i'm happy.
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  • BunBun Is Doo Doo
    BunBun Is Doo Doo

    Why are u gae

  • Illyrian_ Dev
    Illyrian_ Dev

    I’m depressed:D

  • Antonio Anthony
    Antonio Anthony

    Is it wrong to be a Jake Paul fan and also think that Nate Robinson is awesome???🤷🏻‍♂️😅🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Rentaro Naito
    Rentaro Naito

    Is Jake uploading

  • joku animsツ
    joku animsツ

    Idc if you're happy

  • QTR killer
    QTR killer

    2019 2018 2017 jake was the best yt now he change to worse

    • Raj Bohra
      Raj Bohra

      He was never good

  • Kennedy Moore
    Kennedy Moore

    You should do a video of dares for a day just like dare me bro on bizardvark that you were on

  • Dominic Caporelli
    Dominic Caporelli

    Imagine fighting someone 13 years older than you that has no boxing IQ in the slightest so you can feel like macho man lol

  • Joseph

    only 1 mill views. last time I watched this man was 2018. Only ten minutes. Content went down the drain.

  • Stephen McIver
    Stephen McIver

    Jake is going to end ksi's boxing career

  • Daniel Castillo
    Daniel Castillo

    Why u put gohan

  • Dpilla

    he literally had no boxing experience

  • tehee toniyani
    tehee toniyani

    No please be sad

  • Jayden Kadva
    Jayden Kadva

    Jake thinks hes good by beating up someone who isnt even teying

  • Pinkie Puff Plays
    Pinkie Puff Plays

    I didnt realise u were still relevant lol

  • レイナ🌸

    Im unhappy now that you’re happy

  • landon Roberts 8
    landon Roberts 8


  • -Army shOOk-
    -Army shOOk-

    Jake is that person that would finish a water bottle and never fill it again

  • Colinツ

    Jake is the type of person that would bring a ruler to bed to see how long he slept for

  • Jason Vilella
    Jason Vilella

    He payed him to lose

  • Zahuvan Gaming
    Zahuvan Gaming

    I hope KSI humiliates this kid

  • nikalachite

    im getting flashbacks to when i used to watch jakes videos regrets worst years of my entire life

  • Youthyfagin

    Stinks of yes men 👍🏻 and FYI size doesn’t matter in boxing 🥊 cheers 🍻

  • James Wells
    James Wells

    you are lame jake

  • Simin Rey
    Simin Rey

    Where is the implant arm robo????

  • Comet

    deadass theres no way 86k real people liked the video


    Ur ugly

  • Veronica Surawi
    Veronica Surawi

    “I’m happy” well I guess it’s time to make him sad again

  • donna diore
    donna diore

    Jake nobody likes you nomore

  • Matt James
    Matt James

    Me: sees title Also me: aw dammit

  • Ayden animations and stuff XD
    Ayden animations and stuff XD

    Jake:if you win you get a hundred dollars Camera cuts off Also jake:if you let me win I will give you 10k

  • Killua Zoldyck
    Killua Zoldyck

    Jake the type of person to eat cigs and smoke the lighter

  • SaifTGC

    Jake is the type of person who puts a ruler under his pillow to see how long he sleeps.

  • Jake Paul
    Jake Paul


  • Kathan Mayani
    Kathan Mayani

    Why is his profile picture gohan ssj2

  • Yuvraj Manral
    Yuvraj Manral

    Jake be winning boxing match with every other muscular guy on the street and trying hard to prove himself a savage. Someone is muscular and he can run, doesn't means he'll be good in boxing man!

  • Pursuit Parallel
    Pursuit Parallel

    Jake is soooooooo overrated

  • Brynn Greene
    Brynn Greene

    didnt realize he was still posting. I'll leave now

  • NoSeQuePoner :v
    NoSeQuePoner :v

    You are happy, and me sad

  • XD_Pro

    Its so obvious jake fakes fights to make him look good cuz look at the way the nigga built you know he swing fast af

  • Iamafellow Potato
    Iamafellow Potato

    Jake get help, literally no joke.

  • Logan Latocha
    Logan Latocha

    You should box your brother

  • Daniel James
    Daniel James

    Why though?

  • liliya dyakov
    liliya dyakov

    I miss old jake

  • Static-_-Ethan

    Jake is the type of person to fold his clothes and then put them in the washing machine.

  • Phoenix967

    Jake is that spoiled little girl in a rich family at the beginning of the video lol

  • Hawkz TV
    Hawkz TV


  • Mr rap King
    Mr rap King

    Bey bich

  • Joe Stablein
    Joe Stablein

    when i saw this title i immediately got sad

  • Jonah Bai
    Jonah Bai

    this man is a living example of why abortion should be legal in all 50 states

  • Try to get 10’000 subscribers before 2022
    Try to get 10’000 subscribers before 2022

    O shi

  • CLXPS 001
    CLXPS 001

    Idc what y’all say he’s still the SLtoosr in my eyes

    • Sukirina Daisuki
      Sukirina Daisuki

      "The SLtoosr"? I can see why him being a sociopathic child in a grown mans body is your idol.

  • OverRidingRiot66

    This idiot: I'm happy Everyone with an iq above 1 Come let's go see who asked

  • Colby Richardson
    Colby Richardson

    Who’s his trainer

  • Thenew Man
    Thenew Man

    Is jj afraid to fight jake

  • chickie nuggee
    chickie nuggee

    omg the black dude literally pushed Jake away because he was being an absolute twat

  • SuS BoY 2.0
    SuS BoY 2.0

    No wonder he quit SLtoos everyone hates him here

  • Kokingshot

    the dude let jake hit him

  • Oogie Doggo
    Oogie Doggo

    Jake is the type of person to try to drown a fish

  • Some guy who likes anime
    Some guy who likes anime

    Jake is the type of person to blow on ice cream.

  • Baby Boy Sinclair
    Baby Boy Sinclair


    • Baby Boy Sinclair
      Baby Boy Sinclair


  • BK

    And I thought KSI had an ego

  • nath6053 nath6053
    nath6053 nath6053


  • nath6053 nath6053
    nath6053 nath6053


  • Indigo

    Enjoy this jake, cause you gonna lose to KSI

  • ahmedm29

    Deji vs Jake 2

  • HIX

    What happens to tana

    • HIX

      @Sukirina Daisuki no I thought that was desperate

    • Sukirina Daisuki
      Sukirina Daisuki

      You thought that was real?

  • Quickless 7
    Quickless 7

    Shut up

  • Sports Tricks
    Sports Tricks

    when did i ask

  • MHJ3BlueWhales

    stop making fun of the dude just cause your better like he might be better than you at something else

  • MHJ3BlueWhales

    why is his coaches name BJ aka bLoW jOb

  • ريان السفاح rayan alsfa7
    ريان السفاح rayan alsfa7

    Where is the camera in your hand

  • i lOvE tO tOuR Applehead
    i lOvE tO tOuR Applehead

    Jakes ego is bigger than Noah Beck's neck

  • Michael steder
    Michael steder

    yo should shave

  • Yes papa man
    Yes papa man



    Wtf I bet that cap na this finally after years

  • Micheal Tenorio
    Micheal Tenorio

    I’m in Washington

  • Daniel Filho
    Daniel Filho

    Eu jack vc não tinha implantado uma câmera no braço há 1 ano atrás

  • Goge

    fight a real boxer that'd be cool lol

  • Dragon FN
    Dragon FN

    Jake Paul: I'm happy 20,000 people: *dislike*

  • sans the skeleton
    sans the skeleton


  • X-Plane Emergencies
    X-Plane Emergencies

    Wake me up when i care

  • Cia-Chan

    Jake looks like an impoverished noble from midevil times

  • Zer0

    why happy you are

  • Katherine Burtch
    Katherine Burtch

    You should date Erika

  • nyguy Claris
    nyguy Claris

    I feel bad for my guy he never hangs out with mini Jake Paul

  • ADHD Bero
    ADHD Bero

    The football prospect is 6’0 200 pounds lol

  • Jesus Lopez
    Jesus Lopez

    I miss playing house with the cuz 😂💦

  • Mojo Jojo
    Mojo Jojo

    Mike Tyson is a Jake Pauler

  • Tarot Patrick
    Tarot Patrick

    I know your adreese

  • veena gusain
    veena gusain

    Jake : I am happy ! Me : oh god pls !

  • Nathan Ramirez
    Nathan Ramirez

    Jake that was so cool you did with the car like I need do that

  • Leo Montalvo
    Leo Montalvo

    I want apollo

  • Jack Green
    Jack Green

    Oye ya wanka

  • André Carrasquillo
    André Carrasquillo

    Jake is the type of guy to say "Every 60 seconds, a minute pass"

  • Tom Leigh
    Tom Leigh

    Your gay

  • Drizzi

    I bet u this guy doesnt even know what dbz and gohan is

  • Jimmy Lopez
    Jimmy Lopez

    Jake definitely said the n word at home

  • gracieful2020

    I blame D'angelo for leading me here

    • Claire Luo
      Claire Luo

      Lmaoo same but he’s cool


    when did u put ur profile pictur gohon?

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