I Challenged Professional Football Players to a 1v1...
I challenged 2 of the best football SLtoosrs @Deestroying and @Dockery to a football competition and it was INSANE!!
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  • FaZe Rug
    FaZe Rug

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    • Victor Acevedo
      Victor Acevedo


    • Gar Johnson
      Gar Johnson

      that hard catch you failed you did do a good job i subed

    • Fantastic Kidd
      Fantastic Kidd

      What team lmao

    • Lisa Cook
      Lisa Cook

      @1 ꜱᴜʙ ʙᴇꜰᴏʀᴇ 2022? is the time of time to get this app out to the app and I can get it to be free and I can get it r rrrerrrrrrrr

    • Job Carbajal
      Job Carbajal

      Man i never win anything plz let me win 😢

  • Oriola Ori
    Oriola Ori

    (4:37) what has noah in his back?? (10:14) you spelled challenge wrong

  • Shanda Mowbray
    Shanda Mowbray

    You should challenge my cousin

  • Olivia Moreno
    Olivia Moreno

    What’s on Noah’s back

  • marivee romero
    marivee romero

    The real handicap methodically guarantee because mine allegedly last pace a idiotic cod. slim, steadfast bronze

  • OvvnV2

    Rug you have to kick it from the side lmao

  • Bla Bla Bla Bla
    Bla Bla Bla Bla

    Destroying Should Be A NFL Kicker Lowkey

  • Jahangir Akbar
    Jahangir Akbar

    3:01 song name?

  • SoaR yozy
    SoaR yozy

    There was wind blowing through my eyes and I blinked lol.

  • Jiden Comilang
    Jiden Comilang

    I keep rewatching this cause this is insane pls make more

  • Abdullah Mumin
    Abdullah Mumin

    i love the way rug kicks and much love to them 2 and sherman lol

  • Mason Wolfram
    Mason Wolfram

    “The wind is going left so we have to kick it towards the left” what school did you go to? his school: 85+75=8575 that is correct. my school be like: e392 Times e9291= 17,698

  • Syed Rahman
    Syed Rahman


  • Allen Nkepang
    Allen Nkepang

    I am in the NBA and the NFL

  • Syn

    all the legends go to this highschool 😎

  • Taco And Pizza Gaming
    Taco And Pizza Gaming

    didn't yall see he spelled challenge wrong at 10:10

  • Neovlie

    6:38 look at docks face lmao

  • Brady Grener
    Brady Grener

    Browns we need this kicker

  • bryce rasmussen
    bryce rasmussen

    My friend has the same gloves

  • Simona Cabello
    Simona Cabello

    Destroying is the best kicker in the world

  • Jack Cook
    Jack Cook

    Jidion hates you

  • PengWin0420

    This is not football lol. Yes i'm an European


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  • angel jimenez
    angel jimenez

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    Cameron Vidz

    Like and subscribe if u want faze rug to post ( Faze rug Vr. OBJ ) on SLtoos

  • Jax Rendon
    Jax Rendon

    I’m gonna explode right now

  • Jax Rendon
    Jax Rendon

    I love football what’s your favorite team in football

  • Tyler Cool
    Tyler Cool


  • Bryan Jester
    Bryan Jester

    He didn’t get the one that he said. 250k likes not 250k likes

  • Cool Sharkbroww
    Cool Sharkbroww

    Who think destroying is going to be Á punter in the nfl

  • sonia fernandez
    sonia fernandez

    rug im a boy btw but can you add me on fortnite please it will be my dream qt fr0st with 0

  • Your boii F
    Your boii F

    The. Behind the back catch is easy y’all dramatic

    • Your boii F
      Your boii F

      I don’t even post everyday like you and I still got more subs I’m weak 😂

    • Your boii F
      Your boii F

      @Liana’s Vlogs ok but first i would like if you get more then 2 subscribers and 2 views

    • Liana’s Vlogs
      Liana’s Vlogs

      i would like to see u try ;)

  • Xd AcE Yeti
    Xd AcE Yeti


  • Jett 69
    Jett 69


  • Braden McGee
    Braden McGee

    Oh he got the one hand

  • jp 2
    jp 2

    I love football

  • Cynthia Reyes
    Cynthia Reyes

    I would be able to catch that

  • LuXuRy xNoah
    LuXuRy xNoah


  • Baby Heredia
    Baby Heredia

    Bruh tell me why when he said chicken nuggets I got a McDonald’s ad

  • kswagtjr gaming
    kswagtjr gaming

    Noah should win cuz he run all that yards

  • Diane Salazar
    Diane Salazar

    Do you remember you know we are back to win out here you already lost my kid you’re so water your dog water my kid

  • Diane Salazar
    Diane Salazar

    Hey face drugs I have one question for you

  • Remah Abouali
    Remah Abouali

    Rug was pretty slick not gonna lie

  • The fishing Master
    The fishing Master

    I love football and base ball

  • Josh Austin
    Josh Austin

    I thought Sherman made it

  • Peyton Ramos
    Peyton Ramos

    Have yall noticed that in the intro of deestroying he missed the fieldgoal.

  • Brandy Purvis
    Brandy Purvis

    Faze said the winds going left so kick it left in The field goal challenge.

    • bobby poop
      bobby poop

      Did i ask?

  • Noobforfun

    NFL stands for, National football league. This is just for the people who don’t know what it stands for

  • Scorpion1231 Coolest
    Scorpion1231 Coolest

    I love football 🏈

  • Alijah Williams
    Alijah Williams

    Y7ghm5dtydh6fyjtuj time, Girls

  • The Buentello Family
    The Buentello Family


  • Amy Coon
    Amy Coon

    65 yards is the farthest in nfl

  • Jayden Sale
    Jayden Sale

    What you're shong okay

  • Chaka Dorcean
    Chaka Dorcean

    no you should not

  • Chelsey Mordhorst
    Chelsey Mordhorst

    Who else wishes they could catch like decory?

  • Erick Calix
    Erick Calix

    Deestroying is whereing Danny duncun murch

  • JU5T_Emma


  • Zaden Farmer
    Zaden Farmer

    he said his personal record was 75 when the world record is 64

  • Jamair Gallman
    Jamair Gallman

    What about water y Gatorade

  • Teigen Bettilyon
    Teigen Bettilyon

    I love faze rug


    Next video playing football (SOCCER) with Messi

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    bad push ups

  • Sharon Hall Duker
    Sharon Hall Duker

    Dockery 🥶💯

  • The Sad Street
    The Sad Street

    COME ON EVERYONE ! Subscribe to FaZe Rug 💕 Let’s get him to 20mil + subs !!!! Great videos and no clickbait 🚫 he uploads constantly & you won’t regret it

  • Matthew Cedeno
    Matthew Cedeno

    Hi faze rug

  • Oreo plays
    Oreo plays

    Desttroying destroyed his gril in bed

  • Laura Chase
    Laura Chase

    cool video

  • Carlos S.
    Carlos S.

    Pfft he puts a beat drop on a post

  • Faded 2
    Faded 2

    no Bich


    Imagine if Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes were in this

  • Roblox4life

    Bro destroying is the type of guy to not go to college but still get in the nfl

  • Amee Janice Rivera
    Amee Janice Rivera


  • Mcdonald's Big Mac
    Mcdonald's Big Mac

    Rug waddles like a long duck but he's fast low-key good too 😂

  • Reece Doucette
    Reece Doucette

    Sherman the virgin has a man Gina

  • bucketboy_. knowah
    bucketboy_. knowah

    Rug is too cold bru

  • Tristan White
    Tristan White

    80 longest

  • Umm Not sure
    Umm Not sure

    Give away comment for 20 mill hope I win

  • Kimmy Michelle
    Kimmy Michelle

    I hope brawadis uploads a fire vid today 😭❤️

  • Henry Wilson
    Henry Wilson

    Join the nfl faze

  • De. Michael
    De. Michael

    You can kick 🦵 fuck

  • Tanya Bryant
    Tanya Bryant

    Destroying is not a professional

  • Jake_The _Snake
    Jake_The _Snake

    How does a cussing 13 year old who claims to be through high school have 18mil subs and 2 football players

  • Yesenia Bribiesca
    Yesenia Bribiesca

    Hi destoring

  • Samuel Long
    Samuel Long

    Do more football videos!!!!!!!! 🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈 faze rug in the NFL?

  • Emanthebeast Menzer
    Emanthebeast Menzer

    I’m NFL scout he might be in a draft soon

    • Emanthebeast Menzer
      Emanthebeast Menzer

      Thanks man I hope he succeeds to 👍🏼have a good day

    • xxXHeartHackerXxx

      @Emanthebeast Menzer XD Thank you I as well hope for the best i 2020 and 2021 have been rough but dang I really want to see him succeed and yea ik what you mean we all do it anyways have a good day

    • Emanthebeast Menzer
      Emanthebeast Menzer

      You know what dude um I was joking around I’m an ordinary guy I just wanted to act special you know ? But I hope the best for him and you

    • Emanthebeast Menzer
      Emanthebeast Menzer

      Ok he needs to apply

    • xxXHeartHackerXxx

      @Emanthebeast Menzer I would be so happy for him its his dream

  • Shana Poppen
    Shana Poppen

    You can not just join the nfl you have to play collage to get drafted to the nfl


    Hi my name is abraham and i would love yo win the ps5 i did all that u asked faze my acoount on insta is ab.mr.drip i commented on ur post and i i liked the post and did everything that u told me to do me and my brothers would be very happy to get the ps5 if i win the giveaway my snapchat is abraham herr3439

  • Lisa Cho
    Lisa Cho

    The standing toenail externally frighten because pyramid proximally attack apropos a tricky run. magnificent, mighty butcher

  • Harry Day
    Harry Day

    how did he jump over rug

  • Crimson Chris
    Crimson Chris

    Destroying needs to be a kicker in the nfl man

    • Privhdifh

      I don’t understand how hes not in the nfl, he legit broke a world record

    • ZayZee Productions
      ZayZee Productions


    • Stacy Glaze
      Stacy Glaze

      That’s what I’m saying

  • Jaimito Portillo
    Jaimito Portillo

    I want to know who won

  • James Walker
    James Walker

    This dude rug run up to the ball like he’s never walked before😂

  • Kaisan Mohamad
    Kaisan Mohamad

    Noah the fastest man alive

  • 1 will this stickman get 1000 subs
    1 will this stickman get 1000 subs

    A lottery ricket excuse me what 8:00

  • Chris Hand
    Chris Hand

    Draft me pls

  • Lesley Duncan
    Lesley Duncan

    I hate you jk

  • Zak_ 1
    Zak_ 1

    Well no 250k likes lmao 😂

  • YuqqiBTW

    Am I the only one who new that the one foot ball player had Danny Duncan's shorts on

  • George and luke games
    George and luke games

    bro deestroyings 75 yards is a god damn world record!