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  • Robes Pierre
    Robes Pierre

    Kill the rich

  • Marius Schlichting
    Marius Schlichting

    No one wanted to buy Riccards house?

  • Fee Räikkönen
    Fee Räikkönen

    Janni looks great with darker hair/roots!😍😊

  • Tom Thomas
    Tom Thomas

    You need a new Family car... ;)

  • Nikolas E
    Nikolas E

    Summer is around the corner guys we know what that means hhehe

  • Luka Rus
    Luka Rus

    You have so many more better speakers on the market than bang & olufsen. Overpriced for average sound. But if you don`t know much about high end hi fi, I guess you go for mainstream ones.

    • Pink Mint
      Pink Mint

      He's obviously not after the best sound, rather shopping for design and exclusivety.

  • Ryan Nong
    Ryan Nong

    anyone know what gear he has? \

  • Andrew Berry
    Andrew Berry

    Saw a DoucheBag in the new Koenigsegg Gemera front compartment. Is this going to be a collaboration? Check out Doug DeMuro's review there's clearly the Db logo in the front compartment...

  • Sasha Ming Live
    Sasha Ming Live

    Really love vlogs! Watching since the beginning! Enjoying as much as before! Thank you for sharing your life, great moments etc. It brings smile joy and inspiration!

  • Joshua Michael Cook
    Joshua Michael Cook

    you guys rule !!!!!!!! Goodstuff !!

  • World of Tanks:Jaegerkorpset
    World of Tanks:Jaegerkorpset

    You cant go wrong with B&O in the house, we still cherish our Beolab 8000 with a newly added B&O Beosound Core, that was a superb way to update them and enjoy for years to come. Congrats on yours, its not only a speaker, its a piece of furniture B&O:-)

  • Danny Ocean
    Danny Ocean

    its so casual driving with the Golfcart? But is very dangerous bro.

    • Adil Khan
      Adil Khan

      not in the neighborhood that they live in... la zagaleta look it up

  • Danny Ocean
    Danny Ocean

    Read more News, its good for you? Come On Jon! That is Bullshit. News makes the most people scary bro. But you need the Money i think?!

  • Peter

    √log^5 *20 = Awesome!

  • R S
    R S

    Yeah collaboration, do you really need that

  • Ben Anter
    Ben Anter

    never seen a worst salesman selling speakers

    • Adil Khan
      Adil Khan

      this tends to happen in luxury goods stores. When they know their product is good and the customer won't buy any other brand...

  • Magnus Karlsson
    Magnus Karlsson

    Det blir något grisigt med vloggar som handlar om att leva i ett överflöd, shoppa, köra fossildrivna bilar, och flina sig igenom det. Vi har en klimatkris på planeten. Kom igen. Vi måste alla hjälpas åt.

    • Pink Mint
      Pink Mint

      Det luktar avundsjuka långa vägar från din kommentar. Människor bryr sig inte om omvärlden. Jag betvivlar inte en sekund att du hade köpt större hus, exklusivare fordon och ägnat dig åt andra lyxintressen om jag gav dig 150 miljoner kronor.

  • Iulian Saghin
    Iulian Saghin

    you guys are the most positive and warm people that i ever seen! To see you once in a while keeps me on the good line ;)

  • Gabbe chico
    Gabbe chico

    when rich ppl train in competition shoes for fun,

  • Deacon Nemet
    Deacon Nemet

    Needs a bigger tv lol #105 inches

  • The Italian Dandy
    The Italian Dandy

    vlogs are picking up speed rn but that will go down again

  • Noah S
    Noah S

    I thought Richard will sale his house

  • Saro Frenda
    Saro Frenda

    Would be awesome if we could follow you on Strava! 🏃🏻‍♂️

  • mr T
    mr T

    Completely agree ... if you can’t have it now .. shops these days don’t carry the stock and constantly refer you online or have to get from the warehouse . This is one of the reasons the high street is dying and people lose interest.

  • Michele Leitempergher
    Michele Leitempergher

    Richard is always a great salesman...😂

  • hds0357

    non of you have jumped off a balcony to the pool in a long time, what's with!

  • Robban

    Who is that girl in the stairs at Richards? Janni and micki did go home right!?

  • Martin

    We want more running

  • Nocku

    I wouldn't use Nike VaporFlys as everyday running shoe. They are race shoes. Yes, they are light and feels like socks but for everyday running I'd take shoe that is more structured and gives more support.

  • Gow War
    Gow War

    Spoiled children don’t like to wait... that’s so ridiculous.Having to wait for speakers (or for a car) is not an issue.

  • brian sogorka
    brian sogorka

    Congratulations guysssss

  • Ole

    Hello, I would like to see Philipp and Isak in a video 😉 Cool guys!!!

  • Christina

    8:21 wondering who's the girl just wearing a bra walking down the stairs im Rickard's house😆

  • CGG

    Tycker inte att det är ok att köra elbil med barn obältade i en elbil!! Slarvigt, Jon!!!

  • CGG

    Läs riktiga nyheter inte MSM! Då får du veta vad som egentligen händer i Sverige, sen kan det ju vara så att en del media utomlands inte har fulfakta som de förmedlar!??

  • Nora Alamar
    Nora Alamar

    What a unique channel I really enjoy watching both of you a janni's vlogs,, keep up the good work. Wishing yanni a smooth and a safe delivery, may God protect your great family 🌺🌺

  • Ernst-David Klein
    Ernst-David Klein

    Yeah, please be careful about your Kids, that they aren't stand up under the speaker ;)

  • sosexyboy93

    any updates on lombok my friend :)?

  • Sascha Frisch
    Sascha Frisch

    Looks like a pen😂

  • Mb24681

    Subtítulos en español ? Por favor 🙏

  • Ruben van Veenen
    Ruben van Veenen

    waiting for your product is just awful... a lot of times that I am in a shop they say 'we don't have it here right now but we can order it for you' then im like yeah right, but if I wanted to wait I would order it myself and then they bring it to my doorstep.

  • Max Lawton
    Max Lawton

    Not gonna lie, been watching for years even when you had a break, but the vlogs aren’t the same as they used to be 😢

  • LVC mtb
    LVC mtb

    Greetings from Italy 🇮🇹

  • Localful2

    those nike's are pretty difficult to run in, u need to go fast to get the benefits, not best for slower everyday training

  • DDE - YSOB
    DDE - YSOB


  • TheBomber eRoTeX
    TheBomber eRoTeX

    8:23 hahah the secret woman 😂

  • Stan Mat
    Stan Mat

    Interesting - buying speakers without even listening to them? This episode seems more like a TV Shopping to me, there wasn’t any value just a couple of advertisements... :(

    • Serban Mirica
      Serban Mirica

      Everyone knows that Bang & Olufsen speakers are very good and high quality. If you do your research before and you know that you want a product from only one company, you buy it and that's it, why would you test it when you have a warranty in case you don't like it.

  • Glenmill

    Janni's new mum at 8.21...

  • Mikael Andersson
    Mikael Andersson

    That Porsche Taycan is really cool. Maybe i will buy one. Wait what, i forgot about the Panamera Turbo S ;) Great vlog as always Jon, greeting from Sweden!

  • Mart

    The house was already amazing, it's just becoming insane.

  • Art by Delao
    Art by Delao

    What’s Werners Instagram?

  • Sandman GTI
    Sandman GTI

    Normal Wife: Husband brings home big speakers. Wife: What are those? Husband: Speakers. Wife: They are ugly! Husband: They sound great. Wife: You are not putting them up in my house.

  • Alfie Baines
    Alfie Baines

    7:04 is the baby's belly made of rock??

  • the 676
    the 676

    stop buying so much STUFF

  • Mo

    Please sell your houses and start building the c‘est normal mega mansion !!!

  • Carlos Y
    Carlos Y

    Good see you finally running in some of the best running shoes. 👍🏼 and it’s not cheating when other running shoe companies also have carbon fiber plates in their shoes Enjoy!

  • Niels de Jong
    Niels de Jong

    Remember the times Jon didn't do collaborations and ads? Now theres the collab of THE DAY every vlog. I miss the crazy RED vlog days

  • dbmbrbkb

    I wish you all the best! Greetings from Württemberg, Germany

  • luan maia
    luan maia

    dude, i cant explain to my wife that paying for wait is not a good idea. LOL

  • Eranda Fernando
    Eranda Fernando

    im here thinking how to find extra 50$ to get a new mic 😂😂😂

  • digitalxp4

    Only 5% discount for used speakers....

  • Mihnäinud

    Sitting on the couch back to tv seems weird👀

  • Gabby Tech
    Gabby Tech




  • Naser Alzaben
    Naser Alzaben

    Yan sleeping 🛌 more now

  • Jonas Larsen
    Jonas Larsen

    Of all the BO speakers..

  • Jose Mendoza
    Jose Mendoza

    Both of the Nike shoes but heck you have the money😂 you got them both a pair sooo lucky ughhhhh I’m so jealous I wished I had the money I’m 19 and I run track and even then no one in high school had those shoes so expensive and we run a lot 60 miles a week so I wished I had the money to just buy a single pair of shoes for just races plz plz take care of them even if you can afford them because Ik every runner in the world would love a pair of those shoes

    • Martin Hacke
      Martin Hacke

      Mate, Olsson won’t help you - no time - he has to put up his speakers 😂😂😂😂 Where are you from? You need a pair of running shoes ? Let me know and I send you a pair! 💪💪

  • Jose Mendoza
    Jose Mendoza

    Plz don’t daily run with those you will run them through very quick because it doesn’t have much bottom rubber they are meant for only racing

  • Jose Mendoza
    Jose Mendoza

    Omg I want your shoes so badly those shoes are so expensive and hard to get :( you don’t even know how crazy of a shoe you have on your feet

  • Pamela Uttman
    Pamela Uttman

    -Jag vill mest ha dom för dom ser bra ut...😂😂😂

  • Mister Bean
    Mister Bean

    luxury speakers? LOL, those pencils are the worst from the whole collection, no hate but look at audio forums, those things are worthless

  • Mark Bates in Thailand
    Mark Bates in Thailand

    Seriously bang dont live up too the hype try a listen too ATC scm series

  • Charlotte A01
    Charlotte A01

    Love it ! So sad about the Nike shoes was going to buy them and there are like 300 euros !

  • Mathias Hellberg
    Mathias Hellberg

    But you need a Bigger 📺 now also 😂

  • teufelsdackel

    why not the harmony system? i bought it dec 2019 and payed for the 66" round about 17000 euro here in germany, don´t regret it till today

  • ZitronenschaleTV

    Yes, I love B&O so much!

  • Daniel Sander
    Daniel Sander

    Nice 👌 I'm a big fan of the brand! But why does there have to be a collaboration every time??

  • Our Chez
    Our Chez

    Elf shoes 😂🤣

  • Johan Olsson
    Johan Olsson

    All the greatest SLtoosrs are from sweden

  • Jonny Ng
    Jonny Ng

    i love this

  • Juan-Andres Espinosa
    Juan-Andres Espinosa

    0.23. Dacia / Rolls , which one I will choose ?🧐🤨

  • Marius Olsson
    Marius Olsson

    Sugarbabay spotted at Richards 8:21

  • Richard Nilsson
    Richard Nilsson

    You dont want the box anyways 😅

  • Issam Mejdoubi
    Issam Mejdoubi

    Since when reading the news makes you smarter 🤔

  • Fredrik Ressem
    Fredrik Ressem

    HOKA CARBON X SHOES is absolutely to recomend!!!!

  • Léo Tanguay
    Léo Tanguay

    Vaporfly Next percent!!!!!!

  • LouisJB

    Keep on running it’s great for you!!!!

  • youyou bkz
    youyou bkz

    did you seen Richard's girlfriend going back upstairs when she saw the camera 😂😂

  • Tunes4Life

    Fully agree about waiting,as then you start thinking and wondering whether you need it in that moment,due to maybe having other priorities in life and what not! So buying things you've been wanting for years,now,makes complete sense!

  • Paul D.
    Paul D.

    I think there was a video in-between those ads

  • Will Spencer
    Will Spencer

    Watching at 1am while they go to bed at 8pm and wondering why I'm not successful

  • Nore Eckerberg
    Nore Eckerberg

    When they said Hola..."Olla" in Swedish means to rub the tip of you D**k on something (a verb). You definitely don't want to olla other people!

  • JBH

    Danish Design is the best

    • JBH

      now you just need Beolink in the rest of the house

  • Surya nAu
    Surya nAu

    Looks ugly .. didnt match to your room

  • Carpe_Diemas

    Lewis is cheating he can't stay on the race track he need more space to drive fast.

  • Hé YOERI
    Hé YOERI

    8:21 Richard is on it again

  • SheepRacing

    Rickard doesn't look as happy as before... I don't know what's going on but he really look tired as hell and maybe a little depressed as well... Hope everything is ok for him

  • Limesandcigarettes

    How can you do luxury shopping videos in this times...seems like the rich ones lost the complete grip on reality

  • Bernardo Rocha
    Bernardo Rocha

    Me as a semi-pro athlete looking at Jon's vaporfly :(

  • DA DO
    DA DO

    why buy bang & olufson ...?!?! tooo expensive and not sooo good... you can buy much cheeper and better speakers