i'm happy.
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  • cyrnzeu


  • Memer Man
    Memer Man

    I feel as if he was paid more to do trash and get beat up to make it seem like Jake's amazing

  • Ethan Burniston
    Ethan Burniston

    I feel sorry for those 5 year olds who watched jake Paul in 2017 and now as 8 years olds they see a man who says fuck every other line

  • Joules McGinnly
    Joules McGinnly

    Jake: I’m happy Everyone: Dislikes

  • Isaac Vega
    Isaac Vega

    5:44 so that was a fucking lie

  • Dhd Ddgh
    Dhd Ddgh

    Jake Paul: KSI is scarce to fight me KSI: (sends Jake a contract to sign and he doesn’t sign it)

  • Dhd Ddgh
    Dhd Ddgh

    Just me or does anyone else know for a fact that KSI is laughing so hard at these comments

  • Aidan Preuss
    Aidan Preuss

    Jake is the type of person to manipulate children

  • Wezley

    And no gives a fuck

  • Samir Saeedi
    Samir Saeedi

    damn it

  • Gravity

    *HIGH MEASUREMENT* Low Range - Mariana Trench Medium Range - The Birds High Range - Airplane Higher Range - Space Station Highest Range - Sun MAX Hight - Jake Paul.

  • Brooklynn Landers
    Brooklynn Landers

    Idgaf if your happy

  • balqees mah
    balqees mah

    You should look for the truth try

  • Burnt lava
    Burnt lava

    1:40 thos guy is such a dick lmaooo

  • King Owl
    King Owl

    Jake Paul is the type of person to sell his dog for dog food

  • EY Healing
    EY Healing

    I used to have a 202 IQ and now it's at like 102 LAMO

  • Justin Barbosa
    Justin Barbosa

    1:46 his mouthpiece fell out🤦🏻‍♂️.

  • nathan delgado
    nathan delgado

    jake paul: omg like i'm better then any boxer 1 year later he has two teeth knock out and his balls are gone

  • nathan delgado
    nathan delgado

    he think he could box like a 10 year old could beat him

  • Faded Death47
    Faded Death47

    Idc that ur happy jake, u should never be happy

  • AlexX Oof
    AlexX Oof

    *I'm happy* we get it. No one cares.

  • Adam Cooke Taylor
    Adam Cooke Taylor


  • Austin West
    Austin West

    Damn, Jake really brought all these comments upon himself by saying 1 thing

  • ______

    Jake probably would sell everything over time honestly lol


    this is what happen when a toilet given a soul


    jake is kinda person who wants a steak in vegan restaurant

  • shrekisbae21

    When jakes happy the world is sad


    Jakes the type to smoke a beer

  • Shahmir Ali
    Shahmir Ali

    I set jake's songs as my alarm ringtone... Now I wake up before the set time

  • Levi Coolin
    Levi Coolin

    And now he thinks he can take on anybody.. after winning 2 fights with a youtuber and against a retired NBA player who is like 5 inches smaller a lighter than him

  • Mohamed Hazem ツ
    Mohamed Hazem ツ

    I wish you weren’t happy

  • Jamal Blackmond
    Jamal Blackmond

    Jake is the type of person to trip over a cordless phone

  • GrislyRelic

    me: *sees the title* also me: noooooooooooo

  • Badass BobY
    Badass BobY

    Jake The Kind of Guy Who'd Try to Kill a Fish By Drowning it


    Jakes the type of person who wants the reward for himself as a missing person

  • Joe Gomez
    Joe Gomez

    Your beard makes you look fat

  • Sobbia Iqbal
    Sobbia Iqbal

    Jake why the fuck your happy

  • Tallulah Nina
    Tallulah Nina

    me: *reads title* ... dammit

  • Karen RHS
    Karen RHS


  • Jason is love Jason is life
    Jason is love Jason is life

    Everyone remember crack is whack

  • Chill-boo

    I saw the title and was instantly just like ew no

  • Luke

    If you’re an athlete, you never smoke, it IMMEDIATELY gives the opponent an edge

  • 1,000 subs with no videos
    1,000 subs with no videos

    So ur gay

  • Sam !
    Sam !

    I love the way there isn’t one nice comment here lol

  • Harun Wajid
    Harun Wajid

    "Jake is the type of person..." Are the best comments ever ngl

  • Brad -
    Brad -

    who asked

    • Christian Flores
      Christian Flores


  • me

    Jake is the type of person to walk into a petrol garage and ask for petrol at the till

  • kevin lkxc
    kevin lkxc

    Title: Das a lie

  • George Oyediran
    George Oyediran

    Jake Paul is the person that runs to the other side of the road when the road is closed

  • Fhuiz

    Jake Paul is the kind of guy to buy an android over an iPhone

  • Bat Man
    Bat Man

    Again only 10% of subs watching.... stop buying subs you little punk

  • Ranita Gowdy
    Ranita Gowdy

    Can you start making more vlogs pls ?

  • Bubble Tea
    Bubble Tea

    Jake is literally digging his own grave at this point

  • Michaela Slater
    Michaela Slater

    how much did jake pay that guy?

  • Michaela Slater
    Michaela Slater

    jake: im happy me: goddamn it

  • Ja'marri Sanders
    Ja'marri Sanders


  • Earl

    I didn’t ask.

  • Taishan Fields
    Taishan Fields

    Nate Nate wake up Nate ~ nle Choppa jiggin

  • despacito 2
    despacito 2

    Man swears he's Mike tyson after boxing a basketball player with no fighting experience lol

  • Tormdoe

    damn i’ve never seen jake so happy before.. i think it is the cigar that makes him happy 😂

  • YT_ CrXyZ
    YT_ CrXyZ

    You is gay?.. guys he admitted it

  • Mari Lewis
    Mari Lewis

    Y’all are so mean 🤣🤣

  • Liz Simon
    Liz Simon

    Jake paul is the type of person to cut the grass with scissors when there is a lawn mower right in front of his face

  • N3therSUS

    Jake is the type of guy to wake everyone up to say he going to sleep

    • Mari Lewis
      Mari Lewis

      Lmao 😆

  • CJ11 JAMES
    CJ11 JAMES

    Didn’t ask if you were happy G

  • Jicame

    Jake is this type of person to make a none straight line after using a ruler

  • Jicame

    And we are sad

  • Magna Regem
    Magna Regem

    Everyone hates him yet everyone watches him. Otherwise he wouldnt have so much subscribers.

  • CallumPlaysRoblox

    I’m sad that your happy

  • Hello Hello
    Hello Hello

    You shouldn’t be

    • ron wood
      ron wood

      Well he should he won

  • Nathaniël Sterrenburg
    Nathaniël Sterrenburg

    And your gay

  • Koen Wood
    Koen Wood

    You grower up so fast

  • Sidhi Singh
    Sidhi Singh

    Jake please make a video with tydus we miss videos with him.

  • Benjamin Archer
    Benjamin Archer

    This title ruined my day

    • ron wood
      ron wood

      Well you are on a two month old video so I’m guess you have nothing better to do in your life

  • NBAJay1

    He’s the type of weirdo that will get a lil girl drunk and do something weird

  • Og Charged
    Og Charged

    Nobody: Jake Paul: my dog broke up with me

  • teslacoil537

    Jake Paul is the type of person to eat cereal with a fork

  • chandler floyd .
    chandler floyd .

    jake is that type of person to be a human and still abuse his girlfriend

    • Ants be like
      Ants be like

      This one ain’t good try again cheif

    • monkey gang
      monkey gang

      This one wack af


    Jake paul is the the type of person to copy the guy from boondocks thinking hes white but flipped

  • Touch Me where
    Touch Me where

    Jake is the type of person to get a divorce because he’s married

  • Liam Baerman
    Liam Baerman

    All jake is anymore is money, fighting, girls, and cringe

  • Talha

    Just came here to dislike lol

  • Gamer Girly
    Gamer Girly

    Jake is the kind of person that is full, but then eats more just to poop more

  • DREM

    instead of everyday bro its every drug bro

  • Trevor Weissman
    Trevor Weissman

    Jake: beats Nate Woke Culture: RRREEEEEeeeeee!!!!!!!!!


    Jake is the type to of person who would miss school over a soar throat

  • C G
    C G

    I’ve never wanted fame or clout in my life but booooooy if I had just a little bit, I would call him out and humble tf out of this kid. He calls himself a pro boxer but has LITERALLY never fought a single pro boxer lmao. Have y’all seen his 2 previous fights? They’re straight dorks. AND DEJI GAVE HIM A BLOODY NOSE LMAO. Jake stop all this cap. A real professional would mop the floor with you. Stop calling out celebrities and people smaller than you. Why tf aren’t you calling out wilder or fury or Joshua? Lmao stick to SLtoos lil bish. You ain’t built for real boxing.

  • random dude who just watches youtube
    random dude who just watches youtube

    my man didn’t even hit the blunt

  • random dude who just watches youtube
    random dude who just watches youtube

    nobody cares bro

  • ewposie

    danm his veiws went down

  • didskus 123
    didskus 123

    he's so cringe

  • 《Everest45》 xD
    《Everest45》 xD

    Be sad

  • nonunga

    jake is such a douche, the nfl was so chill and he is so rude

  • Ken Lawrence
    Ken Lawrence

    Jake's happiness makes me sad

  • Georgia Gercs
    Georgia Gercs

    he should be sad

  • Irvin Laure
    Irvin Laure

    Jake is the type of person to put ice in the microwave because its "too cold"

  • Asiankidstevo

    I guess Nate Robinson received the D

  • Jason Gomez
    Jason Gomez

    I’m surprised he still has subscribers

  • Flirby

    KSI is paid to get beaten by Jake. And the start of the video

  • Jayden Martelle
    Jayden Martelle

    Who else miss the old jake paul

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