🚑Liverpool Hospital Tour🚑
This was a members video in December, but since I had to end the memberships (sob, sob) - everyone got a refund, so this video can go live! I'll post the other December members videos in the coming weeks. Adios!
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  • 442oons

    This was a members video in December, but since I had to end the memberships (sob, sob) - everyone got a refund, so this video can go live! I'll post the other December members videos in the coming weeks. Adios!

    • Stephen Caveney
      Stephen Caveney

      I'm areds fan and i thought this hilarious and well put together vid. Keep up the good work. YNwa 🤘🤘

    • Peter Curran
      Peter Curran

      Can you post more member videos

    • vu thuy Hoang
      vu thuy Hoang

      oh and also someone reuploads your members content poorly before you end it sltoos.info/slow/73WXyVuYidHi-lsVgbkhoA.html

    • vu thuy Hoang
      vu thuy Hoang

      Now you found something meaningful to poor people

    • Nawaf H.
      Nawaf H.


  • Moeez Khan
    Moeez Khan

    LFC have more injured players than brock lesnar's title defences


    I'm a Liverpool fan... So sad to them.. We are in danger

  • A S K
    A S K

    I just remembered Thiago is in LFC 😂 , I Forgot

  • Idritrek3

    what about mané and his covid?!

  • Tjay Joel
    Tjay Joel

    Hendo and fabinho is now admitted to the lfc hospital...

  • M.Carmen García
    M.Carmen García

    Is the klopp'spital😂

  • Kevin Muhuluma
    Kevin Muhuluma

    Do chelsea

  • Zulfiker Ali Khan Chowdhury
    Zulfiker Ali Khan Chowdhury

    LOL, that hurts😂😅😭

  • Rehan A
    Rehan A


  • Official_MiniRonaldo

    It’s a miracle! I can walk! (broken leg) OUHUHUJ

  • _That.One.Dweeb_ 05
    _That.One.Dweeb_ 05

    if I where invisible id play it off that i was actually doing my college work and not watching SLtoos

  • Joe Edwards
    Joe Edwards

    As a Man City fan I was laughing all the way

    • Yeshen Naidu
      Yeshen Naidu

      u exsist

  • DFSEmpire

    And now they lost to Everton at home

  • Shivam Kumar
    Shivam Kumar

    Joel Matip😂

  • Cillian Hogan
    Cillian Hogan

    Mate I dont have members but I could watch this

    • Cillian Hogan
      Cillian Hogan

      I just read your comment lol

  • Rares Serea
    Rares Serea

    Have u seen him trying to catch a ball😂😂😂😂😆🤣

  • Nik

    Liverpool don't know how to win a match

  • LeikFroakies

    If I were an invisible man. I'd take one hell of a throw in

  • Fox Inc.
    Fox Inc.

    If i was invisible i would open doors for people so they could live out their childhood dream of being a Jedi

  • Jobandeep Singh
    Jobandeep Singh

    Now we want Real Madrid's hospital tour marcelo is also injured now . Total 10 First team players are injured of Real Madrid 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • con lynch
    con lynch

    lol ynwa


    Man city suffered much injuries than LiVARpool

    • Ben 10
      Ben 10


  • Nemz


  • Bulsara Bardot
    Bulsara Bardot

    Klopp flop!!!!

    • GM3

      Even though he won champion league, premier league club world Cup and a uefa super cup

  • Adfer r
    Adfer r


  • David Wilcock
    David Wilcock


  • David Wilcock
    David Wilcock

    Diogo having a poo lol

  • David Wilcock
    David Wilcock

    Who came up with a dinosaur Everton shirt lol 😂

  • David Wilcock
    David Wilcock

    I love jurgens voice lol

  • Martin Johnson
    Martin Johnson

    Next is southamptons one

  • Ashwin Ssn
    Ashwin Ssn


  • Jack Swallow
    Jack Swallow

    Nice vids

  • Hayden Smith
    Hayden Smith

    This is really bad though if you think about it are defense died after van and Gomez is now gone for the season

  • Marin MM7
    Marin MM7

    Why is there Lewandowski & Haaland Q&A when the video isn't available and you can't watch it at the end of Liverpool Hospital Tour?

    • Marin MM7
      Marin MM7

      Oh,ok, thanks.

    • Charles Leirman
      Charles Leirman

      he will put 1 member video a month

  • Sandla Manyelana
    Sandla Manyelana


  • Bebegamer

    While they are losing 0-1

  • Abdulai Musah
    Abdulai Musah

    Pls we need Chelsea video 💯💯😄

  • Emily Walters
    Emily Walters

    Diogo jots had me laughing 😂’ boss I’m having a poo ‘

  • Bobby Jay
    Bobby Jay

    So accurate

  • Ali Hassan
    Ali Hassan

    More like the cripple brothers 🤣🤣🤣

  • When You Want To Sing
    When You Want To Sing


  • When You Want To Sing
    When You Want To Sing

    Do you love Liverpool? I even especially like his song Go here: ​@​ And feel the atmosphere of Anfield

  • When You Want To Sing
    When You Want To Sing

    Do you love Liverpool? I even especially like his song Go here: @ And feel the atmosphere of Anfield

  • When You Want To Sing
    When You Want To Sing

    Do you love Liverpool? I even especially like his song Go here: @ And feel the atmosphere of Anfield

  • Chris Blackler
    Chris Blackler


  • Adam Llama
    Adam Llama

    Forget about Oxlade

  • Frédéric Massoud
    Frédéric Massoud

    Who is here after Matip got injured again...

  • Emmanuel Osunde
    Emmanuel Osunde

    Please upload the membership vids soon

  • Uroš Lukač
    Uroš Lukač


  • Manda Roncon Dlima
    Manda Roncon Dlima

    Why does this version of Jurgen closest to the real one? I can imagine him doing all this 😂😂😂 Where was the covid ward for Trent, Mane, Salah etc? 😅

  • Ashish Joseph
    Ashish Joseph

    Who else noticed Klopps new laugh

  • Epic Gamer
    Epic Gamer


  • Robert Carlsson
    Robert Carlsson

    If i was a invisible man i would be a Man City supporter like all the other invisible men... Boom.

  • Colin McDermott
    Colin McDermott

    I love Jurgen Klopp in these 🤣🤣🤣

  • Josh Morgan
    Josh Morgan

    Nabby lad an shaq tho 😂

  • clover zelderz
    clover zelderz

    3rd with a hospital attraction's worth of injuries. We are the better team.

  • Rather Not
    Rather Not

    Thanks Fabinho member!!!

  • The Merce’s
    The Merce’s

    They have got basically every one in hospital though

  • Aaymaan Ryan Khan
    Aaymaan Ryan Khan

    Hey Klopp your now a flop... This time you will be lucky to go to the champion league next year and flop... LoL

  • Ace

    I’d stab every man city, Everton, United players

  • Nathan

    Me every time 442oons makes a video Me after the video: *ROFL* 😂😂😂

  • Walid ms
    Walid ms

    You'll never be in hospital alone

  • Dark Shadow
    Dark Shadow

    This is funny as a Liverpool fan

  • Ghost X69 F1nish4r
    Ghost X69 F1nish4r



    eyyy do you notice the copa del rey on thiago's bedside has a real badge?

  • Olando Lawrence
    Olando Lawrence

    This was great 😂😂😂😂

  • Baby Pluto
    Baby Pluto

    Boom 😂

  • mamak fafankoulou
    mamak fafankoulou

    matip is seriously made of foam

  • mohammed alpha
    mohammed alpha

    do the acmilan hospital

  • Hüseyin Tek
    Hüseyin Tek


  • Hüseyin Tek
    Hüseyin Tek


  • Hany Sayed
    Hany Sayed


  • Hedin Skoe
    Hedin Skoe

    Nabylad hahahaha

  • siiiw


  • Demar Morrison
    Demar Morrison

    Lol matip tho

  • Sway Montana
    Sway Montana

    How come firmino, Salah n mane never get injured

  • FareTheCool 1324231
    FareTheCool 1324231

    I am liverpool fan and i cryed when i watch that

  • opzz xsin
    opzz xsin

    Virgil at at the start 😂😂

  • trey tresen147
    trey tresen147


  • Tamay Tansu
    Tamay Tansu


    • opzz xsin
      opzz xsin

      Everyone: first Members: wait a minute

  • Chinaza Erumaka
    Chinaza Erumaka

    Boom...😂😂 Kills me every time

  • CID doll
    CID doll

    Neyamr injury is even worst!!!!!

  • Timothy

    This makes me happy because I'm a man city fan

  • Kgotso Kamo
    Kgotso Kamo


  • Neel The Rockstar
    Neel The Rockstar

    Why Klopp's jacket has a Tottenham's logo?

    • Zombieking 2
      Zombieking 2

      Thats not spurs’ logo

  • K. S
    K. S

    This is funny! 😁 ❤️

  • Sam Muir
    Sam Muir

    Is Rhys Williams here after the Man UTD game?

  • Zarkies

    It's almost like I forgot Liverpool signed Thiago

  • soniyu ziuy
    soniyu ziuy

    a tour of Sergio Ramos victims and red cards

  • Yiğit Ege Şahin
    Yiğit Ege Şahin

    You'll see the real reds in the england

  • Dr.Rami Hamad
    Dr.Rami Hamad

    Keita should have a presidential suit by now, we should prepare a few more presidential suits for Matip, Ox and Gomez. I love them all but this is the reality.

  • Bruh -_-
    Bruh -_-


    • soniyu ziuy
      soniyu ziuy

      members videos in the coming weeks. Adios!

  • kirah

    Poor virgil

  • targeted tom
    targeted tom

    klopp : my money's on thiago me:my money's on the fly who fell on the toilet from jota s gas😂

  • bilisha coli
    bilisha coli

    Everyone: first Members: wait a minute

  • Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang 14
    Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang 14

    so can you get all the members video and make them pubuc

  • Nikolas Xtz
    Nikolas Xtz


    • bilisha coli
      bilisha coli

      Dean, please, I am missing the front men 👏

  • Liverpool lover
    Liverpool lover

    Suggestion:Reasons why Salah is so SELFISH

  • ilhaam ashraf
    ilhaam ashraf

    Loved the Happy attitude of Klopp here❤️, even after all these setbacks