Playing HIDE AND SEEK In AMONG US! (Sneaky)
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    crainer: are we allowed to use cams? jelly: yes me: go to 0:10 of the vid beginning off vid: jelly said no cams allowed

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    Everyone call me Ava Wong kah xin

    I love you guys video and I wish I can meet you guys real life and i can play minecraft witht you guys From: slogo and jelly and crainer ❤💚💛 Ps:werewolf girls name: Ava (not real life name)

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    Oh my God delete oh my God I have the best best best best best best best best best best roast for you I think girls are just so over head over heels for you

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    Silly me the mansion that you made in GTA V that you paid for GTA V in Minecraft to make a Minecraft to to make a Minecraft mansion to slogo but not Crainer

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    pause at 1. 56 and look emergency room slogo is hiding ther his namtag

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im so sorry...
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