The truth about Alissa Violet
After all these years...
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this is the truth
truth about alissa violet
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  • Tuboz_Sweaty -_-
    Tuboz_Sweaty -_-

    Man I missed the old jake I’m talking about 2016 jake This way I stopped watching every since you hired new people

  • Stunna 4 Vegas Music
    Stunna 4 Vegas Music

    You u inspires me to do boxing and music Love ur music

  • SinPrince

    disliking every video of yours

  • BladeAU

    69k likes wtf

  • Wellplad_ G
    Wellplad_ G

    Title: The truth about Allisa violet. In the vid: I'm making a music vid and people like it!!!!!!!!

  • Katt Vlogs
    Katt Vlogs

    20:52 Well that aged well..

  • John Derocher
    John Derocher


  • Not Fast, Just Furious
    Not Fast, Just Furious

    F jake paul

  • J Franks
    J Franks

    South Park Freestyle goes crazy bro, the progress is real! Salute!

  • amy gurl
    amy gurl

    im tierd of clickbait

  • Diamond Phoenix
    Diamond Phoenix


  • Reagannn is Awesome
    Reagannn is Awesome

    Says his music is inspired Has a song roasting his ex

  • I A
    I A

    Jake should put this on Spotify

  • Rachel

    why are they calling him an ex SLtoosr literally in a video on his SLtoos channel

  • jorj

    this ain’t genius honey

  • Charlotte Tompkins
    Charlotte Tompkins

    u have no right to speak on them.

  • John De Rocher
    John De Rocher


  • JonTheGamer

    at least your getting a little bit more mature just need that final push and u will be more loved and cared for

  • lovewriteswim

    I forgot that the Paul brothers were a thing

  • Siddhartha Sinha
    Siddhartha Sinha

    @18:00 you can clearly notice someone else singing the original and him just copying (trying to mouth)? Am i just tripping?

  • Jaze P.
    Jaze P.

    This is gross

  • Levi Blum
    Levi Blum

    I will always make SLtoos videos. Now: hasn’t posted in a month and a half

  • Maria Flores
    Maria Flores



    Shot on iPhone 🥳

  • Brianna Nelson
    Brianna Nelson

    When genius refuses to interview you

  • Multibiss


  • Faith E
    Faith E

    Sad that he used alissa's name for ppl to watch this vid

  • Maya Alor
    Maya Alor

    D song dope acctually

  • Maya Alor
    Maya Alor

    He sounds lyk drake wen he said u complain abut ma distance

  • Advait Patil
    Advait Patil

    You have a ghostwriter

  • Partylizard

    "I never thought I'd become good at them" It became true

  • - Valeria -
    - Valeria -

    When genius won't invite Jake to their chanel

  • Jack Talia Steinberg
    Jack Talia Steinberg

    Imagine after breaking up with your girlfriend she collars with your enemy to make a diss track with over 100 million views... jake deserved it.

  • cloudTHEguy

    Why are you really starting this drama again are you stupid

  • teresa oyuela
    teresa oyuela

    iam in LOVE WITH YOUR MUSIC! i know u of vine and folow in all your journey you are amazingg

  • #20 Francisco Javier Valdés De león
    #20 Francisco Javier Valdés De león

    Jake Paul will be FOREVER the baddest person on earth

  • Anisa Speck
    Anisa Speck

    this was years ago they needa stop

  • Irelyn Kavanaugh
    Irelyn Kavanaugh

    i love jake paul and these days it is the beste i lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve it

  • Angel Racer
    Angel Racer

    Is this just clickbait

  • Vanessa

    "i never thought I would get good at it..." ya aren't.

  • Anonymouscommentor99

    Nice T-shirt and hair. Pure Goof

  • Maria Bruna
    Maria Bruna


  • Abood al fayez
    Abood al fayez

    Is anyone going to mention the beard

  • Lucy Lu Koechel
    Lucy Lu Koechel

    jeez hes a narcissist

  • Cemal Ramadanovic
    Cemal Ramadanovic

    jake wat doe je sport

  • Katherine Graham
    Katherine Graham

    he literally clickbaited you to promote his own music video. its the psychopathic behaviour for me


    lemmae guess when you lived preormed you had a ghoswriter so youll have headphones in the preformance you know why? because you dont rember ''your own lyrics''

  • Xanthia Mcdermott
    Xanthia Mcdermott

    Heard you use to bully kids in highs school It’s every night sis

  • nihal reddy
    nihal reddy

    vlogs to music to boxing

  • Scrumz

    They back together 😂

  • Orelia Mulamba
    Orelia Mulamba

    How he has subs?

  • Juwarn Simpson
    Juwarn Simpson

    I love ur song from the start g

  • Dana Al jaidah
    Dana Al jaidah


  • Lyndon Crusie
    Lyndon Crusie

    Ight jake i see how you making yo music

  • Jake Montes
    Jake Montes

    “Little Wayne”😂

  • Samuel Gonzalez Restrepo
    Samuel Gonzalez Restrepo

    Did he just say country fried chicken

  • Ahlaam Yusuf ALI
    Ahlaam Yusuf ALI

    After almost 3 years your admit the truth dat an’t cool

  • YourSpectre

    She's your ex forget about her Oh yeah you can't cause of clout


    0:36 ha

  • miiso

    why does he still have subscribers? or are they just bots.

  • Vivian Thach
    Vivian Thach

    Tbh all his videos used to be 11+ now its 18+

  • Jared Carpenter
    Jared Carpenter

    Any one else see spongebob at 12:26

  • xena ajibon 文世娜
    xena ajibon 文世娜

    It always starts with i dont know how to say this @@

  • bbhIhaveAquestionAreYouGay?

    u realise ur just copying ksi. he started this youtube music thing. you’ll never be as good as him

  • Obey Shock
    Obey Shock

    Bruh spongebob is in the back that’s a bruh moment

  • H1gh1nter

    lol i love when he said he needs to sorround himself with musicians then he said faze rug if ur watching

  • María Antonieta GB
    María Antonieta GB


  • bya

    Who the fuck told him he can sing? I-

  • Melody Rose
    Melody Rose

    What is all this crappy self promo? 🤢 When does he even talk about Alyssa.

  • void teen
    void teen

    wtf its 2020

  • UnTearable Gaming
    UnTearable Gaming

    change your look back and appologize to martinez twins

  • Hussein Office
    Hussein Office

    want to see the old Jake bools 2017 Rip jake bools 2017

  • Frick Boys
    Frick Boys


  • Mitchell De salty pizza roll
    Mitchell De salty pizza roll

    He's so ugly now lmaooo

  • hi hello
    hi hello

    Is the free chain real cuz i like it

  • Adam Duggan
    Adam Duggan


  • TheSweptClock4589

    So how much did you pay all those people to say your dead song is good huh?

  • Thermo Beats
    Thermo Beats

    Jake probably paid Metro Boomin 1,000,000 dollars for a beat pack and claims its his own.

  • Thermo Beats
    Thermo Beats

    He’s making beats now? Trash

  • ProdbyStatic.

    Good luck with your music and keep grinding 👌


    I love a man named Aaron Perry I love him so much I hope he loves me to

  • Aaron Nerella
    Aaron Nerella

    who is jake paul?

  • Alex Martinez
    Alex Martinez

    Bruh Jake only wants views and I miss the old team ten but now it shitty

  • Aaliyan,Moaz,Azeen Amjad
    Aaliyan,Moaz,Azeen Amjad

    1:24 Corona virus came to find and kill Jake

  • Big heart little body .
    Big heart little body .

    JUST 👏🏽CUZ👏🏽YOU 👏🏽ARE👏🏽A👏🏽 SLtoosR 👏🏽 DOESN'T 👏🏽MEAN👏🏽 YOU 👏🏽 CAN 👏🏽 SING 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  • Jaden T.
    Jaden T.

    Jake will do anything to stay relevant. Even though he is irrelevant anyway.

  • Jacob martin
    Jacob martin

    Y r u acting like ur on someone's interview, just stop, less than 10% of ur subs watch ur vids. Ur a dead youtuber, and it's been like that for a long time

    • Princess consuela Banana hammock
      Princess consuela Banana hammock

      He hasn’t been good since team10 and erika left and he got with toxic tana 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Nurul Izzah •o•
    Nurul Izzah •o•

    You Regret This LOL

  • Hamzahvalli 11
    Hamzahvalli 11

    We’re is old Jake at

  • Antonin Combrie
    Antonin Combrie

    good rapper HAHA good one jake

  • Random feels
    Random feels

    seriously, 20 million subscribers??!! with this guy?

  • mylil oztin
    mylil oztin

    His existence is worse than corona.

  • Jalyssa

    21:10 you’re welcome

  • maliha

    why am i even watching this??

  • sree gorty
    sree gorty

    why is he so obsessed with her

  • LifeWithGg!

    I came back on jake Paul cause my dad asked me “Is jake Paul a rapper”. And I was like what.. I came back and his content is way better so yeet c:

  • Raffie Perez
    Raffie Perez

    Dude she's over the bs

  • Lovely Ashe
    Lovely Ashe

    I cannot believe you had the audacity to use that thumbnail and title about your ex, TO PROMOTE YOUR TRASH MUSIC.

  • Tudor Pocol
    Tudor Pocol

    He just said he was good at singing kmn

  • ripez

    I want his shirt

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