The Herd | Colin Cowherd goes crazy Luka Doncic hits buzzer-beater to give Mavs win over Grizzlies
The Herd | Colin Cowherd goes crazy Luka Doncic hits buzzer-beater to give Mavs win over Grizzlies

  • Pinoy Troll
    Pinoy Troll

    What happened to Joy??? WTF?!?

  • Truth makes you free.
    Truth makes you free.

    Is like watching Larry Legend doing the same thing.

  • Tavernum

    Is that Angela Yee?

  • JD Trent
    JD Trent

    I heard someone compare mac jones to kurt warner,now everytime I watch him throw,I see Kurt Warner.

  • awaaljowder

    It’s lucky when u aim to pass and it goes in but when u shoot the ball towards the rim there is nothing lucky about it

  • Benjamin Goldman
    Benjamin Goldman

    how is this lucky? full body control, perfect touch on his release...certainly an extremely hard shot, but Luka put the finesse on the shot. Then they say that Jalen Suggs' shot wasn't luck? Wildly wrong.


      Luka shot was nothing but net, while Jalen Suggs' a little sus with the off the glass make.

  • Alex Hamilton
    Alex Hamilton

    He really said Luka isn't as joyful as Zion? Luka is one of the most cheerful guys in the league!? He does complain too much though no doubt

  • Sean Calhoun
    Sean Calhoun

    Hate when people say, it’s lucky or whatever. Great ones have luck on their side, they find a way to get it done.

  • Gregor Ayling
    Gregor Ayling

    There are only 2 lucky shots in basketball. The bad alley oop pass that drops and the ball being deflected in by another player e.g. player blocks it off the backboard and it drops or like Kuzma's from last season(maybe season before) where he got the ball poked free and it just kind of flicked up off him and went in.

  • Mario Sarka
    Mario Sarka

    Clearly this woman never seen Doncic play

    • Eduard Andrei Urdă
      Eduard Andrei Urdă

      Facts bro

  • Nick Nick
    Nick Nick

    anyone knows her name

  • ubadman1

    mac jones makes good decisons. mac jones also has multiple duis. seriously stop this he's not a top 5 level pick. ya'll are pushing him to the top for bad reasons.

  • Casey Jones
    Casey Jones


  • Zach Albers
    Zach Albers

    Colin said he wouldn't draft Luka because he looks chubby. #neverforget

    • AMind OfMine
      AMind OfMine

      He also said he’d take Zion over Luka even though 100% of votes went to Luka for best player under 25 🤣💀 he’s dumb

  • bandrej x
    bandrej x

    Luck?? It was literally nothing but the net!!!

  • Rational Thought
    Rational Thought

    I hate that too much of the narrative is controlled by people who don't even watch the games.

  • Metody X
    Metody X

    Abaout Lukas complains.. carefully analyze when he complains..99% was fouled..he is an honest guy, he doesn't like the culprits, that's it!

  • MeeBee2020

    This was not a prayer. He didn't just throw up some nonsense. That was a deliberate shot that he floated up that he has absolutely hit before. Even though he's falling his form is solid. How can anyone say that was luck? Also, why did she even bring up Zion, no one was talking about him lol.

    • Anthony Long
      Anthony Long

      I wouldn’t say it was luck at all. I don’t think it’s that impressive though, except for the fact that it was clutch. I’ve seen many amazing shots from NBA players falling or And 1 shots. Luka’s shot looked like every 5 year old trying to shoot from far away and from the hip

  • David Groth
    David Groth

    Why does no one think Kellen Mond is the Pats' guy?

  • David Groth
    David Groth

    Luca split the defense and is falling forward, not a prayer

  • Andrius Trijonis
    Andrius Trijonis

    I hate when joy speaks

  • daniel morairity
    daniel morairity

    Mavericks have to keep Luka along with KP happy so thats why this summer, they might be big buyers in the market to go after a 3rd star. If the Clippers don't go all the way this year, then Kawhi is gonna leave and quite possibly go to Dallas.

    • daniel morairity
      daniel morairity

      @Logan they're not gonna trade KP

    • Logan

      Nah I really feel like they gotta trade KP. Not because of KP is bad, because he is super good, but Luka and him just really don’t have the best chemistry on the court. They are both great individually even when both in the game together but like they always just seem like they are both doing there own thing. It’s not like they are taking away from each other, they just don’t seem like they make each other better.

  • Mo

    4:22 is what you came for

    • tantarell


    • Ouonouan Désiré
      Ouonouan Désiré


  • Isaac Coard
    Isaac Coard

    Joy Taylor and Colin are toxically annoying

  • Kidany Nota Loka
    Kidany Nota Loka

    None of this 2 watch the nba 😒

  • Brad

    Wonder if Colin is still taking Zion over Luka now

  • L LA
    L LA

    If curry and lebron made this shot, doubt they will call this just a lucky shot. They will call him clutch

    • Soham Roy
      Soham Roy

      @Bill C-16 only skip and haters and stats wise lebron is the most clutch in today's game

    • Bill C-16
      Bill C-16

      People refuse to call LeBron clutch even though he obviously is and the numbers back it up

  • Julian Mc
    Julian Mc

    This clown said that zion is better and more markeatable than luka lol

    • ubadman1

      @ol jack burton field goal percentage? like who cares? zion doesnt have the same level of skill as luka thats not even a debate. zions game is all power he has no finesse. and when defenses want to stop him they will be able to. right now you dont have to stop zion to beat the pelicans his numbers dont lead to wins.

    • Russell Westbrook and Gus Malzahn Fan since 2010
      Russell Westbrook and Gus Malzahn Fan since 2010

      Zion is a Foundational Black American. He’s American. He’s from the Carolinas. He went to Duke. He was drafted #1 overall. He’s more marketable.

    • Basil Carpenter jr
      Basil Carpenter jr

      Colin is a clown he also said Julian eldman a hall of famer lmao not a chance in helll he is

  • Tartuffe, the Spry
    Tartuffe, the Spry

    This chick is a covert BLM agent

  • Marco Cambron
    Marco Cambron

    If curry makes ridiculous shots no one says it's lucky?

    • Luis

      @Justin ok Justin

    • JOHN 14:6
      JOHN 14:6

      @Justin 😂😂

    • Justin

      Because black lives matter.

  • Harish R
    Harish R

    Luka has made shots like this before when trying to draw fouls tho

    • che498

      @Epic Clips No. the dude was behind him at that point. There’s literally no one to draw a foul from. He turned, tripped over dudes thigh, which caused him to lean forward. If you look at the video, then you’ll see what I’m referring to.

    • Epic Clips
      Epic Clips

      @che498 that looks more like he was trying to get a foul

    • che498

      @Epic Clips He did actually. He tripped over dude’s leg as he turned around which caused him to lean forward.

    • Epic Clips
      Epic Clips

      @che498 He didn't got tripped from another player's leg. They expected the step-back but they did not considered the step-forward. Which ended the game with that step-forward clutch. 😂😂😂

    • che498

      He wasn’t trying to draw a foul. He got tripped up on another player’s leg.

  • Marvin Cook
    Marvin Cook

    God Bless LA

  • Lester Caldera
    Lester Caldera

    Yea and Donarld was awesome

  • Patrick Lemire
    Patrick Lemire

    Joy is confused about Mack Jones. It's simple. Kyle Shanahan has said that his prototype QB is Kirk Cousins. Shanahan wants a pocket QB and a somewhat finished product. The chattering class keeps pushing these HS-style QB's while Brady keeps collecting rings.

    • Natnael Guliano
      Natnael Guliano

      Tom Brady collects rings because he’s a special player on and off the court. Mac Jones is a good decision maker but he literally had 3 no 1 receivers and a top O line, and if you want inconsistent QB play ie. Kirk cousins for a no. 3 pick, GM will be fired

    • Logan

      Dang I ain’t ever think of it like that but that is facts

  • Nik Krelj
    Nik Krelj

    She mentions that he is averaging 8 rebounds but doesnt mention rhe 9 assists per game

    • Velimir Juradin
      Velimir Juradin

      @Ren Anave oh and the complaining, when you are getting hacked on the paint, and not getting any fouls called ofcourse you will be pissed, he needs to work on it, but it's not world ending as soem people say it is.

    • Velimir Juradin
      Velimir Juradin

      @Ren Anave yup, never mention mavs being 7th mostly because of covid, never mentioning Luka's improvement on defense. Nothing

    • Ren Anave
      Ren Anave

      They dont watch the games at all, maybe 2 or 3 every week and just look at the highlights, that's it. Their opinion is really irrelevant when getting facts and analyzing the game

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