It's Kardashians vs. Jenners in a "KUWTK" Volleyball Game! | E!
Khloé & Kim Kardashian challenge Kendall & Kylie Jenner to a match to see which family name is genetically more athletic when it comes to sports!
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It's Kardashians vs. Jenners in a "KUWTK" Volleyball Game! | E!

  • Edward John Cosep
    Edward John Cosep

    Am I the only one that has anxiety that the ball might hit their faces and mess up the botox and other stuff? Only me? ok...

  • sye

    this is so cute I can't omfg 🥺☹️

  • Joe Smith
    Joe Smith

    Kendall Jenner is so fine. 😍🙌🏻

  • Mikey Graal YT
    Mikey Graal YT

    Kim is fire when she is bouncing 😩🤤🤫😩

  • Biology Is dope
    Biology Is dope

    You actually get two chances to serve, so they didn’t get that second point LOL

  • Febe

    #TeamJenners ❤️

  • lele diamondasmr
    lele diamondasmr

    I like kendal shes very laid back and not fazed by the fights.

  • kaylyani estimo
    kaylyani estimo

    why was i actually going for the jenner who know woowoo lets go jenner ig

  • Destiny Drumheller
    Destiny Drumheller

    kendall had me dead plsssss 😭 period queen

  • Rahmouni Samia
    Rahmouni Samia

    Nice kill Kendall!

  • Bhavesh vatari
    Bhavesh vatari

    It seems uncomfortable when they run 😂!!!!!

  • Rey For Ever
    Rey For Ever

    Plastic is not atletic tho

  • Bvtterfls

    The "Watch out skinny b*tch"

  • Condy Loid
    Condy Loid

    Kendall the best

  • the darkriddler
    the darkriddler

    So much plastic everywhere

  • Randy Boisa
    Randy Boisa

    1:29 "My dad" Ahh ok what ever.

  • Adam Craig
    Adam Craig

    Tbf, OJ was probably more genetically gifted than Bruce lol

  • Ashley Gilmour
    Ashley Gilmour

    I love how Kendall is the only one who’s stayed natural 🤷‍♀️

    • Ashley Gilmour
      Ashley Gilmour

      Awe thanks for the compliment but I’ve never had surgery in my life and if I could afford it I just might 🤷‍♀️ so noones shaming anyone lmao I’m just saying I like how she’s her own person and does her own thing geez who pissed in your Cheerios lmao 🤣🤣🤣

    • Joy Karimi
      Joy Karimi

      Stop shaming for people who get surgery from your photo you sure do plastic surgery lmao😂

    • dcoog anml
      dcoog anml

      A blood test can reveal if you're athletic or not😳

  • vysakh p viswanath
    vysakh p viswanath

    Can somebody please tell why is this world giving importance to these idiots Somebody please

  • flex five
    flex five

    Im here after Khloe got all upset that a non-photoshop pic of her got posted. She's so annoying. How is she going to get butthurt that the Jenner sisters were helping each other when they are on the same team? Lmao she gets all mad and calls her a cheater. Does she know what cheating is?? I mean you'd figure she would after TT lmfao

  • Gonika Batra
    Gonika Batra

    A blood test can reveal if you're athletic or not😳

  • Faruk Işıkak
    Faruk Işıkak

    Yeah, you all need cardio girls.

  • Ambereigh

    I cant tell what tf the weather is in this video

  • Anubhav Balgotra
    Anubhav Balgotra

    I believe in jenners supremacy

  • Vito Doktore
    Vito Doktore

    The play was painful to watch..

  • Duhhiane

    Lmfao this is so funny as a volleyball player

  • Leiyami Ng
    Leiyami Ng

    💯 Kendall is genetically athletic

  • Chazae Black
    Chazae Black

    That a lot of plastic in one place

  • Aesthetic Videos
    Aesthetic Videos

    Kendall seems annoying

  • rihanna banks
    rihanna banks

    Kendall's flop shot on the ball was epic

  • kolim jone
    kolim jone

    1:23 the way Kim a*s bounce had me dead

  • Lelee DaDutchess Spoild
    Lelee DaDutchess Spoild

    Kendall is the only one that is genetically REAL. WELL most real. God bless her im so glad she stuck to her guns in the old episode where the Jenner kids said they didn't want to be the Kardashian " tv type. Yeap I do watch well I use to when they started being more created i stopped. 1 thing gotta give them they are about there money and thats respect

    • dcoog anml
      dcoog anml

      made peace.

  • Josh Nalley
    Josh Nalley



    Kim: We are the true athletes here Also KIm: mY dIAmOnd EArIng!111111!!!!!!111!!!!!!!!

  • Chirag Solanki
    Chirag Solanki

    Too much chemical in one video

  • Darius Crowl
    Darius Crowl

    It’s crazy how there are all short af but look tall af on social media

  • Gayatri Bala
    Gayatri Bala

    Kylie is not doing well in this

  • Sonam Zangmo
    Sonam Zangmo

    wow their sisterhood is just wow

  • Xail Potenciano
    Xail Potenciano

    I just realized that there are two kardashians and jenner’s I’m so confused loll

  • Tube E666
    Tube E666

    1:24 omfg

  • ryandotexe

    Is it me or does Kendall look like Victoria Justice a little

  • Tracy Burge
    Tracy Burge

    We won agaiinnnn!! 😂

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  • NENE

    Hey Guys, I love music. That's what I`m made of. Listen to it, you`ll not regret it.

  • aniket borade
    aniket borade

    Kim want to win always,She is superior than others🔥🔥

  • Kardashian Jenner stuff
    Kardashian Jenner stuff


  • moe nae
    moe nae

    They are so funny I love the kardashians. I never want this show to end :(

  • moe nae
    moe nae


    • bcvbb hyui
      bcvbb hyui

      Whole family is on another level especially when it comes to relationship...🙏

  • moe nae
    moe nae

    I love them so much HAHAHAA

    • bcvbb hyui
      bcvbb hyui

      Türk yokmu ya

  • Alejandro Pineda
    Alejandro Pineda

    Si fueran bolas negras las cogen todas

  • Jalan lurus Titik
    Jalan lurus Titik

    Very good and beautiful when playing

  • Nena Linda
    Nena Linda

    I love seeing them outside the limelight and enjoying family time without the excessive makeup and boujee outfits. It makes me happy seeing them genuinely enjoying themselves.

  • Isabel Peterson
    Isabel Peterson

    Jesus is our lord and savior

  • Amazing April
    Amazing April

    Which episode is this

  • Williambutler

    It jiggles 😛

  • nilotpal Singh
    nilotpal Singh

    Its surprising that they fall and don't actually break 😶


    the waste of humanities the liberal 🤡s real last name

  • Mailza Ferreira
    Mailza Ferreira


  • kevin the pigeon
    kevin the pigeon

    so jealous of kendall for being so athletic and sporty and still having hella skinny calves, like how??

  • Clarice Starling
    Clarice Starling

    Khloe made the show

  • Peppa Pig
    Peppa Pig

    To be honest I think Kendall is the only athletic jenner

  • melike akdoğan
    melike akdoğan

    Türk yokmu ya

  • Gaurav Chawla
    Gaurav Chawla

    Whole family is on another level especially when it comes to relationship...🙏

  • Queen Elizabeth
    Queen Elizabeth

    The Kardashians vs the Jenners? *YAS*

    • seeni gzty
      seeni gzty

      I have to say, this was a really good one!

  • Julail Edres
    Julail Edres

    What is right?🤔 Kepping up with kardashians or Kepping up with Jenners?

    • seeni gzty
      seeni gzty

      is it bad that i was so scared that one of their implants would burst when they fell over

  • Sassy diamond
    Sassy diamond

    I want to see Gigi play with Kendall.😔🙌

  • Umuhoza Diane
    Umuhoza Diane

    I love kendal's voice

  • Naz Ha
    Naz Ha

    Seeing this for the 1000th time 1:23. 😁😁

  • Rhian Fig
    Rhian Fig

    i wanna play with khloe

  • Rhian Fig
    Rhian Fig

    finally i saw kylie after howmany episode

  • seeni gzty
    seeni gzty

    Honestly this is cute to see sibling playing together i know many ppl don't like them but at the end of the day they love each other and this is absolutely amazing to see

  • Jkoo

    This family is a joke. The fact that Khloe approved the migraine commercial with her looking like an alien is hilarious.

  • Juliette Ferrars
    Juliette Ferrars

    1:23 what the hell was this khloe and kim??

  • Aotea Nordstrom
    Aotea Nordstrom


    • seeni gzty
      seeni gzty

      What is the t shirt of kendall jenner?

  • 1985 nallyn
    1985 nallyn

    For me ur the best kendall.

  • yamila Az
    yamila Az

    OMG! Jajajajaj😂😂

  • Jess Baby
    Jess Baby

    Their bodies are hilarious have anybody seen that movie ants 😩😩😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣 thank you Jesus Christ for making me a black curvy woman. And your genetically want to be bla ck but will never be. But isn't the dad a mother now hahaha only in America man

  • gassed up shawty
    gassed up shawty

    is it bad that i was so scared that one of their implants would burst when they fell over

  • lexie chan
    lexie chan

    Khloe screaming " we won we won" is hilarious."

  • KRSever Patino
    KRSever Patino

    Isn’t Chloe oj’s daughter.? She naturally gifted too

  • Aida C
    Aida C

    You guys should be careful, cuz if that ball hits any of you in the face you’re gonna have to run to the plastic surgeon.

  • VIP GD
    VIP GD

    What episode is this?

  • Sachin Ramesh
    Sachin Ramesh

    “We have worked harder” All y’all did was release sexy tapes and get surgeries done to be where you are 😂 Surely y’all got it genetically

  • Lazaro Lazinho
    Lazaro Lazinho


  • Jannati Ferdous
    Jannati Ferdous

    They are sisters. But why their surname is different?

  • Prasanna Thapa
    Prasanna Thapa

    🤦🤦🤦playing volleyball with long nail's . God daam .🤣😂🤣stop it

  • Sanjana Raj
    Sanjana Raj

    Which episode is this

  • Libby Masters
    Libby Masters

    kylie & Kendall : this is embarrassing, this is so hard to watch also kylie & Kendall : loosing every game

  • Rachel Park
    Rachel Park

    What is the t shirt of kendall jenner?

  • Sara Qasem
    Sara Qasem

    Is it only me but the jenners and kris, feels much more rude in reality, it feels like they jugde people and based on how they acted when the had lunch with addison🤢🤮

  • dcoog anml
    dcoog anml

    Amazing video man

  • Ben Journey
    Ben Journey

    I love how much fun they had...nothing better then a sibling rivalry 😂. Love it

  • Madjee Vilus
    Madjee Vilus

    Please guys someone tell me which episode

  • Aelah sedik
    Aelah sedik

    This is really hahaha

  • Willy San
    Willy San

    1:22 really hit good

    • dcoog anml
      dcoog anml

      I can’t be the only one questioning how Kim is wearing that in a hot day

  • Make America Great Again Nunyeah
    Make America Great Again Nunyeah

    THB is the currency abbreviation for the Thai baht, the currency for the Kingdom of Thailand

  • Zee Zee
    Zee Zee

    Lmaooo Khris calling them kids

  • الحمدلله

    Do they realize how ugly their fake bodies look? Kendall, although skinny the only decent human looking of them.

  • Rafael Bouet Gabriel
    Rafael Bouet Gabriel

    Plastic surgeries all over Jesus!...those booties hahahahaha