I Jumped the World’s Most Extreme Skydive (Near Death Experience)
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  • Yes Theory
    Yes Theory

    This took years for Ammar to plan... Such a delicate yet challenging jump, watch all the way to the end to see how he pulls it off... To celebrate, we created a collection called “Moonshot” on Seek Discomfort for the dreams so big they scare you just thinking about them... See the collection here: www.seekdiscomfort.com

    • jennifer j. avila
      jennifer j. avila

      Ammar if you're seeing this I just wanted to let you know, you are strong and what you went through is devastating. I was also in a car accident back in April 2020 with my two siblings ( i am 19) and I also went through a horrific car accident. What you went through is truly a hard thing to get the grasp of. I remember thanking God everyday, but I was so afraid on doing anything. My mentality was at the lowest and seeing what you went through is truly motivational. YOU ARE STRONG. amazing content guys!

    • #PadCrewX Studios
      #PadCrewX Studios

      I have been skydiving a couple of years ago to raise money for my nephew's wheel chair he has spina bifida, it was all inspired by Ammar and the yes theory crew and the yes theory family,that day I fell in love with it I want to do it agai

    • Ziggy Builds it!
      Ziggy Builds it!

      Thanks for this awesome video, it’s been over ten years since I’ve done any jumps and boy did this get the emotions rushing back in 😂👌💕 there really is something so special about skydiving, I’m gonna take my best friend for his 70th birthday, he’s never been and is an adrenaline junkie.

    • AndroidFerret ANIMALS'N GAMES
      AndroidFerret ANIMALS'N GAMES

      Wait ...you can FIRST strap a stranger to your body and jump BEFORE you're even allowed to jump alone? Really? Why ? I mean ..ok ..if you need to do it with an instructor ..but with strangers ?

    • olivier guntenaar
      olivier guntenaar

      My biggest dream is to see earth from space and being weightless!

  • Damian Lim
    Damian Lim

    Who is the brunette at 21:30? She's so beautiful!

  • Rania Shaikh
    Rania Shaikh

    the highest skydive jump was from redbull where he jumped from space

  • Josh Dykstra
    Josh Dykstra

    My dream is to be one of the best singers in the world. This video has inspired me to start acting on that dream.

  • Mishella

    I spent my whole life angry with and entirely against motorcycles because at nine, i lost my sister who was 23 to one. She was facing HER biggest fear by riding one the night before her college graduation. She passed away conquering her fear, and i've lost sleep over that for 16 years now. My soul came to peace at 24, in August 2020. My biggest dream has been to skydive, and to conquer my biggest fear while doing that. Lately, I have been wanting to get on a motorcycle and face my demons. Thanks to this video, I WILL! Just need to find a redbull sponsored rider, like you! haha. Thank you for being the light in many peoples day across the world. Much love, Michelle.

  • rohit dugar
    rohit dugar

    I’m afraid of heights and it would be so epic if I ever get to do this one day! Love your content, always so uplifting and the positive message! Good job bro!

  • Jackson DeFord
    Jackson DeFord

    My dream: Owning a 2005 Ford Mustang. I ended up getting one just a couple weeks ago. It shares a birthday with me (exactly 1 year younger than me to the day). I have been working my butt off to pay the insurance on it. I’m still on my permit so I’m thrilled I had the opportunity to own it.

  • marco rossi
    marco rossi

    No one: XQC: 11:12

  • Robin Leyer
    Robin Leyer

    no masks

  • Cat Magic
    Cat Magic

    This ís stupidity. Why don't rich people spend their money more constructively! I loved the Iraq and Afganistan videos SO much, but not this. It proves NOTHING.

  • Home Home
    Home Home

    In this video which is 2060 seconds long. 12.9% is the actual jump 87% is the storytelling

  • Sean Hefele
    Sean Hefele

    Yoooo, that’s lake Elsinore. I go riding at that motocross track right next to that sky diving field. That’s sick.

  • Lukas Kristensen
    Lukas Kristensen

    Lately I’ve been walking a lot, because of a challenge at my school. I managed to walk just shy of 1000 km in 55 days. I got number one in the challenge and accomplished my goal. I want to be good at riding bike. I like riding far. My longest ride was 170 km but I want to go further. My goal is to ride long rides and your Chanel have made me motivated. I’ve seen your Chanel for years and it would be a dream to meet you guys. I hope to meet you guys and tell you all in person how much your videos have had an impact on my life.

  • Fafa Mo
    Fafa Mo

    It really touches me that a an African arbian is out there chasing his/her dream and destroying the boundaries of our closed cultures and family thoughts. This thing really touched me to the point we're I cried... This video has greater message for me in the culture that I live in. THANK YOU SO MUCH AMMAR ❤️❤️❤️

  • Ohk Ying
    Ohk Ying

    Just Amazing👍👍👍👍

  • Home Skills ni Fajut
    Home Skills ni Fajut

    One of the best youtube videos I've scene!

  • Lucky Jaswal
    Lucky Jaswal

    Meanwhile flat earthers still think earth is flat.

  • Pardu Bolloju
    Pardu Bolloju


  • Kushal Acharya
    Kushal Acharya

    Love From Nepal . Will do a skydive in the near future for sure .

  • Colin Douglas
    Colin Douglas

    Would like to be part of team breaking records for highest altitude free falls.

  • Ted Simpson
    Ted Simpson


  • Don Nettles
    Don Nettles

    Skydive into base camp at Everest.

  • John McIntyre
    John McIntyre

    Okay, I'm only 10 seconds in, but I'm already nervous. If you're going skydiving and you need supplemental oxygen *INSIDE THE PLANE* that's freakin hard-core and I applaud your courage/insanity/spirit of adventure. Godspeed, Yes Theory boys!

  • Parralix

    This is "APPARENTLY" how my parents went to school

  • Ross perry Obasi
    Ross perry Obasi

    Becoming a commercial airline pilot❤️, that’s as close as I’ll get to living in the skies so skydiving with you will be a dream come true

  • 26


  • Atombrot

    My dream is that God's Kingdom will arrive.

  • Bryan Blaze
    Bryan Blaze

    This such an amazing video and great story of working through your fears. What make this better is this amazing story happened in my home town of Porterville CA in the middle of nowhere.

  • Minna Rina
    Minna Rina

    I know I am probably late to enter the skydiving trip, BUT I would still love to share my dream. When I was in fourth grade, we were supposed to write on a paper what we wanted to be when we grew up. Well, at the time I wanted to be a famous rockstar, an astronaut beacause I could walk on the moon, a chef with a big hat inside a kitchen full of people, a national geographic photographer, and a bull rider (or a cowboy), either would suffice. But I could not pick just one. SO all I could think to write was this, "all I want to do is make people smile forever." For years I have gone by just simply trying to find something I love. I picked up guitar when I was probably 5 or 6, then followed with piano, of course hoping I would rock out on stage one day. I started my own small photography business in high school because I loved seeing people smile and capturing that image forever. I moved away after I graduated and then I got the chance to work for this amazing coffee company that taught me more about self love than I could ever try and teach myself. I worked with people everyday and found so many unique things. I grew to love myself through other people and things we did together. I realized how big of an impact just a simple cup of coffee can make to one person. And that stuck. I went everyday saying to myself "as long as I make one person feel special today, I did my job." I obviously can't focus my life on making other people happy all the time, but I can sure as heck* try and make my life better by making other people smile. So about a year ago I started culinary arts school. I would love to make cooking apart of my life and so many others. I grew up around a grandma, and parents, and aunts and uncles that always cooked for me. (Let's just say I was never lacking a good, homemade meal!!) I remember ever since I was younger I have always been creative in the kitchen. FOOD is my passion. MY dream Is to open a food truck. As silly, and simple as it may seem, I can't think of anything else that would make me happier. I want to travel, see new things, and never stop trying to make people smile. I want to make someone happy by a cup of soup, a taco, or just homemade ice cream (mmm btw). I know this was long (lol) and I don't know if anyone will even read this, but I can't help but talk about how passionate I am. Thank you if you read this whole thing, and even if you didn't (hahaha) Have a great day! :))))

  • Joel Choy
    Joel Choy

    Inspiring! Following yours dreams and overcoming fears! You are the man and you have got great friends by you! The love and support is so strong

  • Sunny Mecwan
    Sunny Mecwan

    I get very very scared with heights , but i wanted to do skydiving since i was in 4 th grade.....and your videos helped me sooo much to gain confidence ....i traveled 600 km to do paragliding ...and it was the most amazing thing 😍.....and my dream is same as yours ammar ...doing the highest skyfall.....please select me there is noo skydiving in my whole state or neighbouring states ..and i wanna fill up my dream so badly 🥺🥺

  • Bisma shoaib
    Bisma shoaib

    This is just like a dream came trueee❤️

  • Aaron Santos
    Aaron Santos

    Yes Theory always telling me that achieving our dreams ang goals is not impossible. I love you guyssss!!!

  • Sunrise Chourouk
    Sunrise Chourouk

    waw.. Just amazing ❤️. My dream is to find a dream..

  • Ajay Narsingh Rana
    Ajay Narsingh Rana

    Wowww, loved watching the video and seeing how your childhood dream came true. Hopefully, I get my sky diving dream a reality soon. Dyamnn this is an inspiration.

  • Stray

    I like how they’re just staring into each other’s eyes romantically the entire way down.

  • Picustein

    My dream is to travel around the world, and hopefully see an aurora borealis.

  • Saksham Thakur
    Saksham Thakur

    take me pls

  • Divyanshu Singh
    Divyanshu Singh

    Yes theory is the most underrated channel on SLtoos although they have 6 million + subscribers they do deserve a lot more subscribers

  • Supreme Khanal
    Supreme Khanal


  • Organic

    Piloting is a dream I always wanted to follow as a kid and now am getting closer to it everyday it was really inspiring to watch this❤️

  • Ayrton Nunez
    Ayrton Nunez

    My dreams is to me the best dad I can be one day having a kid and a husband

  • Cohl Favell
    Cohl Favell

    I loved the video, like so much, but I need those shoes, those baby blue bikes, they are SO NICE

  • Bryan Royes
    Bryan Royes

    legend man

  • im a giraffe
    im a giraffe

    I hate how the worst things happen to the most legendary people

  • Beatriz Sampaio
    Beatriz Sampaio

    This made me cry. BADLY. It’s so crazy to think someone can have a close call, rethink everything and challenge the thought. Or... wanting something so bad that... despite the close call... seek discomfort and persue that dream. Sky diving is one of those things that I have always wanted to do since I was little. Being young meant having to ask permission from parents (always a NO). Later in life other things came before like scuba diving, 5 day trek to Machu Pichu or... a move abroad... then time passed fast and... with a messy back and ... and then later it seemed almost irresponsible because i had a kid... and then the thought of ”what if something goes wrong?”. I can totally close my eyes and see my young self (teenager and then in my twenties) wanting to do things out of my comfort zone. Things that scared me but wanting to conquer that fear... time passes. And now... is it too late? Anyways... this video trasported me back in time... made me feel young again... and think of all those dreams.... the age in my head is in constant disagreement with my physical age... Through this videos I can only wish to be young again. Love you guys and I think you are all awesome/Xo

  • Bader Al-zahrani
    Bader Al-zahrani

    Crying baby 🍼

  • bocoy noiu
    bocoy noiu

    The camera man doing all of this stuff in the sky at like 300mph and getting no credit: 🥲

    • Khalilullah Shaikh
      Khalilullah Shaikh

      It is in description

  • Yeetus Mccleetus
    Yeetus Mccleetus

    When redbull actully give you wings

  • Yeetus Mccleetus
    Yeetus Mccleetus

    When your drop marker in COD Mobile is on the opposite side of the map from the plane

  • Sgtcoxjb

    You good sir are my hero! When I was younger I never felt fear, but much like your story the fear of practically everything set in on me at a point. Anxiety, maybe a little depression etc and I'm just now starting to break away from the fears and face them head on. You have no idea how much watching this video helped. Thank you!

  • Finn imerson
    Finn imerson

    First thing I’ve always wanted to do when I turn 16 is skydive, My story is very similar to this guy with growing up obsessed with it. In 2 weeks I turn 16 and will be doing a tandem jump for charity, I’m nervous as hell. But I’m definitely ready for it 🙏🏼

  • Naya Rahbany
    Naya Rahbany

    I just want to skydive now too young but I want to so bad

  • Ian Elgar
    Ian Elgar

    i feel like this may be one of the best youtube channels right now the work they put into their videos are insane

  • True Locke
    True Locke

    I want to Take MY DREAMS TO THE TOP of the MUsic Charts. But I have been skydiving before and would love to have the second opportunity to do a more intense one.

  • Matt tangles
    Matt tangles

    wow bruv that's incredible well done

  • Kalvin Rajotte
    Kalvin Rajotte

    Proud of Ammar

  • Louisianna p
    Louisianna p

    Go to the Olympics for weightlifting and travel the world. Ammar your dad would be proud of you love you you guys sooooo much

  • WondeRingo

    Damn, the old youtube hit hard with nostalgia...

  • nomia

    This was such a beautiful story and Im so proud of you Ammar. Whats my dream that i want to take to the highest of heights? I simply want to experience as much as the world has to offer me. Ironically enough one of my biggest fears is falling, not heights but the action of falling from any height. Whether its a step stool or from a building but I think the best way to overcome that fear is to do exactly what I am afraid of. Sky diving would be the perfect way to overcome my fear and I plan on doing just that someday!

  • ahmed alshoukairy
    ahmed alshoukairy

    My dream is to explore life and explore my body and mind to its extreme and see what are they capable of,one of my to do list is to sky dive because I believe it's going to open my eyes and mind into a different perspective about fears and how we can we overcome it. Just seeing the last 10 min of this video it gave me goosebumps and it made me feel the euphoria feeling in my mind where I thought how Ammar is really experiencing one of the best moments of his life, literally he was flying and feeling the best emotions of his life ,I'm really glad to see such things it’s beyond the incredible .😍🙏🏻

  • Jeanne Mrt
    Jeanne Mrt

    My dream would be to inspired people like you all do with your videos, to make my dreams come true (with skydiving to start)

  • Eduard Wiens
    Eduard Wiens

    interesting how the icemann tells basicly the same thing as this guy about breathing

  • raushan ranjan
    raushan ranjan

    i also used to watch sky diving videos and its my dream.congts for dream come true moments..

  • Felicia Mangwani
    Felicia Mangwani

    This was wonderful to watch. Big. Ups guys!!!!!!

  • Felicia Mangwani
    Felicia Mangwani

    The next thing he'll jump from space lol

  • Aprameyo Roy
    Aprameyo Roy


  • William D.
    William D.

    I’m Amazed, It just looks.. like you become free.

  • The_King

    Can't believe matt and thomas were not there at this time.....just wish they were there

  • Supreme Littyy
    Supreme Littyy

    I envy you guys so much, you guys are amazing, thank you for sharing all your amazing adventures!! ❤️

  • Wheni lol
    Wheni lol

    But we don’t talk abt the camera man💀😂😂

  • James Kendrick
    James Kendrick

    New subscriber... Single father of a great daughter who been inspired by your experience, It would be an honor to touch the sky!

  • James Kendrick
    James Kendrick

    It would be an honor to touch the sky!

  • kolim jone
    kolim jone

    The camera man doing all of this stuff in the sky at like 300mph and getting no credit: 🥲

  • Rachel Yacovissi
    Rachel Yacovissi

    When I was a teenager I saw a skydiving demonstration and that made me want to skydive. That was 25 years ago. I have never been able to afford skydiving lessons. Because of medical conditions I would have to get my doctors' okay before going skydiving. Mainly because of the landing.

  • Taylor Jo
    Taylor Jo

    I legit got chill bumps all throughout my body and into the very core of my being while watching this entire masterpiece, especially at 27:05 when the video beautifully went into slow motion and captured the entire aura and vibe of what this feat represented. I can't commend you all enough on the production of this, especially knowing how many years in the making this was. One of the best yet. So much pride for Ammar and so much love for the Yes Fam and Seek Discomfort Fam!

  • FergalitoGaming

    Best Video I’ve watched in a while!

  • Kevin Meek
    Kevin Meek

    Why didn’t he land where everyone else did??

  • Alayna Morrison
    Alayna Morrison

    Beautiful videography. Beautiful story. Beautiful video. Congrats amar. Well done

  • Skyline

    My dream is to have a house and a car .

  • Gabriel Benzaken-Alajarin
    Gabriel Benzaken-Alajarin

    My dream would to be driving an f1 car around melbourn but I’m 13 so😂😂😂

  • Jeffrey Piscitelli
    Jeffrey Piscitelli


  • Christine Gorton
    Christine Gorton

    That was just amazing. Superb camera work to produce a truly breath taking, beautiful few moments of magic. Thank you

  • ThaOg Bean
    ThaOg Bean

    Ammar, what a badass.

  • Sarah Deering
    Sarah Deering

    I've always wanted to go skydiving!! I'm afraid of heights but I love adventure!

  • SirGMag

    What was that curve on the GoPro

  • Tejas George
    Tejas George

    God bless you Ammar. Keep achieving more. May He bless you with a fulfilling life.

  • travis hollingsworth
    travis hollingsworth

    I would like to hike to Everest base camp one day.

  • moh moss
    moh moss

    lol little over dramatic u survived move on why cry so much and be emotional

  • OneManVoice

    For me "seek discomfort" is not just word or phrase but it is voice that comes from within

  • OneManVoice

    My biggest dream is the near orbit jump

  • rajesh k
    rajesh k

    Hello Everyone!!!! My name is Bob...I'm from INDIA Hyderabad, me and my friend have started a youtube channel and we seek only 1 member in our group who wants to explore the world (atleast INDIA)...so if you want to join us you can message me through my mail kondarajesh90@gmail.com Remember seeking discomfort and exploring the world is our aim.... If you want to join us remember that it's all about teamwork.... * SEEK DISCOMFORT *

  • L D
    L D

    i wanna go


    My dream is to experience the undulations of this nature to the fullest Either it be by skydiving, rafting, trekking or sightseeing But i want to take this dream to the BIGGEST ❣️

  • BagelShark

    I don't know yet what's my dream to do i want to go through adventures because those are the moments when you truely realize what you want to do at the moment of writing this message i want to change my life and explore the world i always lived in the same place with the same community which i love but i want to know the world and to get to know more cultures and explore different areas i am 17 years old in the moment of writing this and i soon hope i will finally get to leave the country i am in just to explore and enjoy life i am still a teen and the world is yet to know me

  • Glenn Quagmire
    Glenn Quagmire

    Seek discomfort. I have decided to no longer be afraid of living life. I want to do things that normal people don't do but with calculated risks and with all possible preparation. I want to make memories. I want my life, what is left of it, to be magnificent. Great story. Well told. I really enjoyed the honesty and transparency after the car accident as well as the saying that "circumstances sometimes change for reasons we cannot fathom." Was that Hebrew? So much wisdom in the biblical works from history.

  • Cody Rudorf
    Cody Rudorf

    Holy cow. Sean Maccormac really is an inspiration in this. Such a cool, smart, amazing guy. So lucky you got to have him as your instructor. When he was explaining that whole making the pace of the activity follow your breath, instead of breathing to try and keep up with the activity... this guy knows his stuff. Truly a master of his craft and an individual that has my utmost respect.

    • Cody Rudorf
      Cody Rudorf

      That being said, after watching the entire video you're truly an inspiration yourself Ammar, been watching Yes Theory videos for a couple years now and I can say with confidence the messages Yes Theory and Seek Discomfort promotes has had a truly amazing impact on my life. Love Over Fear!

  • Abderahmane Khezzari
    Abderahmane Khezzari

    This is insane I’ve always wanted to go sky diving but the chance didn't come yet I hope one day it will come soon inshallah

  • jelu bee
    jelu bee

    You're an inspiration ammar. Yes theory has made a massive impact in my life and I've never been the same since 4yrs ago when i first came across their video.

  • K!ng Of Spades
    K!ng Of Spades

    I can imagine the camera man thinking *i didn’t sign up for this*

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