Installing The LARGEST Tractor Tires In The World!
I wonder if it will float on water now? Hmm..we should test that. @WhistlinDiesel
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Cole The Cornstar, aka Cole, is a 4th generation family farmer from Central Iowa who is the life force behind his family’s 2,000 acre farm. Cole promotes agriculture by filming his day-to-day adventures with his Dad (Daddy Cornstar) and brother (Cooper) on the farm. With a lot of help from family, Cole instills humor and education into his videos fit for viewers of all ages.
Despite being 23-years old, Cole has an old-fashion work ethic with an innovative approach toward agricultural technology and practices. Cole's mission is to prove the American Dream is not dead and be a megaphone for agricultural education and innovation, from technological advances in farming equipment to conservation practices.
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  • Aiden Beyerle
    Aiden Beyerle

    Now as flair would say: SHeeeeeeeew

  • James Halfhorse
    James Halfhorse

    I ran the same sprayer with the skinny tires you had. I was told it was because it fit between the rows which were pretty narrow sugar cane not corn. I assume you are running a wide enough row space? Just kinda wondering about the decision to go that route over skinny tires? I am thinking it's a lot more stable with better traction with the wide ones but probably a bit harder on the hydros?

  • Skid Steers Direct
    Skid Steers Direct

    Those are big and powerful tires! 👍🏼

  • Gtrain254 Gaming
    Gtrain254 Gaming

    Thank your uncle for his service we have our freedom because of men and Women like him god bless everyone

  • Larry Croft
    Larry Croft

    Notice Cooper was helping those guys with the entire installation. That kid has got a brilliant mind. Notice also how the boss man came over to him after the install and gave him props. I love every single one of the Cornstar family. (Even the dog and cat) They are what America is all about....but Cooper is the brightest star.

  • Ethan Ramage
    Ethan Ramage

    Like pulling tractor tires. Awesome.

  • traskalle

    Am I the only one who thought he was wearing a wig?

  • Chef Tiny
    Chef Tiny

    I am sure scott had had breakfast at Tinys diner in Hayward Wisconsin! Hello Scott from Tiny!! Plus I love what you do with your channel!! Keep up the good work!!

  • o O
    o O

    puff daddy?

  • John Foster
    John Foster

    Why is Cooper so rude in this one?

  • Jon Cardinal
    Jon Cardinal

    Casey's for the win!! Best breakfast Pizza too!!

  • Joe Thomas
    Joe Thomas

    This AMERICA is long gone and it's a sad day that real folks don't get the respect they deserve!!! Thank you for being such a hoot, nice tire's but farm work is never done!!!

  • [U1] J I S A T S U
    [U1] J I S A T S U

    Biggest tires in the world: Big bud: and i took that personally

  • James Mitchell
    James Mitchell

    New tires look sharp on the tractor. 👍

  • Ella Michelle
    Ella Michelle

    < ?

  • Carl Hepner
    Carl Hepner

    Daddy doesn't even know how to run the 340. These tires are for you, not him....

  • Charles Doepping
    Charles Doepping

    I thought I'd try your channel one more time but nope I'm definitely glad I canceled my subscription to your channel

  • Open your eyes
    Open your eyes

    Hardwork never killed Anybody. But why take the chance🤪

  • Bob Powers
    Bob Powers

    Living in Leer, Germany (an agricultural city) I get to see all different models of Fendt tractor. One of those has now appeared in the US. This could have been an option for you all instead of buying the AA Fueled dragster tires.

  • Robbert Van Leeuwen
    Robbert Van Leeuwen

    next time you want new tires cole, give me a message! we sell the tyre brand BKT here in the netherlands we have connections all around the world! keep up the good work love the vids!!

  • framfull

    Just one thing, you go from row crop tyres to Titans. So no rows for the Case then.

  • Half Cut Garage IL
    Half Cut Garage IL

    Daaaaaaaaammmmmmm!!!!!!!!! I'm a green guy and wow that looks freakin sexy!!!!! Can I have your old tires????? ha ha ha jk Shipping to Canada would kill me!!!

  • jamie8715

    You're such a nerd

  • Alana Webb
    Alana Webb

    We got a set of the same tires on are new Holland t8

  • Leon Helmink
    Leon Helmink

    Finnaly a good tractor


    Noooo suuuubsciiiiber .

  • javasoccernut

    Those are some phat tires. I think that's how the cool kids say it. I wouldn't know. Maybe that's how they used to say it. I'm old

  • conmanumber1

    Sadly wide tires are mainly a european thing used for floatation to limit hard panning. They are useless for traction.

  • Debra Boyea
    Debra Boyea

    Boys and their toys!!😁

  • James Adams
    James Adams

    Cole the cornhole star

  • Southern Rebel
    Southern Rebel

    What? No spare tire.

  • R K
    R K

    Crazy! You musta spent a pretty penny for those tires. I can only imagine how much just one of those cost!

  • Alex Walsh
    Alex Walsh

    Trash dude. Nobody what’s to see you build

  • Redneck Gaming.YEEYEE
    Redneck Gaming.YEEYEE

    Shewwww welcome back folks we need the collab with you and flair

  • The Punisher
    The Punisher

    Oh wow his truck really does burn oil

  • jordan coffman
    jordan coffman

    I personally think the factory duels looked better but that’s just my preference, but keep up the good work Cole can’t to see them out in the field’

  • WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot Ranch
    WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot Ranch

    Need some fender extensions over the rear tires.

  • Sharon Antonissen
    Sharon Antonissen

    I stopped watching because of all the camera flashing in and out. I am sad that you keep doing this video style. Good Bye.

  • Zoran Penner
    Zoran Penner

    Don't skip leg day

  • Sarah Langlois-Luna
    Sarah Langlois-Luna

    COVID doesn't seem to exist in their world. I hope the grand uncle is at least vaccinated.

  • Graden Forbes
    Graden Forbes

    how are you going to spray your cron with the floaters

  • Lore Lynn
    Lore Lynn

    @4:24 I really like that Titan jacket.

  • old640gold

    I was born and raised on a farm in the Dakota's and I've never seen a tire swap on large implements. Small ones yes cause me and my cousin usually did the swap. Bahahaha... Anyways thanx Cole that was pretty cool....

  • old640gold

    Holy Toledo those are the biggest friggin' tires I've ever seen on a tractor.

  • Harper Fritsche
    Harper Fritsche

    imagine putting air in those monsters

  • Erik Alber
    Erik Alber

    I made those tires

  • Daniel Burgin
    Daniel Burgin

    Massive tyres need them on my car lol

  • dj invincible
    dj invincible


  • Will Clayton
    Will Clayton

    Those Tires look awesome on that Traktor Cole🤩😍🤩😍🤘🤙👌🙏

  • Sam klien
    Sam klien

    This is awesome I remember commenting on the very first video of this new tractor saying how cool it would be for you guys to get LSWs and to be able to review them on a none articulating row crop tractor and to see if the hype is all worth it. And boom next thing I know you busy will be able to tell us and even better not just a review on the tractor tires but on the sprayer too!

  • Kyle Terran
    Kyle Terran

    There's the Intro we love and come to expect! 😉 That is one heck of a job changing those tires! 😳 I also love the relationship you all have together.

  • Bryan Ginder
    Bryan Ginder

    Good Year for truck tires & Firestone for tractor tires!!


    I thought about putting those tires on my 340, I went and bought an MT 738 Challenger instead. It rides like I'm on a marshmallow .....

  • Pam Hutzell
    Pam Hutzell

    So cool!

  • Calvin H.
    Calvin H.

    Those tires are awesome! I think I'll get a set for my Can-Am X3.

  • L Hatcher
    L Hatcher

    Cole, good to see you replace those old ugly yellow rusty wheels!🤣

  • Jackie Jordan
    Jackie Jordan

    The Case looked better with the smaller tires, great video though!!!

  • Glenn Schroeder
    Glenn Schroeder

    Who’s the guy with the Fabio hair😂 is it a wig ?

  • Chicken_Farmer1776

    Subbed when i seen the Casey’s pizza.

  • William Bryce
    William Bryce

    Danny was the MAN! My age but can work me under the table!! Awesome guys , the Boss man was pretty cool to!

  • Stig Petersen
    Stig Petersen

    In Scandinavia we have had tires of this size for 20+ years....1250 was used a lot in start 90s on lots of combines and tractors for drills. We understood price of soil compacting. Sure climate and soil are different in cornbelt US, but soil damage alwaus got a price.

  • Randy Whelan
    Randy Whelan

    Didn't no body offer us the BEAST MODE option on our CASE WTH

  • Jack Shoutz
    Jack Shoutz

    Are you going to plant with those tires

  • Turner Ramsey
    Turner Ramsey

    Love the Flair shoutout!!!!

  • andre bossers
    andre bossers

    how mush air are you putting in love to know 10 lbs or 15 lbs

  • David Randolph
    David Randolph

    Those tires are awesome keep up the great content

  • joseph linker
    joseph linker

    You and flair should get to gather and do a video

  • R de Kort
    R de Kort

    It looks like a european tractor now 😅🤠

  • Charles Fladung
    Charles Fladung

    Yield on the highway when meeting the 340 monster tractor.

  • RobMason West
    RobMason West

    You watch flair to?

  • Montgomery Farms
    Montgomery Farms

    I think its safe to say those tires are redonkulous.

  • Korey Nousen
    Korey Nousen

    How come you put them on backwards??

  • Eric Schroeder
    Eric Schroeder

    Not good tires for planting or auger wagon work

  • Whistlin Sixty
    Whistlin Sixty

    Well dang it now you need another new planter thats setup for 60" centers so you're still row crop lol

  • Casey Smith
    Casey Smith

    Shout out to Scott’s teeth.

  • Latin Dance Videos
    Latin Dance Videos

    I know there must be an argument for bigger tyres to reduce soil compaction. Less compaction = better yields. Bigger footprint = more load capacity. Tyres cost money. Money spent on gear has to pay for itself. How does the maths work out?

  • Bruce Jacobs
    Bruce Jacobs

    It seems like it's overkill with those big tires unless you have a lot of wet ground

  • Joe H
    Joe H

    Nice to see a fellow Air Force vet out there farming! Just when I thought the George Michael mullet was gone, I see it in your video!!

  • Grandprixtop

    What's the advantage to using those huge tires compared to the dual narrow tires?

  • Marshall outdoors
    Marshall outdoors

    Need a little muscle putting Titans Tires on 😂.


    How much do these tires cost

  • ishak ym
    ishak ym

    I am from Algeria, and we are still on the gates of agricultural development. I learned many things from you guys and I am still learning about equipment and financial management. The difference between us is that in Algeria we get equipment at cheap prices and the government provides us with all the support without benefits and we have high productivity and we can get A better future, so I would like to thank you because you share your experience with us. I hope that your farm becomes one of the best farms in the United States, and your channel becomes a channel of millions. my allah bless you and your family and business

  • Kansas AG Kid
    Kansas AG Kid

    You should put the LSW S on the Haggi!

  • Mandalee Milly
    Mandalee Milly

    Good lord I hope my husband doesn’t watch this lol

  • Arney 1992
    Arney 1992

    Glad to see theres a tire shops out there that runs the same kind of equipment we run

  • Hillbilly Hicks
    Hillbilly Hicks

    Who new it would take that much work to change tires. I look like it took a better part of a full day and I bitch about changing one car tire. I guess that makes me lazy!

  • Stacy Chase
    Stacy Chase


  • Tapper21

    those are some BIG shoes..... and then to think the Big Bud 747 is effectively wearing the back end of that 340 on EACH corner.......

  • Aston Mcleod
    Aston Mcleod

    wide tyre danger, a funny old one

  • Mark Williams
    Mark Williams

    Tires look awesome

  • Durby24 _yt
    Durby24 _yt

    I had one of those days Sunday

  • Justin Mills
    Justin Mills

    Now that's a tractor tire. WOW

  • Ronny Dowdy
    Ronny Dowdy

    Enjoying every minute of the show and Goodyear Farm Tires did a great job. Looked like hard work. DC probably won't even get to drive it. Hopefully you will not ever get that monster stuck or you'll need a bulldozer to get it out lol

  • Chris Gilbert
    Chris Gilbert

    Hate to dislike, but that mullet has to go!

  • Tyler Anderson
    Tyler Anderson

    we put lsw tires on out jd 8420 they are awesome but we had to ad a bunch of wieght to get traction

  • Randall marny
    Randall marny

    I wheelie like these stories I will never tire of them.

  • SnowingFire

    they say size doesn't matter but ... well ya see it kinda does

  • Keith Golden
    Keith Golden

    I worked at Graham Tire in Lincoln NE for 10 years. Really good company to work for.

  • Nancy Smith
    Nancy Smith

    My dad had a muffler shop when I was a kid. Sometimes I was there where I enjoyed the people and the various things they did. Cole, I really love the way you presented this process. You have an awesome sense of humor. Thanks for making this fun to experience. We all need to laugh. I have found that laughter reduces the pain from arthritis. 🙂

1,4 mio.