I Caught Them Destroying My Lamborghini *FOOTAGE*
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  • Memes For life
    Memes For life

    Remember when he clickbaited getting a camera implanted into his arm where is it now jake

  • Carson kid Don’t call me nothing else
    Carson kid Don’t call me nothing else

    It’s crap

  • Lachlan Wismer
    Lachlan Wismer

    Erica was the only real girl friend /female friend

  • Lachlan Wismer
    Lachlan Wismer

    These girls are so basic

  • fearless abdi
    fearless abdi

    Deji won you the ref felt sorry for you

  • 60k with SOME videos
    60k with SOME videos


  • Clay Joping
    Clay Joping


  • Diego VasquezCordova
    Diego VasquezCordova

    bro shave

  • Roxana Ahh
    Roxana Ahh


  • ღ• d 4 r k w ø l f i e_ •ღ
    ღ• d 4 r k w ø l f i e_ •ღ


  • Jude Spivey
    Jude Spivey

    Remember Jesus loves y’all and to be saved and always ready for God’s return and have a blessed day/night


    May i move in om hype af

  • Aquatic 00
    Aquatic 00

    Ugly she’s your builder is it causing OK dummy

  • Ken Summers
    Ken Summers

    That dog's body will be found in a forest.

  • 1k for this chicken Nugget
    1k for this chicken Nugget

    Team 10 is still a thing

  • Marble Duchess
    Marble Duchess

    Douchetuber 🤪🤪

  • Marble Duchess
    Marble Duchess

    Did her just shoot, in 2020....

  • Marble Duchess
    Marble Duchess

    This man just singlehandedly turned me lesbian.

  • Ediboy yt
    Ediboy yt


  • Aliyah Sophia Viri
    Aliyah Sophia Viri

    *very very very very very good dog :)*

  • Random Person
    Random Person

    I’m happy that his dog destroyed it

    • Random Person
      Random Person

      He is a good dog

  • lHl

    No moof is the gud boi

  • lHl

    Classic jake pual video nothing for the first 8 munites then something happens then some more absolute crap

  • lHl


  • Zion Millican
    Zion Millican

    Bruh shave your beard

  • Robert Mumaw
    Robert Mumaw

    I sall bizaardvark s1 e12 ha ha

  • RY - 07MA 752794 Tomken Road MS
    RY - 07MA 752794 Tomken Road MS

    carefully they are heroes

  • p0tat0ham

    Jake Paul is the type of person to climb a glass wall to see what’s on the other side

  • SpringTrap SFM
    SpringTrap SFM

    Me seeing in tv stormworks game.

  • schrvirsky wynnzm
    schrvirsky wynnzm

    The dog be like: whose the bitch now?

  • Spit Fire
    Spit Fire

    I remember watching jake paul when he turned 20 or 21

  • Braden Bruce
    Braden Bruce

    You know what's sad jake has only got like 2 mil in 2 years or something like that

  • Pheonix Morgan
    Pheonix Morgan


  • Sonya Groff
    Sonya Groff

    U guys remember Anthony and chad❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Tadashi Fujiwara Neto
    Tadashi Fujiwara Neto

    cleetus mcfarland

  • Coolsaif_19 Thanos
    Coolsaif_19 Thanos

    Your vids are trash even faze jarvis’s busted head is better than your vids

  • Kevin Andrade
    Kevin Andrade

    Do you play Fortnite let’s play Fortnite Jake Paul my user name is king Noah

  • Ubongabasi Itauma
    Ubongabasi Itauma


  • Darwin Hurtado sanchez
    Darwin Hurtado sanchez

    Ernesto hurtado-Sanchez

  • 7uss The King
    7uss The King

    ryan is ur friend and now u all him out?

  • Nagliskuznecovas *
    Nagliskuznecovas *

    Girl saying: you want my number? Jake paul: nodding his head *yes*

  • Will Salik 2022
    Will Salik 2022

    i know your cousins jake paul

  • FBI

    Imma need a new gun to put 'em down

  • Dill n Pickle
    Dill n Pickle

    Wow Ryan Garcia looks like a 14 year old child. How can he best best boxer under 25?


    Carefully that dogs a hero

  • Aleksandar Knezevic (student)
    Aleksandar Knezevic (student)


  • Bob’s Burgers
    Bob’s Burgers

    JP is DUMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hola Thailand
    Hola Thailand


  • Teal Maddox
    Teal Maddox


  • Lala Devil
    Lala Devil

    How much can I pay that person? I ain’t even looking at the whole video these are boring as hell. Good job person that ruined his car, you are amazing

  • Nolan Ferguson
    Nolan Ferguson

    Yes his car

  • Sam Mason
    Sam Mason

    Good dog

  • XxjrtXx 4521
    XxjrtXx 4521

    Thats good because all u do is flex


    Good riddens

  • P-Boy

    And now there are going to do a boxing fucking match, it will be dope 🤝😂

  • Austin gun
    Austin gun

    Love ❤️

  • Joey Rossi
    Joey Rossi

    Middle name josiph

  • Scott Russel
    Scott Russel


  • Toothlessfan1 99
    Toothlessfan1 99

    Do you still ave your vlog arm

  • JK Gamer GG
    JK Gamer GG

    That dog should get an Oscars..

  • zhenghuizeng5

    Finally something kid friendly in a long time

  • bigtonutz

    i think i was click baited damnit LOL

  • Hot_Coco

    What was it like being dare me bro on bizaardvark

  • William Moore
    William Moore

    f jack paul

  • Quinn Yang
    Quinn Yang

    Hahaha you’re Lamborghini but it sad

  • Chestnut Studios!
    Chestnut Studios!

    Lambo bit is at 8:05 Spoilers: It’s some doggo

  • Antonio Aguilar
    Antonio Aguilar

    I'm subscribed and liked it

  • Mini Picasso
    Mini Picasso

    This video is literally the definition of clickbait, I mean it says “I caught them smashing my car” and it was literally the dog.... like b**** what?

  • Jamie McEvoy
    Jamie McEvoy

    Team 10 is a nelk boys wannabe group

  • Emmad Cheema
    Emmad Cheema

    clickbaiting M***********

  • Xx_gacha_xx Ily gacha
    Xx_gacha_xx Ily gacha

    Uhh oh


    Who else searches him up just to see what crap he’s up to now?

    • Trickster


    • Dereck Quiles
      Dereck Quiles

      Damn bro same

    • Jonathan

      @Elias Bowman this guy's stupid as hell😂

    • AnimeWeeb

      @Elias Bowman im guessing ur 9 maybe younger

    • Elias Bowman
      Elias Bowman

      Bro what did Jake Paul do to you

  • Porato Kid0500
    Porato Kid0500

    My heroes

  • ICEY DA 1
    ICEY DA 1

    2:27 gta players please guess

  • The Dog
    The Dog

    bruh they just sum stuck up bimbos no cap lmao

  • Johnny Najar
    Johnny Najar

    Sociopath no wonder jake can’t keep his friends

  • santa fanto
    santa fanto

    d1 players hahah

  • Silud Gurung
    Silud Gurung

    But he's lambo

  • Angela Serrao
    Angela Serrao

    Hi Jake omg I wanna see you so bad hi

  • RandomVideoMaker 69
    RandomVideoMaker 69

    Whoever destroy his lambo........ you are the MOST MLG AND POG PERSON EVER

  • kaiden mullett
    kaiden mullett

    Hopefully he quit SLtoos

  • GøøB


  • Badwifi

    I hope they break your confidence too

  • Steve Watson
    Steve Watson

    You get what you 🤬 deserve

  • BLU_E

    boo- hoo! let me press f on the worlds smallest keyboard

  • Jackie Chan
    Jackie Chan

    That black dude look like lil baby and Chadwick Boseman combined

  • uyasumi

    atleast he doesn’t abuse his pets. CAUSE IF HE DO, then he’s worse than a psychopath.

  • Gia Reynolds
    Gia Reynolds

    8:52:( jake is worried about his Lambo) Me: poor little doggie he could fall😢

  • Just some Ghost leviathan with internet access
    Just some Ghost leviathan with internet access

    Oh boo hoo,did your wikkle toy car get destroyed? There is a Jake Paul fan

    • Just some Ghost leviathan with internet access
      Just some Ghost leviathan with internet access

      Uh no it’s contaminated with Jake Paul.

    • texxy sexxy
      texxy sexxy

      you wish you had that car

  • Vilmer Druvefors
    Vilmer Druvefors


  • Gacha waffle
    Gacha waffle

    Careful those people are heros

  • Alvaro Benavides
    Alvaro Benavides

    I love the guys who did this to hid car because he is a dumb freaking piece of krap and should stop making stupid videos like this

  • xxalpha wolf
    xxalpha wolf

    Can i jain team 10

    • eco lonez
      eco lonez


  • Boo YT
    Boo YT

    his dog scratched his car incase y’all wanna know

  • thanos

    If you ever feel useless just remember this guy exist

  • Joshua Doherty
    Joshua Doherty

    Idk recently jake has been. Looking like a junkie

  • Dusklord

    Jake Paul: No you cant just scratch this car Doggo: haha claws go brrrr

  • gabriel niebla
    gabriel niebla

    People who liked, why

  • Milad

    He also needs a new... LIFE😂😂

    • texxy sexxy
      texxy sexxy

      soooooo funnnnyyyy

  • ɪ ʟᴏᴠᴇ ʏᴏᴜ
    ɪ ʟᴏᴠᴇ ʏᴏᴜ

    The click bait tho