Terrorizing My Friends in Proximity Chat Among Us
Proximity chat allows you to talk ingame using open mic, but only when other players are nearby
Courage: sltoos.info
Minx: sltoos.info
5up: www.twitch.tv/5uppp
Tubbo: www.twitch.tv/tubbo
Anita: www.twitch.tv/sweet_anita
Jesse: www.twitch.tv/jessesmfi
Basetrade: www.twitch.tv/basetradetv
Ze: sltoos.info
Botez: www.twitch.tv/botezlive

  • Among us boi Like it
    Among us boi Like it

    Now he’s gone

  • Among us boi Like it
    Among us boi Like it

    Wtf my dad is gone he was in the house

  • Among us boi Like it
    Among us boi Like it

    It sick house bruh

  • Among us boi Like it
    Among us boi Like it

    I’m in a new house

  • Jay Schumacher
    Jay Schumacher

    Corpse I am extremely curious about something Does ur voice naturally sound like that or not?

  • shockerfn


  • Lion King Playz
    Lion King Playz

    Oml Corpses laugh is creepy

  • Emily Li
    Emily Li

    Tubbo: sees Jesse and 5up dancing on a body on cams Also tubbo: “oh there’s corpse!” *leaves*

  • Miesha Lindsley
    Miesha Lindsley

    The defeated okra legally improve because foxglove ultrastructually park regarding a shrill algeria. early, jealous whip

  • Caroliney Wiseman
    Caroliney Wiseman


  • Flubby Bubby
    Flubby Bubby

    AAAA i love Anita, she's so pretty ☺

  • Peridot Phoenixx
    Peridot Phoenixx

    Your voice is so deep im wondering how everyone reacted when it originally changed,

  • Wild Waluigi
    Wild Waluigi

    I know this is bad but i could not hold up my laught when i first heard Anita... Sorry world i'm not a good boy.

  • ameril saruang
    ameril saruang

    16:06 botezlive drinking that cherry tho

  • Dan42K

    i hate botez's voice

  • Derrick Lilliana
    Derrick Lilliana


  • Haley Larsen
    Haley Larsen

    I love Botez’ voice, hers and corpse are just 😙🤌🏻

  • yeet delete
    yeet delete

    21:17 its pink

  • Omar Paita
    Omar Paita

    Btw if you guys didn't notice this isn't corpse channel or second channel it's the fake corpse if you want to see the real corpse search up # @corpse husband

    • HorseLuver4Ever

      This is his real second channel.

    • América Morales
      América Morales

      It's his second channel

  • Dj Miguez
    Dj Miguez

    19:14 what is minx doing?😂

  • Dixon Blighton
    Dixon Blighton

    Tubbo: "Where we going?" Corpse: "Straight to hell buddy!" Also Corpse: *Stabs Tubbo Tubbo: *Screams

  • Commander Gree
    Commander Gree

    "Where we going?" "Straight to hell buddy." Proceeds to stab him

  • Finkldipper the 2nd
    Finkldipper the 2nd

    Jesus his voice..

  • Mallory Neal
    Mallory Neal

    you can tell Corpse is imposter cause he says sorry

  • Ali - RBLX
    Ali - RBLX

    who else ships anita and corpse

    • HorseLuver4Ever


  • Ballora 14
    Ballora 14

    Corpse, the silent killer

  • College Student
    College Student

    is it just me, or did i just hear sfx from spore... 3:34 . Thanks for the nostalgia

  • Gabe Blackmon
    Gabe Blackmon

    Minxs "I think it's the brown guy and the white guy", Corpse, "Yeah me too" *DEATH*

  • Thewin 94
    Thewin 94

    The more of these I see the more I want Nux vs. Corpse.

  • _Dark-_-Abyss_

    Talks about how hes been inspired but anita Corpse 5 seconds later: anyways enjoy me killing my new friends

  • Паша Шабат
    Паша Шабат

    This is my first video I watched from this channel, and gosh is Corpse's voice low

  • bob crack
    bob crack

    corpse do a face revel

  • MR. Gafolopolos
    MR. Gafolopolos

    I've watched this video so many times and it never gets old. This lobby is so perfect.

  • Sugita :D
    Sugita :D

    I need play with you.

  • Madeline Pacis
    Madeline Pacis

    i thought botez was a boy -

  • Laviana Wijaya
    Laviana Wijaya


  • ShinyChicken

    Corpse: Oh hey minx Minx: *AHHH*

  • SpaZ_ AllStarz
    SpaZ_ AllStarz

    Tubbo: Where We going Corpse Corpse: Straight to hell buddy~

  • Jenny Escuro
    Jenny Escuro

    Tubbo reminds me of Spiderman and Corpse Iron man😂😂 certain adorable attachment

  • lousy_leah

    _This is test for something_ This is a test

  • Tonina Slovinic
    Tonina Slovinic

    5:04 My fave Part

  • Rishika Shukla
    Rishika Shukla

    COURAGE :: OHH there's a body there's body CORPSE:: stabbing him CORPSE'S MIND :: you saw nothing buddy except you're death 👍👍

  • Sharijah Goodchild
    Sharijah Goodchild

    "Anita, a very lovely individual" "Enjoy me killing my new friends" LOL

  • Vincent Dożeczny
    Vincent Dożeczny


  • diane

    Me: has tics Anita: trigerring them Me: continues to watch

  • GodPVP

    why is your voice so fricking deep

    • HorseLuver4Ever

      Genetics, testosterone, and GERD

  • zia erica
    zia erica

    Poor Tubbo xD

  • Srihari Narayanan
    Srihari Narayanan

    Every Corpse Among us video is a like a movie in itself!

  • AlybearTheAwesome

    How do you play among us with chating like this

  • Hello OwO
    Hello OwO

    Yeeeeeeey no tengo nada importante que decir pero aun así comento. Mmmm... Te amoooooo!!

  • Nathan Payne
    Nathan Payne

    I like how botez said "My cherry is red" and then immediately realized what she said 😂

  • Bananas

    Best Anime Betrayals in 2020 Corpse betraying tubbo and 5up and double killed with ze

  • J achenchi
    J achenchi

    Why does Anita look sad when she died on cam lol

  • The3 Locos
    The3 Locos

    I’ve been subbed to Anita for so long, she is my favortie youtuber Bc of her influence on others

  • Crazyßaßy

    Who thinks corpse is so amazing 👇🏼

  • GalacticPenguin- -YT
    GalacticPenguin- -YT

    Anita ticks are 😏🐦😘

  • J M
    J M

    He sounds like Batman

  • Little Miss Marshmallow
    Little Miss Marshmallow

    I wish sykkuno was there

  • Blix_Tofer


  • emmie morgan
    emmie morgan

    Corpse if you see a car following you home go to a local supermarket because it might be a fan trying to find out where you live and post it all over the internet and you dont have to do a face reveal brush the stress off

  • grasshopper


  • Harley Smith
    Harley Smith

    Anita: “I’m in love with a fish” Courage: 🤨🤨

  • Kai The Flame
    Kai The Flame

    Bruh corpses laugh tho 💀

  • Adam Krizka
    Adam Krizka

    Best channel

  • Adam Krizka
    Adam Krizka

    Best youtuber

  • Adam Krizka
    Adam Krizka

    Best video

  • Ozzy Bermudez
    Ozzy Bermudez

    Apple on the wall Apple one Apple all Someone is going apple Apple

  • Kiara Merrington
    Kiara Merrington

    Wait... Is this Corpse's real SLtoos Channel?

    • Kiara Merrington
      Kiara Merrington

      @HorseLuver4Ever ok thanks

    • HorseLuver4Ever


  • Chris Magill
    Chris Magill

    Corpse where you born with that deep of a voice

    • HorseLuver4Ever

      It's genetics, testosterone, and GERD

  • Tyler Richardson
    Tyler Richardson

    There’s a body there’s a bo.... neck slit

    • Tyler Richardson
      Tyler Richardson

      Not the original

  • Trouble Wtf
    Trouble Wtf

    Corpse be imposter all the time

  • Tish Valtman
    Tish Valtman

    Face reveal plzzzz

  • Shameem Islam
    Shameem Islam

    Corpse is the best imposter. I have 200wins in amongus But i bet corpse has 500wins

  • Kutale

    。    •   ゚  。   .   .      .     。   。 .  .   。  ඞ 。  . • Corpse was the Imposter

  • Dee Armstrong
    Dee Armstrong

    This is one of the best videos on the internet.

  • TempoEpicOKC

    Seeing Sweet_Anita who I’m a fan of, and CORPSe who I am also a fan of, play together was amzing especially when 5up said he was the one tying hands and Anita said 5up liked it. That was amazing content.

  • Hector Aldrete
    Hector Aldrete


  • Laura

    imagine being called lovely by corpse

  • Dylan Mostrom
    Dylan Mostrom

    5:10 “Where we headin?” Corpse: “straight to hel* buddy

  • Bazooka Boy
    Bazooka Boy

    7:42 what is Anita doing

    • Lily Freeflow
      Lily Freeflow


  • Chris Hammond
    Chris Hammond

    Looked at the top of my screen every meeting cuz I thought I was getting a tweet 🤣

  • andrea aquino
    andrea aquino

    i just wanna know what courage was eating

  • Radiant Phoenix
    Radiant Phoenix

    I like making noises OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH (Meanwhile) sykuno are you innocent!!! Like 100 times

  • bangtan

    This is NOT the real corpse 😅😂😂😂

    • HorseLuver4Ever

      Yes it is. It's his second channel

    • Lily Freeflow
      Lily Freeflow

      Wdym? :o

  • Jamzz Lost
    Jamzz Lost

    It seems like even the game simps for him 'cause he always had the chance to be the impo, For me whenever I play the game it was 2% chance I'll be one TwT

    • Lily Freeflow
      Lily Freeflow

      @Jamzz Lost No problem UwU

    • Jamzz Lost
      Jamzz Lost

      @Lily Freeflow UwU, i understand it, Now I get it! Thanks ✋

    • Lily Freeflow
      Lily Freeflow

      In public lobbies everybody leaves every few rounds. So the percentage chance changes. In a planned lobby, however, the percentages build up evenly. If you're imposter you're chance of getting it again in that lobby becomes less. But in a public lobby people with different percentages leave and join so it might take longer to build up. Simplifying things: • The more you play the higher the percentage of being Imposter. • In public lobbies the percentage changes from people leaving and joining so often. • On these types of videos the lobbies are planned and they stick with them for hours. • Because of this the percentages manage to build up evenly. • But it's randomized so there's a chance that the same percentage can be selected several times after eachother. Sorry if this was confusing,

  • Fandom Glitch
    Fandom Glitch

    Id love to play with you when we can get the chance^^

  • killer buster3000
    killer buster3000

    Corpse makes corpses

  • Hart Brewington
    Hart Brewington

    Corpse has the ability to sound emotionless so it's almost impossible to know if it's him cause he always sounds the same LOL 🤣😂😆 SCARY!!!

  • eloise sheehan
    eloise sheehan

    Corpse laugh is so cute

  • Trezyn Machado
    Trezyn Machado


  • sam luther
    sam luther

    Wow Tubbo is annoying af

  • H A N D _
    H A N D _

    5:01 “Where we headin?” *straight to hell buddy*

  • Rosexiicloudy

    5:04 thumbnail

  • Josie Holland
    Josie Holland

    Look how miserable the dead ppl look aha


    4.50 you can literally see the body

  • Smallz

    i also have Tourettes Syndrome like Anita corpse. i just wanted to say that this makes me so happy. this was also posted on my dads birthday, he turned 42 on that day, i am 15. you make me so happy and i have just started to listen to your music. my favorite song is miss you, and i listened to it for an hour while playing titanfall 2. it is a really fun game, and i really think that you should play it. the first thing that i looked up when i started watching your videos today was literally "corpse titanfall 2." you probably wont see this, but it will make me so happy if you see this. i love you and i hope that you see this comment.

  • Negar Khodadadi
    Negar Khodadadi

    BTW im just a 9yo

    • Lily Freeflow
      Lily Freeflow

      Don't reveal your age on the internet. People could scam you from your parent's money. Be safe on the internet!

  • Negar Khodadadi
    Negar Khodadadi

    Your voice 's total awsomness

  • Irish Gaming
    Irish Gaming

    Why does botez have that elementry salty spoiled boy voice

  • Alex kite
    Alex kite

    Lmao he rlly said we going straight to hell

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