the car is OFF the internet and not transmitting/receiving any data but it has been activated for various functions to work together within the car. Or other example, even if it is connected to the internet, there is no access from outside sources to receive essential information of the vehicle, like speed, location, engine info. You can do that only by plugging in a physical OBD connector with a cable to a local computer that has no internet either. It's very easy to hack any device in the present. Tesla can and have taken control of owners cars. That is beyond any rights any person should have to breach property and privacy expectancy.

  • Bogdan OWS
    Bogdan OWS

    acceleration is expressed in quick top speed is expressed in fast So, quickest acceleration, and fastest speed

  • Jeff Bruce
    Jeff Bruce

    It almost killed Hammond. Is it any better?

  • Dominik e30 coupe
    Dominik e30 coupe

    Gdje ti je zeleni e30

  • Seven Costanza
    Seven Costanza

    Need to race this Rimac with Tesla Model S ludicrous.

  • Seven Costanza
    Seven Costanza

    I read that Mate is working with Hyundai which is into FCEV.Hyundai already delivering FCEV Semi's to Switerland , and has the nexo which is a FCEV . Will Mate be interested into looking into FCEV in future ???