he lost all our money..
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  • Gustav Thorne
    Gustav Thorne


  • Tyler Vaughan
    Tyler Vaughan

    I think has more of a fragile face than a fragile neck

  • H Rtc
    H Rtc

    When they whent out in the begging of the vid, who else saw the guy in the background trying to be a bird

  • leanna gallegos
    leanna gallegos

    Lost it when he took the coin out of mullys ear xD

  • Vitaly

    *Calls the customer a fat bitch then tries to cop a feel* Sounds like a Gamestop employee tbh

  • LilRRORO

    That one kid in class: *reminds the teacher about homework* *The whole class: **5:46*

  • Petr Dvořáček
    Petr Dvořáček


  • Jay

    Character funny

  • Gabriel Hosley
    Gabriel Hosley

    Smashing is a prophet he predicted the dogecoin to the moon

  • Γιάννης Κλενιάτης
    Γιάννης Κλενιάτης

    what's the name of this game I'm noob

  • Dina Godoy
    Dina Godoy

    Funky poo

  • lord Chrispy
    lord Chrispy


  • Holy Heretic
    Holy Heretic

    Rename the video to josh being a furry for 4 minutes

  • Rose Ann Maish
    Rose Ann Maish

    So funny

  • Razo

    Also, please don’t cuss. It’s a sin

  • Razo

    Please don’t use God’s name in vain

  • wwwdots

    smashing and juicy always the victims of the group

  • Sammy Folts
    Sammy Folts


  • Lisa Innes
    Lisa Innes

    what the! you🤣🤣🤣

  • JOEY IN DA 5.7
    JOEY IN DA 5.7

    “We’re gunna bring em all down” ruff 🤣🤣😂

  • JacksonIsAGamer


  • Sam Wood
    Sam Wood

    I got kicked out off the hospital for telling all the covid patients to stay positive

  • Pixel Gamer
    Pixel Gamer


  • Lukas Reimer
    Lukas Reimer


  • Predator Killer
    Predator Killer


  • skicon 511
    skicon 511

    Game stonk... i wonder how they got the name🤔

  • Tired spongebob
    Tired spongebob

    Best video ever


    I used my nose to type this message

  • Boiii iii
    Boiii iii

    6:48 there is no way that is improv😂 that is too perfectly timed

  • Savvy Void Vr
    Savvy Void Vr

    Why does mully do such a good angry Karen voice😂😂😂😂

  • Jessica Whitehouse
    Jessica Whitehouse

    No smashing🤦‍♀️

  • Nathan Reed
    Nathan Reed

    i laugh to much during you guys

  • Mimi Chicks
    Mimi Chicks

    Ngl mully got some big cans and is mully ever wearing a bra

  • Mimi Chicks
    Mimi Chicks

    I like your cut g ;) AHHHHHHHHHHHhHHHhH

  • Cooper Edge
    Cooper Edge

    I’m 42!

  • Justin Jakobs
    Justin Jakobs

    Almost 1 million views

  • Mrfanligh

    Game stonks morshu XD

  • Milan Svarc
    Milan Svarc

    Ok doge sounded like deranged orc from shadow of war ngl. Still, awesome

  • EvolutiionZ

    Claim your, “Here before 1M views” ticket, It will cost one like.

  • Ryan patrick
    Ryan patrick

    The cryptocurrency has charted a 10-fold rally in the past 11 months, offering a significantly higher return than gold amid the massive inflation-boosting monetary and fiscal stimulus delivered by authorities worldwide to counter the coronavirus-induced economic slowdown. The precious metal reached a record high of $56.000 in February 2021 and has been trending higher ever since. I invested 6BTC and I have been earning 2BTC weekly..

    • Ryan patrick
      Ryan patrick

      Thanks Luiz .+

  • Alan Lee
    Alan Lee

    you did Smashing

  • Bella

    Is so funny

  • Kaiden Mood
    Kaiden Mood

    Ps5 Xbox 1 Nintendo switch it’s yours as long as you have enough rupees mmmm sorry fat why don’t you come back when your a Little bit Sega

  • Mini Leah Ashe
    Mini Leah Ashe

    Why does Josh look like Fat Bastard?

  • Mini Leah Ashe
    Mini Leah Ashe

    What is with the guy in the background having a seizure?! 😂

  • Deborah De Beer
    Deborah De Beer

    Smashing is the beast

  • NoobBiscut

    No one: That One Kid:I bet you came here from tiktok

  • Potato_masher69

    What do we really expect from smashing

  • Miscellaneous

    can you make an over cooked video

  • Maria Hernandez
    Maria Hernandez

    Your mom is going

  • Marla Scarchilli
    Marla Scarchilli

    Is that Molly girlfriend or mom? maybe it’s booth sorry Molly I had to man sorry tho

    • Marla Scarchilli
      Marla Scarchilli

      Sorry the autocorrect }D

  • Incabeeh

    When he was morshu he should've said come back when you're a little mmmm richer

  • Gamer Boi
    Gamer Boi

    Morshu working as a game stinks emplooye

  • cathy kitcher
    cathy kitcher

    Apparently a landing is a landing if you walk away from the accident It is a good landing if your plane survives too So 9/11 was a landing?

  • JAELYN Wigfall
    JAELYN Wigfall

    Hi I am a New fan

  • Brady yoda
    Brady yoda

    Funky poop

  • That Guy who Likes space
    That Guy who Likes space

    370? × 24 = 21,280 + 61,400 = 82,680 Wow

  • lee adams
    lee adams


  • vOrtexx.drizzy _
    vOrtexx.drizzy _


  • Satisfaction _357
    Satisfaction _357

    I swear the guy outside was doing a fortnite emote I thought they hated fortnite???

  • Tiger Lover0986
    Tiger Lover0986

    What’s this game

  • Top Gamer
    Top Gamer

    I want to play Friday night poopy

  • Qwertypla1 NONTK
    Qwertypla1 NONTK

    Pls translate this in the polish Translator: Ten zielony wygląda jak maciek VR z kanału SharikanVR

  • Ledjo Duli
    Ledjo Duli


  • Ledjo Duli
    Ledjo Duli

    1 mill

  • Ledjo Duli
    Ledjo Duli

    The dogs

  • X SLY509 X
    X SLY509 X

    "I'm 42" "Your 12 today!!"

  • Brudda Osas
    Brudda Osas

    Love how the cashier is morshu

  • DerpyGamer0013

    "Welcome...to Dogassic Park."

  • Hannah Rose Binti Mohd Bokhari Affendi1234
    Hannah Rose Binti Mohd Bokhari Affendi1234

    Omg why her mom is fat and tall

  • Sayden Xiong
    Sayden Xiong

    When he said "goofy gwape" 😂

  • Finn OToole
    Finn OToole

    Omg I was laughing the whole time dodge was awesome 🤣

  • dandi sinaga
    dandi sinaga

    Hy guys... im from Indonesian I like Very Very like the video❤️❤️ Because the video is funny This video very interesting ❤️❤️

  • Jayden Heavilin
    Jayden Heavilin

    who noticed that natas's name is satan backwards : 1 (me)

  • Matthew Goodhart
    Matthew Goodhart

    Battle toads lol

  • Music Junkie
    Music Junkie

    God has left us

  • Frozon Gaming
    Frozon Gaming

    7:44 good comeback lmao

  • AcqrlFN


  • Faye

    Love and funny

  • Oliver Raistrick
    Oliver Raistrick

    there will be no funky poops in my store

  • Thomkie

    This is a fever dream

  • Colt DeHart
    Colt DeHart

    “look at all the dogs”

  • Fortnite Grinder
    Fortnite Grinder

    Say it with me f 2020

  • yay i’m a dead meme
    yay i’m a dead meme

    smashing is basically juicy just way funnier

  • Minilinky13 Gamehead
    Minilinky13 Gamehead


  • •Chxrry•

    I love this man

  • Blake Hausdorf
    Blake Hausdorf

    What did I just watch....

  • Texas Redding
    Texas Redding

    Is anyone going to talk about how mully looks like retired Mario

  • Shreksuperfan123 I
    Shreksuperfan123 I

    13:03 epic *moan*

  • Saahas p
    Saahas p

    Love smashing

  • What

    11:36 Well he acted 𝗿𝗼𝘂𝗴𝗵

  • Shingalogical [Year 1]
    Shingalogical [Year 1]


  • Draco_Malfoy056

    Would I be able to play with u guys If I ever get a break

  • KC Coffey
    KC Coffey

    Yeah definitely buy high and sell low. Like pretty much giving people your money

  • TheRealSniprr

    Hodgehog is sold at GameStonks

  • Charspade17

    I almost invested in bit coin when it as dirt cheap, but I second guessed myself and missed out so badly lol.

  • Joshua hindin stars and stripes USA
    Joshua hindin stars and stripes USA

    this is good for my mental state but bad for my IQ

  • NCL Parts
    NCL Parts

    1:37: when bbn yoy dont give morshu his rupees

  • Jade Cresdeee
    Jade Cresdeee

    Are you okay stupid

  • Riktig Filmkritiker
    Riktig Filmkritiker

    i love the boys