2021 MERCEDES S Class AMG NEW S500 Long FULL In-Depth Review Exterior Interior Infotainment
In this video you will see 2021 MERCEDES S Class AMG NEW S500 LONG Full In-Depth Review Exterior Interior Infotainment in 4K!
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Music by: Epidemic Sounds
Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored video. All opinions in the video are my own and everything was purchased by myself.

  • Ivan Sensei
    Ivan Sensei

    The new Mercedes S 500 4MATIC - AMG line trim in Obsidian Black metallic with Exclusive Nappa interior and Premium Plus package! 💯🔥😍 How do you like this limousine?! And thanks for support and hitting 60k on the channel! Many more videos are coming!

  • Xam Jan
    Xam Jan

    It is a beautiful car, but I think people sitting in the back of you will enjoy it more than you the owner driving it. It is like being other people's chauffeur.

  • R H
    R H

    They are still manufacturing my S 580. I am promised to receive it within 2 weeks.

  • Willy Vargas
    Willy Vargas

    Dear Santa! 😂🤣😂

  • Peter Dsouza
    Peter Dsouza

    Show the new last Mercedes car full atomic open door and close door

  • thuan tran
    thuan tran

    Mercee S500 4MATIC-AMG co sin bao gia

  • Aaron The GOAT
    Aaron The GOAT

    My Next sedan 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Max Alonzo Misericordia Flores
    Max Alonzo Misericordia Flores

    After watching this, I feel so relaxed.. good therapy..

  • Titanium Special
    Titanium Special

    Delay in door handle opening is a problem, needs to open immediately like current models. Safety issue if you need to get in car quickly.

  • Shaolin Tex Chris Lightning a.k.a. tox
    Shaolin Tex Chris Lightning a.k.a. tox

    .. .windows

  • Ruben tektask
    Ruben tektask

    Top 5 CARS THAT MAKE YOU FEEL LIKE THE KING OF THE ROAD 1. 2020 CADILLAC ESCALADE ESV PLATINUM 2. 2021 Rolls Royce Phantom 3. 2021 Cadillac Escalade ESV Platinum Sport 4. 2020 Bentley Continental GT 5. 2021 Bentley Flying Spur

  • Sisouk Wetsouvan
    Sisouk Wetsouvan

    One day i will buy it. My dream car ever !

  • Ib Cham
    Ib Cham


  • ماجد الشمري
    ماجد الشمري

    Very nice

  • Tomas Aguirre
    Tomas Aguirre

    I love this car!

  • Pete Nembhard
    Pete Nembhard

    Very nice car

  • eogksalsrnr wkdb
    eogksalsrnr wkdb

    Door touch open barrier is considered to seriously threaten the safety of passengers in the car as it is a huge disadvantage that the door does not open in case of a car accident.

  • Ttouch Panyachatraksa
    Ttouch Panyachatraksa

    บางทีไฟแอมเบี้ยนไลค มันก้เยอะไป จนดูลิเกงานวัด ถ้าสั้นๆก็คือเสื่ยว

  • The Banff Local
    The Banff Local

    Dream car.

  • David DJFORCE215 Jackson
    David DJFORCE215 Jackson

    Beautiful 😻

  • Emil Schaller
    Emil Schaller

    Alle Sterne unter einem Dach.....MB 😎👌🏻👍🏻🇩🇪

  • Ahmad shani
    Ahmad shani

    Love Mercedes-Benz

  • ماجد الشمري
    ماجد الشمري

    So nice magic 👍

  • Kaelynn Pham
    Kaelynn Pham

    What do you think about audi a8l 2021, compared to s500?

  • M'hamed MOKHTARI
    M'hamed MOKHTARI

    The best or nothing

  • Christo Kolev v.2
    Christo Kolev v.2

    Why it's on the rear seats display streets in my language

  • Tuấn Duyên
    Tuấn Duyên

    The color led is very very nice

  • Lothar Klein
    Lothar Klein

    Scheiss Mercedes. BMW Audi sind die besten.

  • Saleem Siddiqi
    Saleem Siddiqi

    Mercedes is toooo slow in getting an all electric car out. Why are they dragging their feet ? Unbelievable

  • Saleem Siddiqi
    Saleem Siddiqi

    Excellent but ul the gasoline engine is Dead

  • Saleem Siddiqi
    Saleem Siddiqi

    Excellent by Mercedes But the gasoline engin is DEAD

  • Serge Perrin
    Serge Perrin

    You lose 10 min only for play to the light...

  • Vinko Jovanovic
    Vinko Jovanovic

    Mercedes S350 BENZ 4MATIC AMG EXTRA

  • Claus Wolfgang Meyer
    Claus Wolfgang Meyer




  • Cedrick Ferrer
    Cedrick Ferrer

    That's Nice Man.

  • 썬타이

    Very good

  • Storm C
    Storm C

    Wowww 😎🤩this car is just fantastick 👌😎

  • Manuel Silva
    Manuel Silva

    Mercedes Benz s classe 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟7stars... Lisbon Portugal

  • Kelvin Scott
    Kelvin Scott

    I would take the newest S class over just about any sedan

  • Samuel Asamoah
    Samuel Asamoah

    Is this car out yet, i mean up for sale on the market?

    • Ivan Sensei
      Ivan Sensei

      Depends on the market. In Europe it's for sale, other markets will follow soon

  • Shkelzen Prelezi
    Shkelzen Prelezi

    I have one question. You see you can get 20 inch or 21 inch allow wheels. You can get the 10 degrees rear wheel steering if you go for the 20' rims, but if you go for the 21' ones you can only get the 4.5 degrees rear wheel steering. If you had the money and bought a new S class the way you wanted it, would you sacrifice the 5.5 degrees and go for 21 inch rims, or get the 20 inch alloys and 10 degrees rear wheel steering @Ivan Sensei ? Great video by the way :)

    • Ivan Sensei
      Ivan Sensei

      In the S-Class, the full steering angle of ten degrees is especially used during parking manoeuvres. If you park often in very tight spaces, then you will enjoy it a lot. If you don't then you should be fine with 4.5 angle rear steering. In terms of wheels depends if you drive on bad roads, then I would stick to 20", it should have better comfort than 21". Thanks!

  • Ronnie Mukiibi Matrix
    Ronnie Mukiibi Matrix

    Great car with nice specs. Great upgrades. Excellent in-depth review.

  • Nyjawonder

    If those door handles are still working in 10 years time. Ill eat my shoes...both of them

  • Agh Mejia
    Agh Mejia

    So this is a standard Mercedes with AMG accents. So the fact it has a Mercedes base engine is not a pure AMG.

  • Ultimusss LoL
    Ultimusss LoL

    Why did they remove the door lock knobs :(.

  • 김성연

    지린다 느무 이뻐

  • Mazen safi
    Mazen safi

    Great review thanks for sharing . Is this the AMG S63 model? Where are the S63 badges I don’t see any .

    • Ivan Sensei
      Ivan Sensei

      This is S500 AMG line as I said in the video. AMG models were not revealed yet

  • Luis Zander
    Luis Zander

    Which is better this or the new Maybach version , what do you think ?

    • Ivan Sensei
      Ivan Sensei

      Well check my video where you can see 18 new features of new Maybach. But it is also more expensive and you can get it only with top of the line engines, no diesel

  • Angels Planet
    Angels Planet

    great video again 👍 Ivan, do you know witch of GLE models has remote heating or remote engine start?

    • Ivan Sensei
      Ivan Sensei

      European models don't have remote engine start, that depends on the market. As far as remote heating it's available as an option anywhere

  • Greg Holman
    Greg Holman

    I'm blown away by this magnificent beast! Thanks for sharing😁

  • Aadarsh Mathew
    Aadarsh Mathew

    I wish we could have this stunning car in coupe/ cabriolet form.

  • Serkan 033
    Serkan 033

    Awesome Man like black extr. White intr. Also wonder New s63 amg 👍

  • Semat Tarek
    Semat Tarek

    Best car

  • moruri evans
    moruri evans

    Great work Ivan for your superb video. You have brought out that car the best way possible. Thinking of owning one in obsidian black.

    • Ivan Sensei
      Ivan Sensei

      Glad you like it buddy! I should drive it soon in 2-3 weeks, can't wait!

  • Sebastian Mitkov
    Sebastian Mitkov

    Bjutyfel amezing car

  • idris yavuz
    idris yavuz


  • 1990Thunderbolt

    Mercedes Benz: Lakers! BMW: Warriors!

  • Sazan Qoqaj
    Sazan Qoqaj

    Which one do u like more?w222 or w223

    • Ivan Sensei
      Ivan Sensei

      I like more new gen! Btw W223 is short wheelbase and this is long wheelbase V223 and Maybach is Z223

  • Sazan Qoqaj
    Sazan Qoqaj

    Great job buddy💪

    • Ivan Sensei
      Ivan Sensei

      Thanks man!