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      I have a crush but I did not ask him

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    i love you jeremy

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    same your note alony

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    Bexi will be back

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    Tell both lexis there so cute

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      Parker Sucks 3000


  • Parker Sucks 3000
    Parker Sucks 3000


  • Parker Sucks 3000
    Parker Sucks 3000

    Tell both lexis there very cure

  • CallMehGingerBread

    Jeremy:what do you mean this is my normal attire Me:You never even wore that at lexi’s “wedding” Lol

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    Mariame Jalloh

    My dad gave my mom the same chocolate

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    Claire and Chase World

    What happened if one of your SLtooss can ask you out or go to a mall and tell girls to be your valentines I dare you plsss

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    Ben loves Lexi 🥰🥰

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    Fact : 100K Likes and Only 860 Dislikes🔥🔥

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    Sanchi kapoor

    I'm astonished. Jeremy looks soooooo good in a tux.

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    Mahmuda Rekha

    Lexi and ben broke up then why ben is acting stupid a girl already kiss ben in the chick so what is the problem

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    lulu semeraro

    Lol if only Katie was in this





  • Grace Marin
    Grace Marin

    Honestly Jeremy looked better in the hoodie 😂

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    Ben is probably in shock because you asked Lexi to be your valentine when Ben is probably gonna ask Lol

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    Key words like Vid

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    Think albums girls like I didn't say no by when Gill my Cs does well the girl suggest but I think you're gonna say how sorry by Joyce 111

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    Anaya Neff

    One you guys should prank Brent or Dom asking Sofie or Pierson to be your girlfriend or something and make them say yes with Dom or Brent right there 😂

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    You all redy no everyone is going to say no.

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    Mariama Manneh

    no JD

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    Gabriela Tuyac

    5:58 ex-girlfriend??!?!

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    Love it 😂

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    Omg who else loves this

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    Why you didn't ask Katie for being ur valentine

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      Ik I haven’t seen them hang out on a while

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    he still likes lexi

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    mfaria 36

    Ben could never im sorry Ben but its true

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    Jealuosyyyyyyyyy for Bennn~

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    I love how Jeremy is a family guy!

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    I’m sad now I asked someone and I go to school with her and she said no 😔

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    Can I be ur Valentine I want that teddy 😂🥰

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    It’s so shocking how Jeremy swears so easily 😭😂even though he’s lying

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    Iam hungry right now

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    I was expecting Andrew to ask Lexi to be his Valentines 💝

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    POV: Got here from TikTok

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    Who thanks Jeremy is cute😍

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    Lysette Flores

    Dang jeremy's a player, he's cheating on everyone

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    Erin Watson

    I love you so much ❤️🥰

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    Nishita Gurbani

    i couldn't stop laughin the since you got rejected by first girl-

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    Karmen Fortner

    Jeremy you think of the funny's pranks i swear how do you think of this stuff????

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    Presiana Momchilova

    Umm didn't Lexi and Ben brake up Jeremy

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    russel de ramos

    im surprised he is still okay after getting rejected

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    Khalid Plays


  • ashley maddox
    ashley maddox

    Dom was confused but he did not freak out like Ben he was nice and did not try to fight him 😅

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    Sarah Shahin

    Dom is regretting his life choices lol, he's like "its to early for this"💀

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    everytime ic sofie she is in doms house or with dom nice well they look cute together

  • Guadalupe Guadarrama
    Guadalupe Guadarrama

    This is not hate but Ben shouldn’t even get mad why bc Lexi can move on if she wants who ever she wants bexi is over why is he jealous when he and this girl Hannah are crushing Lexi ain’t going to like him her whole life Lexi is going to get a new boyfriend someday and he can’t do anything just saying my opinion so don’t hate 🙃✋

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    Elvin Celebi

    Ngl #Jexi/#Leremy would be a great couple but i really appreciate #bexi

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    Patty03 Guzman

    Omg at else dom didn't push him he was so confused and poor Ben look like he was mad and I love all your videos you are so funny 💜💙❤️😍🥰😘

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    Fathema binte Iqbal

    When he asked a man to be his Valentine lol

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    Jeremy has a crush on lexi

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    Aye my boy a player

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    Emma Fasciani

    It’s gotta be sus when Jeremy doesn’t even wear a suit to Lexi H’s “wedding” 😂

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    feb 14 is my little sisters birth day

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    opzz xsin

    No one: Literally no one: Jeremy: “DAAAAAAAAM?”

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    Alejandro Velez

    That is what you get for break up with Lexi

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    Coleen Raparelli

    I am a big fam.

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      opzz xsin

      당신 jonna handsome plz be my Valentines’s day^^

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    Maissae Hajoui

    Jeremy is cheating yall oooooh some tea to spill

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    My birthday is on February 14th

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      Oh that’s really cool

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    emily meyers

    How has he never had a valentine 😂

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    Mia Vega Romero

    Leremy for Lexi R

  • Mia Vega Romero
    Mia Vega Romero


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    Evoid Mystic

    Jeremy thought he was trying to do bones but he was giving him change 😂😂😂😂😂😂

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    This is so Sweet ❤😊

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    Chevelle Micallef

    Really I am 10 and I have had 2

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    Its my birthday today

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    •Heavenista Gacha•

    Dom's face like bro u are srsly taking mah girl 😂

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    cedric Minecraft and for in Roblox


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    Minahil Ali

    Dom being confused was actually cute

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    7:17 I'm dead 🤣

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    You are sooo cute

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    Awwww ben still loves lexi #bexi

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    It's Friday Jeremy. 9:30 AM in Washington DC

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    Katie should be your valentine

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    Candace Martin

    "dad I did it" awwww

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    Mariam Moussa

    Wait fr tho ur a cute couple tho like jexi like it will be good

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    shut up ben

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    I love you pls can i have a shout out

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    Siti Zain

    Hi jeremy i'm Anna on March 11th i REALLY HOPE YOU NOTICE ME because i really like your video and been a long last fan hope you note me and sorry if it is too long

4,3 mio.