So I Challenged Pro Players To 1v1 Me In Fortnite...
In this video, I 1v1 a bunch of the top tier 1 pro players in Fortnite. These pros include Liquid Stretch, G2 Coop, BBG Calc, NRG Edgey, and my son, Joji. Leave a like if you want to see me 1v1 more pros including my arch nemesis, ZexRow.
Pros Featured:
Calc -
Stretch -
Joji -
Coop -
Edgey -
Cented -
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  • Sameer1009シ

    It’s jerian isn’t Evan bad

  • cristian Vega
    cristian Vega

    this is just sad

  • Rowan Cumming
    Rowan Cumming

    Jerian:tells stretch he has the fastest 90s Clix has left the chat

  • DJTheReal1


  • Eesak236

    Anyone wanna 1v1 me my epic is bossbonnie07 go add me and we’ll play

  • AspectAjayy

    Stretch is to predictable goes for a lot of clips.. dont get me wrong he's goated

  • Brzyy

    Calc makes so many excuses lmao

  • Aditya Bajulge
    Aditya Bajulge

    uhmmmmm unkown army :(

  • demzii

    can I 1v1 you??????? I’m good

  • Troy Taiaroa
    Troy Taiaroa

    Upside is mobile

    • Troy Taiaroa
      Troy Taiaroa


  • Th3 InFern 0
    Th3 InFern 0

    This video makes you look like a bot but you could still destroy me in any fight. Just proves how good pros are.

  • Sam Gleeson
    Sam Gleeson

    what where the symptoms of smallpox? What was Jenner given celebrity? Jenners theory / how id he test its

  • CautionFN

    0:11 AYY YO

  • defy

    Yeah get in to it

  • Asapzz_

    the rezin u arent getting subs cuz u fucking lie about your thumbnails like the fuck

  • Triston Mckay
    Triston Mckay

    Did you have to use the least intimidating photo of you😂🤣

  • sign

    Stretch said He has the fastest 90's but does not realize that every creative warrior and their mother knows them now

  • Rame FC
    Rame FC

    Jerian do u love in long island

  • Christopher Hurtle
    Christopher Hurtle

    Love the video!

  • Daniel Zayt
    Daniel Zayt

    Clickbait at its best. Gonna unsub

  • Trapper lovesfn
    Trapper lovesfn

    Edgey edits fast as hell

  • ItzRetakes

    Why do no controller pros (aside from like sway and aydan) play claw? Like coop and a lot of other people you’ve fought haven’t used claw, opting for L-stick instead.

  • Code_Abe

    Still my favorite video

  • Mac Hebebrand
    Mac Hebebrand

    doesn’t unknown have less subs than jerian?

  • Rg Hush
    Rg Hush

    I hate your face cam turn it off


    Piece controlled

  • InvertedWraith

    I think I could beat you Jerian and I play on controller no claw and no paddles, if you wanna 1v1 my epic is: InvertedWraith and I play on Xbox

  • void shado
    void shado


  • void shado
    void shado


  • elub

    jeriannn i killed BBG YUNGCALC in arena the other day on stream omg im so good (im actually not but yeah yeah)

  • spxckz.

    15:53 dam eyebrows tho

  • Way what Graham
    Way what Graham

    NOT 0 PING

  • Dying Hype
    Dying Hype

    Why does calc remind me of the kid in class who talks mad shit and always chews gum?

  • Eric Dooley
    Eric Dooley

    why does he always look like he hasn't slept in 2 weeks

  • coolkid

    I liked for the thumbnail🤣

  • Ella Parsonage
    Ella Parsonage

    hey bro be confident in yourself your really good also your adorable and i love you

  • OSN_ LAW
    OSN_ LAW

    It was a good vid but he makes videos on best starts in a one V1 in so that means he should get high ground every single time

  • Randy Fain
    Randy Fain

    Could you teach all of the good 1v1 starts?

  • Logan

    This video is jearion giving away shout outs basically

  • HYP Wrath
    HYP Wrath

    The title should have been PRO PLAYERS BULLIYING ITSJERIAN

  • Иван Атанасов
    Иван Атанасов

    Jerian you big noobs king of noobs

  • Snowyy VFX
    Snowyy VFX

    Joji has negative ping lol

  • Cooper Hall
    Cooper Hall

    Where’s CLIX

  • KFA Orchards
    KFA Orchards

    No offence you got clamped friend me my name is KFAB3ams

  • Winnie

    Didn’t fight mongraal... or clix.....


    jerian was getting bullied by stretch

  • Nasty Wtf
    Nasty Wtf

    My son😂

  • STATiCPlaysFN

    Jerian: Hits 40 Coop: Thank god you only hit me for 30

  • Jan Navařík
    Jan Navařík

    these videos jsut make me realize how bad i actually am :D

  • Trey _
    Trey _

    Uses 2 people in his thumbnail that he doesnt fight. Un sub

  • Elliott Turner
    Elliott Turner

    Your the beast

  • Muhammad Ali the Strike
    Muhammad Ali the Strike

    what we want: benjy and mongrall ITsjerien: coop?

  • Mihail Cenov
    Mihail Cenov

    I would consider you a pro and the pros by your standards will be the gods by mine

  • Strojan25 Live MC
    Strojan25 Live MC

    Insane jerian

  • Jaclyn Dzedzy
    Jaclyn Dzedzy

    coop is one of my friends brothers friend

  • 3REE Hannaa
    3REE Hannaa

    Why is he so toxic

  • SebbyLOL

    I think jerian is the only one who has fun playing fortnite 😭😭😭

  • yeenker

    Who has that ego?

  • Brojo86

    Dang I would have loved to see Jerian vs Ronaldo

  • Sathvik Surapaneni
    Sathvik Surapaneni

    it was nice to see my fortnite teacher die in the game

  • TTVDMclips

    Jerian trying so much

  • eqho

    im a nobody but can u 1v1 me


    isn't joji the guy who helps out in jerians video for examples of fighting techniques?

  • Lustify

    That yurrr made me deaf

  • The Life of HolyElk
    The Life of HolyElk

    This video is awesome, remember that time you did a bit of damage to pro players jerian! Lol

  • Ben Zeager
    Ben Zeager

    first guy is cringe as hell

  • Marek Ott
    Marek Ott

    At least you had batter FPS. :D

  • Two Bro’s
    Two Bro’s

    jerian is cracked

  • Andrew Inman
    Andrew Inman

    calc seemed so chill and nice this shows their is hope in the community

  • chef maladi
    chef maladi

    4:36 when your tinder date is black

  • Memez R Kool
    Memez R Kool

    holy shit pro players are so toxic jesus christ

  • anzll

    playing with filthyfrank bruh

  • BlurHimself

    Can you set up a 1v1 for me vs edgy?? I feel like I could beat him.

  • Swatz 2
    Swatz 2


  • kmezinjo

    My man u gotta use that 0 ping

  • CK

    Hey guys, today I will show you how to walk in Fortnite, I have worked a ton on this specific video. -No one

  • Rhdnd Rndndj
    Rhdnd Rndndj

    Jesus is king

  • Nadiya Bragg
    Nadiya Bragg

    no way someone did not know he is on zero ping nauni?

  • Vikrant

    Me thinking the clips in the background are itsJerians: 😱😱😱😱 Me realizing it’s not really him:🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓

  • Vixen

    Unkown is just made you killed him

  • Courtney Turner
    Courtney Turner

    Please can I see more

  • FS JCB
    FS JCB

    Idk why you call yourself a bot ur actually rlly good

  • Colby Wedel
    Colby Wedel

    I love how he is doesn’t get mad even tho he’s getting shit on he still good tho

  • Ieuan mortlock
    Ieuan mortlock

    No one: Jerian: in today's video I get dogged on

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    Jerian is like the little brother who got bullied

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    Alex Hem

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    Man l hate school

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    Jamarcus Arnold

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    Tony V_15

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    Weston Carpenter

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    if jerian would have kept his shotgun out he could have killed calc so many times

  • Zack loves Dogs
    Zack loves Dogs

    Young calc just won dreamhack.season 5

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    terYgaY OK!

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    Isaiah Ortiz

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    Alexander Adams

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    2D B5 CUNANAN Keanne Matthew

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