If You Paint A House, I'll Pay For It! | ZHC Crafts
If You Paint A House, I'll Pay For It! | ZHC Crafts
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    ZHC Crafts

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      idea for next video, partner with mr beast then all the 2 and a half subscribers get 3 canveces, whatever the draw you buy. You can also draw 2 or more drawing in one canvace

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    martyn galloway

    Can have you izzys pls I love it

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    Marshall Flew

    OMG I WAS 5,000 meters off

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    Ken Caroro

    Im so proud to ZHC cuz im supporting him since 2018 and now he's only giving away a house but you need to paint it❤️🙈

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    Fact Sheet

    Wahhhh Philippines

  • Youtube hacks and toturial hacks
    Youtube hacks and toturial hacks

    Copying mrbeast?

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    Sherrie louise Delos santos

    Pls do for your friend who's beautiful draw in ibis paint x🎨🎨👨‍🎨👩‍🎨💅🖌️

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    Huw Linton

    Wow zach I love your art and your friends by Zara (10 years old)

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    Tfjjgf Hfyu

    4:15 is he an indian?

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    Mikuhh. Vip

    Hello Zhc When do you send a giveway Gift (Ps5) won by a 9 year old boy (your fan). You asked for the money in advance, but the package has not been sent. Please send the Ps5. We allready paid for shipping 50.- dollars. And now have to pay advance costum fee 80.- dollars When calling the customs, it was said that nothing had to be paid in advance, but only when it arrived

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    Mel,slalqmP,zllz,lq Umali

    Im from philipines can you shout out me

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    Alison Reid

    Gooo Mackenzie!

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    Ariel Ladignon

    The guy is from Philippines

  • Potato.playz_roblox

    Imagine knowing how to draw a house that doesn’t look like people pig’s house... can’t relate

  • The Unknown {Nightmare}
    The Unknown {Nightmare}

    how can i be famous like u guys i have my youtube channel i cant find any of my videos if i search it up on youtube can i have tips?

  • The Unknown {Nightmare}
    The Unknown {Nightmare}

    i love the music

  • Ben Chen
    Ben Chen

    Paint a house I then you will get R one. Me. wowowo

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    the fact that no one took the blue ball-

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    sushma sharan

    I am from india my language is hindi and English

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    Revital Wanono

    I love ur vids pls can I have an iPhone. I watch you every day plsss😭🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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    Ari Vale

    Who else thought of painting a real house💀🤦🏻‍♀️

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    Abby Shantel Ymas

    Someone was from Philippines wait im from Philippines

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    I just subbed on this account and I love your vids bc art is very interesting.💕❤️

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    Lola Frajman

    Where’s viv ???

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    The MR BEAST side of ZHC

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    Ivelisse R.

    I love painting

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    Saud Patel

    You can do a a million tall house

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    I wish that I can have that kind of canvas🙃🙃🙃

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    leumie and friends

    Philippines omg

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  • Ryuu Dizon
    Ryuu Dizon

    Can i ask where leo is? I kinda miss the dude HAHAHAHAH

  • Ryuu Dizon
    Ryuu Dizon

    Can i ask where leo is? I kinda miss the dude HAHAHAHAH

  • Zoy To The World
    Zoy To The World

    This gonna change our Life 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙌🙌 if i win this $10,000 i will build our own House (Last day we are evicted coz we are only living in our relatives) and right now we dont know where to go, hoping that we are having our own house soon, and can afford to buy foods. Honestly i dont have work due to this Pandemic. Thats why i am hoping and Praying for this 🙏🏼🙏🏼

  • Gemma Lyall
    Gemma Lyall

    He’s so good 😊 at art 🎨🖌📸🎆🎇🌅🌌🌁🌆🌠🌃🎑🖼🌄🏙🏞🗾🌇🌉

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    Pari Sharma

    I live in America but iam a indian so iam so happy that he said my curcny name and iam big fan of zac and iam very happy

  • iamyumilicious

    I'm also from Philippines like jazzes partner

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    Sonic and Ali Ss321

    I love jakes House more and jazz house is Weird

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    Kelvin Rohrlach

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  • Kelvin Rohrlach
    Kelvin Rohrlach

    amazing work

  • Kelvin Rohrlach
    Kelvin Rohrlach

    you are amazing i love your video can i be in your next video

  • Maryam Valjy
    Maryam Valjy

    Video idea: so zach paints something and nobody else can see it, so u then have to give them steps or instructions and even if there not done u have to carry on and u have to see who’s is closer to urs ??

  • CarrotFromParis 457
    CarrotFromParis 457

    Feels weird when zhc changes out some of his friends

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    danibee anime

    I like mckenzie She is so good at drawing and beautiful woman ❤️❤️❤️


    There's only 5 artists

  • Hails Hansen
    Hails Hansen

    I love how Izzy thought it was an octopus not an elephant bc of the lagging I’m so glad she won! And everyone’s paintings were amazing

    • Charlotte K
      Charlotte K

      You spoilt it for me

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      Peely dope

      Ye me too

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    CAmdenplays Camden

    My favorite is the tree House

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    CAmdenplays Camden

    I Subscribe its ok I will take it everyone

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    CAmdenplays Camden


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    You are so so amazing ZHC

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    Wait Izzy changed her name into Isabella or is that another person?!

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    juventus der aller echte

    so viele deutsche 😂😂

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    Mckenzie having more likes than ZHC, ZHC: why are we still here just to suffer

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    I am George the monkey 🐵

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    Sheel Bhadra

    i am also from India . The 400000sq.feet .its name is antilia its ambaani ' s house . He is so rich in India . Also counted in rich persons from Asia .

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    Kate Berkoski

    Hay this video is awesome so clean except for the girls shirts

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    Jasmine kaur Dhaliwal

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    Luz Martínez Picado

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    Austin Windhauser

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    I feel bad for mckenzie I feel like she isn’t winning anymore bc she kept winning but she’s jsut so good!

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    choclate fox

    Hi evryone I just wanted to say remember Izzy the subscriber she was partner up with the picture of his sister art was an elephant and she said octopus so I am a little confuse also love your art work

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    meata dau

    that is so cool.

  • Gacha_123 •-•
    Gacha_123 •-•

    That would be so cool! Also do you have a idea I can do? I would love to paint something but I have no ideas 🎨

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    Love the aquaculture house would look great with some koi in the pool

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    Izabellah Marie Flores

    Omg my name is izabellah but spelled differently and my nicknames are : izzy,bella,izabellers,and bells

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    I made a second account so I can have a chance winning I've been your subscribers for 3 years I would freak out if I win a big amount of money if He Actually choose me It will be a big help to my family and I can pay my parents dept my luck is terrible.congrats who ever win And congratulations to 20.1million subscribers 🎉 keep safe

  • Jonas Nielsen
    Jonas Nielsen

    Little clickbait but okay you did not pay for a house you payede the rent


    WOW!!!!!! Izzy's one was sooooo awesome!!!! I loved all of them, McKenzie did a nature kind of house which I found very nice. Jakes one was actually cute and I couldn't recognise whose fav colour was whose except for the Cyan and Pink. Michelle's was very nice, I love how all her paintings are mostly pink. Jaz's one I liked, I found it calming which pretty nice. All of you did a great job, but I'm so so sooo happy that Izzy was the winner. She TOTALLY deserved it!!! Izzy, I have no words!!! I loveeeeeeeed yours! GREAT JOB!!!!!!!! ( fyi, i am talking about all of you, don't be sad! you guys did amazing as well! )

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    Felix the cat channel

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