tana & i got matching tattoos.. (bad idea)
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tana & i got matching tattoos.. (bad idea)
Well this went... just watch.
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  • Engiesoldier Gaming
    Engiesoldier Gaming


  • Jesus Escajadillo
    Jesus Escajadillo

    Poinciana kiss treats

  • Jesus Escajadillo
    Jesus Escajadillo

    Rihanna kiss Drake they got married when Erica they call Jerica I did

  • vanessa webb
    vanessa webb

    U and erika need to get back together just like chessa and jerika

  • Jorja Fearnley
    Jorja Fearnley

    I saw Thomas there😂

  • Super Rhino Bros
    Super Rhino Bros

    I feel bad

  • Krazy pizza Gaming
    Krazy pizza Gaming

    I really like your videos you're funny

  • Lianne Lewis
    Lianne Lewis

    I love the way that Thomas has his own team house now

  • ༒ O'brian ༒ ༄
    ༒ O'brian ༒ ༄

    This i so sad lol they broke up and he is ....back whit another gilr 💔😑

  • Macie da savage
    Macie da savage

    When Jake said he was covering the tattoo from when he was with Erika tana had a break down and Jake was dying on the floor

  • Nellie M. Porter
    Nellie M. Porter

    Tanas deep voice..

  • Liana domingo geverola
    Liana domingo geverola

    jerika tattoos

  • Caden Rhoades
    Caden Rhoades

    Who’s here after they set divorced

  • JEFFERSON Pimentel Familia
    JEFFERSON Pimentel Familia

    whos waching in 2020

  • JEFFERSON Pimentel Familia
    JEFFERSON Pimentel Familia

    why dose tana cry.

  • Harvey Gibbon
    Harvey Gibbon

    Jake coos one

  • Harvey Gibbon
    Harvey Gibbon

    Jerika or jana

  • kim ponting
    kim ponting

    Hey Jay can you please come to my country my country is Australia by the way I love your channel thank you Jake

  • Sergio Buenrostro
    Sergio Buenrostro


  • klempy 2210
    klempy 2210

    you good?!!

  • Kiethsha Woodie
    Kiethsha Woodie

    Dab on the haters

  • d3scon

    they are a hot couple

  • Steven Whatmore
    Steven Whatmore

    Hi! OMG I love your vids but I miss Erica pls show her in your vids she is nice as well as tana at least once🤗

  • Elizabeth Paniagua
    Elizabeth Paniagua

    You so stupid what if you end up breaking up and your gonna still have that just like Erika hahahha

  • Katherine Burtch
    Katherine Burtch

    Who prefers jerika

  • AJ Claassen
    AJ Claassen

    Jerika is beter

  • Sara Kelleher
    Sara Kelleher

    Jake it acutely goes at this moment he knew he F*cked up

  • Reckless Gee
    Reckless Gee

    When they call your girlfriend you should’ve said don’t call my bitch again

  • Iza Potter
    Iza Potter

    I think tana was one her period like fr😂

  • Julia A
    Julia A

    when tana was having a mental breakdown, bitch I felt that like my brain every day at me: 13:15

  • Paradox Spicy
    Paradox Spicy

    Tana changed you Jake you used to be child frendly

  • dayna painter
    dayna painter

    i love you jake paul

  • dayna painter
    dayna painter

    i am biggest fan jake paul

  • Abby Elizabeth
    Abby Elizabeth

    Imagine trying to sleep in this house and someone is taking (at a normal volume) but that house echos like no other so you can’t sleep

  • Trisha Sharma
    Trisha Sharma


  • gamer gods r&c
    gamer gods r&c

    You r the best ❤️

  • Dream

    Mongeau Paul

  • Trish Hanson
    Trish Hanson

    Start saying ohio!!! again.

  • Reid Ferrell
    Reid Ferrell


  • Reid Ferrell
    Reid Ferrell


  • Reid Ferrell
    Reid Ferrell


  • Reid Ferrell
    Reid Ferrell


  • DH Benji
    DH Benji

    Erika is more better for you jake (f tanner)

  • Isabelle Williams
    Isabelle Williams


  • Shaedaliz Torres
    Shaedaliz Torres

    I like arika

  • Shaedaliz Torres
    Shaedaliz Torres

    I don't ship you guy

  • Mostlyalixxa

    Me after their breakup🥺

  • Mary Alaiza Bolabon
    Mary Alaiza Bolabon

    that commentary when editing he got ffrom tana lol

  • Cyline s
    Cyline s

    I now you from bizardvark you are dare me bro /Derk

  • Olly Emery
    Olly Emery


  • Heini Adams
    Heini Adams


  • TTV BotLife
    TTV BotLife


  • Itsyourgirlkayla

    Can u Do a yt video of Jana handcuff together for 24hr

  • •LOL• Master
    •LOL• Master

    Gooooo jake

  • Erica Martinez
    Erica Martinez

    Jake paul you are the best of SLtoos

  • W P
    W P

    Should’ve gotten Deja Vu.

  • •Melanie •
    •Melanie •

    I don’t get why she got a break down?

  • Elisa Morales
    Elisa Morales


  • -Ava- H-
    -Ava- H-

    They say their clout dating ... but they are in love 😍 I love them

  • pizza potato
    pizza potato

    The echo in jakes house makes me feel poor

  • itsxiamoriaaa !
    itsxiamoriaaa !

    That’s low key dumb to get matching tattoos

  • aj

    tana is Crazy

  • Shaquan Dopwell
    Shaquan Dopwell

    Lowkey tana is frightening

  • Lexi Horning
    Lexi Horning

    JAKE whyyy do you have to break up you and Erika was amazing and you throw it away come on I thought you where better then this😢😯😢😦😭

    • Konrad szyszko
      Konrad szyszko

      So true

  • Bella Plays roblox
    Bella Plays roblox

    I miss Erika

  • Bella Plays roblox
    Bella Plays roblox


  • Anastasia Lor
    Anastasia Lor

    Just to be honest, I don't really like Jana... Just an honest thought. And also, Tana's so disrespectful about Jake getting his Jerika tattoo removed WITH Erika.. Jake, I love your content and stuff but like a girlfriend being disrespectful and rude about an ex is just offensive... (Just saying my opinion)☺😅

  • Diddier Carrillo
    Diddier Carrillo

    Smash or pass Tana

  • Bankroll_Jay

    Tana dont drop every day ho÷ why guys remember when jake dropped every day bro just more beef tana pls dont drip it

  • Mike Gregorich
    Mike Gregorich

    She is so dramatic

  • The M Sters
    The M Sters

    OMG i can remember when you and erika got tattos of the team ten logo and another one i am crying i miss jerika

  • Mocha 530
    Mocha 530


  • Walking Machine
    Walking Machine

    Erika’s song: Got the matcing tattoos Only would do it with you.. I think jake trying to get erika’s attention

  • Mya Fozard
    Mya Fozard

    I love that she respects Erika

  • Hannah Bannnana
    Hannah Bannnana

    JERIKA JERIKA JERIKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hannah Bannnana
    Hannah Bannnana

    you cant do this jke why would you cover the goat tatoo.messed up life im cryin cause im so sad that you and erika broke up

  • JD Games
    JD Games

    I am so confused they say they love each other then say that it is for clout

  • Mystic T
    Mystic T

    0:07 when it’s that time of the month. You know what I’m talking about

  • jm ortega
    jm ortega

    I don't like Tana 💔 I like jerika

  • koen critzer
    koen critzer

    Why on earth would Tana get a tattoo of her own.

  • Kimberly Romero
    Kimberly Romero

    1st is the wrost 2nd is the best so that means jake paul won the race

  • Nayla Romero
    Nayla Romero

    1st is the worst 2nd is the best so that means Jake paul wins in the go kart race!🤣

  • Mya Edmonds
    Mya Edmonds

    I love you SLtoos video

  • Ryan Burt
    Ryan Burt

    I miss erika

  • elipix x
    elipix x


  • Harley Jenkins
    Harley Jenkins

    I thoughr he was engaged

  • Owgamer 2011
    Owgamer 2011

    Your so dum!

  • Michel Moore
    Michel Moore

    Why was your camera blurry

  • Abbigail Solomon
    Abbigail Solomon

    Don’t cover it get it removed it’ll be more painful + way funnier + more views 🤣🤣🤣 and she would probably like that better than covering it

    • Abbigail Solomon
      Abbigail Solomon

      Please make this comment big so Jake Paul himself can see it. I hope he dose and consider the fact that it’s a better idea than the one he got 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • angelina

    I just realized that this thumbnail is the same thumbnail as jerikas matching tattoos...

  • the weirdos
    the weirdos

    no way this is real

  • Rexcrew Group
    Rexcrew Group

    I still like erika

  • mia

    tana is insane 😂

  • Dylan Belton
    Dylan Belton

    Why do you sat bad words so much now

  • Shigruy U
    Shigruy U

    For the inevitable moment when they break up

  • Ria Schneider
    Ria Schneider

    JANA is like Dr. Doofenshmirtz and the unnamed girl he dated that is also evil ...hearteyes😍

  • Bobby Woodward
    Bobby Woodward

    You should get read of the earica tattoo

  • sparklingSHAR

    This is so cute. I love them together

  • President Sushi
    President Sushi

    Jake: don’t worry I’m gonna cover my ex’s Tato Tana: -gets mad at him saying he’s gonna cover his ex’s tattoo- Me: WTF WHY IS SHE MAD

  • Emmie Cylc
    Emmie Cylc

    You should stop the tally marks when or if you get engaged or if you break up but for real