Dream - Minecraft Manhunt Extra Scenes (5 Hunters)
This is extra scenes from Dream's channel of the "Minecraft Speedrunner VS 5 Hunters" video. We react to what happened during the video and talk about it.
Original Video: sltoos.info/for/zZiauayYm353xGU/video
This video was crazy fun and intense. Definitely one of the hardest challenges.
Minecraft challenge videos are fun to do :)

  • DreamXD

    Uncut version out in the next day or so! Also going to be putting out an analysis in the next week :) lots of things to say in the analysis

    • Kasperi Lehtinen
      Kasperi Lehtinen

      Dream wiin!!!

    • zoe the gaming
      zoe the gaming

      Please do the rematch

    • CDF√∆NGEL

      Fue vas a retirar

    • FrostComedy


    • Ivy Borja
      Ivy Borja

      lol i can chat

  • Seth adrian bonde
    Seth adrian bonde

    That's not a glitch that's a new mechanic in Minecraft's code

  • The Mobile Gaming 2020
    The Mobile Gaming 2020

    Everyone else: *talking about who won Ant: PARKOUR

  • Ghost Face.TV.
    Ghost Face.TV.

    Dream 100% won

  • minju

    but if dream needs to kill the dragon twice then they have to kill dream twice too for it to be fair right????

  • Roderick Capelle
    Roderick Capelle

    Dream you won they just rebirth it

    • Jerpy

      no he didnt, he died.

  • Eli Allred
    Eli Allred

    dream win

  • Senpai TARO
    Senpai TARO

    Grand finally rematch finale match rematch

  • Lucas Zapata
    Lucas Zapata


  • Lucas Zapata
    Lucas Zapata

    Pr 4

  • Lucas Zapata
    Lucas Zapata


  • Lucas Zapata
    Lucas Zapata

    Please do Minecraft manhunt vs 6 hunters please for 50m

  • B0shka TV
    B0shka TV

    Dreaamm wiiin

  • Reece D
    Reece D

    dream won

  • Kaolru Re
    Kaolru Re

    Dream is the victor here

  • Layla Avila
    Layla Avila

    All I hear is arguing

  • Diamond Gamer
    Diamond Gamer

    I think it got killed by an enderman then the egg spawned so it counts as dying

  • MAD WOLF78
    MAD WOLF78

    Dream if you see this msg i think you won as the end again text came it will only come if the dragon is dead hope it helps @Dream

  • Fransi show Fulgar
    Fransi show Fulgar

    What hapnd was dream killed the dragon but the crystal were already good to go so when dream killed the dragon it respawn but since it bug dream never got the achivement

  • Circuit Overtime
    Circuit Overtime

    Its a draw

  • Mjincx tv
    Mjincx tv

    Lol i agree with dream u need to kill the dragon so u could place the crystal and respawn the dragon but dream could have shoot the crystal and killed the dragon he had some arrows but its still a win for dream

  • B G
    B G


  • bianxahhh

    that was a REALLY lucky win for the hunters. personally I think you won tho but the glitch had other plans.

  • Elena Macdonald
    Elena Macdonald

    I feel bad for Dream, it was him against five hunters. I don't mean the game play, I mean he's against five of his friends to see who won.

  • Rufussauce S
    Rufussauce S

    Ask mojang if he won

    • Jerpy

      they said he lost.

  • Vamshi 737
    Vamshi 737

    next manhunt if dream loses he does a face reval

    • Jerpy

      that will never happen.

  • Vamshi 737
    Vamshi 737

    deream dragon healed on the end crstal

  • SimplePrawn

    yea I jus tried re-spawning the ender dragon while it lived obviously didn’t work...so if dream didn’t get the achievement, but also the ender dragon re-spawned and it has to be dead in order to re-spawn it...since sapnap and then didn’t know that and were just trying to heal it, and they all got the achievement “the end...again” that would mean the ender dragon had to be dead the first time in order to get that achievement but then again dream didn’t get the achievement...so that means...the first draw in manhunt sounds reasonable.

  • JSheer Gaming
    JSheer Gaming

    just to rest your conversation if you didnt know already... I've experimented with the end crystals... doing the 4 end crystal ritual at the bedrock portal will spawn a new dragon regardless if there is already another dragon present. and you get the achievement from ending the boss fight... which ends when the dragon is dead, the game doesnt check which dragon was the main one. so you'd have to kill both to get the achievement... Though I'd say killing the original Dragon is the win condition. And after watching. The Original Dragon disappeared as the new one was spawning in. meaning it did die. however the death animation never played, the achievement never was awarded. however i do think you won because the dragon died and the spawn for the new one interrupted the death animation, and because they overlapped, it stopped you from getting the achievement, and from you killing it 100% properly. but it did die! The 1st Dragon normally doesnt despawn when a new one is spawned in, which means it was killed, meaning Dream, in my opinion. you won!

  • Rakurai

    You should do a video collab with Notch and review the main video. I'd be interested to see his commentary on the glitches and the dragon's respawn

  • Sexy Hedgehog
    Sexy Hedgehog

    I think he should have to go through the portal to win sooo I say hunters win just because it’s genius and legendary

  • Itz KaiPlayz
    Itz KaiPlayz

    Mumbo see’s awesomedude’s redstone be like Pathetic

  • Jared Raine Santos
    Jared Raine Santos

    They are so dumb how dream's going to get a achievement when the dragon is ressurect. Dragon must drop the exp then the achievement is there

  • FallenShadow 123
    FallenShadow 123

    They definitely cant claim a win thats a draw because the dragon was basically dead and they reset the fight

  • Knixmir

    Dream discusses he should've won because the game glitched, but that's how he always wins and gets popular in these videos, because of glitches.

  • Dabyss

    ok so i just watched a replay in slow-mo dream did kill the dragon but since im guessing the the dragon respawn instantly the second it was killed im guessing he didnt get the achivement but he did technically kill the dragon

  • Cringe Guy
    Cringe Guy

    I vote dream. I think he won

  • Dragon kid
    Dragon kid

    I have to say that Dream wins

    • Jerpy

      no he didn't.

  • Hanna Mooch
    Hanna Mooch

    Sapnap said that all that matters was getting the achievement, so if dream killed the dragon and got the achievement, regardless of if hey revived it or not, Dream would’ve won according to sapnap.

  • James Wannamaker
    James Wannamaker

    I’ve seen that dragon glitch in a movie so I think it is very very rare.

    • James Wannamaker
      James Wannamaker

      The dragon egg hatched

  • Jose Martinez
    Jose Martinez

    Healing the dragon shouldn’t be allowed, that’s unfair mostly because dream is just solo and it’s just all out unfair, and I think they want this win becuz they never win

  • Maya Kane
    Maya Kane

    I love how every few minutes the hunters go really quiet talking about what happened and then start celebrating again to assure themselves its still a win

  • Blaze Indian
    Blaze Indian

    I saw it only once on PewDiePie

  • The true junkbot
    The true junkbot

    dream won cuz the enderdragon wont respawn after 100 nights of minecraft its imposable for the dragon to respawn when you first kill it like the enderdragong egg is hard to break when you first kill ya know.

  • Dragon Rage
    Dragon Rage

    So to look at who actually won. In one of the 4 vs 1 hunter video’s he got the achievement but they counted it as their win because he died first, they said the achievement didn’t count because he died first but he got the achievement. In this video they say the achievement matters, the revive feature glitched causing the dragon to respawn feature to happen before the dragon died. If we go by what they said before Dream technically wins but if we go by what was said in this video he lost. The rules about the achievement need to be set in stone so if this happens again they can decide who actually won. I say dream won because it was a glitch that happened before the dragon died that revived it. But if the achievement does matter then the 4 v 1 ended 4 to 1 in Dreams favor but if it doesn’t count it would have ended the same way with Dream winning the 5 v 1

  • tyler de estena
    tyler de estena

    Dream wins and im mad about that, cant wait to see the next manhunt keep up the good work!!!

  • Mo Kal
    Mo Kal

    Curse them because Dream didn’t talk about how he did the boat in mid air

  • pardeep garg
    pardeep garg

    Everybody is gangsta , until you realise that Dream won the challenge

  • Aaron Landaverde
    Aaron Landaverde

    Those are manhunt rules:cant respawn dragon

  • Pooja khatri
    Pooja khatri

    Hunters cheated guys


    I went back to put vid in slow mode and yea dream kill dragon and the game was a glitch so they lost and dream won

  • CarlaTheDritten

    Dream did indead loose.

  • Ádám Mészáros
    Ádám Mészáros

    Didn't Dream win this? I mean he killed the dragon... Makes no sense to me why they are whining about their victory...

  • Mason Link
    Mason Link

    Dreams always arguing about the close calls in manhunt, or who wins and I’m like It’s 5 v 1 getting to the end is basically a win

  • Rick Wright
    Rick Wright

    U won cuz my friend said it was a glitch. The 5 hunters lost. Don't listen to them cuz u r always the winner. U r the champion. I'm ripping the awesamdude and the rest of the portrats that I made. U r my idol. Thank u for everything..... :)

  • Day2

    dream being a leo

  • Cytan AJ
    Cytan AJ

    I call it a draw..

  • Little Dipster
    Little Dipster

    'a glitch' dream says as every single time he's won he's used glitches. Stfu.

    • Little Dipster
      Little Dipster

      @Eric George ok

    • Eric George
      Eric George

      @Little Dipster ok

    • Little Dipster
      Little Dipster

      @Eric George in one of them he literally goes to the roof of the nether* bro, don’t try to challenge this.

    • Eric George
      Eric George

      Like what

  • Aamil Altaf
    Aamil Altaf

    No ones talking about the fact that Dream (nearly) won against 5 man-hunters.

  • Jovani

    Worst ending.

  • Julie Williams
    Julie Williams

    Dream won 100% its not possible to respond somethings that didn't die

  • Luke Pennock
    Luke Pennock

    the egg has to be there too right? so it was a glitch where he didn't get the achievement because he killed it and the egg spawned and they respawned it just as it died. In my opinion, Dream took the W

  • boosted gamers
    boosted gamers

    6 hunters new

  • boosted gamers
    boosted gamers


  • calum boston
    calum boston

    no its just a glitch you won dream

    • Jerpy

      but he also uses glitches to win.

  • Salman Vanoo
    Salman Vanoo

    Dream won cause he killed it and you get the achievement when it dies and drops the egg and xp but dream killed it but when it was turning to xp they respawned it so technically dream won

  • EdwardEatsYogurt

    I think that there are two stages of the dragon dying, when it’s health reaches zero and after the deaths animation finishes. I think, you get the achievement after the death animation finishes but you can respawn the dragon from the moment the health reaches zero. Sooooooo, technically, dream killed the dragon but didn’t get the achievement because it was resurrected before he could get the achievement.

  • KernelPult & Tiaczo GT
    KernelPult & Tiaczo GT

    The reason that happend is because the crystals were already placed and the dragon respawned instantly even tho he killed it so when he shot the dragon he died and then respawned imediatly so basicaly dream won ( Sorry for bad grammar )

  • EJ MIGUEL_Roblox
    EJ MIGUEL_Roblox

    Dream won spawning the dragon again is not fair

  • Christian Erol Pili
    Christian Erol Pili

    Sapnap placed the four crystals before the dragon died, i dont know about the achievement tho

  • MJ Dont own Oyu
    MJ Dont own Oyu


  • Mcpe Tnt Boy 2.0
    Mcpe Tnt Boy 2.0

    Seed please?

  • TJ._. xone
    TJ._. xone

    How Die they get the endercristals

  • Anthony Williams
    Anthony Williams

    Dream won because you can only revive the after it dead there can’t be two dragons dream won. That’s the only way I watched some vids and the only way you revive the dragon bug is stupid Like if you agree Hunters are losers

  • W Dino
    W Dino

    Hunters won and there is nothing you can do to change my mind

  • Lautaro Avellaneda
    Lautaro Avellaneda

    Dream won idk why they screaming we won


    so sad for dream

  • Andrew Fuda
    Andrew Fuda

    True dream

  • Walfred Santana
    Walfred Santana

    Dream won this

  • PZav

    thats more like "regen" than "RESPAWN" lol like do u even know what respawn means xD

  • Mohamadiceking

    U don't get it it was healing but it responded

  • The Holy Peanut
    The Holy Peanut

    Best thing I can say is a competitive compromise where you both won lol

  • Said Hussaini
    Said Hussaini

    Hahaha hahaha 😆🤣

  • Kyle McFlyle
    Kyle McFlyle

    I don't consider this a win, but I don't consider this a loss either. You see, Dream is technically right. The dragon has to be dead in order to re-spawn it, like a player. If a player isn't dead, they can't re-spawn. Same thing with a Mob. You can only Spawn the dragon back when it is dead, therefore Dream won, but the Dragon Technically re-spawned, meaning that Dream Lost because Even though he killed the dragon, the dragon is alive and he can't go through the portal. But in Dreams defense, technically he won. It was a manhunt, and he killed the dragon before he died. Anybody can show controversy to this comment, but Dream won in my opinion.

  • smokey joop
    smokey joop

    dream wins he died en then he respand

    • Jerpy

      if he dies once, he loses.

  • Filippo Pecorari
    Filippo Pecorari

    This is a draw in my opinion, And they should Also make rules more clear

  • Wolfwhisper

    I love how Bad is just placing cake everywhere xD

  • Wolfwhisper

    Me not paying attention to what their saying because I'm watching everyone's mc character run around:

  • Wolfwhisper

    I barley understand what actually happened lol, but I think this is a tie

  • Taha Akbar
    Taha Akbar

    Istg I hate badboyloser with all my heart

  • Thu Nguyen Phuong
    Thu Nguyen Phuong

    so the hunters win?

  • Eric Wang
    Eric Wang

    bruh the original video is 3 hunters

  • GENIXIO Games
    GENIXIO Games

    Nah that's not fair Dream won

    • Hairy Sauce
      Hairy Sauce

      *you don't decide the winner*

  • Katarzyna Roszkowska
    Katarzyna Roszkowska

    The od draw

    • Katarzyna Roszkowska
      Katarzyna Roszkowska

      This is draw

  • Austin Meza
    Austin Meza

    Dream won because you can only respawn the dragon by killing it so dream won

  • Ryder Wolfson
    Ryder Wolfson

    Dream def won that’s bull

  • Blue Jay
    Blue Jay

    This Is Dream's Win, Because The game Didn't Register That The first one Died And It started to Respawn It and He didn't Get the achievement So Dream Technically won But It Was Entertaining!

  • denzelpogi190 playz
    denzelpogi190 playz


  • Elijah Tietje
    Elijah Tietje

    I still think dream wins! even tho he is like going along with it bad is just being a b and just telling him they won when first of all its 1 v 5 its very hard and he technically won soooooooooo

    • Elijah Tietje
      Elijah Tietje

      @Hairy Sauce but lke he did they cant respawn dragon unless dead

    • Hairy Sauce
      Hairy Sauce

      But he *didn't* , so it doesn't count for him

    • Elijah Tietje
      Elijah Tietje

      @Hairy Sauce but he would've killed the dragon tho cause nobody is near and it was one shot but they bugged it

    • Hairy Sauce
      Hairy Sauce

      Bbh is DREAMS FRIEND. IT'S OK THAT HE WAS TALKING LIKE THAT, BECAUSE THEY ARE FRIENDS. It's literally bothering you more than it should This has nothing to do with his good dream is compared to bad. It's Minecraft manhunt, dream has to kill the dragon while bad and the others have to kill him, which are two different things. Dream didn't even deny that he lost, so stop acting like he won because he didn't even make a single statement saying he was the winner

    • Elijah Tietje
      Elijah Tietje

      @Hairy Sauce i know the amount of hunter doesn't matter just bbh was rubbing it in his face when first of all bbh does like nothing in the videos and dream is way better than he will ever be and he would've killed the dragon because it was 1 hit and nobody was near him but he didn't get the advancement but still technically killed the dragon cause you cant respawn when the dragon is alive so the advancement bugged

  • LordDoge531 TTV
    LordDoge531 TTV

    *d r a w*