You wont believe whos leaving Team 10.. (EPISODE 3)
You wont believe whos leaving Team 10.. (EPISODE 3)
Our first team 10 fight..
watch episode 2:
Please be warned (and we cannot possibly stress this enough); under no circumstances should any challenges, stunts, or pranks be attempted by any of our viewers. All challenges, stunts, and pranks are performed by trained professionals in a controlled environment and are for entertainment purposes only. Again, do not try anything you see in this content at home and always consult a parent or adult with any questions or concerns.
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  • John De Rocher
    John De Rocher

    I went join team 10 with you guys my name is John

  • Alistar chan
    Alistar chan

    I lowkey love Cole tho

  • Shanecia Clarke
    Shanecia Clarke

    If I heard I have a chance to be in team 10. I wouldn't mind sleeping outside on the grass. And there's Cole wearing the designer glasses did he hear Armani, he has no privacy on the frickin floor. Dude is ungrateful

  • Super Rhino Bros
    Super Rhino Bros

    Team 10 uncut is a good Show Jake Paul should bring team 10 uncut back

  • Luis Chavez
    Luis Chavez

    Who is here rewatching this in 2020

  • A Rod
    A Rod

    Don't like team 10..

  • Jesse Palacios
    Jesse Palacios

    so ungrateful if I had the opportunity to live in the team 10 house I would make the best out of it

  • Delta _-
    Delta _-

    Who’s watching this in June 2020 cuase they stopped watching him and remember his breakup with tana and then seeing tana

  • roshow 69
    roshow 69

    I would do anything to even get a video with team 10

  • Václav Šálek
    Václav Šálek

    5:30 there are so many people in the hause, we cant make everyone happy, wtf XD, Jake only cares about his own space, doesnt care about anyone else

  • Václav Šálek
    Václav Šálek

    TEAM 10 is the shittiest group on youtube ever in history, Jake is really salty that he cant make it work like the SIDEMEN

  • chloe sings
    chloe sings

    I love watching the drama keep this going

  • Zachary Schuler
    Zachary Schuler

    What's the entro song

  • Prahalad

    Any one watching team ten uncut again while quarantine???

  • Ffhjkv Gfmene
    Ffhjkv Gfmene

    OMG 10 mins!!!

  • Nana kb
    Nana kb

    Jake team 10 needs under Adviser to solve problems

  • Tv cbr600rr
    Tv cbr600rr

    Lol would sleep In the grass if had that opportunity like what the hell be happy you are there

  • Walter Johnson
    Walter Johnson

    Cole is basically demanding for everything while he’s in that house. For example he asked for his own room even though he was told that he has a share a room

  • Kate Anderson
    Kate Anderson

    old team members literally slept on a trampoline

  • Gabriel Jim Loo
    Gabriel Jim Loo

    cole makes me wanna vomit

  • Gabriel Jim Loo
    Gabriel Jim Loo

    cole is disgusting

  • Gabriel Jim Loo
    Gabriel Jim Loo

    cole is disgusting

  • Jon Alvarez10
    Jon Alvarez10

    Jeez cole is worse then a girl

  • Jon Alvarez10
    Jon Alvarez10

    I’d be blessed to even sleep in the rv Jake.. I have 100k followers on a broadcasting plat former making all sorts of content.. I’d love to join team 10 Jake. Put me on the floor or even sleep outside in a tent bro. I’m good

  • Lisa Terpstra
    Lisa Terpstra

    As u age u get use to the single life know what want in life

  • Anthony Maldonado
    Anthony Maldonado

    Cole needs to be thankful he actually getting a room

  • George Wallace
    George Wallace



    U went to Coachella n filmed 12 mins in a room talking to a Dude with pressed into nails about sleeping in a RV.

  • Lily and Me yay
    Lily and Me yay

    It's a room Cole deal with it jeez

  • Mary Maughan
    Mary Maughan

    Cole was reasonable af...

  • Si Sky Lander Genchi
    Si Sky Lander Genchi


  • Naveed Butt
    Naveed Butt

    u stuck jake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!****

  • kuntryStevetv

    I like how he put this guys ego in check🐢🐢🐢cara


    What is the intro song called

  • forza driver
    forza driver

    literaly i was all the time wazching that thing in your hand wtf is that

  • Broken CKK
    Broken CKK

    Like i now im only 13 (i would say im mature for a 13 year old though) but like i think i could be cool for like living in team 10, i think it would just be cool to do

  • Gianna Garza
    Gianna Garza


  • Toby Muchmore
    Toby Muchmore

    Go and subscribe to Toby Vlogs for the best content ever thanks guys

  • Rogennie Dominguez
    Rogennie Dominguez

    These people move their lives based on your agreements... if you promise someone a room. You HAVE to deliver. Cant just lie and then claim they need to be grateful for the opportunity. Cant believe yall dont see how that's fucked up. Stuff like that is exactly why they have tenant/landlord laws: landlords always pretending the tenant just needs to be grateful to have a place to stay instead of fixing the sink (aka the problem). You guys should be under investigation.... no way all of this is legal.

  • Maritza Roman
    Maritza Roman

    I watch Jake Paul videos and I think they're awesome❤❤❤❤

  • Maritza Roman
    Maritza Roman

    Love it❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Maritza Roman
    Maritza Roman

    Jake Paul should make team 10 TV show I'll tune in to see that❤❤❤❤

  • Sharde Hiller
    Sharde Hiller

    I find it honestly extremely rare that there are no minorities on team 10 like at all no one of color your suppose to show representation of different people kinda odd to me I’m sure it’s kids who watch and think why aren’t there anyone on here that look like them and please don’t say Brandon he looks like a white boy

  • Kayla Ellison-Ennis
    Kayla Ellison-Ennis

    Cole: I need space to film YOUR IN A MANSION FOOL YOU HAVE ROOM

  • CrookedFingersGirl

    Stfu Amani

  • CrookedFingersGirl

    Tanaaaa!!!! Mongeauuuuuu!!! I'm here cause of youuuuuu lol

    • CrookedFingersGirl

      Srsly if I thought I was promised a room and hauled my LIFE across America IN TRUSTING JAKE- I'd be effing OUTTA THURRRRR TF! ASAP you want your members to be profesh- it doesn't matter how you lived on your come up jake

  • Bethany Jane
    Bethany Jane

    im still gonna watch the whole video, but by the looks of things, no one is leaving bahahah

  • Sara Price
    Sara Price

    I was 5 when I started watching you But I'm still here And your my inspiration in life you encourage me in life I really love this channel

    • lucas.portaa

      Follow me

  • Alpha Wolf_god
    Alpha Wolf_god

    Song for the trailer of the next episode?

  • Kenny Vega
    Kenny Vega

    Dude Cole is the worst I'm now embarrassed that I have a Metallica shirt Hold on He said he has a "Passion Ego" Boy STFUCKU cole

  • Fernando Perez
    Fernando Perez

    The only reason team 10 is relevant tana Paul and lies lmao 🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😭💀💀💀💀

  • Logan Capps
    Logan Capps

    Lol Coles saying he would never sleep in an rv. Boy I live in one 😂

  • Bradkob Radkov
    Bradkob Radkov

    Cal is a little spoiled brat

  • Mickaeluv_

    Then Cole tries to pull a guilt trip by accusing them of putting him in the room with the twins because of homophobic stereotypes. Seriously??? Saying that to manipulate your way into getting your own room takes away from the seriousness of this problem that some people actually have

  • Klayklay Mckee
    Klayklay Mckee

    That would piss me off to. If you told me a month ago i would have my own room. And then there wouldhave 3 other people in my room...i would flip out too!

  • Emily Vasquez
    Emily Vasquez

    He gay

  • Emily Vasquez
    Emily Vasquez

    Where is Ivan and Emilio

  • Fundiswa Hlanjwa
    Fundiswa Hlanjwa


  • Emma Stewart
    Emma Stewart

    Cole u ain't the boss u don't get ur way

  • tay b
    tay b

    im oin to be flat out honest, i dont like cole 1. He has a huge ego 2. He throws a fit if he doesn't get his way 3. He is very ungrateful just being honest

  • Baby Kay
    Baby Kay

    Why so many ads always???

  • Elle Sin
    Elle Sin

    If Jakes team told new people everything they needed to know without lying than there probably wouldn’t be any problems over small shit

  • pika pi
    pika pi

    arman izadi criminal

  • pika pi
    pika pi

    dr dre was my inspiration kills me everytime

  • padma ganti
    padma ganti

    This would have been a much better series with the OG team 10

  • Viridiana Valle
    Viridiana Valle

    Just get a new house

  • Viridiana Valle
    Viridiana Valle

    Armani has a point to be honest

  • queenira

    It should be possible to give everyone in that mansion a bit of privacy. It sure can be done. Some creators may need that more than others, maybe they're more of an introvert at times.

  • ashley mayes
    ashley mayes

    Adam needs to be kicked off management

  • siah

    cole is a great value james charles.

  • Gino Zagorac
    Gino Zagorac

    put cole in Justin’s shack

  • Brittany Corcoran
    Brittany Corcoran

    i'd sleep on the floor in the RV bathroom... people seriously have COMPLEXES hire me and i will literally sleep in a TENT in the backyard ffs

  • Stephanie Ladas
    Stephanie Ladas

    I wish Cole would leave, so annoying

  • Jermz DaDon
    Jermz DaDon

    Pre the moose knuckles coat on the background Hurd you

  • LoloBeauty

    Future references people have their own rooms and "couples"/Sisters/Brothers whatever have a room of their own. Lol

  • Gloomzyyy

    Sub to my SLtoos on there's going to be a Spider in your bed!

  • Gloomzyyy

    Cole shut up leave u dumb dumb

  • Parker Towery
    Parker Towery

    6:40 anyone see the red figure

  • Simply Christina
    Simply Christina

    I am sorry for a opportunity like this......having my own room would be the least of my worries tf. Has he never watched team 10??? That was so ungrateful!!! Hell just being in a house that big would thrill me to death lol.

  • caiquepmw


  • caiquepmw

    vai tomar no cu jake paul vc é um bosta

  • freya allan
    freya allan

    cole: *is one person* caci twins: *are two people* also cole: i tHiNk tHe tWiNs sHoUlD sLeEp iN tHe RV

  • Alex Books
    Alex Books

    You all can talk shit on Cole but with the history of team 10, how can you people believe half the shit they post? You all bully people and don’t actually show your true selves. I think this brand is a joke and I can’t believe people still watch your shit.

  • Simon Gamer
    Simon Gamer

    where is the part when someone is leaving in team 10 please i cant find it

  • Matthew Nordquist
    Matthew Nordquist

    I mean you can’t blame him if he was told he was going to get his own room

  • jessicajnsm

    Well, yeah they all look like the same person...find one hot, you'll find all of them hot.

  • Kennedy Hardrick
    Kennedy Hardrick

    Omg the old team ten was the best team ten like all the good people left like Tessa the Martinez twins and chance was the best

  • Nicole Alvarado
    Nicole Alvarado

    I’d sleep on a stair in that house and be perfectly content

  • hey plz donate me some height
    hey plz donate me some height

    Everyone leaves. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • twinkie tube
    twinkie tube

    Replace Cole with James Charles *HEY SISTERS*

  • Emily Schanz
    Emily Schanz

    Damn the entire original team 10 is gone that’s so sad 😭

  • Olivia and Aleigha
    Olivia and Aleigha

    Idk if it’s just me but Cole is high key a brat‼️ “ The Caci twins should sleep In the RV”

  • Brooke Marlene
    Brooke Marlene

    The new team 10 is pathetic 🤨

  • Ruby Spacek
    Ruby Spacek

    They should have told cole beforehand about the sharing a room thing,i don’t think wanting your own room is an ego thing.


    The intro is so good

  • Whaaa

    Cole : I wanna feel like you guys aren’t just here for my check THEY don’t need no check from u jakes got millions of subscribers you got like 800k stop

  • Zeran Martinez
    Zeran Martinez

    Get him out of the hose

  • Sam Merritt
    Sam Merritt

    Adam is such a bad actor

  • Sam Merritt
    Sam Merritt

    "Let's create a show solely about influencers fighting about sharing a bedroom!"...... "NICE!" "WICKED IDEA!" "SUCH A GOOD IDEA JAKE!"

  • Marissa Mazzola
    Marissa Mazzola

    Is anyone taking this seriously? Because Cole is legit funny af,, he's just boujee .. so what. Love Jake though, this is so dang comical.

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