Typing in random words until i join someone's private match...
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In today's Rocket League video, I join random people's private matches by typing in random words/numbers until i find a server. From there, I just invade the match, freestyle, hit musty flicks, make the opponents rage quit, etc... Once I get to the server, whatever happens just happens lol.
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  • Zicki 13
    Zicki 13

    Musty: Tryna Join Pearson: *I FOLLOW*

    • NRG Destiny
      NRG Destiny


    • Jack Mason
      Jack Mason

      hes a stalker

    • Dakota Almazan
      Dakota Almazan

      He iutl

    • Francisco Gaspar
      Francisco Gaspar

      He tracks EMAR of musty using bakkesmod and running an algoritme to get only on his match

    • Oliver Peck
      Oliver Peck

      @Ben Neill Recent Players

  • SparkyTheEevee [Overseer]
    SparkyTheEevee [Overseer]

    Pearson is ur stand

  • Connor Helwig
    Connor Helwig

    yes plz add me it LittleWig_

  • Mr.Fortnite.1200

    plz play with pearson

  • Nicolas Tabima Alegrias
    Nicolas Tabima Alegrias

    musty:i got this c-block:i think otherwise

  • GavinGamerXX Xx
    GavinGamerXX Xx

    Pearson is good at rocket league

  • knight

    alright that’s cool and all but, where free styling with Pearson at?

  • Sus_ Aspect
    Sus_ Aspect

    Freestyleing w Pearson

  • NFN_Stefan

    This guy is gonna do musty flicks for the rest of his life...

  • V0LT1FY _
    V0LT1FY _


  • Cetina Florin
    Cetina Florin

    You are an impostor😂

  • Detectve69

    If I’m ever losing I’ll just pray

  • Lantz Thoms
    Lantz Thoms

    Bro if musty makes freestyling with pearson a thing, that would be hilarious

  • Jack Mason
    Jack Mason

    bro pearsons stalking you

  • EmirSor

    10:19 lol

  • xD Skitzify
    xD Skitzify

    6:14 what are you doing stepmusty?

  • adriaan van Waasbergen
    adriaan van Waasbergen

    Who else watched suits and is triggered he doesnt say pearson soecter litt

  • Norsauve

    Musty should make that series. Free styling with Pearson

  • QuinGamer

    This is a vote for freestyling with pearson

  • BeastMode Brayden
    BeastMode Brayden

    pearson freestyling (like for musty to see this)

  • rreewwqqaaa PlayZ
    rreewwqqaaa PlayZ

    was he streaming this

  • Átila Bagano Gonçalves
    Átila Bagano Gonçalves

    Oh my god. PLEASE. Do a series called “free styling with Pearson”... on God that would be so awesome.

    • Lantz Thoms
      Lantz Thoms

      Pearson and Musty got that chemistry tho...

  • Joshua Roper
    Joshua Roper

    You should find out who Pearson is and meet him

  • Clawed.

    Free styling with Pearson we all want to see it!!

  • R10T

    You may be first You may be last But best of all... NO ONE ASKED

  • Marcelo Milani
    Marcelo Milani


  • S H
    S H


  • ReaperofStorms ,
    ReaperofStorms ,

    Imagine pearson is your fbi agent just watching you

  • Keaton Hutsell
    Keaton Hutsell

    If mustycow hearts this it will make my day

  • E's Adventures
    E's Adventures

    Yes freeestyleing with Pearson’s

  • Damien Arrona
    Damien Arrona

    He wants him to mostly flick perfectly first try with that pressure and he missed his flick like 3 times

  • Jayden Taylor
    Jayden Taylor

    6:14 the way he said nice sounded like David504 lol

  • GlueTy

    In 14:32 theres two people in the lobby Pretty sus?

  • Harry Kane
    Harry Kane

    I did this

  • Teri Mis
    Teri Mis

    u guys talking about person when peguin had 1k on the line and wiffed it R.I.P Soccer penguin

  • Moldavian Fox
    Moldavian Fox

    A fish, that is gummy, and is raging Oke

  • NattyNatNat

    musty: hi guys I'm burnt out

  • Glizzy Gang
    Glizzy Gang

    Next time do ggggggg and password 5555555555555555555555555

  • Paccyd33


  • sneakerhead xabii
    sneakerhead xabii


  • Mihai Duca
    Mihai Duca

    I now mustycow from a vid

  • AJ

    You stole my idea. This is how I would shut down random Kahoot games (with my name 😂) last year


    If every time musty failed to a musty flick I'd be richer than bill gates

    • Todoroki Shouto
      Todoroki Shouto

      what did u just say lol

  • jeff plays
    jeff plays

    There I just solved the mystery

  • jeff plays
    jeff plays

    He is in his lobby it's easy In the chat his name was highlighted in blue which means he was just waiting in lobby and to hide that musty kept on zooming into a part of the lobby that did not show pearson when he had to go to lobby and join a new game

  • #The Best!
    #The Best!

    Ok but like Musty lost to bots lmaoo

  • Félix Labbé
    Félix Labbé

    Yes freestyle with pearson plz

  • Dan Guirguis
    Dan Guirguis

    Person musty freestyle series plz

  • Luca Quiroz
    Luca Quiroz

    When musty got denied by c block can we have a rip in the chat for musty

  • Nugget Brawls
    Nugget Brawls


  • TL RJKing
    TL RJKing

    Plz make a series with him 🥺🥺

  • Raymond Guzman
    Raymond Guzman

    i started dying of laughter on 10:21

  • Get noob screen test I curse
    Get noob screen test I curse

    Freestylen with Pearson go brrrr

  • Theo Lambrakos
    Theo Lambrakos

    Freestyle with Pearson heck ya

  • ItZ_ LuKaR
    ItZ_ LuKaR

    Musty españa

  • CTCuberHD

    Did I just watch this entire video, with no interest in rocket league: yes

  • Floppy Cow422
    Floppy Cow422

    Free styling with Pierson

  • peapot1187

    Funny thing is my name is Pierson too but just spelled differently lol

  • Ocean Lopez
    Ocean Lopez

    that dude is creepy bro, did he watch u when u were a kid

  • merin garry
    merin garry

    10:24 rip musty got blocked by a bot

  • MynameIsHood

    free styling with peirson pls do that

  • B.W Gaming
    B.W Gaming

    This video was hilarious to watch

  • Kim Karras
    Kim Karras

    Everyone talking about Pearson but not the fact that a random dude on the internet knew musty played soccer when he was 5

  • Kim Karras
    Kim Karras

    Everyone: yooo Pearson and musty and mentally connected Me: that’s cap Pearson: watching musty play through his window and hacking into his audio feed

  • Levi Marincus
    Levi Marincus

    Pearson where ya at?

  • Damage PVP Jacob
    Damage PVP Jacob


  • J03 G4M1NG
    J03 G4M1NG

    Love the suits reference

  • Keiz Vibing
    Keiz Vibing

    Anyone else die when cblock saved his goal

  • TTB _C_4_M
    TTB _C_4_M

    It’s 30$

  • Vasilios Sotiropoulos
    Vasilios Sotiropoulos

    Why do I imagine Pearson being Jessica Pearson playing rocket league lmao

  • Dimitri Israilov
    Dimitri Israilov

    Does anyone knows mustys goal explosion name

  • Alex Mendoza
    Alex Mendoza

    do the freestyle with pearson

  • ⲢⲏⲇⲇⲦⲓⲭⲬ_ ツ
    ⲢⲏⲇⲇⲦⲓⲭⲬ_ ツ

    I got trappeddd

  • Senapsgrisen !
    Senapsgrisen !

    Did u try ,join, or ,dont join,

  • A W
    A W

    God damnit, Pearson just spoiled the show "suits" for me

  • Crimson 4 Real
    Crimson 4 Real

    You should add him

  • frosstyYT


  • frosstyYT


  • davidgamer1357

    6:15 what da hell 😳

  • Trine Duesund
    Trine Duesund

    I wanna see a freestyling series

  • Jana English
    Jana English

    Yes please make that series

  • CatninjaOG

    Ya Musty is not Musty, Musty would never get rejected by a bot

  • Ropelli11

    14:10 yes

  • Jonathan2844

    i want pearson and musty freestyle

  • Matthew Brooks
    Matthew Brooks

    MUSTY u should make a siries called freestyling with piercion

  • Barnett Torelli
    Barnett Torelli

    Why do I actually want to see a series called “ Freestyling with Pearson”

  • BlaDeZ _clan
    BlaDeZ _clan

    Musty play with him again do a series

  • Joshua Charbonneau
    Joshua Charbonneau

    yes we would love to see trickshotting with pearson

  • Maxime Gagné
    Maxime Gagné

    Pearson is lit

  • Cdog3010

    Pearson tho.........😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • matooバカ

    i love musty dude he is so chill and just a great content creator theres no way he only has 1mill like he should have like 10mill keep up the amazing workk

  • XDIncident Warder
    XDIncident Warder

    New video idea*add random people that added u and play a tournament with them*

  • Tiggey

    Musty=dad Pearson=son

  • Jack Schneider
    Jack Schneider

    Pearson my boy you gotta tell me how you did it because i wanna be in a video too!

  • Gipi Humphries
    Gipi Humphries

    u should try "poes"

  • Carolina Geary
    Carolina Geary

    Pearson is a sticker

  • Yo Man
    Yo Man

    Pearson and Musty got that chemistry tho...

  • Karasu

    14:15 yes i want to see that x)

  • ulster utd
    ulster utd

    Musty: Hops into ranked. His TM8: pearson specter litt

  • Mac Hockey
    Mac Hockey

    Pearson:what is up my dude. yea idk how I kept on finding u are do I know how to find u...hehehe