Adopted By MOBS In Minecraft!
This little Minecraft Player gets adopted by Minecraft Monsters!?
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    When EIN ses Stop pointing the Bow at me i burst Laughing

  • Boba_koala400 Koala Cuties
    Boba_koala400 Koala Cuties

    Me: :} i love noi’s voice ITS COOL i wish i had that voice

  • Boba_koala400 Koala Cuties
    Boba_koala400 Koala Cuties

    Every video:aphmau takes ein’s bed*

  • Share Nguyen
    Share Nguyen

    woooooooo woooooooooo you got the haves aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa wooooooooooo wo poooooooooooo this is a song that i like but if you dont like it so so so very sorry

  • Kevin Thao
    Kevin Thao

    That was funny when aphmau blow up win hehe.

  • Cherie Zeng
    Cherie Zeng


  • James M
    James M

    Why they eating rotten flesh if kawaii Chan is made of that


    That gxhxhcucjgugiibch to vbnbbbghmnhbbccn vb

  • Mandy Blais
    Mandy Blais

    Run kinda stopid

    • Mizuki


  • Beyza Alexandra İbrahimbaş
    Beyza Alexandra İbrahimbaş


  • Alessia Zhang
    Alessia Zhang

    Zane 💖 Kewaii

    • Mizuki

      I love your profile pic!

  • Samantha Kenny
    Samantha Kenny

    Ein hello you uh your pretty short for a human 10 seconds later AH Kowichan hello

  • Armina Amerinia
    Armina Amerinia

    I luv noi boi

  • Lilly Thompson
    Lilly Thompson

    Ok I’m

  • Dana Bravo
    Dana Bravo


  • iiCl0udy

    Ein everytime aphmau is adopted: why are we just suffer?

  • Bilguun Enkhtaivan
    Bilguun Enkhtaivan

    Adopt Aphmau mod

  • jeraldine elacion
    jeraldine elacion


  • Z Yq
    Z Yq

    Aphmau Aphmau Aphmau

  • Annalyn Dee
    Annalyn Dee

    anyone else notice how all the other skeletons have noi's skin XD

  • ꧁BPMW / Michael꧂
    ꧁BPMW / Michael꧂

    In the first section she said she’s hungry but look at her helth bar

  • Melinda Howell
    Melinda Howell

    I love the adopting vids make more pls

    • Mizuki

      Yes please!

  • Faiz Haiqal
    Faiz Haiqal

    Can you teach me to become enderman please

  • sylvana krystel paliza
    sylvana krystel paliza

    Wow cool

  • Kean Palencia
    Kean Palencia

    Aphmau more like aphmob

  • MK Consulting
    MK Consulting

    oh my I see that Give me eye She's on the tree and he put the Is not Real cake

  • Kyla Guro
    Kyla Guro

    Ein : where is she ! Wait why is she eating cokies in my bed shes going to put crums in my bed !

  • Kevin The Axolotl
    Kevin The Axolotl

    at 7:15 i actually jumped when he exploded XD

  • potates and potats
    potates and potats

    Every video with Erin in it = bully Ein 😂😂

  • Kaydence milley
    Kaydence milley

    is Aaron x aphmau called araph Or Aphon Idkk

  • Rachana Ly
    Rachana Ly


  • Rachana Ly
    Rachana Ly

    Awwwwwwwww🥰 Hi 🙋🏻‍♀️

  • katherine Htoo
    katherine Htoo


  • Liezl Orsua
    Liezl Orsua

    when she said “i got adopted by mobs” sounded like “i got adopted by moms” XD

  • Ally Desherlia
    Ally Desherlia

    Yay adopted by mobs

  • Ally Desherlia
    Ally Desherlia

    Gay adopted by mobs

    • Ally Desherlia
      Ally Desherlia

      Yay adopted by mobs

  • Shakir Gire
    Shakir Gire


  • The TTdrag557 tictoc Show
    The TTdrag557 tictoc Show

    i love this vido

  • Adriana Vivanco
    Adriana Vivanco

    I’m not a bad

  • Rhaven Lois DC
    Rhaven Lois DC

    0:39 WELL HELLOOOOO THERE LIL HUMAN hehehe 😈😈😈😈💀💀💀💀 and 1:15 - 1:17 WHAT IS IT DOING IN MY TERRITORY and 2:46 and 3:08 well… I FORGOT THE WORDS WATCH ITT and 4:21 SHE INTSANLY GOES INTO EINS BED OMG😂 and 0:53 EIN INSTANLY DIED😂 and 4:57 is soooo funny click on this and 1:42 NO NO NO NO NO 2:00 You wanna come home with me?☺️ and 0:29 I’m lost and I’m hungry but… HER FOOD BAR IS FULL

  • Ilona Melinda
    Ilona Melinda


  • Ilona Melinda
    Ilona Melinda

    ääâeäää aphmau on mu le m pa ri

  • Carlos Soto
    Carlos Soto

    Why does Ein always say "This is what my parents taught me" and then do something dangerous with the baby

  • Denzel Jacob P. TAN, 陈贤仁
    Denzel Jacob P. TAN, 陈贤仁

    When i saw win blows up I can’t stop laughing

  • Thupten Pema
    Thupten Pema

    How EIN screams when he gets his my Aphmau:OoH mAh GoOoOoOd

  • Thupten Pema
    Thupten Pema

    Even though Pierce is hurting Aphmua’s mobs it’s nice of him trying to save her

  • iamzoe

    La' La' La lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala

  • Thupten Pema
    Thupten Pema

    Aphmua:whee!*swims EIN:wait she can swim

  • Jargalsaikhan Banzar
    Jargalsaikhan Banzar

    Hi so you you Ok cool I’m just leaving work ok I’m going out of the way I’m sorry I’m

  • Jargalsaikhan Banzar
    Jargalsaikhan Banzar

    wow Ok

  • Honeybeeboba YT
    Honeybeeboba YT

    6:07 this is perfect for that scene in hotel transavaina 2 (i dont know how to spell it) where denis try’s flying-

  • Ayie Villanueva
    Ayie Villanueva

    i keep couting how many adopting adopting thing =)

  • Noah Rai
    Noah Rai

    I think she has no more ideas for videos so she makes adopted vids

  • Emili Dule
    Emili Dule


  • •mialove• Wolf•
    •mialove• Wolf•


  • le.cloudy.x.s.t.u.f.f


  • James Cruz
    James Cruz

    Lol bro


    4:57 AND EVEN THE WALKINGGGG NOI IS HILARIOUS Noi - “Hmmm let’s see if I can walk quietly.” (*bones screeching*) Noi - “Uh no QUIETER!...” (*quieter bone crackle*)


    3:03 - 3:10 I died laughing when Noi was just sounding sad but then screaming AWWWW Noi- “AH NONONONONONONO- I- I-.” Noi- “Wait... You also have a bow. And arrow?...” Noi- “AWWWWWWWWWWWW”

    • Shana Michelle Runtuwene
      Shana Michelle Runtuwene

      kawaii~chan has a cute voice i like it :3

    • Rhaven Lois DC
      Rhaven Lois DC


  • Among Us
    Among Us

    Enderman go boom in the water

  • Cylla Cylla
    Cylla Cylla

    Yeah hhh thsi cooll

  • korey wiedemayer
    korey wiedemayer


  • Shelby Kropinack
    Shelby Kropinack

    Ein is the worst enderman ever

  • Annabel Titcombe
    Annabel Titcombe

    Noi gives aphmau rotten flesh in front of kawaii chan Me* NOI YOU JUST SHOWED KAWAII CHAN HER DEAD RELATIVES

  • evelin iñiguez sanchez
    evelin iñiguez sanchez


  • bunny-ou

    pleas kill me

  • StarSaartje13

    why zane isn't in this adopting videos?


    Lol I like how every video when your a baby and get adopted by something you always take eins bed XD

  • Chelsey Vatcoskay
    Chelsey Vatcoskay

    156 percent of the time and the time of the time

  • Nenad Rajković
    Nenad Rajković


  • Mark Arion Reyes
    Mark Arion Reyes


  • The Real IBC 13 Youtube of TV Commercials
    The Real IBC 13 Youtube of TV Commercials

    You Are Good🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈

  • Levi Marinack
    Levi Marinack

    Win is mad he doesn’t get a bed I guess he is sleeping in water because he always is kinda mean so yeah sleep in water man you are a meanie like ein always does

    • Levi Marinack
      Levi Marinack

      Pearce pranks he being mean he will prank 19277383494773848475839387447757474838475775757575575757584840400404040000000000000000098828383838383838384848585858558585858588585858585

  • The Real IBC 13 Youtube of TV Commercials
    The Real IBC 13 Youtube of TV Commercials

    You Are The Brother Aphmau

  • • Shadow Cindy •
    • Shadow Cindy •

    Do not play gacha in 3am

  • Alisha Sharma
    Alisha Sharma

    I don't know why your videos are so fun specialy the dragon one

  • Cing Sen Deih Deihno
    Cing Sen Deih Deihno

    I think Aphmau is lost. Aphmau is LOST!!!!.

  • Cing Sen Deih Deihno
    Cing Sen Deih Deihno


  • Rozha Salahaddin
    Rozha Salahaddin

    Zombie like brain I want to eat zombie brain I want to eat people of Brain want to eat fan Brain


    s ent rotten flesh zambi k k aaaaaa noe you killd zombe 3 k

  • Zaniya Foote
    Zaniya Foote

    She always gets kidnapped from her family’s!

  • シS̸h̸o̸t̸o̸ t̸o̸d̸o̸r̸o̸k̸i̸シ
    シS̸h̸o̸t̸o̸ t̸o̸d̸o̸r̸o̸k̸i̸シ

    When she was angry and saying "this isn't fair" WAS SO CUTE-

  • Bienvenido Quijano
    Bienvenido Quijano

    I want that to and the adopted by dragons

  • jose ochoa
    jose ochoa


  • Omniya Hyder
    Omniya Hyder


  • lunasta

    This is my 8 time seeing this

  • Dezirae Mabe
    Dezirae Mabe

    hahahahahaha ein

  • Megan Brooks
    Megan Brooks

    0:54 IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!! No really! It's IMPOSSIBLE to hit and kill an Enderman with projectiles, such as this arrow here. They automatically teleport before it hits, and someone did a test where the mob was standing on one block. No other blocks were there to teleport on and the arrows actually moved away before it hit the Enderman, so, this mob pretty much can reject projectiles with some sort of ability! (Except for Ein I guess...) ~ MINECRAFT FACTS!!!

  • Kielo Bocala
    Kielo Bocala


  • Yuni MD
    Yuni MD

    aphmaus arrow unlomited shes gamemode creative but edit survival when editing . you trust me,like down nellow corner there!

  • Yuni MD
    Yuni MD


  • Zolfare

    what pierce does wehen he sees the mobs: *fights* klitterally the baby that is being tooken care of by them: HEY THATS KINDA RACIST BC YOUR KILLING ON HOW THEY LOOK LIKE

  • Erinn H
    Erinn H


  • Raquel Sines
    Raquel Sines

    I like you guys

  • Smooth Loc
    Smooth Loc


  • juan galvan
    juan galvan

    Why did Noi said awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww when Aphmau had the bow

  • juan galvan
    juan galvan

    Noi is nice to Aphmau

  • Mariana Avila
    Mariana Avila


  • roderick cardiente
    roderick cardiente

    Hahaha you so dum ein jhhahah

  • Mary Martinez
    Mary Martinez

    Aphmau a SLtoosr is making fun of you🥺😭 but you're my favorite SLtoosr🥰😍🙂😇

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Chad on Mars - SNL
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