Billie Eilish - Therefore I Am (Official Music Video)
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Directed by Billie Eilish

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Music video by Billie Eilish performing Therefore I Am. © 2020 Darkroom/Interscope Records

  • eilish

    Billie almost forgot her drink😩

  • eilish

    Wait billie is wearing croptop😳

  • Hasham nadeem
    Hasham nadeem

    I love this song 💖💖💖

  • zizoo hoo
    zizoo hoo


  • Latifa_Plays

    ستوب وت ذا هيل يو توكن اباوت

  • Roxana Calin
    Roxana Calin

    I love You biblie!!😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😘

  • Anime Hastası
    Anime Hastası

    Billie eilish lütfen Türkiye gel ben senin hayranınım lütfennn

  • rates TV_UwU rates TV
    rates TV_UwU rates TV

    But Billie you a bad? But it's okay I'm love this.

  • [ deku Izuku midorya ]
    [ deku Izuku midorya ]

    Hi Billie ellish! I hope you notice this I've been watching your songs all the time since I was 5 and I'm a big fan I love how you put effort in your songs please respond to this. Thank you

  • Muhammad hakim zaffri
    Muhammad hakim zaffri

    Therefore i am thank you next

  • Razak Raup
    Razak Raup

    not tired of running jajajaja

  • Razak Raup
    Razak Raup

    not tired of running jajajajaja

  • Razak Raup
    Razak Raup

    dak capek apoh lari lari

  • Alexander Fell
    Alexander Fell

    Omg so gut 😍

  • positive vibes
    positive vibes

    I not brush 6 month how take your name from my mouth because it's smell

  • keego smoke
    keego smoke

    I know I posted a comment but if I had a daughter I would imagine her singing this lol

  • Star girl
    Star girl

    Love this song 🖤💋✨

  • castoro marcio
    castoro marcio

  • Brandon Robert
    Brandon Robert

    Tell me u film this using iphone wthout telling me u film this using iphone

  • Editime

    You are beatuful


    Did she rented the whole mall just to shoot this song ?

  • YamYam

    Билли Элиш ограбила трц✔️

  • F҉A҉K҉E҉ L҉O҉V҉E҉
    F҉A҉K҉E҉ L҉O҉V҉E҉

    يمه فدوه

    • Im just a goat
      Im just a goat


  • mohammad fateh
    mohammad fateh

    😭😭😭😭 OMG billie you are so beautiful

  • Therewasacatd luie
    Therewasacatd luie

    If I was locked in the mall for a good time I would do the same thing and go to gamestop for items

  • بلاك قيمز / Blakc Games
    بلاك قيمز / Blakc Games

    هههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههه في عرب؟

    • Im just a goat
      Im just a goat


  • Faith Johnston
    Faith Johnston


    • Im just a goat
      Im just a goat

      Thank you

  • sebastian philippe Tato
    sebastian philippe Tato

    It's just Billie eillish walking around the mall and singing

  • Chilam


  • Chilam


  • Chilam


  • Maicen Berg
    Maicen Berg

    The illegal grass inadvertently guard because george traditionally brush minus a puffy patio. tearful, talented paperback

  • حسين سعيد عبد الحسين حسن
    حسين سعيد عبد الحسين حسن

    هـــــــــــــــــا شني

  • Vitoria Jamily
    Vitoria Jamily


  • Harith Azaim
    Harith Azaim

    baka onna ga 😂

  • Everything related Everything
    Everything related Everything

    Follow me on Spotify, the kindest old and new songs Billie Eilish

  • vincenzo Giambanco
    vincenzo Giambanco

    She is my baby girl, I will fight like hell for her I am very protective of her.

    • Im just a goat
      Im just a goat

      بس ادبها

    • Im just a goat
      Im just a goat

      U r a good father 🖤

  • Leon Braganza
    Leon Braganza

    poor mall

  • Amelia Oliver
    Amelia Oliver

    She just took all the food and was like goodbye lolol love you Billie!!!

  • Hazelnut Sugar
    Hazelnut Sugar

    Through the whole video in my mid i was like, ''the whole mall was closed just for her''

  • Billie Eilish original Clip
    Billie Eilish original Clip

    Thefore i am, everything i wanted...😌🌹💛👑 King...

  • veao2001

    you are the bestbille ellish.i,myour biggestfan.aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

  • Alexis Otti
    Alexis Otti

    My favorite song ever😃😄🌸🌈❤🧡💛💚💙💖💜🖤💎💎🤯

  • ttvsnipes576 dj
    ttvsnipes576 dj

    You dundas dweeb

  • Rosario Mendoza
    Rosario Mendoza


  • Razan _ Roblox
    Razan _ Roblox

    فيه عرب

  • hamouda samir
    hamouda samir

    im arabic

  • hamouda samir
    hamouda samir

    soviet union athem

  • Bawnnie Boi Sfm
    Bawnnie Boi Sfm

    oh shit she be stealin

  • Louis DeAngelis
    Louis DeAngelis

    Playful minx

  • Kevin OSullivan
    Kevin OSullivan

  • HaileyPlays

    Reply if you love singing!

  • Imhere :O
    Imhere :O

    I have never seen a empty mall

  • B*tch Pfff my acc
    B*tch Pfff my acc

    Me: Poor camera man chasing BILLIE around The mall Camera man: ehehhe Are We done soon?! Im Soo tired BILLIE!! Billie eilish: continues to sing and Run around The mall BILLIE again: running around Whit her donut Camera man: sooming There her hair is Me: Uh- Okay gurl Uhm ok

  • Rylie Cameron
    Rylie Cameron

    Billie you are my favourite singer my room is all pictures of you

  • Greg Andres
    Greg Andres

    Wat did I just watch . Like why uggghhh

  • khyree moore
    khyree moore

    I like your videos

    • khyree moore
      khyree moore

      Your the best

  • T A Y G R YT
    T A Y G R YT

    Kanbghik aBB A7777777777777788888❤️❤️😐😐😂😂♉♉

  • Nebulous Pidgeon
    Nebulous Pidgeon

    this looked like it was so much fun to record though.

  • Bella Patch
    Bella Patch

    Gus is good

  • Kristina Knapp
    Kristina Knapp

    Why did she get food if she isn't going to eat it😐

  • Edward Song
    Edward Song


  • Kentrell

    Eat the damn pretzel💀

  • Rebecca Nahas élève
    Rebecca Nahas élève

    The amount of times I’ve watched this is unhealthy

  • Kianoosh Soltani
    Kianoosh Soltani

    This is a perfect 👌 😍 ❤

  • Kianoosh Soltani
    Kianoosh Soltani

    Good job 👏 👍 👌

  • Tomasz Ogonowski
    Tomasz Ogonowski


  • Ricky Jett
    Ricky Jett

    I love you....

  • Selman's Handyman Services
    Selman's Handyman Services

    Imagine Billie just running in the mall with a camera man chasing her I would record the whole thing

  • Selman's Handyman Services
    Selman's Handyman Services

    Love this song

  • Ahmed Sameh
    Ahmed Sameh


  • Møùnir fire
    Møùnir fire

    قذر اين فرقة بلاك بينك اجمل

  • Ofeliaa CChi
    Ofeliaa CChi

    Le pone mucho teatro a su música.

  • CivilizTube

    I don't see the camera

  • anfal nina
    anfal nina

    I like the music

  • Mansour

    عباس بوعذار

  • Colette Time
    Colette Time

    Billie eilish ❤

  • Gabriel

    Billie tão falando no tik Tok que vc e a ariana grande que se mata

  • Carolina Vazquez
    Carolina Vazquez

    a likeeeee

  • Valentina Massiel
    Valentina Massiel

    Buscando comentario en español

  • Titta Garofalo
    Titta Garofalo

    Security? Guard: HEY Get Out OF Here! Billie: runs with the food

  • Kyra Kelso
    Kyra Kelso


  • Yousif Ahmad
    Yousif Ahmad

    I'm the only one wondering, what's the point?

    • Yousif Ahmad
      Yousif Ahmad

      @A Chicken Aight! thanks bro..

    • A Chicken
      A Chicken

      @Yousif Ahmad Entertainment

    • Yousif Ahmad
      Yousif Ahmad

      @A Chicken of the Video, the lyrics?

    • A Chicken
      A Chicken

      Of what?

  • Queily Paola Medrano Salvatierra
    Queily Paola Medrano Salvatierra

    Todas tus canciones son hermosas😜

  • José Lucas Gomes
    José Lucas Gomes

    :) :) :)

  • MELISa Mazzi
    MELISa Mazzi

    I love you ❤️

  • José Lucas Gomes
    José Lucas Gomes

    Food food food!!!!!!!!

  • José Lucas Gomes
    José Lucas Gomes


  • José Lucas Gomes
    José Lucas Gomes

    Weucom home you food!!!

  • therock


  • José Lucas Gomes
    José Lucas Gomes

    Aaaaaa food

  • Jelly Roll
    Jelly Roll

    I love this

  • Gabriel Heras giraldo
    Gabriel Heras giraldo


  • Josephine Bredahl Thomsen 3C Skovlunde Skole
    Josephine Bredahl Thomsen 3C Skovlunde Skole

    i love billie ehlish i can belive i love him veryy much my dream at to meet bilie ehlish OMG

  • meryem bukarel
    meryem bukarel

    Im frensh billi i love you 😘😗

  • 王有


  • Anna-maria Arakhamiya
    Anna-maria Arakhamiya

    Hello my name is Anamaria I love you Billie Eilish I love you dearly ❤️❤️❤️🥰😍

  • Chicken nugget master
    Chicken nugget master

    me: wheres the people Billie eilish: i needs some food also me: yassssssssssssssss

  • Alice Felipe
    Alice Felipe


  • Summer Stars
    Summer Stars

    I like this song but this video makes no sense at all-plus the quality is not that good-

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