I made it IMPOSSIBLE to score in Rocket League and bet PROS $100
I bet pros and freestylers $100 if they could score a goal in Rocket League (and $100 for every goal) Hopefully this doesn't come back to haunt me...
Check out the boys:
@Pulse Fire
Shock: www.twitch.tv/shock_rl
Mist: www.twitch.tv/mist_rl
If you're on PC, you can download the miss-bot (built inside of the aimbot plugin) here: bakkesplugins.com/plugins/view/121
As usual, the genius behind the miss-bot (and aimbot, and a ton of other stuff) is CINDERBLOCK: twitter.com/cinderblockcb

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  • SunlessKhan

    *SUBSCRIBE TO ME OR YOU WILL HAVE MISSBOT IN ALL YOUR GAMES* Alternate title: I made it HARD to score and made MYSELF rage Not clickbaity enough 😂

    • Dino Dude
      Dino Dude


    • eg henners
      eg henners

      I dont need missbot i already have it on switch

    • aryan galang
      aryan galang

      “You actually just played me, actually I just played myself.” ad plays in the end.. we all get played.

    • Jeffrey James
      Jeffrey James


    • kadabgamer

      It won't change if I sub or not I already have missbot

  • ImadethisaccforFunkeirao

    SunlessKhan lost $1,100 today may god let his wallet rest in peace

  • Mango0


  • GD fraction
    GD fraction

    R.I.P Maradona 1960-2020😭🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷

  • Elijah Ward
    Elijah Ward

    Wait you actually win games?!

  • Not JoshJones
    Not JoshJones

    You should do missbot for the opposite team and you get AIMBOT

  • Ts toro
    Ts toro

    Jokes on u sunless I don’t need the the reverse aim bot haha

  • Glizzy Gang
    Glizzy Gang

    Put the miss bot on 1000000000 and see if they can score

  • SlaX

    New title: I made it IMPOSSIBLE to afford gifts for my family this year from betting PROS $100 that they couldn't score.

  • Mae Murray
    Mae Murray

    “This video is me losing money😂🤣.” MrBeast: First time?

    • Puppymax 1298
      Puppymax 1298

      Imagine stealing someone's comment who is basically above you on the same video

  • Its Your Boi
    Its Your Boi

    "some of us already have missbot" XD

  • green lettuce
    green lettuce

    "Now most of you watching this already have missbot" Damn haha, *sobs*

  • Sherifface 1
    Sherifface 1

    I literally AM miss bot at this game😂😂

  • Ψ Carlos Geels ッ
    Ψ Carlos Geels ッ

    I mean in the last you had to pay like 1000 dollars

  • Jestin J
    Jestin J

    Now do 1 team aimbot 1 team miss bot

  • Glizzanator IIIV
    Glizzanator IIIV

    You should put this against a regular aimbot

  • Adriel Isaac
    Adriel Isaac

    I need someone to answer this question how do you get the center ball, first touch xp notification thing cause I thought they took that out of the game

  • Green huggs
    Green huggs

    thats a rip for me i can't use it cause i use the free one on epic games since its free now ;c

  • ツCM

    What we learned? *_never_* challenge a god damn pro player

  • Kalvin Smith
    Kalvin Smith

    imagine stealing Musty's video :(

  • ilove Chocolate’s
    ilove Chocolate’s

    There is a mode called heatseeker if your playing that mode THEN it’s actually impossible to not score you probably know about this mode

  • Martin Sävås
    Martin Sävås

    Feel bad for leth

  • Lautaro Bravo
    Lautaro Bravo

    It would be cool if Sunless had aimbot and 1v2 pros with missbot

    • Mae Murray
      Mae Murray


  • Fluffyboy Gaming
    Fluffyboy Gaming

    This is an expensive video here sunless ;)

  • Coolawsomeguy100

    Who else just skipped to the parts with pulse fire to hear him say dum shit

  • Yeet Meat
    Yeet Meat

    I’m getting miss boy rn

  • Yeet Meat
    Yeet Meat

    K I’m subbing

  • Mikkel S-key
    Mikkel S-key

    I still don’t understand how i disable it?? xD

  • jeromy williams
    jeromy williams

    Dammmmmmmm missbot

  • Gaudy Stream
    Gaudy Stream

    How dare you steal this idea from musty

  • Barnett Torelli
    Barnett Torelli

    When Sunless plays himself: "HOLD ON I DIDNT HAVE IT ENABLED IT DIDNT COUNT"

    • buns

      when barnett plays himself: "WAIT NO I STOLE A COMMENT"

  • Daniel 81
    Daniel 81

    This video: *exists* Every Rocket league youtuber: Hello

    • Chasing Snow
      Chasing Snow


  • Hunter

    When pulse did that tongue click I started dying

  • Srivanth Magham
    Srivanth Magham

    When Sunless plays himself: "HOLD ON I DIDNT HAVE IT ENABLED IT DIDNT COUNT"

  • Afk_Detrox

    Sunless:😡☹️ His wallet: 👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😡😡🤬🤬🤬😈😈👿😈😈😈😈😈😈👺👺👺👺👺👺☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️

  • PJEtrov0604

    U copying musty😡

    • PJEtrov0604


  • Luke Tutorow
    Luke Tutorow

    bruh we didnt get to see the rest of pulse fires pinches

  • ThegreatOleg

    Make a Defendbot.

  • Monkey D Luffy
    Monkey D Luffy

    Mans just goated innit

  • Vorce Gaming
    Vorce Gaming

    *I need to uninstall this*

  • Arabela Nakano
    Arabela Nakano

    “You actually just played me, actually I just played myself.” ad plays in the end.. we all get played.

  • PurpleKiller

    now i want to see the best defenders in RL go against an aimbot software

  • Phantom

    It is just the opposite of heatseeker lol

  • Faisal Kamel
    Faisal Kamel

    Sunless: Most of you have Missbot Me: And I took that personally

  • Stephanie Sullivan
    Stephanie Sullivan

    Sizz: "We should do this more" Sunless: SHOULD WE?! lmaoo

  • ER Alharbi
    ER Alharbi


  • Gd Ozzienemo
    Gd Ozzienemo

    At 101 power it just bounces off the goal

  • Midnight Slasher
    Midnight Slasher

    RIP to my mans bank account

  • DiceDodo

    dude sunless just stole this idea from Musty bro. Not cool.

  • Ben Art’zz
    Ben Art’zz

    I just realized what he ment by “you guys probably have miss bot”

  • bruuuden

    you got fire, shock and mist. you just need someone with a username related to ground

  • Archie Pennington
    Archie Pennington

    How do you get it

  • Tee Kay
    Tee Kay

    Bro can’t believe you took musty’s idea smh😂

    • CYB0RG

      I agree

  • Kevin Hiriart
    Kevin Hiriart

    0:35 I already have missbot :(

  • Blan

    What is your camera settings

  • -AbPz- Gaming
    -AbPz- Gaming


  • Jabber Habber
    Jabber Habber

    I’m pretty sure musty thought of this before you

  • Jackson Brown
    Jackson Brown



    Is there any way that this comes as a default setting ??? Where is the on/off option

  • sosadwh_ Gaming
    sosadwh_ Gaming

    Rip Sunless Wallet

  • aryan galang
    aryan galang

    Sizz: "We should do this more" Sunless: SHOULD WE?! lmaoo

  • Melvin Lewis
    Melvin Lewis

    3 grand Champs with miss bot vs a bronze with Aimbot would be SO PHIRE DOE

  • Potato Squad
    Potato Squad

    Same here

    • Potato Squad
      Potato Squad

      Jk I suck

  • 1xXAssassinMXx1

    Yo, why did you copy musty though?

  • RvG Gabe
    RvG Gabe

    Fire and sizz are the two halves of fireburner so no wonder they got more goals

  • Im_Theory

    I really want to see this mod vs the aimbot

  • Dwayne Calvin Nano
    Dwayne Calvin Nano

    the video title i made it impossible to score in rocket league and then fire... 3:40

  • Airestith

    Oh it's kind of like musty's video

  • Arthur

    Who is here after Musty's vid?

  • sora najimi
    sora najimi

    This is a definite cop

  • Arnav Thapar
    Arnav Thapar

    What if you did this with heatseeker?

  • PudzianPL

    Musty: ima take the idea now

  • Smug Dancin'
    Smug Dancin'

    Hey sunless. i have video idea. You should 1v1 a pro but you have aimbot at 100% and the pro has misbot at 25 or 50%. lets see which one is more powerfull!

  • James2415

    Do a vid we’re u have sim bot and they have missbot

  • nigelchanyau

    (you already have missbot ) me laughing and then getting angry

  • Benjamin Teaupa
    Benjamin Teaupa

    Sunless:Some you already have missbots Me: *Intense Crying*

  • Bentley Jordan
    Bentley Jordan

    Do aimbot versus Miss bot in your next video

  • UMAR _OOO7
    UMAR _OOO7

    Imagine miss bot and aim bot together

  • Locky 72
    Locky 72

    lol that is literally heat seeker

  • Yahya m?oelhi
    Yahya m?oelhi

    I know that i need to spend 500 coin to trade so if i just buy the rocket pass , will rocket lg let me trade with other players?

  • Jamiel Celestine
    Jamiel Celestine

    i Love how Sunless said i tested it out and i couldn 't score

  • Jamiel Celestine
    Jamiel Celestine

    MYGOD SLtoos!!!

  • Jamiel Celestine
    Jamiel Celestine

    pulse fire mertzy

  • Jamiel Celestine
    Jamiel Celestine

    wow mertzy

  • Austin Pikaart
    Austin Pikaart

    use both the miss and aimbot at the same time make them strugle for power over the ball if they dont both work wait untill heatseeker

  • Kyle Hares
    Kyle Hares

    Is must musty

  • MistaTriqxsta

    sunless acting like this monetized video wont ten fold the money he lost 😂

  • laos85

    Next time no scam please. It's not nice :/ if you said you'll gonna pay them then pay them

  • Emmanuel Gomez
    Emmanuel Gomez

    I have the opposite problem i am trash

  • Pat.

    good vid bro

  • exe jj
    exe jj

    Lol that is kinda toxic

  • Maurice Oman
    Maurice Oman

    Video suggestion Silver 1 with aimbot vs pro with miss bot

  • Noah Jeppson
    Noah Jeppson

    Sunless is if Dream, in an alternate reality, quit Minecraft day 1 and played rocket league

  • Dead Fire
    Dead Fire

    Test this thing on heat seeker

  • Athan Garg
    Athan Garg

    Alternate Title: “Sizz steals all of Sunless’s money”

    • Finneetfriet


    • classified night
      classified night


  • lovelycall

    That burn at the beginning tho...

  • YazanTDM

    next video : Me vs pros but we both have missbot AND aimbot

  • Jakethehacker 500
    Jakethehacker 500

    Sunless should test what happens when pros have aimbot, and missbot at the same time

  • katzengaming

    Miss bot and aimbot 100% lul (aimbot for sunless of course

  • sandy cat123
    sandy cat123

    what if aim bot and miss bot were in the same game who would win

Gold AG - Tornado
348 tis.
Gold AG - Tornado
348 tis.