Asking My Husband **JUICY** Questions Girls Are Too Afraid To Ask | The Herbert's
Asking my husband JUICY questions girls are too afraid to ask! Abbie asked you guys to come up with some juicy questions on her instagram and you delivered! Family secrets revealed*
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ABOUT US: Hi guys! We are Josh & Abbie Herbert! You might know us from our viral TikTok videos. We are known as that TikTok couple that is always doing the latest trends. We are so excited to have you on this journey with us.
Asking My Husband **JUICY** Questions Girls Are Afraid Too Afraid To Ask:
Our Morning Routine *couples edition* :
The Herbert Family Q&A*secrets revealed :

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  • Karen Nashed
    Karen Nashed

    Now baby Poppy is here😭🥲🥺

  • Caleb McGill
    Caleb McGill

    Abbie Clark looks really similar to Abby 😂

  • Aubrey Stelma
    Aubrey Stelma

    Omg this is before she was pregnant 🥲

  • shusha alqueen
    shusha alqueen


  • Lily Wooldridge
    Lily Wooldridge

    I’m just seeing this😭you got your little baby♥️🥺

  • Sheetal Kumar
    Sheetal Kumar

    Awwee back when they were planning to have a baby ❤️

  • chara charalambous
    chara charalambous

    She reminds me of Julia Roberts everytime she smiles.. her eyes laugh too omg!! She’s one of the prettiest girls I’ve ever seen! You sir are just the luckiest! Wow 😍

  • Lydia Laticia
    Lydia Laticia


  • kshitij verma
    kshitij verma

    Notice how before every juicy question about abbey they cut the video👀 I wonder what he answered first....

  • Dallas Woody
    Dallas Woody

    Abby is so beautiful you are very lucky

  • summer ward
    summer ward


  • Rachel Lim
    Rachel Lim

    i was shocked when said that she doesn't have make up on shes so beautifulll

  • sakib khan
    sakib khan

    Farts are cute though 😂😂

  • Francisco Torres
    Francisco Torres

    I’m team josh

  • Sienna Styles
    Sienna Styles

    I can’t believe Abbie was pregnant during this, little did she know 😏

  • Bonnie Cox
    Bonnie Cox


  • hunter fischer
    hunter fischer

    Will you make a note intro when baby gets here

  • Daniela Garcia Perez
    Daniela Garcia Perez

    Before she had the bump😣

  • cadence Harrison
    cadence Harrison

    I like your blanky Abbie

  • Al

    Did anyone think their intro said the perverts are here? New viewer, obviously 😅

  • Patty Hendricks
    Patty Hendricks

    Beautiful funny honest american family.. can feel the love , y'all complement each other so beautifully

  • Alicia Gendron
    Alicia Gendron

    She’s such a natural beauty !!!! So so so pretty 😩😍

  • Ayse Uzun
    Ayse Uzun

    Can you ask if stretcht marks matter ?

  • Psychadelic Penguin
    Psychadelic Penguin

    “I need to get a drink for this one” Proceeds to drink soda

  • shane

    I love your intro so much i always repeat it HAHAHHAHA 😂💖

  • Angel Ann Caseñares
    Angel Ann Caseñares

    Best intro 🖤🖤 luv the laugh at the end.

  • Gabby Bothma
    Gabby Bothma

    Hi my name is gabby my favorite emoji is the 🤰🤰

  • Elisabeth Thomas
    Elisabeth Thomas

    Im happy to say that my boyfriend is a lot like Josh 😌🥰

  • Chloe Kitchens
    Chloe Kitchens

    I have never heard someone say juicy so many timew

  • Grace Roberts
    Grace Roberts


  • Adalynn Hevener
    Adalynn Hevener

    No one: not a single soul: Josh: “hEy DoNt cHeW mY cRoC” I died 😂😂

  • Anno Maflo
    Anno Maflo


  • River Martin
    River Martin

    I love the way that Abbie is just admiring Josh when he talks. And that they just feel completely comfortable to fart around each other and fart in front of the camera

  • The G Family
    The G Family

    My daughter is 10 and still has her blankie i don't think she will ever get rid of it. So seeing this was so cute that she still has her. Im going to Subscribe because they are so cute.

  • Watermelon P3
    Watermelon P3

    My favorite emoji is, 🍫.

  • Coolestson

    OK, seems somewhat interesting. If i hear at anytime, pegging. Coffee will shoot out my nose. Really. Here we go.

  • Christina Highsmith
    Christina Highsmith

    Y'all are just so sweet and pure with eachother. I just subscribed, and I never watch SLtoosrs, Tiktokers etc.

  • Rex

    You guys are so cute together. Josh you give men a good reputation.

  • CNA ,Sarah A.
    CNA ,Sarah A.

    Hi I'm a new subscriber here, great content. Ps. Did anybody that Abbie looks a little like kiara nightly, especially her smile and side profile.. So cool! ❤️

  • Donald Westhoff
    Donald Westhoff

    No make up

  • strawberries are pink
    strawberries are pink

    He gives me Jamie dornan vibes, they look alike😭😭

  • Pricilla Den Dulk
    Pricilla Den Dulk

    You two are just such a cute couple❤️

  • Ayşenur Koç
    Ayşenur Koç

    They are so cute ❤️

  • American veteran
    American veteran

    You guys are so great together, GBU

  • Gracie

    Ok but THAT INTRO! wow that intro is awsome

  • Christine Pierce
    Christine Pierce

    👩‍🎤You guys randomly appeared on SLtoos while I was checking out my new iPhone 12. I was curious about your generations thoughts and how easy it is to talk about personal/private topics. I’m glad you can share the value of open communication. Best wishes 🤟

  • Szabina McAllister
    Szabina McAllister

    Abbie reminds me of Claire Forlani and Josh is Taron Egerton.

  • Sophie Gill
    Sophie Gill

    🤩😇🥰 are my fav emojis

  • Silvia Perin
    Silvia Perin

    Htjjfkntkktkm rrmm.❤

  • Annika Aronsson
    Annika Aronsson

    He looks like Logan from Gilmore girls🙂

  • mark rommel melegrito
    mark rommel melegrito

    i love your vids much love for you guys from philippines

  • Finja Waschul
    Finja Waschul

    Why is she so pretty

  • vikas pandit
    vikas pandit

    Her smile 😍😍😍

  • Luciana Galvagno
    Luciana Galvagno

    "i don't have any make up right now" WHAAAT?!? DO YOU?!? LOOK LIKE THAT?!? oh lord! I wish i could!!!!!!!

  • Melissa Versluijs
    Melissa Versluijs

    I like this 🙃 emoji I use it very much

  • Iyrelle Hilton
    Iyrelle Hilton

    omg i just realised this was on my birthday ahhhhh idk why i typed this btw ily guys so much and i know im a little late but congrats on getting pregnant and this is the wrong video to comment that but ily guys sm and best of wishes and luck 💖🥺

  • Lilyanna Marie
    Lilyanna Marie

    Josh is an amazing husband and Abbie is so beautiful. Love you guys and congratulations.

  • Nicole Chen
    Nicole Chen

    Why does this josh remind me of the josh from love island Australia (josh with Amelia

  • Kushagra Verma
    Kushagra Verma



    احبكم ✨🎈💚🇵🇸🦅🇷🇺

  • 104. Samrah Zafar
    104. Samrah Zafar

    Every girl wants a husband like Josh

  • Camix

    I wish all men were like Josh💜

  • Samanta

    Battling acne😂 He said it like battling cancer😂

  • Chantal Abboud
    Chantal Abboud

    Abbie is so pretty omg!😍

  • nikita parmar
    nikita parmar

    The fact is she is not wearing any makeup👏

  • Alice Kabuga
    Alice Kabuga

    Wow just started watching your channel 🤓 love it please reply🙁

  • Amy Zheng
    Amy Zheng

    The hanging rugby statistically chase because harbor functionally box under a successful cast. hulking, vacuous burst

  • Wajd Hasoubah
    Wajd Hasoubah

    My favorite emoji is 😂 it’s sooo cute

  • grayson rabinovich
    grayson rabinovich

    I just can't get over the fact on how Abby is so beautiful im shook. I would love to look like her.

  • MxD

    Abbie makes me so happy and positive about my body and a hope that someone will accept for who i am . ❤️ love you both so so much

  • Veronica Herst
    Veronica Herst

    That intro lol hahahaa

  • Megan Bingen
    Megan Bingen

    Your family is chill but mine is crazy

  • Dk Nurul
    Dk Nurul

    9:28 don't called me out like that.. Probably need to rethink about this

  • Saisriyaa Patro
    Saisriyaa Patro

    DONE!!! 🤍

  • Margherita Molinari
    Margherita Molinari

    I adore you guys

  • Naiara Menezes
    Naiara Menezes

    Abbie has such a contagious smile

  • Emma Ryan
    Emma Ryan

    I’m only 20 but still have a blankie and it’s reassuring to know that there’s other people even married who have blankies

  • Jordan Kobe
    Jordan Kobe


  • Audriana Clemons
    Audriana Clemons

    Awwwww I felt so bad when he showed her Blankey she looks so embarrassed she was like oh it’s just right next to me all the time She made me wanna cry because I felt bad for her

  • Sarah Cohn
    Sarah Cohn

    As a fellow yinzer that accent is pretty good 👌

  • Xerneas 23
    Xerneas 23


  • Pinkashcat Mermaid
    Pinkashcat Mermaid

    My favorite emoji is 🤔

  • Pinkashcat Mermaid
    Pinkashcat Mermaid

    It would mean the word to me if you said my name

  • Pinkashcat Mermaid
    Pinkashcat Mermaid

    When are you having the baby

  • Doris Noronha
    Doris Noronha

    my mom : why r u laughing r u crazy me : mom let me laugh my mom : u have an exam go study me : i am studying tho my mom : ur watching SLtoos me : yah this is studies my mom : looks at the laptop me :what r u doing my mom : lets watch together me :bruh

  • Kid Kid Johnson
    Kid Kid Johnson

    She should be in movies

  • Jaela Roses34
    Jaela Roses34

    Team Abbie!!

  • Rebecca Wilson
    Rebecca Wilson

    Omg I watch your videos every day I'm 9 and my name is sarah 😀🥰🤩

  • Гульзира Даригулова
    Гульзира Даригулова


  • Lillian Gaines
    Lillian Gaines

    I love you guys

  • Ed Fletcher
    Ed Fletcher

    Bruh when shes goes "im not wearing any make up right now" 😳. Like wow.

  • Kassandra Padilla
    Kassandra Padilla

    I love you guys so much! 😊😎🤣

  • Emma weterrings
    Emma weterrings

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    Zaheerah's kitchen

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    Kapatid ni Sasa Arellano

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    Drina Fermindoza

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    Autum Holloway

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    anonymous 12

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