Jake Paul CRIES backstage AFTER Logan Paul Loses to KSI
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I didn't want to post this...
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  • Agekid 09
    Agekid 09

    Cry baby

  • John Can
    John Can

    That was straight up shite acting, lmao just told some dumbass story that no one understood😂

  • Rigoberto Avila
    Rigoberto Avila


  • Jason Culcay
    Jason Culcay

    I fell bad for jake he wanted to cry all day I kinda want jake to win ksi now

  • Adrian Rivera
    Adrian Rivera

    10:09 Jake right there said it, what that meant was so true and said enough for Jake that got his point around

  • Shrihan Ganta
    Shrihan Ganta

    I'm just gonna dislike this caz its sad Also why does it look like Jake is waring lipstick?

  • Chloe Hannon vlogs
    Chloe Hannon vlogs

    Thor just bolling

  • random -B-I
    random -B-I

    He's crying from the power of BABATUNDE

  • Ahmad Zaim Haziq
    Ahmad Zaim Haziq

    Stupid and epic cringe video

  • jimmy bd
    jimmy bd

    What a baby

  • familiar faces
    familiar faces

    I can't see any love comment......?

  • Mystify dropped
    Mystify dropped


  • Liam Stoj
    Liam Stoj

    Winer.your 24 mate

  • epic gamer
    epic gamer

    Jake paul cries over a fight when it would be better in the fight LMAO

  • M's Vlogs
    M's Vlogs

    1:23 ICE see fakeness

  • Cal

    Let’s be honest Jake only Thought every thing that Shannon was sayin was right about boxing because he’s a 2 time heavyweights champion I mean BUT MY BOY JJ WON SO FUCK JAKE (sorry I’m just happy my boi JJ won)

  • Lynn Findlay
    Lynn Findlay


  • Agent ###
    Agent ###

    Less than 3 seconds in and I am already cringing with pain. Brb going to upload a video of me crying to Jake Paul crying.

  • jacob sandoval
    jacob sandoval

    imagine crying

  • Denver Buvac
    Denver Buvac

    how do seem to piss off the guy that was helping your brother fight and your brother as well

  • Skyrim killer12345
    Skyrim killer12345

    Imagine having a ice cube by ur eyes to make it look like your “crying”

  • Sam Khafaji
    Sam Khafaji


  • _evan rogers
    _evan rogers

    He's scared because now he's got to fight @ksi

  • Bartek Kempa
    Bartek Kempa

    Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa u little mug

  • thee_fortnitekid

    The dog next to him

  • Icy likesWaffeling
    Icy likesWaffeling

    Theres more dislikes than likes lmao

  • Lightning Sound
    Lightning Sound

    lmao 200k dislikes and 150k likes

  • OldSchool Vines
    OldSchool Vines

    > I kinda feel bad for him, like that’s his brother who he’s crying about, people need to give him a break bro, smh >

  • save Philip
    save Philip

    It have more dislike than like

  • Motivation Mindset
    Motivation Mindset

    I have no words, only to laugh.... 😂😂😂

  • Haisher 123
    Haisher 123

    Come here before Nate Robinson fight

  • Jon Thomas
    Jon Thomas

    Like like felt like and like it was like and it was like and then it was like so I was like then I was like so it was like then it like just like then I just was like then it was like I was like. The words of like Jake like Paul like.

  • Supercalafragalistic expialadocious
    Supercalafragalistic expialadocious

    Honestly why does he even gives a fuck about his brother losing.

  • Thela M Olson
    Thela M Olson


  • exploring with ryan
    exploring with ryan

    You're gunna cry when KSI KO's you

  • Anime Life ok
    Anime Life ok

    Idk about him crying

    • Dominic Colangelo
      Dominic Colangelo

      @Anime Life ok he faked it, he held an ice cube on his face to make it look like tears 🤦‍♂️

  • Repedtro

    Alternate title: ksi made me cry

  • Moses Massaquoi
    Moses Massaquoi

    he cry because of a lose everyone loses

  • Supercalafragalistic expialadocious
    Supercalafragalistic expialadocious

    Jake Paul is gay

  • M90s OG
    M90s OG

    I like how he got more disslikes😅😂😂🤣🤣

  • FK20 Gaming
    FK20 Gaming

    Lol he put ice on his face

  • pretty boy
    pretty boy

    He really took this situation and made it about himself... wow!

  • spider spider
    spider spider

    I was laughing when he was crying

  • Abdullah Sheikh
    Abdullah Sheikh

    hhahahaahhahahhaah look at the like and dislike ratio more embarrassment and the joy of him crying

  • Sultan All
    Sultan All

    is this a comedy vid?

  • Hussain Roghay
    Hussain Roghay

    Ski is more better boy

  • Dalan Gozzy
    Dalan Gozzy


  • Chris Sweeney
    Chris Sweeney

    He would fit in well with all the drunk bitches in Jersey shore

  • Chris Sweeney
    Chris Sweeney

    Any one else squirming watching this it's the most cringeworthy thing I've ever seen

  • Chris Sweeney
    Chris Sweeney

    Hahahahahahahaha cry baby

  • Christina Gibson
    Christina Gibson

    To who ever reads this and u think he thinks useing an ice cube your stupid

  • Cal

    Ur a crybaby

  • ჯსსჯ

    I bet all the 10 year olds liked the video cause they feel bad for him lmao 😂

  • Ewanjiku Channel
    Ewanjiku Channel

    If ksi did this what about Mayweather

  • Jayden Hyland
    Jayden Hyland

    Thor in the passenger seat like

  • fakorede olapade
    fakorede olapade

    why are they so many dislikes

  • mind flex
    mind flex

    The dog is falling asleep

  • kevin 528_ffm
    kevin 528_ffm

    Is he homosexual?

  • MaczLife

    😂😂 that’s all I can do just laugh 🤣

  • Philip Fouche
    Philip Fouche

    He knows that ksi will win him.

  • Pussy Slay3r
    Pussy Slay3r

    His acting is worse than a porno

  • oofRpureasian


  • Teter Official
    Teter Official

    Thor super cute

  • IHaveUrMa Xbox
    IHaveUrMa Xbox

    Lol isnt it that comments are usually fans? i havent seen a positive comment yet

  • nazmul chowdhury
    nazmul chowdhury

    You. Just want clout sit down

  • Toby Wasserman
    Toby Wasserman

    chill with the comments guys I can't like em all

  • Simonen101

    kids coked outta his mind

  • Mike di man
    Mike di man

    I just realized jake paul posted this lol

  • mohmadzoabi zoabi
    mohmadzoabi zoabi


  • olzthe gamer
    olzthe gamer

    He had an ice cube

  • Oblivion 198
    Oblivion 198

    I love how Jake is spraying perfume while crying😂

  • Nathan John
    Nathan John

    It’s like beautiful music in my ears while listening Jake crying.

  • DamianGonzalez Random
    DamianGonzalez Random


  • Enton

    im glad this video got more dislikes then likes

  • Aditya Palani
    Aditya Palani

    I'm so happy that ksi won!!!!!!🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟

  • TrixSir

    tbh Jake is right, Briggs is literally the biggest yes man ive ever seen

  • TrixSir

    I actually kinda understand where jake is coming from

  • TK

    When your bro gets to drunk after paying 8$ a beer😂

  • Michael Hernandez
    Michael Hernandez

    I watch you a lot 😃😀

  • Pia Jernberg
    Pia Jernberg


  • florzy ぉ
    florzy ぉ

    This is what happens to jake when he is striped from the yes man and expierences a loss. Doesnt know what the fuck to do so he blames it on everyone.

  • Phoebe De voogt
    Phoebe De voogt

    This has way more dislikes than likes🤣btw on was me

  • abfudjnx

    I think you love wen your family losses

  • Kamil Osman
    Kamil Osman

    way are you

  • Kid :3
    Kid :3

    To be honest im happy he’s crying

    • Rocket Man
      Rocket Man

      Me to, what a lil girl Jake is 😆

  • Ikgood Music
    Ikgood Music

    9:57 LETS GO CHAMP Said JAKE PALL SIS IN 0.5 Speed 😂💀💯

  • Kyler Eldon
    Kyler Eldon


  • Yousef Aljaabari
    Yousef Aljaabari

    You are more of a dump person

  • Najim Ali
    Najim Ali

    Yessssss good you cry

  • Merhaba Ahmar
    Merhaba Ahmar

    ”Im a very passionate person” HAHAHAAHAA

  • Dr. Austism
    Dr. Austism

    I need to stop getting involved with all of these jake paul supporters its making me lose brain cells by the millisecond

  • Luke Murray
    Luke Murray

    Dam your dad is a tough cookie

  • Tarun Varun
    Tarun Varun

    Why dislike

  • Lop Pop
    Lop Pop

    Passionate ass is really being a crybaby

  • Nowhere man
    Nowhere man

    More dislikes than likes L once again😂

  • Riley Mebbrey
    Riley Mebbrey

    Absolute sook

  • meme emem
    meme emem

    Imagine leaking yourself backstage

  • Valky rie
    Valky rie

    Jake using ice cube while crying hahahhaja

  • Leader Xx
    Leader Xx

    Y’all stop hating

  • Joseph Bray
    Joseph Bray


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