i low key have a secret girlfriend... (EPISODE 2)
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i low key have a secret girlfriend
EPISODE 2 jake has major girl drama
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  • Andrew Waitt
    Andrew Waitt

    wow jake is dating women now huh i thought he liked guys lol

  • Shanecia Clarke
    Shanecia Clarke

    I thought Quan was a femaie. SORRY

  • gamer tve
    gamer tve

    I live in small town in vernonbc

  • darragh plays p3
    darragh plays p3

    why no one likes jake


    But I wish it I love you guys

    • YAGIZ



    I’ll pay for everything to get there


    I wish I can met you in real life

  • Jerry Lee
    Jerry Lee

    Bring your friend back

  • Josh

    Technically Armani is still a day one because he been there since 2018

  • piyush joshi
    piyush joshi

    watching this in lock-down jake's team 10 changes every year 😂😂😪😪

  • Kipsang _2776
    Kipsang _2776

    Yooo gg fnyy man yo give me a

  • Yung Natis
    Yung Natis

    I hope Brandon never leaves 🙏🏾

  • Millie Howie
    Millie Howie

    Pam stepnick trying time get in the tea

  • Can't Lose
    Can't Lose

    i low key have a secret girlfriend... (EPISODE 2)

  • It'salwaysforce man
    It'salwaysforce man

    Whats the song in the intro??


    jake you lied it was the dobre twins and chance that were here since day one because it saw your old vids in the team 10 channel and your channel.

  • Bri254

    Of course they want their own room they are a couple you bellends.

  • Yung Natis
    Yung Natis

    When the sun down and the numbness all you feel

  • Quazy

    jake I rap and I’m young I’m 9 years old and you said in this vid about scouting young people or something. So I was wondering if u could hit me up. You probably won’t see this and will ignore it. The person who inspired to rap was xxxtentacion

  • SyncereTV

    What is his intro so g

  • Mehh

    Touch my penguin fur

  • Saydia Kabbah
    Saydia Kabbah

    Oh yeah and Jake you should make a uncut shirt 👕

  • Saydia Kabbah
    Saydia Kabbah

    Bowl shit always happen why did you even marry Tana I just want to know cuz you know that shit gos around in the10house

  • Mamta Laur
    Mamta Laur

    You are lit 🤑😲🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑😲🖕🏽🖕🏽

  • Lyssa Konter
    Lyssa Konter

    This is so sad, jake better have cut Alyssa and tanner a check for trying to lie on them for a story line

  • Christian Pedroza
    Christian Pedroza

    Team Trash

  • Thicc Boi
    Thicc Boi

    Jake: Claims his channel is family friendly. Also Jake: Swears every few seconds, throughout this video.

  • season slunt
    season slunt

    omg i almost commented "what about jana!!"till i realized jana wasn't a thing yet lol

  • Jamie Wimett
    Jamie Wimett

    Then there was tana

  • AliSakii

    the caci twins really need to learn to shut up god damb do they ever shut their mouth?

  • Lexa Terrestrial
    Lexa Terrestrial

    im a cam girl.. lmao... but mostly to support my hip-hop / design career. GET A CAM GIRL IN THERE. You'd get MAD Sponsorships !


    Jake Paul IS way too lucky for Alexis Clark.

  • Six7OneLove

    I'm just mad that Jake got rid of all the original team 10 members

  • Kenny Vega
    Kenny Vega

    Bro Jake I'm sorry but your mom is kinda a drama queen and may be over reacting about Ant

  • Chelsey Faye
    Chelsey Faye

    And now we saw the truth from alyssa... Yall did them dirty, we know the truth which makes yall look like clowns this entire episode🤦 come on jake...

  • J X B
    J X B

    caci twins more like incest twins

  • Harleygwyn 11
    Harleygwyn 11

    Who else misses the original team ten😭😭😭

  • Andrei Lupu
    Andrei Lupu

    22:00 is she lesbian or something ?

  • Alejandro Reyna
    Alejandro Reyna

    I like the old team 10 better they were about fun and being savage and there was never drama

  • Klayklay Mckee
    Klayklay Mckee

    Lol the little boys saying they have been rapping since they can remember...um you've only been alive for what 10 years? Lol wow...

  • Klayklay Mckee
    Klayklay Mckee

    The twins are uglyaf....they have huge heads.

  • Klayklay Mckee
    Klayklay Mckee

    He's looking down and down and down. He's lying

  • Mickaeluv_

    4:30 Love how he does the stereotypical over-bubbly infomercial/ game show host voice-over for his character introductions 😂😂😂

  • Maranda Irwin
    Maranda Irwin

    Turning people’s mental illnesses against them and putting them down because they have a mental illness is disgusting to me 🤷🏻‍♀️ love you Alyssa and tanner ❤️

  • Bernadette Caron
    Bernadette Caron

    Lmao 22:25 when he said he was a fuck-up I thought about tanas song fuck-up like yessss they are ment to be haha

  • Kaela Wyche
    Kaela Wyche

    this feels like their starting an influencer sorority. Which can either turn out good or bad tbh

  • Britt N
    Britt N

    Giving up his childhood best friend over some BS shows how evil Jake is. All he cares about is being greedy and business.

  • Connor Sim
    Connor Sim

    “Small town in Canada” someone needs to send Adam back to geography because Calgary is a full city 😂

  • Chang Jia Jun Alvin Student
    Chang Jia Jun Alvin Student


  • sedmidivka

    When big dummy is acting like a "big entrepreneur", the only thing he's proven, watching dumm people is entertaining

  • Fatima zahra Benabdeljelil
    Fatima zahra Benabdeljelil

    Yeah but what about Tana?

  • Shelly

    As a couple coming into the mansion why wouldnt they have their own room weird?

  • Jess

    Bootleg Huey & Riley shouldn't even be here those are actual KIDS 💀💀💀💀

  • Ben Warren
    Ben Warren

    he chats the most shit who are why dont we

  • Fundiswa Hlanjwa
    Fundiswa Hlanjwa


  • Gemma Farré
    Gemma Farré

    This should be: Keeping up with Team 10

  • Santos Arce
    Santos Arce

    Jake Paul is cool man I fuck with you bro. But like you have a "crush" and everyone dude lmao shits kind of annoying low-key lmao bro please 😂🤣

  • NicoleGaming71 _
    NicoleGaming71 _

    the shit the caci girls said bout Alyssa wasn't down but I lit love their vibe brooo

  • MegUp™ TV
    MegUp™ TV

    Talking about “i grew up in a shit hole in Ohio” you grew up in the suburbs 😂 everyone wants to cry poor for a good ol’ rag to riches story, may be a shit hole compared to Calabasas but stahhhhp

  • Maddie Wagner
    Maddie Wagner

    “Small town in Canada” they’re from calgary and the population is legit 2 million

  • Emma Ledlin
    Emma Ledlin

    Jake has way too many people giving their opinions constantly, i would honestly go insane fr

  • Coral Jones
    Coral Jones

    theres too many clips of people just sitting in that chair

  • Charlotte MACKELDEN
    Charlotte MACKELDEN

    hi jake

  • Hannah Waddell
    Hannah Waddell

    so rude. poor alyssa and tanner you twisted their story/words to try to become relevant again.

  • Dalila Musinovic
    Dalila Musinovic

    i swear anthony the only real one. he speaking facts i swear

  • not kaitlyn
    not kaitlyn

    People who aren’t from Canada think that every city is a “small city.” Lmao like Calgary is one of the main cities in Canada , next to Toronto and Vancouver.

  • Eugene Gutierrez
    Eugene Gutierrez


  • Tori Carlton
    Tori Carlton

    Take a shot everytime "Jitt and Quan" say "you feel me" Hilarious listening to how badass they think they are when they talk haha

  • Lo

    caci twins are trash tho

  • Ella Doud
    Ella Doud

    why does ur fingers in the cast look orange compared to your other hand i’m-

  • freya allan
    freya allan

    jake: but do i wanna be tied down? also jake: *gets engaged 2 months later*

  • sarah adams
    sarah adams

    Tana #1 on youtube always be lmao

  • Lori Becton
    Lori Becton

    Aya Jake Paul like you he said when he gets grown he want to be on team 10

  • Charles W
    Charles W

    Cacis shouldnt of fkd with their teeth

  • Jullien Doran
    Jullien Doran

    I wish I had this opportunity Jake.... get me out of this life I live I want so much more with life and I just can’t do it... I don’t have any content uploaded but I’m willing to do whatever it takes man... I just wish I could get lucky like this

  • ᴾᓑˢʱᵉᵉⁿ ᶫᵒⱽᵉʳ
    ᴾᓑˢʱᵉᵉⁿ ᶫᵒⱽᵉʳ


  • Paulina Pryjda
    Paulina Pryjda

    you're such a shit talker about everyone and everything like stfu

  • odd squad
    odd squad

    what abt tanaa

  • Emily Elizabeth
    Emily Elizabeth

    Child rappers?........ oh jesus

  • Cristina Lutai
    Cristina Lutai

    Alyssa and Tanner are the best 💓

  • Klarissa Medina
    Klarissa Medina

    I like when they were interviewing jitt and Quan there was just a random taco in the middle of the counter 😂😂😂

  • Ciara Cruz Vlogs
    Ciara Cruz Vlogs

    I kinda miss the old team 10 🥺

  • dimple alinsod
    dimple alinsod

    Jake: "do I wanna be tied down?" Also Jake: "Tana, will you marry me?"

  • It’sLaila

    Jake : Do I wanna be tied down? Me : apparently you do now because your engaged 😂

  • Nataly Martinez
    Nataly Martinez

    I low key miss the old team ten😭😭😭

  • coco cordova
    coco cordova


  • Amanii Mozakzak
    Amanii Mozakzak

    After this video we now know that the old team 10 is gone and will never come back and i don’t like the new team 10

  • kr1pt


  • Ned Hamadache
    Ned Hamadache

    team 10 you use so much plastic

  • Arjan Ramkhelawan
    Arjan Ramkhelawan

    Bro sory but you look like a gay

  • Tatty

    Take a shot every time Jake says "like"

  • It’sMe KaylaRie
    It’sMe KaylaRie

    It really drives me nuts you say my run down apartment bitch you have no idea what run down even means. 🤦‍♀️ And your mom needs to stop making drama in your life that’s really kinda gross jake

  • Gooigi

    remember when the title said "secret"

  • Fallon Alexa
    Fallon Alexa

    Everytime he talks about other girls...... in my head I'm like JANA JANA JANA JANA JANA, but also he quoted her song fuck up so, JANA FOREVER!!

  • Sierra Beihoffer
    Sierra Beihoffer

    dope. homie. vibe. energy.

  • Grace Alexandra
    Grace Alexandra

    Lmao what is this...?

  • ForeverFlow

    I don't think I really VIBE with Jake's Uncut series...

  • Liane Léger
    Liane Léger

    Jake: "But do I want to be tied down in a relationship ??? " Also Jake: marries Tana

    • Tiffany Lastinger
      Tiffany Lastinger

      Also Jake: this girl bought me candy clothes and carried tidus to the hospital to see me and we've been talking for forever. Also she's super supportive and there for me when things are rough (acting as far more than a hook up or fwb)........ Kinda sketch

    • Zory Aprilova
      Zory Aprilova

      Liane Léger 😂😂😂

  • Mary Jane
    Mary Jane

    11:36 your hand is yellow r u okay

  • Mary Jane
    Mary Jane

    So Peyton can mack on tons of straight girls but James Charles just talking to a boy curious about his sexuality was an issue??????