If people got their equipment confused.
Life would be very inconvenient.
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  • K M
    K M


  • TeaBag

    I’m a way all of these would work if you had lots of time and turned off teh treadmill

  • Shadow Scribbles
    Shadow Scribbles

    I've got your problem with why you can't sleep. No, you aren't using the wrong equipment. You forgot to turn the equipment off for night mode!

  • Julius Kelly Cacabelos
    Julius Kelly Cacabelos

    I love watching this video it make me happy 😍

  • Potayto Quizzle
    Potayto Quizzle

    *Found a new way to slice some apples, mom*

  • Jeremy Dignomo Dacles
    Jeremy Dignomo Dacles


  • Birawa Lesmana
    Birawa Lesmana

    This man is abnormal 😂

  • Giyuu Tomioka
    Giyuu Tomioka

    0:30 Now that's just an accident waiting to happen-

  • Amin Nazarahari
    Amin Nazarahari

    These look normal though

  • Jamal Perry
    Jamal Perry

    That ending was pure hell.

  • Universe, we need SNSD back
    Universe, we need SNSD back

    The treadmill one is even more tiring compared to the normal way of using it

  • Ravi Yadumurthy
    Ravi Yadumurthy

    I love it

  • Prem Manmya
    Prem Manmya

    His neighbours call police when they see him acting normal

  • areloTET

    0:31 you can do this in real life. It's completely normal.

  • PurpleWT

    Most of these aren’t even that unreasonable.

  • Saron Ricker
    Saron Ricker

    I like the last one the best 😂

  • Tolga Çiçek
    Tolga Çiçek

    The last one broke my heart

  • ConMtb _
    ConMtb _

    i love it

  • C J
    C J

    Uncle Buck, but with a small egg instead of pancake in a small pan

  • Ha Ha
    Ha Ha

    It is sad that he know how to wear a pant.

  • Horselover2021

    Him: sleeping on a treadmill and keeps getting launched back. Me: THAT GOT ME SO GOOD XD

  • Nadia Sadiq
    Nadia Sadiq

    He's like tom and Jerry. Making us laugh with less words. Inspired*

  • J_ Huss
    J_ Huss

    00:41 soooo cringey

  • scrawberry

    His son: Why is daddy sleeping on the walking thing His Wife: Don't worry hes supposed to do that His Son: why His Wife: That's his job

  • Cole_jonny boy junior gaming
    Cole_jonny boy junior gaming

    0:24 That works quicker

  • •Cìñnåwoł•

    When you love working out so much you sleep on the treadmill but forget to turn it off....maybe you left it on on purpose... 0:45

  • 9173 Over
    9173 Over

    This man is a god

  • vermon

    you're telling me you guys dont clean things up with an air blower?

  • Amir109

    He: doing this for comedy Me: being scared asf that maybe i will do those someday.

    • John Russell
      John Russell

      Im definitely doing this

  • Skull Cruiser
    Skull Cruiser

    This remind me like life hacks where the hammered a upside down spoon

  • Raging Pros
    Raging Pros

    If only equipments were living things,

  • Mr. Hermit
    Mr. Hermit

    It would be differculy

  • Atro

    His alarm is the treadmill

  • Raivis Uzuls
    Raivis Uzuls

    Great, keep it up

  • Swapon Kumar
    Swapon Kumar

    He always comes with an new idea which makes me hard laugh.

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  • Empty Space
    Empty Space

    This is just really really funny LMAO 😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

  • kInG ErRrRrR
    kInG ErRrRrR

    That wimpy kid drawing at the first part on the snow

  • Epic Wolf Playz Games
    Epic Wolf Playz Games

    0:45 loop of him sleeping over and over and over and over over and over and over and over over and over and over and over

  • Navi231

    Here we have a human that sleeps during the day... what an odd one indeed.

  • Sushi The hamster
    Sushi The hamster

    The legend says He did much more exercise trying to sleep

  • Amelia Mae
    Amelia Mae

    This defines my day

  • Animatic Adarsh
    Animatic Adarsh

    liking the video first before watching the video

  • Itz_bri !!!!
    Itz_bri !!!!

    So true

  • Abdullah Masood
    Abdullah Masood

    Plot twist: he's actually using the equipment right and we r using it wrong

  • Abdullah Masood
    Abdullah Masood

    Plot twist: he's actually using the equipment right and we r using it wrong

  • Sunil Gupta
    Sunil Gupta


  • Fin .Reilly
    Fin .Reilly

    Your videos are not very far off how my brain decides

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    Tiny Mike


  • Gaming And Funny Moments NL
    Gaming And Funny Moments NL

    0:23 well that's a great option to clean it😂😂

  • Serious Alfi
    Serious Alfi

    Fuck fuck

  • Serious Alfi
    Serious Alfi


  • Kareem Ayman
    Kareem Ayman

    Bet you broke the treadmill

  • gunna

    Doctors: Here is How you lose fat while doing nothing but sleeping!! Also Doctors: 0:46

  • Maddy Playz
    Maddy Playz

    I love these videos

  • Muskan Siddikee
    Muskan Siddikee

    He just slaughtered the Apple!!!

  • Airbus A320-200
    Airbus A320-200

    Are we not gonna talk about him eating with a knife?

  • Grace Courtney
    Grace Courtney

    He has a saw in his cutlery draw does no one find that weird

  • Beast FN
    Beast FN

    Me when I get up in the morning:

  • joelliane seibel
    joelliane seibel

    Daniel: you know what Babe I am going to sell our bed and sleep on the treadmill Wife: were divorcing

  • Jungwoo's Spoon
    Jungwoo's Spoon

    This guy can do ASMR.

  • Lynn Smith
    Lynn Smith

    Legit would make an excellent professional mime in the ages . Very imaginative!

  • Elliy Asys
    Elliy Asys

    Hyper speed is the best setting for your treadmill bed Just saying

  • TfGamess

    Nice Tesla dude!

  • Alwayz Sleepy
    Alwayz Sleepy

    0:24 My idea of cleaning🤣🤣🤣

  • Saeed gamer
    Saeed gamer

    ملت ردادن

  • Diej Ddhdu
    Diej Ddhdu

    Alternative title: Useful life hacks part 2

  • Daniyal Khan
    Daniyal Khan

    Imagine!When he going for poti😆😆😆

  • Inhale Primula
    Inhale Primula

    So uncomfortable

  • Mia Ruiz-Lennartson
    Mia Ruiz-Lennartson


  • Trust And Obey
    Trust And Obey

    Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts: and let him return unto the LORD, and he will have mercy upon him; and to our God, for he will abundantly pardon. (Isaiah 55:7 [KJV]) %%% The LORD is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart; and saveth such as be of a contrite spirit. (Psalms 34:18 [KJV]) %%% For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. (Romans 10:13 [KJV])

  • Farhan Talkhani
    Farhan Talkhani

    Two smart things 1. Ladders are usefull for short people. (For eg. Jelly who is a youtuber 😅) 2. Leaf blowers can be really usefull And last i love your vids man 😊

  • Shinju Dubs
    Shinju Dubs


  • Davidroxguitars !
    Davidroxguitars !

    how you get so creative idk

  • Thahir

    I think “he is not lazy like we"

  • Özgür Vardar
    Özgür Vardar


  • Amrita Kulkarni
    Amrita Kulkarni

    I like him he is very funny.

  • MR Scorpio
    MR Scorpio

    0:40 is actually a good way to clean a mirror


    The last one 😁😁😁😁😅😅😅😅🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Bvzz

    You are a genious

  • ZyxelPlayz

    The thumbnail had me laughing hard

  • Mr Midnight
    Mr Midnight

    Actually paper cleans the glass in a much nice way, specially any news paper

  • Johnny T Zone
    Johnny T Zone

    I would never be able to sleep with the treadmill on. I’d have to turn it off to use it as a bed.😅 Great video, yet again. Keep up the good work.😀

  • Dennis Vas
    Dennis Vas

    Lollll😜😜😜, This guy is nuts🤣🤣

  • :P

    One word: **cyberpunk**

  • CelesteTheDreamer

    Wiping mirrors with regular paper is actually surprisingly effective

    • SpaceVase

      @M95C Can confirm- I worked in a restaraunt for 9 years and newspaper always worked the best.

    • M95C

      Yeah and doesn't leave streaks or stains. I've seen a lot of shops/restaurant use newspaper

  • James Jack's
    James Jack's

    0:55 nice way to exercise

  • Christian Chavez
    Christian Chavez

    0:45 No! Daniel, it's a treadmill not a bedmill!

  • Ria Erika Girsang
    Ria Erika Girsang


  • Raging Pros
    Raging Pros

    I can't stop laughing

  • wonder

    Seriously dude

  • moonrabbit

    0:46 mood

  • The Chap
    The Chap

    I'm just trying to figure out what kind of treadmill that is so I can also be that sporty....or try to be


    he's not confused, he's just crazy

  • Jkrxiknaho Cuaknfjwzy
    Jkrxiknaho Cuaknfjwzy


  • Khaledx17

    I saw the apple get it?

  • Joseph Royster
    Joseph Royster

    The Apple saw is ingenious

  • Stacey Collins
    Stacey Collins

    You're weird as weird as hat you as weird as me kind of 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 you do not know how to do stuff are you crazy

  • game dev
    game dev

    He also uses butter knives to cut grass

  • Zayed Kurdi
    Zayed Kurdi

    The Treadmill Part 😂