Understanding 5G
Owning a wireless company is a bit more technical than I imagined. #MintMobile

  • requiemforaflower

    His commercials are better than other creators' content...

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    Rajkumar Sharma

    Is he really Ryan renolds or someone stealing his ads and videos ?

  • MODOC#2

    Your my favorite actor

  • MODOC#2

    Hi Ryan loved u in Deadpool and ik people don’t like it but I actually like green lantern

  • Jason Theodore
    Jason Theodore

    Is 5G safe sltoos.info/for/04NrmM15nLBj0WU/video

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    Bryce Williams

    Ryan, this is Bryce. I am confused. I would really love to ask if you bumped his head and believes I'm a bunch of Indians.

  • Miriam Genn
    Miriam Genn

    why are you endorsing 5g?

  • bcvbb hyui
    bcvbb hyui

    Ryan just stands still Me: 😂😂😂😂this guy is hilarious.

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    Shivam Gupta

    Yay another south East Asian🎉🎉🎉


    The Deadpool's character was actually inspired from Ryan Reynolds

  • allil87

    5G is DANGEROUS. Please stop supporting it

  • Richard Small
    Richard Small

    What I respect the most about Ryan Reynolds. He doesn't turn off comments. He may not agree with you, but he respects your right to speak your mind. And when he does disagree with you, he responds with a funny one liner.

    • bcvbb hyui
      bcvbb hyui

      Mom! Can we get Mintmobile?!?

  • bouytt guyt
    bouytt guyt

    5G is our self-made apocalypse

  • disBoisonFireX 997
    disBoisonFireX 997

    Then 6g comes out and then you will just have to say "well ummm, it just so happens that even rizwan doesn't know what the fuck it is so well just put this out for free as well."

  • Chinga Tu Madre Google
    Chinga Tu Madre Google

    So grasses are meant to make you thinks this is healthy and green?

  • cohen

    I’m moving to the mountains they tryna fry us till we’re so dum we just let them do wat ever they want ...the mask is a test to see how dumb we are already

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    TopVideos Tb

    Ads companys should hire Ryan

    • TopVideos Tb
      TopVideos Tb

      @bouytt guyt good for you

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      bouytt guyt

      My last name is Reynolds -_-

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    walle AMOROSO

    Te AMO mucho mi deadpool 😎👍👍👍👍👍



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    Chitoge Kirisaki

    People talking about ads on videos *Me youtube VANCED USER* he.-he.-boiiiii😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😎

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    Algorithm comment


    Such a great actor! 😎👍

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    the key to life sltoos.info/for/rWp41cx9Z46lsoY/video

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    Yifan Liu

    Hey no one told me that Ryan Reynold has his own official youtube channel

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    yasio bolo

    Look what 5g did to Ryan, he already needs glasses! And the other guys beard is already growing unevenly!

    • CaptDeaDpooL

      Ok Karen

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    Ethan Jansen

    Mom! Can we get Mintmobile?!?

  • The Man Behind youtube
    The Man Behind youtube

    I wonder if he could bring back tobey maguire

  • Chris Taylor
    Chris Taylor

    Understanding 5G ? Document about 5G and the induction of coronavirus in skin cells. Yes its out there if you look hard enough. Coincidence???

    • John McSween
      John McSween

      Not allowed to say that, you’ll soon be notified and abducted by Bill Gates for re-education.

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    • Beerenmüsli

      @yasio bolo Please contact your customer support for that issue, I am only a random commenter inside the internet.

    • yasio bolo
      yasio bolo

      Can you guys fix the sim hijacking issue with Mint?

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    eioshen boboi

    Who else got this recommended out of frickin nowhere

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    Jimmy neutron

    My last name is Reynolds -_-

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    rl h

    Any Chevy Chase movies Caddyshack funny money nothing but trouble spies like us Memoirs Of An Invisible Man cops and Robertson deal of the century hero the three Migos Maybe the remakes of all the vacation movies.

  • rl h
    rl h

    Hey mister Reynolds I like to see you make remake of Chevy Chase movie Fletch lives you and him get the same kind of humor thank .

  • ОtSoS PRO
    ОtSoS PRO

    С прошедшими Дэдпул!

    • eioshen boboi
      eioshen boboi

      Congratulations ryan.Deadpool forever

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    The Odyssey54

    Looks like deadpool settling down he has to provide for his family now (if you didnt know at the end of deadpool 2 he goes back in time and saves his pregnant fiance)

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    László Juhász


  • Big Guy
    Big Guy

    I would cry if my wife made me vote for Biden also. She may still have your balls in a jar somewhere. Crawlspace, perhaps?

  • AsphaltKing

    "God No" 🤣

  • MrCharlieSurf

    5G is dangerous to children. If you live near a 5G antenna purchase an EMF meter. Go to bioinitiative . com and look at the 1800 peer reviewed scientific papers highlighting the negative impact upon the living being - you.

  • Sachinthana Bethmal
    Sachinthana Bethmal

    This guy is good to go with acting. He will definitely be an actor in future..!

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    Ching Chong

    Can you give us free cancer treatment too?

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    bowen voowy

    See you in 10 years when this video is recommended

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    Can you guys fix the sim hijacking issue with Mint?

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    John James

    there is a glitch in the matrix because in the search it says this video was uploaded 6 years ago sltoos.info?search_query=5g&sp=EgIIBA%253D%253D Understanding 5G 2.1M views 6 years ago

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    Saeed Ranjbari

    Why all IT people have that belly

  • wctrqn

    I’d use mint mobile cos of Ryan Reynolds. But I don’t live in the US. Oh well....

    • bowen voowy
      bowen voowy

      Happy Birthday Ryan Reynolds, you have one year less to live

  • Deepak Goswami Official
    Deepak Goswami Official

    5G... that is like Hello G ..And the person in front of you G ...

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    afonso dias

    Congratulations ryan.Deadpool forever

  • U are my Karokee
    U are my Karokee

    Tbis video supposed to show 5G is more efficient to target and kill anyone anywhere on the planet

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    fairy tiktok

    Ryan You are the best, 😊 friend Heartat.tech

  • *M A R S*
    *M A R S*


  • james osterberg
    james osterberg

    Caused the virus

  • Ian Solo
    Ian Solo

    Ryan ryan Ryan It is the phone companies. It is. It's the iPhone company yes......I was using a iphone 2018. That's when danger was happeneing?. Its not Samsung Galaxy. Because I am using it. I have been using it for 2 years now.

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    Quincy Cleophas Jenkins


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    momentos mágicos y familia

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    Happy Birthday Ryan🥳

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    Can someone ad subtitles/whrite this scene please ?

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      Gott Ist Tot

      @soinhu foitu thansss!!

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      soinhu foitu

      Ryan, my texts are delayed and sometimes calls to my phone go straight to voicemail. Can you fix that for free?

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    Soy El Joker :v

    Happy Birthday Ryan Reynolds, you have one year less to live

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      soinhu foitu

      Bruh tell me how did deadpool spend holloween in 2020

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    Happy Birthday Ryan Reynolds!

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    Happy Birthday Ryan)


    Happy Birthday Ryan!

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    Happy Birthday Ryan 🎉


    I love how the commercial puts these two actors in a green environment. I wonder what would happen to that green environment if you would blast it with 5G. Maybe that will help us understand...

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    Ali Cengil

    This guy is gunny how couldnt see him before.?

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    Happy birthday Ryan🎂🎶🎉🥳

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    I couldn't find any other video to comment this on but Happy B-day

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    Happy birthday sir Deadpool bhai

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    HAPPEEEEEEE Birthday :)

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    Commercial for Deadpool 3

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    Happy birthday Mr Ryan Reynolds

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    Bruh tell me how did deadpool spend holloween in 2020

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    Ryan, my texts are delayed and sometimes calls to my phone go straight to voicemail. Can you fix that for free?

  • Ryan Rodney Reynolds
    Ryan Rodney Reynolds

    Hello thanks for you're love💕 and support I really do appreciate you guys for been there for me right from the one......if you really love to talk to me, you can hit me up on hangouts to have a good conversation if you have one,, I'm here for you all love you guys ❣️❣️ ryanrodneyreynolds51@gmail.com

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    Myella Wafflecake

    “nooo god no” lmao 😂

    • soinhu foitu
      soinhu foitu

      At 10 G humans will just be vaporized.

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    random things Lillyrose

    Is nobody gonna mention how the field is just plant pots...... no ok then

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      soinhu foitu

      My Mother Hails you as a god, should I be scared?

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    bruh you should vlog

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    People upload video. Ryan Upload Ads😆 But people still watch and love it.😀

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    Grace ior

    #prayfornigeria sltoos.info/for/tXd62aihpWx2pqQ/video


    5G is bad for humans!!!!!they never tested it and it was created by the military for a weapon!

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    Alexandru Diugan

    Loved your movies

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    Gilsz WARRIOR

    I can spend my whole life if all channel on TV and SLtoos, and other social media pages use his ads😂

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    저 한국인이대 저 팬이요

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    Ryan just teaching us you can’t teach a dumb blonde new tricks.


    One of my favorite actors

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    Ahmed Raiyan

    No god no..... XD

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    Mishkat Tashdid

    I really want to use it. But it's not available in Bangladesh and India.

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    get your cancer cells early boys and girls and let us ryan reynolds advice us on it

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    My Mother Hails you as a god, should I be scared?

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    Mad Mark Wolfman

    At 10 G humans will just be vaporized.

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    These are the only good ads in existence

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    Mark Kelly

    Clip is 33 seconds

  • Seagler Arg
    Seagler Arg

    I remember when phones were just covered in other peoples ear sweat and saliva and only gave you the flu. Now most phones have an aged residue of semen on them and cause brain cancer.

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    Ravian X Reaver

    k thanks for the info man

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    Party Pooper

    What the fuck happened to deadpool lol

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    Why does ryan Reynolds just become a youtuber he would fit in he just as weird as other you tubers

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    Dam I hope Logan returns. Love ya deadpool.

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    Everytime i explain something to a friend 😂

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    Vanesia galdino Costa.

    Ryan Reynolds ☺

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