The BIRTH to DEATH of the ALPHA Wolf!
This is the life of a Minecraft Werewolf from BIRTH to DEATH! 🐺
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  • M Nice
    M Nice

    Kawai Chan’s voice changed into macs voice (wich probably actually mac),can we talk about that???


    Wait I meant are you ok and still recovering still but able to play


    Are ok are you still recovering still but able to play


    So glad your ok😿I saw a video that you might of died I was so worried so much because the video said it was made 3 or 4 months and this is 2 weeks old

  • Royale high Gacha
    Royale high Gacha

    Win be like weeeee

  • Royale high Gacha
    Royale high Gacha

    Kawaii chan is voiced right now by Mac?!

  • Jeffrey Long
    Jeffrey Long

    Not gonna lie the ending was funny

  • Simone Walker
    Simone Walker

    3:32 what’s wrong with Kawaii Chan‘s voice

  • Ricky Nieves
    Ricky Nieves

    I. Like the shipppp zane ~chan

  • the hang out family
    the hang out family

    Before zane and kawaii chan caught aphmau and priece be mean to each other kawaii chan soug like mac



  • Edward Nygma
    Edward Nygma

    Gonna ignore the fact Mac became Kwaii Chan at one point XD

  • Vannn Agape
    Vannn Agape

    Good vid

  • jessa chame ricardo
    jessa chame ricardo

    I Love it so much

  • 『RØS3S』

    11:21 ikr ein has brains!?

  • Austin Dias
    Austin Dias

    I think that kc was mac 0-0

  • Draco Ramsay uVu
    Draco Ramsay uVu

    Pierce: iM gOnNa bE aN aLpHa

  • Xxjrex

    why is kawaii chan's voice sound's like mac

  • Tondreau Vegazo
    Tondreau Vegazo


  • The Doge
    The Doge

    On 3:37 K~C has Mack and cheese voice

  • Krush Casa
    Krush Casa


  • That person
    That person

    red sugar daddy my lil sister said-✌️bruh like hero✨

  • Kaitelyn Lewis
    Kaitelyn Lewis

    the biggest dumbest ugliest looking prey is it ein and pierce

  • Josie Parker
    Josie Parker

    how it so bad that it when to a ad

  • Jackie Ray
    Jackie Ray

    Ultima wolf birth to death?

  • Ива Блажевска
    Ива Блажевска

    Zane as the "dad": im the Best father ever! Me: Are you sure about that?

  • Lumeecha Barends
    Lumeecha Barends

    Jjjjjjjnjjñnñnnnnn Kkkkiiiii8iiiii

  • Jennifer Tegelan
    Jennifer Tegelan


  • Jennifer Tegelan
    Jennifer Tegelan

    Wow 🥺🥺

  • Michelle Hohé
    Michelle Hohé


  • alaine thompson
    alaine thompson

    I love it

  • Kenith Lemley
    Kenith Lemley

    so uhh, is that a custom mod or? cause I totally wanna have wolf ears-

    • Kenith Lemley
      Kenith Lemley

      well I see alot of mods and I want them all now Lol

  • Family Fun Gaming
    Family Fun Gaming

    Awesome vid anyways can you do a part 2 where you become a ultima

  • erin xie
    erin xie

    Kawaii Chan十zane🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍

  • •Blue-chan•

    Wow its my street all over again

  • Conner Crossley
    Conner Crossley

    Bluey was a horrible show

  • Summer Kat
    Summer Kat

    I was eating gummies while watching this and my my whole dang tooth game out and I was just like I JUST WANTED TO EAT GUMMIES

  • Jocelyn Wong
    Jocelyn Wong

    Lol anyway why did kwaii~chans voice trun in to mac's voice????

  • RealKiff1509

    furry mod

  • Jocelyn Wong
    Jocelyn Wong


  • Devil PlayZ
    Devil PlayZ

    Why does kawai Chan sound like mac

  • Sheeila Marrie TV
    Sheeila Marrie TV

    I can’t be the only one who heard that mac was playing as kawaii Chan

  • Leticia Lorraine
    Leticia Lorraine

    When 3 minutes has come why does kawaii Chan sound like mac

  • Nur Jannah
    Nur Jannah


  • Geanie N
    Geanie N

    noi has deep voice- at 16:19 just go back a bit

  • Pickle

    Pierce: AWOOOOOOOOO- *Boop kids app comes up*

  • azzahra trismar
    azzahra trismar

    Why i can see among us Idk why so ya

  • janelle hutsell
    janelle hutsell

    The noisy park disconcertingly rot because jasmine actually dream after a zesty ornament. cooing, scattered objective


    I swear it’s always kawaichan as the mom,zain as the dad and pierce as the older brother

  • Lps Boba
    Lps Boba

    I am the only one who wonders what mod she uses

  • Alex Kendrick
    Alex Kendrick

    Who else noticed that Kawaii Chan’s voice changed

  • Adriana Labuda
    Adriana Labuda

    Okay 👌🏽

  • Adriana Labuda
    Adriana Labuda


  • Adriana Labuda
    Adriana Labuda


  • Adriana Labuda
    Adriana Labuda

    Hi What ‘s Going On Today

  • Adriana Labuda
    Adriana Labuda

    AHHHH WOW DAD HUH? Sorry GO Going What GRRR.

  • Adriana Labuda
    Adriana Labuda


  • Adriana Labuda
    Adriana Labuda


  • Adriana Labuda
    Adriana Labuda

    Huh ‘ugwsugswugswigwsibwsbiswbiwiddwvwvudgwdhgwshvwvshjvwdwgdwdqfjwdqcgqjdgcwgjcdwjgcdwcjgw$jcfwd ashjasjbajhasjhasvgasjcgsfajgsafgjasifasfiafyiasyifsayfiasfifsfyksakfkysfaksmvsavmhascvh,cewlgcncbdcbhicdbccckbckbam dagbcmg ewkckceugvgvkuewcvduoewydveyccviwevgewdotuqedytvidepgiydeywedyoyegdoogyedegoywudeyovevwodyugweccvowvdwvv it means fool

  • Adriana Labuda
    Adriana Labuda


  • Adriana Labuda
    Adriana Labuda


  • Adriana Labuda
    Adriana Labuda


  • Adriana Labuda
    Adriana Labuda

    💫 satr

  • BasicallyBitless

    the first thing i thought of when i saw the thumbnail was a M1A1 Thompson pointed at that ''wolf''

  • Adriana Labuda
    Adriana Labuda


  • Fazeela Thompson
    Fazeela Thompson

    It’s funny how they fight it’s soooo funny I couldent stop laughing!

  • Fazeela Thompson
    Fazeela Thompson

    Kwiichans voice turns to Mack’s voice

  • Fazeela Thompson
    Fazeela Thompson

    Aphmau,HOW DO YOU Put mods on!?!?!?!?

  • Roller Boardx
    Roller Boardx

    Blue eyes + Red eyes = Purple eyes...?

  • Fazeela Thompson
    Fazeela Thompson

    I love your bearth to death in Minecraft!!

  • Fazeela Thompson
    Fazeela Thompson

    Ya I agree

  • Crafting City
    Crafting City

    I love how Aaron was like *Nope.*

  • Whitney G
    Whitney G

    P is always mean in the brith to death videos lol

  • Mysteria _
    Mysteria _

    Why didn’t you continue “My Inner Demons” it left off with so many unanswered questions and such a cliffhanger!

  • Sally The Salmon
    Sally The Salmon

    3:32 I think moeka was busy and couldn’t voice kawaii chan-

  • Jayden Foreman
    Jayden Foreman

    Love your VIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!! BIG FAN!!!!!!!!! SO COOL DO MORE!!

  • Jayden Foreman
    Jayden Foreman

    i like your morjin dise

  • Banana_Bread

    Lol I loved the part when she said BYE BIG YOURE SMALL NOW

  • Jayden Foreman
    Jayden Foreman


  • Martina Krákorová
    Martina Krákorová

    i should be the alfa

  • Chezni Freeman
    Chezni Freeman

    I always watch your videos oh and by the way how do you be a wolf in Minecraft

  • Khalada Ahmed
    Khalada Ahmed

    The elfin monkey taxonomically hop because boy oceanographically end vice a male john. windy, frantic recess

  • Da best Soda
    Da best Soda

    A wolf and a alpha wolf are literally the same thing

  • Emily Soto
    Emily Soto


  • Lorna Luzuriaga
    Lorna Luzuriaga

    (im using mah moms account)I hate your brother Pirece he wants to be Alpha but you Alpha bit he still mean

  • ShayNRizkyBiz

    29 days

  • jeff craven
    jeff craven

    Aww I love this vid so mush its so cute and I love it when Aaron popped in from ein being Evil but the pups though there to cute plz continue making werewolf birth to death vids plz

  • Rosanna _Wolf
    Rosanna _Wolf

    Aphmau:”I’m going to die”😵 Me:”Imma die too,it’s totally normal”😌✋🏻

  • Justene Perry
    Justene Perry

    I'm watching one of your Christmas SLtoos

  • Justene Perry
    Justene Perry


  • Justene Perry
    Justene Perry

    I love your SLtoos

  • beautiful desires
    beautiful desires

    Why is Pierce always the brother it makes no sense

  • cookiexcrumbls

    Kawaii Chan versus MAC voice Mac wins

  • Hollie Evans
    Hollie Evans

    Awww so cute!!!

  • Story Time With Ella
    Story Time With Ella

    And ya zane and kawaii chan Are the parents

  • Story Time With Ella
    Story Time With Ella

    Zane:KIDS!!!! No fighting

  • Sydney Prickett
    Sydney Prickett

    Wait- it was Kawaii~Chan and Zane then Mac and Zane wha-?

  • Aaron Libas
    Aaron Libas

    finish what


    I really like how every birth to death episode Zane and kawaii Chan is the parents.

  • Tatiana Ader
    Tatiana Ader

    I love you guys so much you inspired me to make a SLtoos. Chanel