Food Theory: I SOLVED KFC's Secret Recipe! (KFC Chicken)
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Food Theorists, this is not the first time I've talked about KFC or Colonel Sanders on this channel and I'm sure it won't be the last. However, today just may be the most important day on this channel... if you love fried chicken like I do! You see, I believe I have figured out the SECRET recipe that makes KFC chicken taste so good. Join us as we taste test our way to the best homemade fried chicken EVER! Science has never tasted so good.
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Luke Barats
Editors: Forrest Lee and Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy Sound Editor: Yosi Berman
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  • Daniel Agyemang
    Daniel Agyemang

    Easy, it's crystal meth. Next question?

  • mr. meme
    mr. meme


  • Amanda

    Big brain idea. Go to kfc and say OMG im having an alleecic reaction what is in this? I need to know what medication to get WHAT SPICES ARE IN IT IM ALLERGIC TO LIKE 25 DIFFERENT TYPES... Like Shouldnt they have to tell you? But hey, thats just a theory

  • jonathan holt
    jonathan holt

    Love the videos matpat! But just FYI, I worked for kfc years ago, and the original recipe chicken was cooked in pressure fryers, but extra crispy chicken was double battered and cooked in open fryers. 😊

  • ALdric Jonathan Sutopo
    ALdric Jonathan Sutopo


  • E E
    E E

    me when i buy 99-X: cousins: (annoy me) me: (grabs 99-X and poors it in their eyes)

  • Chris Waters
    Chris Waters

    Maybe you should check if you and your wife are related.

  • Clifford Miller
    Clifford Miller

    I WAS really stoked until I saw it cost THIRTY DOLLARS for 99x seasoning.

  • Meme Kong
    Meme Kong

    This guy just reminded me that i forgot to order food

  • Doobie's Den
    Doobie's Den

    hi. im a manager of Rosies Chicken in W.A. Australia and we Ghost chain for KFC, we have to make the spice and herbs for KFC's original recipe and the hot and spicy.... it is the exacy recipe.. what can you do for me if i leaked it out to you and let you make a vid for it... hmmmm!

  • lucas lindgren
    lucas lindgren

    i havent gotten KFC in 7 years, i didnt like it that much back then, but maybe ill try it again sometime


    One of the ingredients is definitely some kind of drug cause this stuff is really addictive

  • Leslie Schellenberg
    Leslie Schellenberg

    99x sounds like what the joker would use on his fried chicken

  • Leslie Schellenberg
    Leslie Schellenberg

    Now I'm imagining the colonel using the chicken batter as shaving cream

  • asf sdffs
    asf sdffs

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  • Jet Black The Hive SlikWing
    Jet Black The Hive SlikWing

    12th herb and spice: *Saliva after licking their fingers*

  • Alex Rodriguez
    Alex Rodriguez

    Miss leading title they didn’t even find out the original recipe either ways good video

  • TopsyTriceratops

    Now find out the Oreo creme recipe so people don't need to buy a million cookies for that frosting delight. That and, well, to avoid very possible child labor in Mexico since they moved most of their factories there.

  • Gabriel Nelson
    Gabriel Nelson

    26:57 funniest part, at least for me. Also you can tap the time stamp quite quickly to have your clapping Matpat.

  • The Sqadest Sqad of Sqadnes
    The Sqadest Sqad of Sqadnes

    21:05 "Matpathus in the underworld"

  • Maxine Parkinson
    Maxine Parkinson

    Mat pat * makes a theory that takes months * “I solved it” 1 second later KFC: “ you got it wrong “

  • Erik Jacob
    Erik Jacob

    The measly scent macroscopically tire because baseball strangely compete afore a colorful accountant. past, even excellent excited engine

  • Kate Altman
    Kate Altman

    OMG 25:37 so disturbing.

  • Maximiliano Valdés
    Maximiliano Valdés

    Literally Coronel Sandler went around the states giving away the recipe for free because the recipe of KFC wasn't the original one so it's not as secretive as you migth think

  • cookie

    never fear matpat's chickens here great video btw

  • the unmaker
    the unmaker

    I mean I think I’d believe the nephew for..... Obvious readons

  • sander Olde Keizer
    sander Olde Keizer

    Didn't the actual colonel Sanders say that KFC doesn't use his blend of spices?

  • FatduckYTP

    the secret recipe Is the friends we made along the way

  • Tom Platypus
    Tom Platypus

    “Here we go friends... Alright friends...”

  • Ellerbrook Schmitz
    Ellerbrook Schmitz

    this is cool.

  • UBomb

    Matpat: We couldn't find the recipe with proportions. Also Matpat: doesn't tell us the proper proportions of the cranked up recipe with 99-X

  • Roger Holland II
    Roger Holland II

    How did you add the citrus to the recipe? Can you explain

  • Sonja Potter
    Sonja Potter

    MatPat's Next Vid: How to outpizza the hut

  • The Giddy Kitty
    The Giddy Kitty

    The guy who invented the kfc fryer is in my family. He was an inventor

  • C Peake
    C Peake

    I still would like to hear your pepper story Steph. When I use it, some how, the sent gets up my nose and I can't stop sneezing. Please send me an email.

  • Kyle Lopez
    Kyle Lopez

    CAMBRIAN COLLEGE! I'm a student there and I can definitely test diet coke through the mass spec.

  • stephen byrnes
    stephen byrnes

    why dont you just ask an x employee they cant tell you while they work there but there's nothing stopping them telling you after they dont work there

  • Daniel Bohoussou
    Daniel Bohoussou

    so much chicken

  • Kittymaster429

    • Mac Is underrated
      Mac Is underrated

      I had to be careful, the m makes it hard to leave a reply. But you’re tricks won’t get me today


    Hey MatPat, I wonder if you have heard about this story. A man from Ireland named Pat Grace claimed to have the direct recipe from the Colonel and his son Karl has been making breaded chicken mixes for British and Irish fried chicken vendors. They even claimed to have similar matchings to someone who knew the original KFC recipe. Maybe you can ask them directly: and here is the link for that video:

  • Idiotic Nimrod
    Idiotic Nimrod

    You are very lucky that chicken looks delicious

  • Bananaman 09
    Bananaman 09

    Hey mat pat can you do a theory about the history of food and I’m a huge fan of all four of your Chanel’s

  • The Blue Baron
    The Blue Baron

    Now you need to recreate the original KFC recipe from Colonel Sanders' time including the gravy.

  • AgentMiner

    Was that a shout out to malaysia or a bash?

  • Sophia Wilson
    Sophia Wilson

    Pure salt!!! LoL

  • marivee romero
    marivee romero

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  • Ram Hlimpuia
    Ram Hlimpuia

    It's like sbongebob because we don't know the resepy like spongebob

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    MatPat has a crippling Diet Coke addiction

  • F. C.
    F. C.

    Kinda sad you guys didn't try babish's kfc recipe

  • SendSome Sushi
    SendSome Sushi

    0:40 Con-TENDERS good one matpat

  • Sheila S
    Sheila S

    This is about the season blend 99-X. Also the KFC season blend.

  • Sean Farrell
    Sean Farrell

    You will never get the exact same taste without using a pressure fryer

  • Sean Farrell
    Sean Farrell

    The seasoning shouldn’t be that dark when it’s all mixed up your missing the powdered eggs

  • SwitchGamer27

    Lol he wore a game theory shirt in a film theory vid

  • Lukas Reimer
    Lukas Reimer


  • Bionic System5
    Bionic System5

    Remember this is food yes food

  • Raymond Osoteo
    Raymond Osoteo

    Where do you buy 99X and how much citrus liquid do you put in.

  • The BowedMallard
    The BowedMallard

    i mean tbh i’ve heard of shaved Citrus like lemon skin being used as a spice topping so i wouldn’t be suprised that shaved citrus could be in there

  • The Gamer
    The Gamer

    MatPat: “so let’s stop throwing bowls around and get started! MatPat one second later: “SO AS WE THROW OUR BOWL INTO THE RING”

  • ShyMangy727

    Try 99X and the citric acid and you may have it

  • Anthony3581

    If Matpat dies we all know the KFC Illuminati killed him

  • Yoso Esg
    Yoso Esg

    I don't know why people are obsessed with KFC abroad, KFC in the philippines taste like cardboard

  • Lucid Lagomorph
    Lucid Lagomorph

    They look similar to each other like they belong to the same gene pool

  • Lucid Lagomorph
    Lucid Lagomorph

    KFC isn't as good as it use to be

  • Zeebeeplayz

    I just imagine babish in a fighting stance with a tiny whisk only.

    • AgentMiner

      I thought he would be there cause he also did his own version of KFC

  • Jasmine Poh
    Jasmine Poh

    Wow... really got to do Malaysian pepper like that... I'm Malaysian so...

  • Lior Magori
    Lior Magori

    this made me hungry and i don't even have KFC in my country... . HELP

  • Alvi

    21:23 drool

  • Javier Lugo
    Javier Lugo

    KFC could just be lemon pepper chicken

  • Mr Hollows
    Mr Hollows

    Its da erbs man

  • Izaac Nelson
    Izaac Nelson

    matpats weight after food theory 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000 kg/oz

  • Levi Newcomb
    Levi Newcomb

    I bet you if you where to put the last one is a pressure cooker. I would be the exact same.

  • FaceMob

    Interesting. I do love KFC chicken...

  • Dino Dax
    Dino Dax

    You should go to Louisiana because they have Popeyes which has super good fried chicken

    • Neomic

      Popeye's is everywhere, not just Louisiana. We have like 3 of them in my town in northern Indiana.

  • asmr kyle
    asmr kyle

    Imagene it was the cooking oil that was the secret

  • Kai Stafford
    Kai Stafford

    Lol my mom used to work at kfc and trust me, there are VERY dark secrets in the kitchen. ( with the chicken )

  • Branden Andrade JR
    Branden Andrade JR

    I would see waht dominoes pizza stuff would be

  • J12 12J
    J12 12J

    Forget the recipe right now... Or else.

  • AquaticNub06

    Me scrolling down in the comments to see if Todd Wilbur actaully commented on the video

  • Kazuichi Soda
    Kazuichi Soda

    Why do I watch food theory? I think the video will be useful to watch but then I end up craving food at midnight, THE ONLY TIME I CANT GET FOOD.

  • Manuel Llanas
    Manuel Llanas

    YAY :D

  • Doom Guy
    Doom Guy

    Yea I swear that Big Mac sauce is just thousand island

    • Neomic

      Nope. Thousand Island is like mayyybe 75% of the way there, but it's not the same.

  • Seizure salad
    Seizure salad

    I wanna eat fried chicken all day too

  • The_Atropos

    Ask Thunderfoot about that mass spectrometer

  • Rob Dudgeon
    Rob Dudgeon

    The problem is you are both too young to even have had kfc original, the stuff they make today is not kfc original they have changed oils and techniques

  • peanut bot 140
    peanut bot 140

    21:58 ha ha ha ha ha

  • Aquatic Dude
    Aquatic Dude

    I feel like KFC is gonna be the FNAF of food theory

  • Nice

    when did this channel happen and why?

  • Avery Faltin
    Avery Faltin

    So many chickens had to die for the secret to be solved

  • Unknownchapin

    More spice doesn’t equal better or more taste/ flavor

  • Huntermelliott

    I wonder if cooking the chicken in a pressure fryer would make the 99x with citric acid a 10/10 instead a 9/10

  • 9/4 21 Từ Gia Lâm
    9/4 21 Từ Gia Lâm

    Maybe the real secret recipe is the friend we made along the way

  • Jim Frickenstein
    Jim Frickenstein

    Get a clue dude. Your video sucks! 🤔You and others should really Educate yourselves.

  • Technopagan

    Sad to hear about mat pats mysterious “suicide” next week that is in no way related to this secret

  • MFZ

    I got a Burger King ad just after watching this.

  • GOD Aim
    GOD Aim

    Seeing Mats facial expressions hits different

  • Jassprit Singh Kalsi
    Jassprit Singh Kalsi

    Funny thing I got a KFC ad when I started this vid LOL

  • Mark Reynolds
    Mark Reynolds

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  • DJtheGamerXIII

    There is a facebook post from a fired kfc employee made into a meme, but I'm pretty sure it's right.

  • Hasan Rahman
    Hasan Rahman

    Imagine if KFC takes the video down because they figured it out.